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a at, cat, mat, snap
ah father, bother
ahr lard, yard
ai air, care, fair, prayer, there
aw jaw, saw, all, caught
ay [long "a"] day, pay, obey, weigh
e, eh bed, pet, peck
ee [long "e"] beat, easy, seem
er error
i [long "i"] tie, sky, side, buy, eye
i, ih it, tip, active
ihr ear, fear
o cot, hot, not
oh [long "o"] bone, go, know, toe
oi boy, destroy
oo boot, rule, youth
oor poor
or for, glory
ou how, loud, now, out
u book, foot, put, pull, wood
uh [schwa] ago, alone, banana, linen
uhr bird, further, her

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Aaron Aaron [Aar'on] (I) Exodus 4:14 (h175) (¶) (¶) AIR-uhn, A-ruhn, AR-uhn, AY-ron, ER-uhn*
abacus*; abaci*, abacuses* g 1/08 12; g93 5/8 20; g80 8/22 31 (¶) (¶) AB-uh-kuhs, uh-BAK-uhs; A-buh-si('), A-buh-kee', uh-BA-ki, A-buh-cuhs-es
Abaddon A·bad'don (I)
compare Apollyon
Revelation 9:11 (g3) (¶) uh-BAD-uhn*, uh-BAD-n
Abagtha A·bag'tha (I)
in DRB: Abgatha
Esther 1:10 (h5) (¶) uh-BAG-thuh*
Abana, Abanah A·ba'nah (I) 2 Kings 5:12 (h71) (definition) uh-BAY-nuh*, AB-uh-nuh
Abarim Ab'a·rim (I)
in some Bibles: east of the river
Numbers 33:47 (h5682) AB-uh-rim [not uh-BAR-im]
Abba Abba [Ab'ba] (I) Mark 14:36 (g5) (¶) AB-uh*, AH-buh*
Abda Ab'da (I) 1 Kings 4:6 (h5653) AB-duh
Abdeel Ab'de·el (I) Jeremiah 36:26 (h5655) AB-dee-uhl, AB-dee-el* [not AB-deel, not ab-DEEL]
Abdi Ab'di (I) 2 Chronicles 29:12 (h5660) AB-di* [not AB-dee]
Abdias Obadiah Abdias 1:1 DRB (h5662) (¶) (¶) ab-DI-uhs
Abdiel Ab'di·el (I) 1 Chronicles 5:15 (h5661) AB-dee-el*, AB-dee-uhl [not ab-DI-uhl]
Abdon Ab'don (I) Judges 12:13 (h5658) AB-duhn, AB-don*
Abednego A·bed'ne·go (I)
in some Bibles: Abdenago, Abed-Nego, Abed-nego
Daniel 1:7 (h5664) (¶) uh-BED-nih-goh* [not uh-BEN-dih-goh]
Abel Abel [A'bel] (I) Genesis 4:2 (h1893) (¶) AY-buhl*
Abel Beth Maacah, Abel-beth-maacah A'bel-beth-ma'a·cah (I)
aka Abel, Abel-maim, Abel of Beth-maacah; in DRB: Abel Domum Maacha; in some Bibles: Abel-Beth-Maachah, Abel-Bethmaacah, Abel-beth-maachah, Abelbethmaachah
2 Kings 15:29 (h62) ay'buhl-beth-MAY-uh-kuh* (for all variant spellings)
Abel Keramim, Abel-keramim, Abelkeramim A'bel-ker'a·mim (I)
in some Bibles: Abel-cheramim; Abelcheramim; Abel, which is set with vineyards; the meadow of the vineyards; the plain of the vineyards
Judges 11:33 (h64) ay'buhl-KER-uh-mim, -KUHR-* [not ay'buhl-kuh-RAY-mim]
Abel Maim, Abel-maim, Abelmaim A'bel-ma'im (I)
in some Bibles: Abel Beth Maacah
2 Chronicles 16:4 (h66) a'buhl-MAY-im*
Abel Meholah, Abel-Meholah, Abel-meholah, Abelmeholah A'bel-me·ho'lah (I) Judges 7:22 (h65) (¶) AY-buhl-mih-HOH-luh, AY-buhl-muh-HOH-lah*
Abel Mizraim, Abel-mizraim, Abelmizraim A'bel-miz'ra·im (I) Genesis 50:11 (h67) (definition) AY-buhl-MIZ-ray-im*
Abel Shittim, Abel-shittim, Abelshittim A'bel-shit'tim (I)
in some Bibles: Abel
Numbers 33:49 (h63) ay'buhl-SHIT-im
Abi A'bi (I) 2 Kings 18:2 (h21) AY-bi* [not AB-i]
Abi Albon, Abi-Albon, Abi-albon, Abialbon A'bi-al'bon (I) 2 Samuel 23:31 (h45) ay'bi-AL-buhn*
Abiasaph A·bi'a·saph (I) Exodus 6:24 (h23) uh-BI-uh-saf*
Abiathar A·bi'a·thar (I) 1 Samuel 22:20 (h54) (¶) uh-BI-uh-thahr*, -uh-ther [not uh-BEE-uh-thahr]
Abib A'bib (I) Exodus 13:4 (h24) (¶) (¶) AY-bib*, also ah-VEEV
Abida, Abidah A̷bi'da (I) Genesis 25:4 h28) (¶) uh-BI-duh [not AB-uh-duh]
Abidan A'bi·dan (I) Numbers 2:22 (h27) uh-BI-duhn* [not AB-uh-dan]
Abiel A·bi'el (I) 1 Samuel 9:1 (h22) AY-bee-uhl, uh-BI-uhl*
Abiezer, Abi-ezer, Abieezer Abi-e'zer (I) Judges 8:2 (h44) ab-ee-EE-zuhr*, ay'bi-
Abi-ezrite, Abiezrite Abi-ez'rite (I)
in some Bibles: Abiezer clan, Abi[-]ezrites, Abiezer’s family, Ezrites, family of Ezri
Judges 6:24 (h33) ab'ee-EHZ-rit*, ay'bi-EZ-rit
Abigail Ab'i·gail (I) 1 Samuel 25:3 (h26) (¶) (¶) AB-ih-gayl'*, -gehl, AB-uh-gayl'
Abihail Ab'i·ha·il (I) Esther 2:15 (h32) AB-uh-hayl*
Abihu A·bi'hu (I) Exodus 6:23 (h30) uh-BI-hoo, uh-BI-hyoo*
Abihud A·bi'hud (I)
in Christian Greek Scriptures (NT): Abiud
1 Chronicles 8:3 (h31) (definition) uh-BI-huhd* [not AB-ee-huhd]
Abijah A·bi'jah (I) 1 Kings 14:1 (h29) (definition) uh-BI-juh*
Abijam A·bi'jam (I) 1 Kings 14:31 (h38) uh-BI-juhm*
Abilene Ab·i·le'ne (I) Luke 3:1 (g9) (definition) ab'uh-LEE-nee*e
Abimael A·bim'a·el (I) Genesis 10:28 (h39) uh-BIM-ay-uhl, uh-BIM-uh-el*
Abimelech A·bim'e·lech (I) Genesis 20:2 (h40) (¶) uh-BIM-uh-lek*
Abinadab A·bin'a·dab (I) 1 Samuel 16:8 (h41) (definition) uh-BIN-uh-dab*
Abinoam A·bin'o·am (I) Judges 4:6 (h42) (¶) uh-BIN-oh-am*, uh-BIN-oh-uhm, ab-ih-NOH-am
Abiram A·bi'ram (I) Numbers 16:1 (h48) (definition) uh-BI-ruhm*
Abishag Ab'i·shag (I) 1 Kings 1:3 (h49) (¶) AB-uh-shag*
Abishai A·bish'ai (I) 2 Samuel 2:18 (h52) uh-BISH-i*, uh-BI-shi
Abishalom A·bish'a·lom (I) 1 Kings 15:2 (h53) uh-BISH-ah-lahm*, uh-BISH-uh-luhm
Abishua Ab·i·shu'a (I) 1 Chronicles 6:4 (h50) ab-ih-SHOO-uh*, uh-BISH-oo-uh
Abishur A·bi'shur (I)
in some Bibles: Abisur
1 Chronicles 2:28 (h51) uh-BI-shuhr*
Abital A·bi'tal (I) 2 Samuel 3:4 (h37) uh-BI-tuhl* [not ]
Abitub A̷bi'tub (I) 1 Chronicles 8:11 (h36) uh-BI-tuhb
Abiud A·bi'ud (I)
in the Hebrew Scriptures: Abihud
Matthew 1:13 (g10) uh-BI-uhd*
ablutions washing; purification rules of the Jews
in some Bibles: bathing, wash, washing; ceremonial cleansing of the Jews, Jewish rites of purification, purifying, purification/purifying of the Jews
Exodus 40:30 NJB (h7364); John 2:6 NJB (g2512) uh-BLOO-shuhns, a-BLOO-
Abner Ab'ner (I) 1 Samuel 20:25 (h74) (¶) AB-nuhr*
Abraham Abraham [A'bra·ham] (I) Genesis 17:5 (h85) (¶) (¶) AY-bruh-ham*
Abram A'bram (I) Genesis 11:26 (h87) (¶) AY-bruhm*, AY-bram'
abrogate*, abrogation* w95 3/15 27; it Animals (¶) AB-ruh-gayt; ab-ruh-GAY-shuhn
Abronah A·bro'nah (I)
in some Bibles: Ebronah, Hebrona
Numbers 33:34 (h5684) uh-BROH-nuh
Absalom Ab'sa·lom (I) 2 Samuel 3:3 (h53) (¶) AB-suh-luhm, AB-suh-lahm*
abyss abyss (I)
in some Bibles: deeps, depths, big hole that has no bottom, bottomless pit, deep pit
Psalm 88:6 (h4688); Revelation 9:11 (g12) (¶) uh-BIS*, also A-bis(')
acacia acacia (I)
in some Bibles: box, shittah tree, shittam, thorn
Isaiah 41:19 (h7848) (¶) uh-KAY-shuh
Accad Ac'cad (I)
also Akkad
Genesis 10:10 (h390) (¶) A-kad*, AK-ad, AH-kahd'
Acco, Accho, Akko Ac'co
aka Acre, Ptolemais
Judges 1:31 (h5910) (¶) AK-oh, AK-koh*, AH-koh(')
Aceldama A·kel'da·ma Acts 1:19 KJ Da (g184) (¶) (¶) uh-KEL-duh-muh, -mah, uh-SEL-duh-muh [not as'uhl-DAH-muh]
or Achaian
it GREECE, GREEKS (Roman Rule Over the Greek States) (¶) uh-KEE-uhn, uh-KI-uhn, uh-KAY-uhn
Achaemenes* it CYRUS uh-KEE-muh-neez', uh-KEM-uh-neez'
Achaemenian* it CYRUS ak'uh-MEE-nee-uhn
Achaemenid*, Achaemenids*, Achaemenidae* it DARIUS (¶) uh-KEE-muh-nuhd, uh-KEM-uh-nid; pl. ak'uh-MEN-idz, ak'uh-MEH-nuh-dee'
Achaia A·cha'ia
in some Bibles: Greece
Acts 19:21 (g882) (¶) (¶) uh-KAY-uh*, -yuh, uh-KI-uh, also uh-KEE-uh
or Achaean
it GREECE, GREEKS (Hellenists) (¶) (¶) uh-KEE-uhn, uh-KAY-uhn, uh-KI-uhn
Achaicus A·cha'i·cus 1 Corinthians 16:17 (g883) uh-KAY-uh-kuhs*
Achan A'chan Joshua 7:20 (h5912) (¶) AY-kan*
Achbor Ach'bor (I)
aka Abdon; in some Bibles: Acbor, Achobor
2 Kings 22:14 (h5907) (definition) AK-bohr*
Achilles* dp 154; w99 4/15 18 (¶) (¶) uh-KIL-eez [not AK-uhl-eez]
Achish A'chish 1 Samuel 21:10 (h397) AY-kish*
Achor A'chor Joshua 7:24 (h5911) AY-kohr*
Achsah Ach'sah Joshua 15:16 (h5915) AK-suh*
Achzib Ach'zib Micah 1:14 (h392) AK-zib*
Acre* (city in Israel)
aka Acco, Accho, Ptolemais
it ACCO (¶) (¶) (¶) AH-kuhr, AY-kuhr, AH-kruh
Acrocorinthus* it CORINTH ak'roh-kuh-RIN-thuhs
acropolis* it AREOPAGUS (¶) uh-KRAH-puh-luhs, -KROP-uh-, -oh-lis
acrostic* Lamentations 1:1 ftn. (¶) uh-KROS-tik
Actium* dp 231; it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Under Greek and Roman rule) (¶) AK-shee-uhm, -tee-
Acts Acts Acts of Apostles [Bible book] (¶) akts
Adam Adam [Ad'am]
man’s name; city name
Genesis 3:17 (h121); Joshua 3:16 (h121) (¶) Ad-uhm*, A-duhm
Adamic* it SIN I (¶) uh-DA-mik
Adami-nekeb Ad'a·mi-ne'keb
in some Bibles: Adami-ha-Negeb, Adami Nekeb, Adaminekeb
Joshua 19:33 (h129 + h5346) ad'uh-mi-NEE-keb*
Adar A'dar Ezra 6:15 (h144) (¶) AY-dahr*, AH-dahr, ah-DAHR
Adhonai', Adonai, Adonay Adho·nai'; A·do·nay' Adonai in Exodus 6:3 DRB and 1 Kings 2:26 Da (h113); Adonay Ro (¶) (¶) ad'oh-, ahd'-, ah'doh-NI, sometimes ad'uh-NOI, ah-DOH-ni
Adonijah Ad·o·ni'jah 1 Kings 1:5 (h138) ad'uh-NI-juh, ad'oh-NI-juh*
Adonis Tammuz Ezekiel 8:14 DRB (h8542) (¶) uh-DON-is, uh-DOH-nis
Adoptianism*, Adoptionism* (¶) uh-DAHP-shuhn-ih'zuhm
Adrammelech A·dram'me·lech
in some Bibles: Adramelech
2 Kings 19:37 (h152) uh-DRAM-uh-lek*
Adramyttium Ad·ra·myt'ti·um Acts 27:2 (g98) ad'ruh-MIT-ee-uhm*
Adria [sea of] A'dri·a
in some Bibles: Adrian, Adriatic, Mediterranean
Acts 27:27 (g99) AY-dree-uh*
Adriatic [sea of] A'dri·a
in some Bibles: Adria, Adrian, Mediterranean
Acts 27:27 ftn. (g99) (¶) (¶) ay'dree-AT-ik, ad'ree-AT-ik
Adullam A·dul'lam 1 Samuel 22:1 (h5725) uh-DUHL-uhm*
adultery adultery Exodus 20:14 (h5003) (¶) uh-DUHL-tuh-ree, uh-DUHL-tree
aedile* it ERASTUS (¶) EE-duhl, EE-dil'
Aegean* dp 149; it GREECE, GREEKS (The Land and Its Features) (¶) ih-JEE-uhn, ee- [not ay'JEE-uhn]
Aeneas Ae·ne'as
in some Bibles: Eneas
Acts 9:33 (g132) (¶) uh-NEE-uhs*, ih-
Aenon Ae'non John 3:23 (g137) EE-nuhn, EE-non*
aeon*, eon* g77 11/22 27 (¶) EE-uhn, EE-ahn(']
also Asclepius
it DISEASES AND TREATMENT (Influence of Magic and of False Religion) (¶) es'kyuh-LAY-pee-uhs, Brit., ee'skuh-LAY-pee-uhs
Aesop* w00 2/1 6 (¶) EE-sahp', EE-suhp
Agabus Ag'a·bus Acts 11:28 (g13) AG-uh-buhs*
Agag A'gag 1 Samuel 15:8 (h90) AY-gag*
Agagite Ag'ag·ite Esther 3:1 (h91) AG-uh-git*
agape* a·ga'pe 1 Corinthians 13:4, 13 ftn. (g26); it LOVE (¶) (¶) ah-GAH-pay, AH-guh-pay', AG-uh-pay
Agathocles* dp 223 (¶) uh-GA-thuh-kleez'
aggadah*, aggadot* w99 3/15 27 (¶) (¶) uh-GAH-duh, Seph. Heb., ah-gah-DAH: Ashk. Heb., uh-GAH-duh; pl. uh-GAH-daht'
aggadic* w99 3/15 27 uh-GAH-dik
Aggeus Haggai Haggai 1:1 DRB (h2292) (¶) AG-ee-uhs, a-GEE-uhs
agnostic* w89 2/15 4–5 (¶) ag-NAHS-tik, uhg-
agnosticism* g84 3/8 8 (¶) ag-NOS-tuh-siz-uhm
agora* (marketplace) it ATHENS (¶) (¶) AG-uh-ruh, A-guh-ruh, AG-uhr-uh, AG-er-uh, also ah'guh-RAH [not uh-GOR-uh]
agora* (coin in Israel) payment [of money]
in some Bibles: coin, gera [of silver], little piece/piece/small coin/wage [of silver], payment [of money], small coin
Illustration; compare 1 Samuel 2:36 (h95) (¶) ah-GAWR-uh, -GOHR-uh; Seph. Heb., ah-gaw-RAH
Agrapha* (¶) A-gruh-fuh
Agrippa A·grip'pa Acts 25:13 (g67) (¶) uh-GRIP-uh*
Agur A'gur Proverbs 30:1 (h94) AY-guhr*
Ahasuerus A·has·u·e'rus
in some Bibles: Xerxes
Ezra 4:6 (h325) uh-haz'yoo-EE-ruhs, ah-haz'uh-EE-ruhs* [not uh-HAZ-yoo-ruhs]
Ahava A·ha'va Ezra 8:15 (h163) ah-HAY-vah*, uh-HAY-vuh
Ahaziah A·ha·zi'ah 1 Kings 22:51 (h274) ay'huh-ZI-uh*
Ahiah Ahijah 1 Samuel 14:18, KJ, Yg (h281) uh-HI-uh
Ahijah A·hi'jah 1 Samuel 14:18 (h281) uh-HI-juh*
Ahikam A·hi'kam
in DRC: Ahicam
2 Kings 22:14 (h296) uh-HI-kuhm*
Ahimaaz A·him'a·az 1 Samuel 14:50 (h290) uh-HIM-ay-az, uh-HIM-uh-az(')*
Ahimelech A·him'e·lech 1 Samuel 21:1 (h288) uh-HIM-uh-lek*
Ahinoam A·hin'o·am 1 Samuel 14:50 (h293) uh-HIN-oh-uhm, uh-HIN-uh-am'*
Ahithophel A·hith'o·phel 2 Samuel 15:12 (h302) uh-HITH-uh-fel, ah-*
Aholah Oholah
in some Bibles: Oholah, Oola, Oolla
Ezekiel 23:4, KJ, Yg (h170) uh-HOH-luh
Aholiab O·ho'li·ab
in many Bibles: Oholiab; in some Bibles: Ooliab
Exodus 31:6, AMP, Da, KJ, Leeser, LITV, Yg (h171) uh-HOH-lee-ab
Aholibah Oholibah
in some Bibles: Oholibah, Ooliba
Ezekiel 23:4, KJ, Yg (h172) uh-HOH-lih-buh
Ahriman* g84 6/8 6 (¶) AHR-ih-muhn, -mahn'
Ahura Mazda*
aka Ohrmazd, Ormazd*
dp 151 (¶) (¶) ah-hoor'uh MAZ-duh, uh-huhr'uh MAZ-duh, ah- [not MAHZ-]
Ai A'i
in some Bibles: Hai
Genesis 12:8 (h5857) AY-i*, ay-I
Aijalon Ai'ja·lon
in some Bibles: Ajalon, Ayalon
Joshua 10:12 (h357) I-juh-lon*, AY-juh-lon, AJ-uh-lon
Aijeleth-Shahar The Hind of the Dawn
in some Bibles: A Deer at Dawn, Aijeleth ha-Shahar, Aijeleth-hash-shahar, Doe/Hind of the Dawn/Morning, for the morning protection, Morning Doe, Sunrise
Psalm 22 superscription, Da, KJ, others (h365 + h7837) ay'juh-leth-SHAY-hahr, aj'uh-leth-
Akeldama A·kel'da·ma
in some Bibles: Aceldama, Akel Dama, Haceldama, Hakeldama
Acts 1:19 (g184) uh-KEL-duh-muh* [not ak'uhl-DAH-muh]
also Ikhnaton
it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Spiritual and moral qualities lacking) (¶) ahk'NAH-tuhn, ah'kuh-
ancient Thyatira
w03 5/15 15 (¶) ahk'hih-SAHR, ah'kih-SAHR
Akiba ben Joseph* w97 11/15 27 (¶) ah-KEE-bah ben JO-zuhf, -suhf, uh-KEE-vuh
also Accad
it ACCAD (¶) AK-ad, A-kad', AH-kahd'
Akkadian* w06 12/15 12 (¶) uh-KAY-dee-uhn
Akko* see Acco
Akrabbim (ascent of) A·krab'bim
see also Maaleh-acrabbim
Numbers 34:4 (h4610) uh-KRAB-im, uh-KRA-bim*
Alamoth Al'a·moth 1 Chronicles 15:20 (h5961) AL-uh-moth*
ancient Philadelphia
it PHILADELPHIA (¶) a'luh-shuh-HIHR, ah'luh-, ah-LAH-sheh-heer'
albeit Ezekiel 13:7, AS, JPS, KJ; Philemon 19 KJ (g3363) (¶) awl-BEE-uht, al-, ol-
aka Cathari
w95 9/1 28 (¶) al'bih-JEN-seez, al'buh- [not AL-buh-jen'sez']
aleph ‘A'leph
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:1 (verse heading) (¶) AH-lef'*, -luhf
ancient Beroea or Berea, Syria
w00 2/15 29 (¶) uh-LEH-poh(']
Alexander Alexander [Al·ex·an'der] Acts 19:33 (g223) (¶) al'ig-ZAN-duhr*, -ZAHN-
Alexandria Alexandria [Al·ex·an'dria] Acts 18:24 (g221) (¶) al'ig-ZAN-dree-uh*, -ZAHN-
Bible codex
it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Alexandrine Manuscript) al'ig-zan-DRI-nuhs
Alexandroúpolis* dp 155 ah'le-ksahn-DROO-paw-lees
algum algum
in some Bibles: almug, juniper, sandalwood, sandal-wood, thyine
1 Kings 10:11 (h484) AL-guhm
Allah* g04 1/22 10 (¶) (¶) AH-luh, A-luh, AL-uh, AH-lah', ah-LAH
allegory symbolic drama Galatians 4:24, AS, DRB, KJ (g238) (¶) AL-uh-gohr'ee, -gawr'-, A-luh-gawr'ee [not uh-LEG-uh-ree]
Alleluia Praise Jah, you people!
in some Bibles: Hallelujah, Halleluyah! Praise God! Praise [the] Lord[!]
Revelation 19:1, DRB, KJ, Yg (g239) (¶) al'uh-LOO-yuh
almond almond Ecclesiastes 12:5 (h8247) (¶) AH-muhnd, AHL-, AM-uhnd, AL-muhnd
almug algum
in some Bibles: algum, almugwood, juniper, sandal[-]wood, thyine
1 Kings 10:11, KJ (h484) AL-muhg, AWL-
aloes aloes
Song of Solomon 4:14; Psalm 45:8 (h174) AL-ohz
Alpha Al'pha Revelation 1:8 (g1) (¶) AL-fuh
Alphaeus Al·phae'us
in some Bibles: Alpheus
Acts 1:13 (g256) (¶) al-FEE-uhs*
Altaschith, Al-taschith Do not bring to ruin
in some Bibles: al tashcheth, Al-tashheth, corrupt not, Destroy not, Do Not Destroy, Don’t Destroy
Psalms 57, 58, 59, and 75 superscriptions in BE, KJ, Webster (h516) al-TAS-kith
Alwand* (Mount) it ECBATANA AHL-wahnd, AH-vahnd
Amalek, Amalekite Am'a·lek; A·mal'ek·ite Genesis 36:12 (h6002); 2 Samuel 1:8 (h6003) (¶) AM-uh-lek*; uh-MAL-uh-kit*
Amanah Anti-Leb'a·non
Song of Solomon 4:8, AMP, DRB, KJ, others (h549) uh-MAY-nuh*
amanuensis* w67 4/15 230 (¶) uh'man-yuh-WEN(T)-suhs, uh-man'yoo-EN-sis
Amariah Am·a·ri'ah Zephaniah 1:1 (h568) am'uh-RI-uh*
Amarna, Tel el* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Israel’s slavery) (¶) TEL el' uh-MAHR-nuh
Amasa A·ma'sa 2 Samuel 17:25 (h6021) ah-MAY-suh,* uh- [not uh-MAS-uh]
Amaziah Am·a·zi'ah 2 Kings 14:1 (h558) am'uh-ZI-uh*
ambidextrous left-handed
in most Bibles: left-handed
Judges 3:15 ftn.; Judges 20:16 MSG (h334 + h3027 + h3225) (¶) am'bih-DEK-struhs
ambiguous ambiguous Daniel 8:23 (h2420) (¶) am-BIG-yoo-uhs, am-BIH-gyuh-wuhs
aka Amil-Marduk, Evil-merodach
w11 11/1 24 ah'meel-MAHR-dook*
Amen Amen Psalm 41:13 (h543); Revelation 3:14 (g281) (¶) AY-men', ah-MEN
amerce fine
in some Bibles: condemn, fine
Deuteronomy 22:19, ESV, KJ (h6848) (¶) uh-MUHRS
amethyst amethyst Revelation 21:20 (g271) (¶) AM-uh-thist('), -thuhst
Am Haarets* ‘am ha·’a'rets
Heb., ‘am ha·’a'retz, “people of the land”
Jeremiah 1:18 ftn. (h5971, h776); g77 5/22 4 ahm' hah-AHR-ets, ahm'hah(')-AH-rets'
Amharic* it ETHIOPIA (¶) am-HER-ik, am-HA-rik, am-HAH-rik, ahm-
amicus curiae* g85 9/8 13 (¶) uh-MEE-kuhs, -MI-, KYUR-ee-i', KUR-, -ih-ee'
aka Amel-Marduk, Evil-merodach
w12 6/1 5 ah-MEEL-mahr-dook'*
Amittai A·mit'tai Jonah 1:1 (h573) uh-MIT-ti*, uh-MIT-i
Ammiel Am'mi·el 2 Samuel 9:4 (h5988) AM-ee-el*, -uhl
Amminadab Am·min'a·dab
in some Bibles: Aminadab
Ruth 4:19 (h5992) uh-MIN-uh-dab
Ammon Am'mon
compare Amon
Genesis 19:38 (h5983) (¶) (¶) AM-uhn* [not AY-muhn]
Ammonite Am'mon·ite Nehemiah 2:10 (h5984) (¶) (¶) AM-uh-nit*, A-muh-nit
Amnon Am'non 2 Samuel 13:1 (h550) AM-non, AM-nuhn*
Amon A'mon
compare Ammon
2 Kings 21:19 (h526) AY-muhn*, AY-mohn*, AM-uhn
Amorite A'mor·ite (I)
in some Bibles: Amorites, Amorrhite, Emorite
Genesis 10:16 (h567) (¶) AM-uh-rit* [not uh-MOHR-it]
Amos A'mos Amos 1:1 (h5986) (¶) AY-muhs*
Amoz A'moz Isaiah 1:1 (h531) AY-moz*, -muhz
Amphipolis Am·phip'o·lis Acts 17:1 (g295) am-FIP-uh-luhs*, -lis, ahm-FIH-puh-lis
Amram Am'ram Exodus 6:20 (h6019) AM-ram*
Amraphel Am'ra·phel Genesis 14:1 (h569) AM-ruh-fel*
Amurru* it AMORITE (The ‘Amurru’) uh-MOO-roo
anachronism* w60 6/1 349 (¶) uh-NAK-ruh-niz'uhm
anagoge*, anagogy* (¶) AN-uh-goh'jee
Anak, Anakim A'nak; An'a·kim Deuteronomy 9:2 (h6062, h6061) AY-nak; AN-uh-kim*
Anammelech A·nam'me·lech
in some Bibles: Anamelech
2 Kings 17:31 (h6048) uh-NAM-uh-lek*
Ananias An·a·ni'as Acts 5:1 (g367) (¶) an'uh-NI-uhs*
anaphora* (¶) (definition) uh-NAF-uh-ruh, uh-NA-f(uh-)ruh
Anat* w03 7/15 26 AH-naht
Anathema Maranatha "accursed" + "O our Lord come!" 1 Corinthians 16:22, KJ (g331 + g3134) (¶) uh-NATH-uh-muh mar'uh-NATH-uh
Anathoth An'a·thoth Jeremiah 1:1 (h6068) AN-uh-thoth, -thohth
Anatolia* g92 1/8 7 (¶) a'nuh-TOH-lee-uh, -TOHL-yuh
Andronicus An·dron'i·cus Romans 16:7 (g408) an-DRON-uh-kuhs*
angel angel Genesis 22:11 (h4397); Matthew 1:20 (g32) (¶) (¶) AYN-juhl
animism* sh 23 (¶) (¶) AN-uh-miz'uhm
aka crux ansata
w68 2/1 95 (¶) (¶) AHNGK, AHngGK, ANGK
Anna Anna [An'na]
in some Bibles: Hannah
Luke 2:36 (g451) AN-uh* [not AH-nuh]
Annas An'nas Luke 3:2 (g452) AN-uhs* [not AY-nuhs]
Anshan* dp 149; it CYRUS ahn-shahn
antagonist antagonist Isaiah 50:8 (h1167) (¶) an-TAG-uh-nist
compare postdiluvian
w02 3/1 5 (¶) an'tih-duh-LOO-vee-uhn, an'tee-dih-, -di(')-
anthropomorphic* it SOUL (God as Having Soul) (¶) an(t)'thruh-puh-MOR-fik
Antigonus Gonatas* dp 215 (¶) an-TIG-uh-nuhs goh-NAY-tuhs
Anti-Lebanon Anti-Leb'a·non
aka Amanah
Song of Solomon 4:8 (h549) (¶) an'tee-LEB-uh-nuhn*, an-tih-
in contrast to Homologoumena
(¶) AN-tih-lee-gom'ee-na, an'tih-lee-GOM-eh-nah, an'tih-luh-GOM-uh-nuh, an(')-ti-luh-gah-muh-nuh, -tee-
antinomian* (¶) an'tih-NOH-mee-uhn
antinomianism* (¶) an'tih-NOH-mee-uh-nih'zuhm
Antioch Antioch [An'ti·och] Acts 11:26 (g490) (¶) AN-tee-ahk*
compare Antiochian*
(¶) an-TI-uh-keen', an'tee-ah(')-KEEN
compare Antiochene*
w96 3/15 28 (¶) an'tee-OH-kee-uhn, -AH-
Antiochus Epiphanes* dp 13; 1 Maccabees 1:10 (¶) an-TI-uh-kuhs, ayn-, ee-PIF-uh-neez
Antipas An'ti·pas Revelation 2:13 (g493) (¶) AN-tuh-puhs, -tee-, AN-tih-puhs*, -pas'
Antipater* it ANTIPAS (¶) an-TIP-uh-tuhr, an-TIH-puh-tuhr [not an'tuh-PAY-tuhr]
Antipatris An·tip'a·tris Acts 23:31 (g494) an-TIP-uh-tris*
antithesis*, anthitheses* it EVIL (¶) (¶) an-TIH-thuh-suhs, an-TITH-uh-suhs; pl. an-TIH-thuh-seez'
Antonia* it ANTONIA, TOWER OF an-TOH-nee-uh, -TON-yuh
Anu* dp 71; it GODS AND GODDESSES (Babylonian Deities) AY-noo, ah-NOO, UH-NOO
Anubis* sh 50 (illustration), 53 (¶) uh-NOO-buhs, -NYOO-
anxiety anxiety
in some Bibles: anxieties, anxious cares, cares, concern, troubles, worries
1 Peter 5:7 (g3308) (¶) ang-ZI-uh-tee*
anxious anxious
in some Bibles: over-anxious, perpetually uneasy, solicitous, thought, trouble, worry/worrying
Matthew 6:25 (g3309) (¶) ANG(K)-shuhs*
aorist* it GREEK (¶) AY-uh-ruhst, EH-uh-
aoristic* w57 2/15 127 (¶) ay'uh-RIS-tik, eh'uh-
Aphrah Aph'rah
in some Bibles: Beth-le-aphrah, Beth Leaphrah, house of Dust
Micah 1:10 (h1036) AF-ruh
Aphrodite* it GREECE, GREEKS (Greek Religion)” (¶) af'ruh-DI-tee
Apis* it BULL; dp 158 (¶) AY-pis, -puhs
Apocalypse Revelation
Bible book
bm 3, 30; it REVELATION TO JOHN (¶) uh-POK-uh-lips', uh-PAH-kuh-lips'
Apocrypha* it APOCRYPHA (¶) uh-POK-ruh-fuh*, uh-PAH-kruh-fuh
apocryphal* dp 24 (¶) uh-PAH-kruh-fuhl
Apollo A·pol'los Acts 18:24 DRB (h8625) (¶) uh-POL-oh, -PAH-loh(')
Apollos A·pol'los Acts 18:24 (g625) uh-POL-uhs*
Apollonia Ap·ol·lo'ni·a Acts 17:1 (g624) ap'uh-LOH-nee-uh*
Apollyon A·pol'lyon
compare Abaddon
Revelation 9:11 (g623) (¶) uh-POL-yuhn, -PAHL-, uh-PAH-lee-uhn, uh-POL-ee-ahn*
apologetics* g82 7/8 22 (¶) uh-pah'luh-JEH-tiks, uh-pol'uh-JET-iks
apologia* (¶) ap'uh-LOH-j(ee-)uh
aposiopesis* 2 Samuel 23:17 ftn. (¶) ap'uh-si'uh-PEE-suhs
apostasy apostasy
in some Bibles: Hebrew Scriptures: corruption, defilement, godlessness, hypocrisy, lawless deeds, profaneness, ungodliness, wickedness; Greek Scriptures: defection, departing, departure, falling away, Great Rebellion, great revolt, rebellion, revolt
Isaiah 32:6; Jeremiah 23:15 (h2612, h2613); 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (g646) (¶) uh-PAHS-tuh-see
apostate apostate
in some Bibles: evil-doer, godless, hypocrite(s), profane (man), ungodly, wicked
Job 8:13 (h2611) (¶) uh-pos'tayt', uh-PAHS-tayt', -tuht
apostatize* it APOSTASY (¶) uh-PAHS-tuh-tiz' [not uh-PAHS-tuh-siz]
apostle apostle 1 Corinthians 9:1 (g652) (¶) uh-PAH-suhl (silent “t”)
apostolic* it APOSTLE (¶) ap'uh-STAH-lik
apothecary ointment maker
in some Bibles: compounder, perfume-maker, perfumer
Exodus 30:35, KJ (h7543) (¶) uh-PAH-thuh-ker'ee
apotheosis* w60 8/1 476 (¶) uh-pah'thee-OH-suhs, a'puh-THEE-uh-suhs
apparition apparition Matthew 14:26 (g5326) (¶) ap'uh-RISH-uhn
Apphia Ap'phi·a Philemon 2 (g682) AP-fee-uh*, AF-ee-uh
Appian* (Way) it HIGHWAY, ROAD (¶) AP-ee-uhn
Appii Marketplace of Ap'pi·us
forum or market; in some Bibles: Appius
Acts 28:15, KJ (g675) AP-ee-i
Appius Ap'pi·us Acts 28:15 (g675) AP-ee-uhs*
aka Hophra
it HOPHRA AY-pree-eez
Aqaba*, Aqabah* Deuteronomy 1:1 ftn.; w76 6/15 381 (¶) AK-uh-buh, AHK-
aqueduct conduit Isaiah 36:2 Da, HNV (h8585) (¶) AK-wih-dukt('), AK-wuh-duhkt' [not AHK-]
Aquila Aq'ui·la Acts 18:2 (g207) (¶) AK-wih-luh* [not uh-KWIH-luh]
Aquinas* (Thomas) w05 4/1 5 (¶) uh-KWI-nuhs
Arab Arab
a people
Isaiah 13:20 (h6163) (¶) AIR-uhb, dial. AY-rab'
Arab Arab [A'rab]
a town
Joshua 15:52 (h693) AY-rab
Arabah Ar'a·bah Joshua 18:18 (h6160) (¶) AIR-uh-bah*, AIR-uh-buh*, AR-uh-buh, AHR-ah-buh , AH-rah-bah
Arabia Arabia Galatians 1:17 (g688) (¶) uh-RAY-bee-uh*
Arabic*, arabic*
language; tree gum
it ARABIA (¶) AIR-uh-bik, A-ruh-bik, ER-uh-bik, [not uh-RAY-bik]
Aram A'ram Genesis 10:22 (h758) AY-ruhm, A-, ER-, AY-ram*, some sources, AIR-uhm
Aramaic Ar·a·ma'ic Ezra 4:7 (h762) (¶) air'uh-MAY-ik
Aramean Aramaic
in some Bibles: Aramaic, language of the Aramites, Syrian language/tongue
Ezra 4:7 BE, Yg (h762) (¶) a'ruh-MEE-uhn, air'uh-MEE-uhn
Aram-naharaim, Aram Naharaim A'ram-na·ha·ra'im
in some Bibles: Mesopotamia
Psalm 60 superscription (or 60:1) (h763) AY-ruhm-nah-hah-RAY-im*, air'uhm-nay-huh-RAY-im
Aram-Zobah A'ram-Zo'bah Psalm 60 superscription (h760) AY-ram-ZOH-bah*, air'uhm-ZOH-buh
Ararat Genesis 8:4 (h780) (¶) (¶) AIR-uh-rat'*, AR-
Araunah A·rau'nah
aka Ornan
2 Samuel 24:16 (h728) uh-RAW-nuh, ay-, uh-RAH-nuh*
Arcadius* dp 243 ahr-KAY-dee-uhs
archangel archangel Jude 9 (g743) (¶) (¶) AHRK-ayn(')-juhl, AHRCH-
variant: archeology
it ARCHAEOLOGY (¶) ahr'kee-AH-luh-jee, -OL-uh-
Archelaus Ar·che·la'us Matthew 2:22 (g745) ahr'kuh-LAY-uhs*
archenemy* w06 1/15 21 (¶) (¶) ahrch(')-EH-nuh-mee, ahrch-EN-uh-mee; AHRCH-EN-uh-mee [not ark(')-]
Archippus Ar·chip'pus Philemon 2 (g751) ahr-KIP-uhs* [not ahr-CHIP-uhs]
Areopagus Ar·e·op'a·gus Acts 17:19 (g697) (¶) air'ee-OP-uh-guhs*, a'ree-AH-puh-guhs
Ares* Acts 17:19 ftn. for “Areopagus” (¶) (¶) AIR-eez, ER-eez(')
Aretas A·re'tas 2 Corinthians 11:32 (g702) (¶) (reference only) (reference only) uh-REE-tuhs*, Gk., ar-ET-as, AIR-uh-tuhs, -tas
Arian*, Arianism* w98 3/15 27, 28 (¶) (¶) A-ree-uhn, ER-uh-uhn; A-ree-uh-nih'zuhm
Ariel Ar'i·el Isaiah 29:1 (h740) (¶) AIR-ee-uhl, AHR-ee-el, ER-ee-uhl*, A-ree-uhl
Arimathaea, Arimathea Ar·i·ma·the'a Matthew 27:57 (g707) (¶) air'uh-muh-THEE-uh*, a'ruh-
Arioch Ar'i·och Daniel 2:14 (h746) AIR-ee-ok*
Aristarchus Ar·is·tar'chus Acts 20:4 (g708) (¶) air'is-TAHR-kuhs*, a'ruh-STAR-kuhs
Aristobulus A·ris·tob'u·lus Romans 16:10 (g711) air'is-TOB-yuh-luhs*
Aristotelean*, Aristotelian* dp 155 (¶) air'uh-stuh-TEEL-yuhn, -TEE-lee-uhn, a'ruh-stuh-TEEL-yuhn
Aristotle* dp 155 (¶) air'uh-STAH-tuhl, ar'ih-STOT-uhl, A-ruh-stah-tuhl
Arius* w98 3/15 28 AR-ee-uhs, ER-
Armada* w88 5/15 24; dp 138 ahr-MAH-duh, -MAY-
Armageddon Har-Ma·ged'on
in some Bibles: Armageddon, Har-Magedon, Harmagedon, Har Megiddo
Revelation 16:16 ftn.; Revelation 16:16, KJ (g717) (¶) (¶) ahr'muh-GED-uhn, ahr'muh-GE-duhn, ahr-muh-GED-n
Arminius* dp 236 (¶) ahr-MIN-ee-uhs, -MIH-nee-
Arnon Ar'non Numbers 22:36 (h769) AHR-nuhn, AHR-non*
Arpachshad Ar·pach'shad
in some Bibles: Arphaxad
Genesis 10:22 (h775) ahr-PAK-shad*
Arphaxad Ar·pach'shad
in most Bibles: Arpachshad
Genesis 10:22 ACV, Da, DRC, KJ (h775) ahr-FAK-sad
Artaxerxes Ar·ta·xerx'es Ezra 4:7 (h783) (¶) ahr'tuh-ZUHRK-seez*, ahr'tuhg-ZUHRK-seez('), ahr'tak-SUHRK-seez
Artemas Ar'te·mas Titus 3:12 (g734) AHR-tuh-muhs*, AHR-tuh-mas*
Artemis Ar'te·mis
in some Bibles: Diana
Acts 19:24 (g735) (¶) AHR-tuh-mis*, -muhs
artificer forger
in some Bibles: forger, made . . . tools, manufacturer, smith of . . . tools
Genesis 4:22, DRB, DRC, KJ, Leeser (h2794) (¶) ahr-TIH-fuh-suhr, AHR-tuh-fuh-suhr
Aryan* it ORIGIN OF NATIONS (¶) A-ree-uhn, ER-ee-uhn, AHR-yuhn
Asahiah A·sai'ah (I)
in some Bibles: Asaiah, Asaia (DRB)
2 Kings 22:14 KJ, Webster (h6222) as'uh-HI-uh
Asaiah A·sai'ah (I)
in some Bibles: Asahiah, Asaia (DRB)
2 Kings 22:14 (h6222) uh-ZAY-yuh, uh-SI-ah*
Asaph A'saph Psalm 50 superscription (h623) AY-saf*
also Aesculapius, Asklepios
it DISEASES AND TREATMENT (Influence of Magic and of False Religion) (¶) uh-SKLEE-pee-uhs; es'kyuh-LAY-pee-uhs
Asenappar As'e·nap·par
in some Bibles: Asenaphar, Ashurbanipal, Asnappar, Osnappar
Ezra 4:10 (h620) AS-uh-nap'uhr*
Asenath As'e·nath Genesis 41:45 (h621) AS-uh-nath*(')
Asgard* g00 12/8 27 (¶) AS-gahrd, AZ-
Ashdod Ash'dod
in some Bibles: Azotus
Joshua 11:22 (h795); Acts 8:40 (g108) (¶) (¶) ASH-dahd', ASH-dod
Asher Ash'er Genesis 30:13 (h836) (¶) ASH-uhr*, A-shuhr
Asherah sacred pole
in some Bibles: grove, holy tree, pillars
Deuteronomy 16:21 DRB (h842) ASH-uh-ruh, uh-SHIHR-uh, -SHEER-
Ashkelon Ash'ke·lon Judges 14:19 (h831) (¶) ASH-kuh-lon*
Ashkenaz Ash'ke·naz Genesis 10:3 (h813) ASH-keh-naz*, -kuh- [not -nahz]
Ashkenazi* sh 216 (¶) ahsh'kuh-NAH-zee, ash'kuh-NAZ-ee
Ashpenaz Ash'pe·naz Daniel 1:3 (h828) ASH-peh-naz*, -puh-
Ashtoreth Ash'to·reth (I)
in some Bibles: Ashtoreth, Ashtoreths, Ashtaroth, Astaroth, Astarte
Judges 2:13 (h6252) (¶) ASH-tuh-reth*(')
Ashurbanipal Asenappar
aka Asenappar
Ezra 4:8 (10) CEV (¶) ash'uhr-BAN-uh-puhl, ah'suhr-BAH-nuh-pahl', ah'shuhr-*
Ashurnasirpal* w88 2/15 25 ash'uhr-NAS-uhr-puhl
Asia Asia 1 Peter 1:1 (g773) (¶) AY-shuh, -zhuh*
Assalam ‘alaikum*, as-salaam alaikum*
Arabic, “Peace be with you”; compare Shalom aleichem*
w84 8/15 19 (¶) uhs-suh-LAHM-uh-LI-kum
Asshur As'shur Genesis 10:22 (h804) ASH-uhr, AS-shur'*
Assos As'sos
modern Behramköy
Acts 20:13 (g789) AS-ohs
assuage hold back
in some Bibles: asswage, ease, relieve, spare, sparing
Job 16:5, KJ (h2820) (¶) uh-SWAYJ, also uh-SWAYZH, -SWAHZH
Assyria, Assyrian As·syr'i·a; As·syr'i·an Genesis 2:14 (h804); Isaiah 10:5 (h804) (¶) (¶) uh-SIHR-ee-uh*; uh-SIHR-ee-uhn*
Astarte Ash'to·reth (I) 1 Samuel 7:4 God’s Word (¶) a-STAHR-tee, uh-
Astyages* dp 149; it CYRUS as-TI-uh-jeez
asunder asunder Hebrews 11:37 (g599) (¶) uh-SUHN-duhr
Athaliah Ath·a·li'ah 2 Kings 8:26 (h6271) ath'uh-LI-uh*
Athanasian* g94 9/8 11 (¶) (¶) ath'uh-NAY-zhuhn, -shuhn
Athanasius* w01 4/15 19 (¶) (¶) ath'uh-NAY-zh(ee-)uhs, -sh(ee-)uhs
atheist*, atheism* w94 12/1 6 (¶) (¶) AY-thee-ist; AY-thee-ih'zuhm
Greek goddess of wisdom; compare Minerva*
ip-2 52 (¶) uh-THEE-nuh
Athenian Athenians Acts 17:21 (g117) (¶) uh-THEE-nee-uhn, -nyuhn
Athens Athens [Ath'ens] Acts 17:15 (g116) (¶) A-thuhnz*
Mountains; Greek Titan
g95 3/22 10 AT-luhs
atone, atonement make atonement; atonement
in some Bibles: expiation, forgive, [be] merciful, pardoned, peace
Numbers 8:12 LITV, Yg (h3722); Deuteronomy 32:43 (h3722) (¶) (¶) uh-TOHN; uh-TOHN-muhnt
Attalia At·ta·li'a
modern Antalya
Acts 14:25 (g825) at'uh-LI-uh, at'tuh-LI-uh*
Attalus* dp 227 AT-uh-luhs
audacious audacious Job 41:10 (h393) (¶) aw-DAY-shuhs
Augustine* Exodus 20:17 ftn.; it APOCRYPHA (¶) AW-guh-steen, aw-GUHS-tin
Augustus Au·gus'tus Luke 2:1 (g828) (¶) uh-GUHS-tuhs*, aw-
Aurelian* dp 240 (¶) aw-REE-lee-uhn, -REEL-yuhn
aurochs* wild bull
in some Bibles: buffalo, ox, Reem, unicorn, wild-ox
(h7214); w92 6/1 31 (¶) OU-rahks, AWR-ahks, -oks
authentic* W04 7/15 6 (¶) aw-THEN-tik, uh- [not aw-THEN-ik]
Autolycus* w96 3/15 28 aw-TOL-ih-kuhs
Ava, Avva Av'va; Iv'vah
in most Bibles: Ivah, Ivvah
(Avva) 2 Kings 17:24 (h5755); (Ivvah) 2 Kings 18:34 (h5755) (Ava) AY-vuh; (Avva) AV-uh*
avatar* sh 103 (¶) AV-uh-tahr', av'uh-TAHR
Avesta* sh 36 (¶) uh-VES-tuh
Avrekh A·vrékh
in some Bibles: Abrech, Abrek! Bend the knee, Bow the knee(!) Bow down! Get down on your knees! Kneel down! Make way! Make way for Joseph!
Genesis 41:43 (h86) ah-VREKH* (VR pronounced soft)
ayatollah* g87 6/22 14 (¶) ah'yuh-TOH-luh, i'uh-TOH-luh, -TAHL-, I-uh-toh'luh, -tahl'-
ayin ‘A'yin
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:121 (verse heading) (¶) I-yin, -in, -uhn
Ayurveda* g93 2/22 24 (definiton) I'yuhr-VAY-duh, -VEE-
Azariah Az·a·ri'ah Daniel 1:6 (h5838) az'uh-RI-uh*
Azazel A·za'zel
in some Bibles: scapegoat
Leviticus 16:8 (h5799) (¶) uh-ZAY-zuhl*
Azekah A·ze'kah (I) Joshua 10:11 (h5825) uh-ZEE-kuh*
Azotus Ash'dod
in many Bibles: Ashdod
Acts 8:40 (g108); it ASHDOD (¶) (¶) ASH-dahd', ASH-dod
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Baal Ba'al Judges 2:13 (h1168); Romans 11:4 (g896) (¶) BAY-uhl*
Baalath-beer Ba'al·ath-be'er Joshua 19:8 (h1192) bay'uh-lath-BEE-uhr*
Baalbek* it PHOENICIA (¶) BAY-uhl-bek', BAHL-bek'
Baale-judah Ba'al·e-ju'dah
in some Bibles: Baale of Judah
2 Samuel 6:2 (h1184 + h3064) bay'uh-lee-JOO-duh*, bay'uhl-ee-JOO-duh*
Baal-hamon Ba'al-ha'mon Song of Solomon 8:11 (h1174) bay'uhl-HAY-muhn*
Baal-meon Baal-me'on
aka Beth-baal-meon, Beth-meon; in some Bibles: Baal Meon, Baalmeon
Numbers 32:38 (h1186) bay'uhl-MEE-on*
Baal-Perazim Ba'al-pe·ra'zim
aka Perazim
2 Samuel 5:20 (h1188) bay'uhl-puhr-RAY-zim*, -pih-
Ba'al Shem Tob*, Ba'al Shem Tov* sh 226; w97 8/15 30 (¶) (¶) BAY(-uh)L-SHEM-TOV, BAHL-SHEM-TOHV
Baal-zebub Ba'al-ze'bub
compare Beelzebub
2 Kings 1:2 (h1176) (definition) bay'uhl-ZEE-buhb* [not bay-EL-zee-buhb']
Baasha Ba'a·sha 1 Kings 15:16 (h1201) BAY-uh-shuh*
Babel Ba'bel Genesis 10:10 (h894) (¶) (¶) BAY-buhl*, BA-buhl
Babylon Babylon [Bab'y·lon] Daniel 1:1 (h894); Revelation 14:8 (g897) BAB-uh-luhn*, -lon'*
Babylonian Babylonians Ezra 4:9 (h896); dp 7 (¶) bab'uh-LOH-nee-uhn, -LOHN-yuhn
baca ba'ca
in some Bibles: balsam trees, mulberry trees, pear trees, spice-trees, weeping trees
2 Samuel 5:23 (h1057) BAY-kuh*
also Dionysus
it GODS AND GODDESSES (Grecian Deities) (¶) BAK-uhs, BAH-kuhs
Bactria, Bactrian* it ALEXANDER; SUSHAN (¶) BAK-tree-uhn
Bahai*, Baha'i w96 9/15 3 (¶) bah-HI-ee, -HAH-ee'
Balaam Ba'laam Numbers 22:5 (h1109) BAY-luhm* (¶)
mythological Norse god; also Baldr
w52 12/15 741 BAWL-duhr
Balak Ba'lak Numbers 22:2 (h1111) BAY-lak*
Balthasar*, Balthazar* w88 12/15 2 (¶) bal-THAY-zuhr, -THAZ-uhr, BAHL-thuh-zahr'
Baluchistan* w77 11/1 654 (¶) bah-LOO-chih-stan', buh-loo'chuh-STAN, -STAHN
balustrade supports
in some Bibles: pillars, railings, supports
1 Kings 10:12 Da (h4552) (¶) bal'uh-STRAYD, BA-luh-strayd'
baptism baptism Matthew 3:7 (g908) (¶) BAP-tih'zuhm
Baptist Baptist
in some Bibles: Baptizer
Matthew 3:1 (g910) (¶) BAP-tist
baptistery* g 9/07 12 (¶) BAP-tuh-stree [not bap-TIS-t(uh-)ree]
baptize baptize John 1:26 (g907) (¶) (¶) BAP-tiz*, bap-TIZ
baptizer baptizer Mark 1:4 (g907) BAP-ti-zuhr
Barabbas Bar·ab'bas Matthew 27:16 (g912) (¶) buh-RAB-uhs, bahr-AB-uhs*
Barachiah Bar·a·chi'ah
in some Bibles: Barachias
Matthew 23:35 (g914) bair'uh-KI-uh* (bair'uh-KI-uhs)
Barak Ba'rak Judges 4:6 (h1301) BAIR-uhk*, -ak, BAY-rak*
Barbarian Barbarians [Bar·bar'ian]
in some Bibles: foreigners
Romans 1:14 (g915) (¶) bahr-BER-ee-uhn*, -BAIR-, -BAR-
Bar-Jesus Bar-Je'sus
aka Elymas
Acts 13:6 (g919) bahr JEE-zuhs*
Bar Kochba*, Kochbah*
also Cochba, Cochbah, Kokhba, Kokhbah; aka Bar Koziba
it HEBREW II (¶) bahr KOHKH-bah, -vah, KOHK-buh
Bar Koziba*, Kozibah*
also Cosiba, Cosibah, Coziba, Cozibah, Kosiba, Kosibah; aka Bar Kochba
it MESSIAH (False Messiahs) bahr KOH-zi-buh (KOH-si-buh)
Barnabas Bar'na·bas Acts 9:27 (g921) (¶) BAHR-nuh-buhs*
Barsabbas, Barsabas Bar'sab·bas Acts 1:23 (g923) BAHR-suh-buhs* [not bahr-SAB-buhs]
Bartholomew Bar·thol'o·mew Matthew 10:3 (g918) (¶) bahr-THOL-uh-myoo*
Bartimaeus Bar·ti·mae'us Mark 10:46 (g924) bahr-tih-MEE-uhs*, -tuh-, -ti-
Baruch Bar'uch Jeremiah 36:4 (h1263) (¶) BAIR-uhk*, BAY-ruhk, BAHR-ook', buh-ROOK [not buh-ROOK in NW]
basanizo* it TORMENT; ba·sa·ni'zo (g928) (¶) bahs-ahn-ID-zo
Basemath Bas'e·math
in some Bibles: Bashemath, Basmath
Genesis 26:34; 1 Kings 4:15 (h1315) BAS-uh-math* (in some Bibles: BASH-uh-math, BAS-math)
Bashan Ba'shan Numbers 21:33 (h1316) (¶) BAY-shuhn*
Basil* (the Great) w01 4/15 19 (¶) (¶) BAY-zuhl, BAZ-uhl, BAS-uhl
basilisk viper
in some Bibles: adder, cockatrice, viper
Proverbs 23:32 DRB, Yg (h6848) (¶) (¶) BAS-uh-lisk', BAZ-uh-lisk'
bas-relief* dp 151 (¶) bah'rih-LEEF, bas'-, bays-; BAH-rih-leef', BAS-, BAYS-
Bast*, Bastet*
compare Bubastis
Bath-sheba Bath-she'ba
in some Bibles: Bathsheba, Bat-Sheva, Bethsabee
2 Samuel 11:3 (h1339) bath-SHEE-buh*
bdellium bdellium Genesis 2:12 (h916) (¶) (¶) DEL-yum, DEL-ee-uhm*
beatify* g91 6/8 28 (¶) bee-AT-uh-fi
beatitude* Matthew 5:3 ftn. for “Happy (¶) bee-AT-ih-tood', -tyood'
Sir Alfred Chester
g72 6/22 6 BEE-tee
Bedouin* g04 1/22 26 (¶) BED-oo-in, BED-win, BEH-duh-wuhn
Beelzebub Be·el'ze·bub
compare Baal-zebub
Matthew 10:25 (g954) (¶) bee-EL-zih-buhb*, BEEL-
Beeri Be·e'ri Genesis 26:34; Hosea 1:1 (h882) bee-EE-ri*, BEE-uhr-i
Beeroth Benejaakan Be·er'oth Ben'e·ja'a·kan Deuteronomy 10:6 (h885) buh-EE-roth ben'ih-JAY-uh-kuhn, bee-, ben'ee-JAY-uh-kan, bee'uh-roth ben'ih-JAY-uh-kuhn, beh-ER-oth ben'uh-JAY-uh-kan*
Beerothite Be·er'oth·ite 2 Samuel 4:2 (h886) BEE-uh-ruh-thit, bee-ER-uh-thit*
Beer-sheba Be'er-she'ba
in some Bibles: Beersheba, Beer-sheva
Amos 8:14 (h884) (¶) bee'uhr-SHEE-buh*, bihr-
Behemoth Be·he'moth Job 40:15 (h930) (¶) (¶) buh-HEE-muhth*, bih-, BEE-uh-muhth
Behistun* it DARIUS (see bay-his-TOON, buh-, bee-HIS-toon
behth, beth, bet Behth
Hebrew letter, see also beth
Psalm 119:9 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) BAYS, BAYTH*, BAYT, BETH, BET
Bekaa*, Beqa‘*
ancient Coele-Syria
yb 93 47; it ANTI-LEBANON (¶) bih-KAH
Bel Bel
aka Enlil, Marduk
Isaiah 46:1 (h1078) BAYL, BEL*
Belial Be'li·al 2 Corinthians 6:15 (g955) (¶) BEE-lee-uhl*, also BEEL-yuhl [not buh-LI-uhl]
Belshazzar Bel·shaz'zar Daniel 5:1 (h1113) (¶) bel-SHAZ-uhr*
compare Walpurgis Night*
g05 4/22 12 (¶) BEL-tayn, -tin
Belteshazzar Bel·te·shaz'zar
compare Belshazzar
Daniel 1:7 (h1095) bel'tih-SHAZ-ahr*, -uhr
bema* it JUDGMENT SEAT (¶) BEE-muh
Benaiah Be·nai'ah 1 Kings 2:25 (h1141) buh-NI-uh*, bih-, bih-NAY-yuh
Ben-ammi Ben-am'mi Genesis 19:38 (h1151) ben-AM-i, ben-AM-ee*
Benedictus* w99 4/15 24 (¶) ben'uh-DIK-tus
Ben-hadad, Benhadad Ben-ha'dad 1 Kings 20:1 (h1130) ben-HAY-dad*
Benjamin Benjamin [Ben'ja·min]
in some Bibles: Benjamin (Son of My Right Hand), Ben-jamin, Binyamin, Binyamin [son of the right hand], the son of the right hand
Genesis 35:18 (h1144) (¶) (¶) BEN-juh-muhn
Benjaminite Ben'ja·min·ite
in some Bibles: belong to the tribe of Benjamin, Benjamite, Binyamini, from Benjamin, from Binyamin, man of Benjamin, son of Benjamin
1 Samuel 9:21 (h1145) (¶) BEN-juh-muh-nit
Benjamite Ben'ja·mite
in some Bibles: Benjaminite, Binyamite, from/of the tribe of Benjamin
Judges 3:15 (h1145) (¶) BEN-juh-mit
Ben-oni, Benoni Ben-o'ni
in some Bibles: Benoni [Son of My Sorrow], Ben-Oni [son of my grief]/(Son of My Sorrow)
Genesis 35:18 (h1126) ben-OH-ni*
Beor Be'or Numbers 22:5 (h1187) BEE-or*
Berechiah Ber·e·chi'ah Zechariah 1:1 (h1296) ber'uh-KI-uh*
Berenice* dp 219–20, 231 ber'uh-NI-see
bereshith'* Heb., Bere`shith' Genesis 1:1 ftn. (h7225) ber-uh-SHITH, BER-uh-shith
Bernice Ber·ni'ce Acts 25:13 (g959) ber-NI-see, ber-NEES*
Beroea Be·roe'a
in some Bibles: Berea; modern Véroia or Veria, Macedonia
Acts 17:10 (g960) (¶) buh-REE-uh*, bih-
Berossus, Berosus, Berossos dp 17 buh-ROS-suhs
beryl beryl Revelation 21:20 (g969) (¶) BER-uhl
besom broom
in some Bibles: broom, brush
Isaiah 14:23, AS, Douay, DRB, KJ (h4292) (¶) BEE-zuhm
bestiality* it BESTIALITY (¶) bes'chee-AL-ih-tee, bees'chee-
beth, behth Behth
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119: 9 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) BETH, BET, BAYTH*, BAYT
Bethany Beth'a·ny Matthew 26:6 (g963) (¶) BETH-uh-nee*
Bethaven, Beth-aven, Beth Aven Beth-a'ven Joshua 7:2 (h1007) beth-AY-vuhn*
Beth-baal-meon Beth-ba'al-me'on
aka Beth-meon, Baal-meon
Joshua 13:17 (h1010) beth-bay'uhl-MEE-on*
Beth-eden Beth-e'den Amos 1:5 (h1040) beth-EE-duhn*
Bethel, Bethelite Beth'el
aka Luz
Genesis 28:19 (h1008); 1 Kings 16:34 (h1017) BETH-uhl*, BETH-el*; BETH-uh-lit*
Beth-ezel Beth-e'zel Micah 1:11 (h1018) beth-EE-zuhl, beth-EE-zehl*
Bethlehem Beth'le·hem Genesis 35:19 (h1035); Matthew 2:1 (g965) (¶) BETH-lih-hem(')*, also BETH-lee-huhm, -lee-uhm
Bethlehem Ephrathah Beth'le·hem Eph'ra·thah Micah 5:2 (h1035, h672) beth'lih-hem EF-ruh-thuh*
Bethlehemite Beth'le·hem·ite 1 Samuel 16:1 (h1022) BETH-lih-heh-mi*
Beth-meon Beth-me'on
shortened form of Beth-baal-meon
Jeremiah 28:43 (h1010) beth-MEE-on*
Beth-pelet Beth-pel'et
in some Bibles: Bethphaleth, Beth-phelet
Nehemiah 11:26 (h1046) beth-PEE-lit, beth-PEL-it*
Bethphage Beth'pha·ge Matthew 21:1 (g967) BETH-fuh-jee*
Bethsaida Beth·sa'i·da Matthew 11:21 (g966) (¶) beth-SAY-uh-duh*
Bethshan, Beth-shan, Beth Shan Beth-shan
aka Beth-Shean
2 Samuel 21:12 (h1052) beth-SHAN*
Bethshean, Beth-shean; Beth-shan Beth-she'an
aka Beth-shan, later Scythopolis*
1 Kings 4:12 (h1052) beth-SHEE-uhn*
Bethuel Be·thu'el Genesis 22:23 (h1328) buh-THOO-uhl*, -THYOO-
Bethzatha Beth·za'tha
in some Bibles: Bethesda, Bethsaida
John 5:2 (g964) beth-ZAY-thuh*
Beulah Owned as a Wife [Beu'lah] Isaiah 62:4, AS, HNV, KJ, WEB (h1166) (¶) BYOO-luh*
Bezae* w90 2/15 24 BEE-zee
Bezae Cantabrigiensis* si 314 BEE-zee-kan'tuh-brij-ee-EN-sis
Bezalel Bez'al·el Exodus 31:2 (h1212) BEZ-uh-lel, BEZ-uhl-el*
Bhagavad Gita* sh 103 (¶) bah'guh-vahd' GEE-tuh, BUG-uh-vuhd
Bible* Joshua 13:5 ftn. (¶) Bi-buhl
Biblical*, biblically* it HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE (Vol. 1, p. 322); it COPYIST (¶) BIH-bli-kuhl [not BIB-uh-kuhl; BIH-bli-k(uh-)lee]
Biblicist* w01 5/1 30 (¶) BIB-luh-sist
Bichri Bich'ri 2 Samuel 20:2 (h1075) BIK-ri*
bier bier Deuteronomy 3:11 (h6210); Luke 7:14 (g4673) (¶) BIHR, BEER
Bikath-aven Bik'ath-a'ven
in some Bibles: Aven Valley, plain of Aven
Amos 1:5 (h1237 + h206) bik'ath-AY-ven*
Bildad Bil'dad Job 2:11 (h1085) BIL-dad*
Bilhah Bil'hah Genesis 29:29 (h1090) BIL-hah*, -huh
bishopric office of oversight
in some Bibles: ministry, office, position as bishop, office of overseer, overseership, position of overseer
Acts 1:20, DRB, KJ (g1984) (¶) BIH-shuh-prik('), BISH-uhp-rik
Bithiah Bi·thi'ah 1 Chronicles 4:18 (h1332) bih-THI-uh*
Bithynia Bi·thyn'i·a Acts 16:7 (g978) (¶) bih-THIN-ee-uh*, buh-
bitumen bitumen [bi·tu'men] Genesis 11:3 (h2564) (¶) buh-TOO-men*, buh-TYOO-men*, bih-, esp. Brit. BICH-oo-muhn, BIT-yuh-
blaspheme blaspheme John 10:36 (g987) (¶) blas-FEEM, BLAS-feem
blasphemous blasphemous Revelation 13:1 (g988) (¶) BLAS-fuh-muhs [not blas-FEE-m(ee-)uhs]
blasphemy blasphemy Matthew 12:31 (g988) (¶) BLAS-fuh-mee [not blas'FEE-mee]
Blastus Blas'tus Acts 12:20 (g986) BLAS-tuhs*
Boanerges Bo·a·ner'ges Mark 3:17 (g993) boh'uh-NUHR-jeez*
Boaz Bo'az Ruth 2:1 (h1162) BOH-az*
Bodmer Papyri* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Papyrus manuscripts) BOD-muhr puh-PI-ree, puh-PI-ri
Bogomil*, Bogomile* w58 7/1 393 (¶) buh'guh-ME(UH)L, -MEEL
boisterous boisterous Proverbs 9:13 (h1993) (¶) BOI-stuh-ruhs, -struhs
Boniface* g01 10/8 8 (¶) BAH-nuh-fuhs, -fays'
booty booty
in some Bibles: captives, plunder, prey, spoil, spoils
Numbers 31:26 (h4455) (¶) BOO-tee*
Boreas* g93 9/22 24 BOHR-ee-uhs (¶)
modern Birs or Birs Nimrud
dp 100 bohr-SIP-uh
Bosporus* dp 167 (¶) BAHS-p(uh-)ruhs, BOS-puh-ruhs
bough bough Malachi 4:1 (h6057) (¶) BOU (rhymes with “how,” “now,” “cow”)
Bozrah Boz'rah Isaiah 34:6 (h1224) BOZ-ruh*
Brahma* sh 115 (¶) (¶) BRAH-muh
also Brahma, Brahmin
w99 4/1 9; g83 3/8 25 (¶) BRAH-muhn
brazier brazier Jeremiah 36:22 (h254) (¶) BRAY-zhuhr
breeches garments
in some Bibles: underclothes, undergarments, trousers
Ezekiel 44:18, AS, Da, DRB, KJ (h4370) (¶) BRIH-chuhz, also BREE-
brigandine coat of mail
in some Bibles: armor, coat of mail
Jeremiah 51:3, KJ (h5630) (¶) BRIH-guhn-deen'
brimstone sulphur Genesis 19:24, KJ (h1614); Revelation 21:8 (g2303) (¶) BRIM-stohn'
bristle bristle Job 4:15 (h5568) (¶) BRIS-uhl
Britannia* dp 57 (¶) bruh-TA-nee-uh, bruh-TA-nyuh
bruit report
in some Bibles: news, report
Jeremiah 10:22, KJ (h8052); Nahum 3:19, KJ (h8088) (¶) BROOT
meaning “House of Bast, aka Bastet”; aka Pibeseth
Ezekiel 30:17 DRB, DRC, NCV, NIV, New Living, TEV (h6364) (¶) (¶) byoo-BAS-tuhs, -tis
buckler buckler
in some Bibles: armor, arms
Psalm 35:2 (h6793) (¶) BUH-kluhr, BUK-luhr
Buddha*, Buddhist*, Buddhism* sh chapter 6 (¶) (¶) (¶) BOO-duh, BU- ; BOO-dist, BU-; BOO-dih'zuhm, BU-
Bul Bul
aka Heshvan, Marheshvan
1 Kings 6:38 (h945) BUL*, BOOL
bulla*, bullae* w06 8/15 16 (¶) BOOL-uh; pl. BOOL-ee
bulwark bulwark Habakkuk 2:1 (h4692) (¶) BUL-wuhrk('), -work('), BUHL-wuhrk(')
bustard vulture
in some Bibles: barn owls, buzzard, carrion vulture, gier(-)eagle, little vulture, osprey(s), owl, porphirion, white vulture
Deuteronomy 14:17 JPS (h7360) (¶) BUHS-tuhrd
Byblos Gebal
aka Gebal
Joshua 13:5 ftn., Ezekiel 27:9 CEV, MSG, TEV (h1380) (¶) BIB-luhs, BIB-los
Byzantine* g89 8/8 23 (¶) (¶) BIZ-uhn-teen, BI-, -tin; buh-ZAN-teen, -tin, bi-ZAN-
Byzantium* w02 2/15 8–12; dp 167 (¶) (¶) (¶) bih-ZAN-sh(ee-)uhm, buh-ZAN-tee-uhm, bih-
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cab cab
in some Bibles: cabe, kab
2 Kings 6:25 (h6894) KAB
Cabala*, Cabalistic*
variant of Kabbalah*; Kabbalistic*
w00 4/1 29 (¶) (¶) kuh-BAH-luh, KAB-uh-luh; kah'buh-LIS-tik, kab'uh-
caduceus* it DISEASES AND TREATMENT (¶) (¶) kuh-DOO-see-uhs, -syoos, -shuhs, -DYOO-
Caesar Caesar [Cae'sar] Matthew 22:17 (g2541) (¶) SEE-zuhr*
Caesarea Caes·a·re'a Acts 8:40 (g2542) (¶) ses'uh-REE-uh*, sez'uh-, see'zuh-REE-uh, seh'suh-, seh'zuh-
Caesarean* it CAESAR sih-ZAR-ee-uhn, -ZER-
Caesarea Philippi Caes·a·re'a Phi·lip'pi Mark 8:27 (g2542, g5376) (¶) (¶) see'zuh-REE-uh, ses'uh-ree'uh fih-LIP-i*, FIH-luh-pi
compare Erastianism*
g01 10/8 15 (definition) see-zuh-roh(')-PAY-piz'-uhm
Caiaphas Ca'ia·phas Matthew 26:3 (g2533) (¶) (¶) KAY-uh-fuhs*
Cainan Ca·i'nan
aka Kenan
Genesis 5:9, KJ (h7018); Luke 3:37 (g2536) KAY-nuhn, kay-I-nuhn*
Caius Gaius
in most Bibles: Gaius
Romans 16:23 DRB (g1053) KAY-uhs
Calah Ca'lah
modern Nimrud*
Genesis 10:11 (h3625) (¶) KAY-luh, KAY-lah*
calamus calamus Exodus 30:23 (h7070) (¶) KA-luh-muhs
caldron caldron
also cauldron
1 Samuel 2:14 (h7037) (¶) KAWL-druhn
Caligula* it CAESAR (¶) kuh-LIG-yuh-luh
caliph* w92 10/1 5 (¶) KAY-luhf, KA-luhf
Callirrhoe* Genesis 10:19 ftn. for Lasha keh-LIR-oh-ee, kuh-LIR-uh-wee'
Calneh Cal'neh Genesis 10:10 (h3641) KAL-neh, -nee, KAL-nuh*
calumny oppression, bad report
in some Bibles: bad report, cursed, evil report, ill repute, insulted, oppression, slandered
Isaiah 59:13 DRB (h6233); 2 Corinthians 6:8 We (g1426) (¶) KAL-uhm-nee, -yuhm-
Calvary Skull
in some Bibles: Golgotha, [The] Skull; contrast cavalry
Luke 23:33, KJ (g2898) (¶) (¶) KAL-v(uh-)ree
Calvinism* sh 321 (¶) KAL-vuh-nih'zuhm
Cambyses* dp 52  (¶) kam-BI-seez
camelopardalus chamois
in some Bibles: chamois, moufflon, mountain sheep, wild sheep
Deuteronomy 14:5 DRB (h2169) When spelled camelopardalis: (¶) (¶) kuh-mel'oh-PAHR-dl-is, kuh-me'luh-PAHR-duhl-uhs
camphire henna
in some Bibles: camphor, cypress, henna, henna blooms/blossoms/flowers
The Song of Solomon 1:14 KJ (h3724) (definition) KAM-fir
Cana Ca'na John 2:1 (g2580) (¶) KAY-nuh*
Canaan, Canaanite Ca'naan; Ca'naan·ite Genesis 9:18 (h3667); Genesis 10:19 (h3669) (¶) (¶) KAY-nuhn*; KAY-nuh-nit*
Cananaean Ca·na·nae'an Matthew 10:4 (g2581) kay-nuh-NEE-uhn*
Candace Can·da'ce Acts 8:27 (g2582) kan-DAY-see*
canonicity* it CANON (¶) ka'nuh-NIH-suh-tee
canticle; Canticle of Canticles song; The Song of Solomon
Bible book aka Canticles, The Song of Solomon
Song of Solomon 1:1 ftn. (¶) KAN-tih-kuhl; KAN-tih-kuhls
Capernaum Ca·per'na·um Matthew 4:13 (g2584) (¶) kuh-PUHR-nee-uhm*, -nay-
Caphira Chephirah Joshua 9:17 DRB (h3716) kih-FI-ruh
Caphtor, Caphtorim Caph'tor; Caph'to·rim Deuteronomy 2:23 (h3631; h3732) KAF-tor*; KAF-tuh-rim*
Capitoline* g97 11/8 27; 01 7/8 14 (¶) KA-puh-tuh-lin'
Cappadocia Cap·pa·do'ci·a Acts 2:9 (g2587) (¶) ka'puh-DOH-shee-uh*, -shuh
caravan caravan Genesis 37:25 (h736) (¶) KAR-uh-van'
caravansary* it HOSPITALITY (Inns and Lodging Places) (¶) kar'uh-VAN(T)-suh-ree
carbuncle emerald Exodus 39:10, AS, KJ, Yg (h1304) (¶) KAHR-buh(ng)-kuhl
Carchemish Car'che·mish 2 Chronicles 35:20 (h3751) (¶) KAHR-kuh-mish'*, kahr-KEE-mish
Caria, Carian
geographical area; inhabitant of Caria
it ASIA (The Roman Province of Asia) (¶) KAIR-ee-uh; KAIR-ee-uhn
Carian Ca'ri·an
2 Kings 11:4 (h3746) KAY-ree-uhn
Carmel Car'mel 1 Kings 18:19 (h3760) (¶) KAHR-muhl*, KAHR-mel*
carnelian onyx (ftn., carnelian)
in most Bibles: onyx; in some Bibles: shoham
Exodus 28:9 TEV (¶) kahr-NEEL-yuhn
Carolingian* g73 5/8 14 (¶) ka'roh-LIN-j(ee-)uhn
Carpus Carpus 2 Timothy 4:13 (g2591) KAHR-puhs*
Carthage* g01 11/8 14 (¶) (definition) KAHR-thij
Carthaginian* g01 11/8 15 (¶) kahr'thuh-JIH-nyuhn, -nee-uhn
cartouch*, cartouche* g71 11/22 25 (¶) kahr-TOOSH
Casleu Chis'lev
in most Bibles: Chislev
Nehemiah 1:1 DRB, DRC (h3691) KAS-loo
Caspian* (Sea) g80 6/8 29; 03 11/8 6 (¶) KAS-pee-uhn
Cassander* it ALEXANDER kuh-SAN-duhr
cassia, Cassia cassia; Ke·zi'ah Exodus 30:24 (plant); Job 42:14 (person, in various Bibles) (h6916) (¶) KASH-uh*, KAS-ee-uh
Cassius Longinus* dp 254 (¶) (¶) KA-sh(ee-)uhs, KA-s(ee-)uhs, KASH-uhs lohn-JI-nuhs
casuistry* w01 12/15 18 (¶) (¶) KAS-yoo-is-tree, KAZH-wuh-stree, KAZH-oo-ih-stree
catachresis* g82 8/22 27 (¶) kat'uh-KREE-suhs
cataclysm* 2 Peter 2:5 ftn. (¶) KA-tuh-klih'zuhm
catamite* temple prostitute
in some Bibles: homosexual, initiated person, sodomite, cult/shrine/temple prostitute, whoremonger
Deuteronomy 23:17 ftn. (h6945), w97 2/1 29 (¶) KA-tuh-mit
catechism* g93 9/8 8 (¶) KA-tuh-kih'zuhm, KAT-uh-kiz'uhm
Cathar*, Cathari*
aka Albigenses
w95 9/1 28 (¶) KA-thahr'; KA-thuh-ri', -ree'
Catholic*, Catholicism* g97 4/22 4; 05 2/22 12 (¶) (¶) KATH-lik, KATH-uh-lik, KA-thuh-; kuh-THAH-luh-sih'zuhm
Cato* ba 27 (¶) KAY-toh
cavalry cavalry
in some Bibles: horse, horsemen, mounted troops; contrast calvary
Revelation 9:16 (h2461) (¶) KAV-uhl-ree
Cedron Kidron John 18:1, Da, DRB, KJ (g2748) SEE-druhn
Celt* g92 9/8 16–19 (¶) (¶) KELT, SELT
Cenchreae Cen'chre·ae
in some Bibles: Cenchera, Cenchrae, Cenchrea
Acts 18:18 (g2747) SEN-kruh-ee, SEN-kree-uh*, sen-KREE-uh
cenotaph* w94 6/15 32 (¶) SEN-uh-taf', -tahf'
censer censer
aka thurible*
2 Chronicles 26:19 (h4730); Hebrews 9:4 (g2369) (¶) SEN(T)-suhr
centurion army officer
in some Bibles: captain, Roman army officer
Acts 10:1, DRB, KJ, others (g1543) (¶) sen-T(Y)OOR-ee-uhn, sen-CHUR-ee-uhn
Cephas Ce'phas 1 Corinthians 3:22 (g2786) SEE-phus*
certiorari* g03 1/8 4 (¶) suhr'sh(ee-)uh-RAR-ee, -RAHR-ee
cessation cessation Isaiah 38:11 (h2309) (¶) seh-SAY-shuhn
chalcedony chal·ced'o·ny Revelation 21:19 (g5472) (¶) (¶) kal-SED-uh-nee*, kal-SEHD-uhn-ee, chal-; KAL-suh-doh'nee, chal-, -dah'-
also Khalkís
it HEROD (¶) KAL-suhs, KAL-kuhs [not CHAL-]
Chaldaic* w02 9/15 27 (¶) kal-DAY-ik [not chal-]
Chaldea Chal·de'a Jeremiah 50:10 (h3778) (¶) kal-DEE-uh* [not chal-]
Chaldean Chal·de'an Ezra 5:12 (h3679) (¶) kal-DEE-uhn* [not chal-]
former name for Biblical Aramaic
it ARAMAIC KAL-dee', KAHL- [not CHAL-]
chamberlain [the one] in charge of the bedchamber
in some Bibles: over the bedchambers, over the bedroom, personal aide
Acts 12:20, AS, Da, DRB, KJ (g1909 + g2846) (¶) CHAYM-buhr-luhn
chamois chamois Deuteronomy 14:5 (h2169) (¶) SHAM-ee, also sha-MWAH
Chandogya* (Upanishad) g75 11/8 8 chahn-DAH-gya
chancellor chief government official Ezra 4:8, AS, KJ (h1169) (¶) CHAN(T)-s(uh-)luhr
chapiter capital 2 Chronicles 3:15 KJ (h6858) (¶) CHA-puh-tuhr
Charashim Ge-har'a·shim 1 Chronicles 4:14 KJ (h2798) KAIR-uh-shim
charism* w80 8/1 23 (¶) (¶) KER-ih'zuhm, KA-ri'zuhm, KAR-ihz'uhm
charisma* w01 12/15 7; g82 2/8 3 (¶) kuh-RIZ-muh
charismata* w81 8/15 3 (¶) kuh-RIZ-muh-tuh, ker'iz-MAH-tuh, kuh-RIZ-muh-tah
charismatic* w04 1/1 11 (¶) ker'uhz-MA-tik, kair'riz-MAT-ik
Charlemagne* dp 243 (¶) SHAHR-luh-mayn(')
aka Hasidim
sh 226 (¶) HA-suh-duhm, khah-SEE-duhm
chasm chasm Luke 16:26 (g5490) (¶) (¶) KA-zuhm, KAZ-uhm
chaste chaste James 3:17 (g53) (¶) CHAYST
chasten Proverbs 18:17 KJ (h3256) (¶) (¶) CHAY-suhn
chastise chastise Proverbs 18:17 (h3256); Luke 23:16 (g3811) (¶) CHAS-tiz', chas(')-TIZ
chastisement chastisement Isaiah 53:5 (h4148) (¶) chas(')-TIZ-muhnt
chastity chastity
in some Bibles based on Wescott & Hort: chasteness, pure devotion, purity
2 Corinthians 11:3 (g54) (¶) CHAS-tuh-tee [not CHAYS-]
Chebar Che'bar
in some Bibles: Chobar, Kebar
Ezra 1:1 (h3529) KEE-bahr* [not CHEE-]
Chedorlaomer Ched·or·la·o'mer
in some Bibles: Chodorlaomer, Chodorlahomor, Kedorlaomer
Genesis 14:1 (h3540) ked'uhr-lay-OH-muhr, ked'or-lah-OH-mer*
chehth, cheth Chehth
Hebrew letter; also cheth, heth
Psalm 119:57 (verse heading) (¶) KETH, KHET, KHETH, KHAYT, KHAYTH
Chemosh (Moabite deity) Che'mosh Judges 11:24 (h3645) (¶) KEE-mosh*
aka Ch'in Shih Huang Ti*, Chinese Emperor
g86 5/22 25 (¶) JUHNG
Chephirah Che·phi'rah
in some Bibles: Caphira
Joshus 9:17 (h3716) kuh-FI-ruh*, kih-
Cherethites Cher'e·thites
in some Bibles: archers, Cherethi, Cherethite, Kerethites, Kereti
1 Kings 1:38 (h3774) KER-uh-thits*
cherub cherub [cher'ub]
angelic creature
Exodus 25:19 (h3742) (¶) CHER-uhb*
Cherub Che'rub
Ezra 2:59 (h3743) KEE-ruhb*
cherubim glorius cherubs Hebrews 9:5 KJ (g5502) (¶) CHER-uh-bim', CHER-yuh-bim'
Chesed Che'sed Genesis 22:22 (h3777) KHEE-sed*
chesedh* Heb., che'sedh
“loving-kindness”; “loyal love”
Micah 6:8 ftn. (h2617) (¶) KHEH-sed
Chileab Chil'e·ab 2 Samuel 3:3 (h3609) KIL-ee-ab*
chiliarch military commander John 18:12 Da (g5506) KIL-ee-ahrk'
chiliastic* w99 12/1 6 (¶) kil'ee-AS-tik, ki'lee-AS-tik
chiliasts* Revelation 20:4 ftn. (g5507, g2094) (¶) KIH-lee-asts', -uhsts
Chilion Chil'i·on Ruth 1:2 (h3630) KIL-ee-uhn*
Ching* (dynasty) g87 9/22 23 (¶) CHING
Chinnereth Chin'ne·reth
in some Bibles: [Lake/Sea of] Kinneret(h), Lake/Sea of] Galilee
Numbers 34:11 (h3672) KIN-uh-reth*(')
Ch'in Shih Huang Ti* g86 5/22 25 (¶) CHIN SHIR HWAHNG DEE
Chios Chi'os Acts 20:15 (g5508) (¶) KI-os, KEE-os*
Chi-Rho* sh 273 (¶) KI-ROH, KEE-ROH
Chisleu Chis'lev
in most Bibles: Chislev
Nehemiah 1:1 KJ, Webster, Yg (h3691) KIZ-loo
Chislev Chis'lev
Hebrew month; in some Bibles: Casleu, Chaseleu, Chisleu, Kislev
Nehemiah 1:1 (h3691) (¶) KIZ-lev*, Heb., kis-LAVE
Chittim Kit'tim
variant of Kittim
Daniel 11:30, Da, KJ, Yg (h3794) KIT-im, KIH-tim*
Chloe Chlo'e 1 Corinthians 1:11 (g5514) (¶) KLOH-ee*
Chorazin Cho·ra'zin Matthew 11:21 (g5523) koh-RAY-zin*
Chou* (dynasty) sh 161; g05 5/22 19 (¶) JOH
Christ Christ Matthew 1:1 (g5547) (¶) KRIST*
Christendom* cf 11 (¶) KRIS-uhn-duhm
Christian Christian Acts 26:28 (g5546) (¶) KRIS-chuhn
Christological* w78 5/1 12 (¶) krist'uh-LOJ-ih-kuhl
Christology* w92 4/1 25; 84 9/1 27 (¶) kris-TOL-uh-jee, kris-
chronicler* g05 10/22 4 (¶) KRON-ih-k(uh-)luhr
Chronicles Chronicles
Bible books
1 Chronicles 1:1 (¶) KRON-ih-kuhlz, KRAH-nih-kuhlz
chronology* w04 2/1 19 (¶) kruh-NOL-uh-jee
Gk., “time”
w98 9/15 10 par. 4 KROH-nohs
chrysolite chrys'o·lite
in some Bibles: beryl
Ezekiel 1:16 (h8658) (¶) KRIH-suh-lit', KRIS-oh-lit*
chrysoprase chrys'o·prase Revelation 21:20 (g5556) (¶) KRIS-uh-prayz, KRIH-suh-prayz, KRIS-oh-prayz*
Chrysostom* w01 4/15 19 KRIS-uhs-tuhm, kri-SOS-tuhm
Hebrew word
ip-1 412; Isaiah 40:22 “circle” (h2329) (¶) (¶) KHOOG [not CHUHG]
churl unprincipled man
in some Bibles: avaricious man, evil people, knave, rogue, scoundrel, trickster, wicked
Isaiah 32:7 AS, KJ (h3596) (¶) CHUHR(-uh)L
Chuza Chu'za Luke 8:3 (g5529) KYOO-zuh, KOO-zuh*
Cicero* g01 7/8 14 (¶) SIS-uh-roh, SIH-suh-roh
Cilicia Ci·li'cia Acts 6:9 (g2791) (¶) (¶) suh-LI-see-uh*, -shee-, suh-LISH-ee-uh*, -LIH-shee-, -shuh, sihl-ISH-(ih-)a, sih-LISH-uh
Cinneroth Chinnereth
in some Bibles: Chinnereth, Chinneroth, Kinnereth, Kinneroth
1 Kings 15:20 (g3672) SIN-uh-roth
Cisneros, Jiménez de* w04 4/15 28 (¶) hee-MAY-nez day sis-NER-uhs
clairvoyance*, clairvoyant* g83 2/22 14; 02 9/8 29 (¶) (¶) kler-VOI-uhn(t)s; kler-VOI-uhnt
Claromontanus* (Codex) it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Vellum manuscripts) klair'uh-mon-TAN-uhs
Claudia Clau'di·a 2 Timothy 4:21 (g2903) KLAW-dee-uh*
Claudius Claudius [Clau'di·us] Acts 11:28 (g2804) (¶) KLAW-dee-uhs*
Clement Clement [Clem'ent] Philippians 4:3 (g2815) (¶) KLEM-uhnt*
Cleopatra* dp 232; in Apocrypha, Esther 11:1 AB, DRB, JB (¶) klee'uh-PAH-truh, -PA-truh
Cleopas Cle'o·pas
Greek name; in some Bibles: Cleophas, Clopas
Luke 24:18 (g2810) KLEE-uh-puhs*, -oh-
Cleophas Clo'pas
in some Bibles: Cleopas, Clopas
John 19:25 KJ, DRB, DRC (g2832) KLEE-oh-fuhs
Clopas Clo'pas
Aramaic name; in some Bibles: Cleopas, Cleophas
John 19:25 (g2832) KLOH-puhs*
Cneius* re 175 ftn. NEE-uhs
Cnidus Cni'dus Acts 27:7 (g2834) (¶) NI-duhs, kuh-NI-duhs*
see Knossos
coccus coccus
scarlet and crimson dyes from insects
Exodus 26:1 (h8144) (¶) KAH-kuhs
cockatrice poisonous snake
in some Bibles: adder, basilisk, deadly snakes, poisonous snake, poison-snake, serpent, viper
Isaiah 11:8 KJ, Yg (h6848) (¶) KAH-kuh-tris', -trihs
codex*, codices* it BOOK (¶) KOH-deks; pl. KOH-duh-seez, KAH-
Codomannus*, Codommanus*
Darius III
dp 169; it PERSIA, PERSIANS (Down to the Fall and Division of the Empire) kod-uh-MAHN-uhs, kahd-; koh-duh-MAN-uhs, kah-, kod-uh-
Coele-Syria*, Coelesyria*
modern Al Biqa‘, Bekaa, Beqa‘
dp 221; it LEBANON (¶) see'lee-SIHR-ee-uh
coeval* w66 12/1 724 (¶) koh-EE-vuhl
compare Colosseum
w07 3/1 30 (¶) kah'luh-SEE-uhm
colophon* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Manuscripts of Hebrew Scriptures) (¶) (¶) KOL-uh-fon('), kah-luh-fuhn
Colossae Co·los'sae Colossians 1:2 (g2857) (¶) kuh-LOS-ee(')*
compare coliseum
g01 7/8 14 (¶) kah'luh-SEE-uhm
collop(s) (of fat) fat
in most Bibles: fat
Job 15:27 KJ, Webster (h6371) (¶) KAH-luhp
Colossians Colossians
people of Colossae, Bible book
Colossians (name of the Bible book); Colossians 4:18 KJ (g2858) (¶) kuh-LOSH-uhnz, -LAH-shuhnz*, also -shee-uhnz, -see-
colporteur* g01 12/8 24 (¶) KAHL-por'tuhr, kahl'por-TUHR
colter, coulter mattock 1 Samuel 13:20, AS, KJ, Yg (h855) (¶) KOHL-tuhr
comely comely Song of Solomon 1:5 (h5000) (¶) KUHM-lee*, KOHM-, KAHM-
comfortable comforting Zechariah 1:13 (h5150) (¶) KUHM-fuhr-tuh-buhl, by metathesis: KUMF-tuhr-buhl
Complutensian Polyglot* w04 4/15 289 (¶) kom-ploo-ten'see-uhn POL-ee-glot
concision those who mutilate the flesh
in some Bibles: cutting the body, excision, false circumcision, mutilation, mutilators of the body
Philippians 3:2 AS, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (g2699) (¶) kuhn-SIH-zhuhn
concubinage* w02 8/1 30 (¶) kahn-KYOO-buh-nij, kuhn-
concubine concubine 2 Samuel 3:7 (h6370) (¶) KON(G)-kyuh-bin, KAHN-
concupiscence sexual appetite
in some Bibles: lustful desire, inordinate desire, passion of lust/desire
1 Thessalonians 4:5 KJ, Murdock (g1939) (¶) kahn-KYOO-puh-suhn(t)s, kuhn-
coney rock badger
in some Bibles: daman, hyrax, rock badger
Leviticus 11:5 AS, KJ (h8227) (¶) KOH-nee, also KUH-nee
Coniah Co·ni'ah
aka Jeconiah, Jehoiachin
Jeremiah 22:24 (h3659) koh-NI-uh*, kuh-*
conscience conscience
compare conscious
Romans 2:15 (g4893) (¶) KAHN(T)-shuhn(t)s
conscious conscious
compare conscience
Ecclesiastes 9:5 (h3045) (¶) KAHN(T)-shuhs
consecrate fill the hand . . . with power
in some Bibles: consecrated the hand, fill the hands, make holy, ordain
Exodus 29:9 (h4390 + h3027) (¶) KAHN(T)-suh-krayt
conspicuous conspicuous Daniel 8:5 (h2380) (¶) kuhn-SPI-kyuh-wuhs, -kyoo-uhs
Constantine* it ROME (¶) KAHN(T)-stuhn-teen', -tin'
“Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople”
it ROME (¶) (¶) kon'stan-tuh-NOH-puhl, kahn'stan'tuh-NOH-puhl, -tn-OH-puhl
compare transubstantiation
it LORD’s EVENING MEAL (No Transubstantiation or Consubstantiation) (¶) kahn(t)'suhb-stan(t)'shee-AY-shuhn
contemn, contemning disrespected, rejected; contemning Psalm 10:13 KJ (h5006); Ezekiel 21:3 KJ (h3988); Psalm 89:38; 106:24 (h3988) (¶) kuhn-TEM; kuhn-TEM-ing
convocation convention Exodus 12:16 AS, Da, KJ, Yg (h4744) (¶) kahn'vuh-KAY-shuhn
Copt* g94 11/22 24 (¶) KOPT, KAHPT
Coptic* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (¶) KOP-tik, KAHP-tik
cor cor measures
in some Bibles: bushels, cors, kor, kors, measures
1 Kings 4:22 (h3734) KOR
corban corban [cor'ban] Mark 7:11 (g2878) (¶) (¶) KOR-ban('), KOR-buhn*
Core Ko'rah
in most Bibles: Korah
Numbers 16:16 DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h7141) KOH-ree
coriander coriander Exodus 16:31 (1407) (¶) KOR-ee-an'duhr*, KOHR-, kor'ee-AN-duhr, kohr'-
Corinth Corinth [Cor'inth] 1 Corinthians 1:2 (g2882) (¶) KOR-inth, KOR-uhn(t)th*, KAHR- [not koh-RINTH]
Corinthians Corinthians
people of Corinth; Bible books
2 Corinthians 6:11 (g2881) kuh-RIN(T)-thee-uhns*, -uhnz*
cormorant cormorant Deuteronomy 14:17 (h7994) (¶) KORM-ruhnt, KOR-muh-ruhnt, -rant'*
Cornelius Cornelius Acts 10:1 (h7994) kor-NEEL-yuhs, kor-NEE-lee-uhs*
cosmogony* w63 11/15 692 (¶) kahz-MAH-guh-nee
cosmology* g 6/22 7 (¶) kahz-MAH-luh-jee, koz-MOL-uh-jee
cosmos* Gr. ko'smos
also kosmos
w94 2/1 3 (g2889) (¶) KAHZ-muhs, -mohs', -mahs'
coulter see colter
counselor counselor Isaiah 9:6 (h3289); Romans 11:35 (g4825) (¶) KAUN(T)-s(uh)luhr
countervail Esther 7:4 KJ (h7737) (¶) kaun'tuhr-VAY(UH)L
coup d’état* w02 1/1 15 (¶) koo'day(')TAH, KOO-day(')tah', -duh-
coup de gráce* g97 12/8 18 (¶) koo'duh-GRAHS
covenant covenant
in some Bibles: agreement, covenant, new covenant, new testament, testament
Genesis 6:18 (h1285); Matthew 26:28 (g1242) (¶) KUHV-nuhnt, -uh-nuhnt
covetous covetous 1 Thessalonians 4:5 (g1939) (¶) (¶) KUH-vuh-tuhs, KUHV-ih-tuhs [not KUH-vuh-chus]
Cozbi Coz'bi Numbers 25:15 (h3579) KOZ-bi* [not KOZ-bee]
cracknel sprinkled cakes
in some Bibles: cakes, dry cakes
1 Kings 14:3 DRB, KJ (h5350) (¶) KRAK-nuhl
creationism* g02 6/8 10 (¶) kree-AY-shuh-nih'zuhm
Creator Creator Isaiah 40:28 (h1254); 1 Peter 4:19 (g2939) (¶) kree-AY-tuhr
credo* w93 10/15 8; g85 10/8 23 (¶) KREE-doh('), KRAY-
creed languages
in most Bibles: languages
Daniel 3:4 MSG (h3961) (¶) KREED
Crescens Cres'cens 2 Timothy 4:10 (g2913) KRES-uhnz*
Cretan* Titus 1:12 ftn. (¶) KREET-uhn
Crete Crete
in some Bibles: Caphtor
Amos 9:7 (h3731); Acts 27:12 (g2914) (¶) KREET
Cretian Cretans Titus 1:12 KJ (g2912) KREE-shuhn
Crispus Cris'pus Acts 18:8 (g2921) KRIS-puhs*
Croesus* it CYRUS (¶) KREE-suhs
crucible refining pot
in some Bibles: fining-pot, furnace, heating pot, refining pot
Proverbs 27:21 By, GW, HNV, WEB (h3564) (¶) KROO-suh-buhl
crucifix* w97 2/1 14 (¶) KROO-suh-fiks'
sometimes capitalized
w90 2/15 13 (¶) kroo'suh-FIK-shuhn
crucify impale
in some Bibles: impale, kill, to death on a stake, to the cross
Luke 23:21 KJ (g4717) (¶) KROO-suh-fi
crumby crumby
in some Bibles: broken, broken into pieces, crumbled, crumbling, crumbly, crumbs, hard, moldy, mouldy
Joshua 9:5 (h5350) (¶) KRUHM-ee
crux*, cruxes*, cruces* w87 8/15 23 (¶) KRUKS, KRUHKS; pl. KROO-seez
crux ansata*
aka ankh
it GODS AND GODDESSES (Egyptian Deities) kruks an-SAY-tuh, -SAH-
Ctesias* w69 4/1 221 TEE-she-uhs, -see-uhs
cubit cubit Genesis 6:16 (h520); Luke 12:25 (g4083) (¶) KYOO-buht
cud cud Deuteronomy 14:6 (h1625) (¶) KUHD
cultus* w03 2/15 30 (¶) KUHL-tuhs
cumin, cummin cumin Matthew 23:23 (g2951) (¶) KUH-muhn, KYOO-muhn, KOO-muhn
cuneiform* Daniel 5:1 ftn. (¶) kyoo-NEE-uh-form('), KYOO-n(ee-)uh-form
Cupid* g95 2/8 27 (¶) (¶) KYOO-puhd, -pid
Cush Cush
in some Bibles: Chus, Kush
Genesis 10:6 (h3568) (¶) KUSH*, KUHSH, KOOSH
Cushan-rishathaim Cu'shan-rish·a·tha'im Judges 3:10 (h3573) koo'shan-rish'uh-THAY-im*, koosh'an-
Cushi Cush'i Zephaniah 1:1 (h3570) KUSH-i*
Cuth, Cuthah Cu'thah 2 Kings 17:24, 30 (h3575) KUTH, KUHTH*, KOOTH; KYOO-thuh*, KOOTH-uh
Cyaxares* it MEDES, MEDIA si-AK-suh-reez, -AKS-a-
Cybele* w08 2/15 4; w04 12/15 27 (¶) SIH-buh-lee(')
cymbal cymbal 1 Corinthians 13:1 (g2950); pl. Psalm 150:5 (h6767) (¶) SIM-buhl
Cynic*, Cynicism* w00 7/15 22, 23 (¶) (¶) SIN-ik; SIN-uh-siz'uhm, SIH-nuh-sih'zuhm
cypress cypress
compare Cyprus
Isaiah 60:13 (h8391) (¶) SI-pruhs
Cypros* it BERNICE SI-pros
Cyprus Cy'prus
compare Cypress
Acts 4:36 (g2953) (¶) SI-pruhs*
Cyrene, Cyrenian Cy·re'ne Amos 9:7 ftn. for Kir; Matthew 27:32 (Cyrene); in a few Bibles: Cyrenian (g2956) (¶) (¶) si-REE-nee*; si-REE-nee-uhn*
Cyrenius Qui·rin'i·us
in most Bibles: Quirinius
Luke 2:2 Da, KJ, LITV, Yg, others (g2958) si-REE-nee-uhs
Cyril* w01 3/1 28; 4/15 20 (¶) SIHR-uhl
Cyrillic* w01 3/1 28 (¶) sih-RIL-ik
Cyrus Cyrus [Cy'rus] Ezra 1:1 (h3566) (¶) SI-ruhs*
sometimes Tsar
w05 7/15 11 (¶) zahr, (t)sahr
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— D —

da- dan- de- dem- dia- dio- do- dr-

Daberath Dab'e·rath
aka Rabbith
Joshua 19:12 (h1705) DAB-uh-rath*, -ee-
also demon
g81 12/22 12 (¶) DEE-muhn
Dagon Da'gon Judges 16:23 (h1712) (¶) DAY-gon*
daleth Da'leth
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:25 (verse heading) (¶) (definition) DAH-leth(')*, -let', -luhd
Dalmanutha Dal·ma·nu'tha Mark 8:10 (g1148) dal'muh-NOO-thuh*
Dalmatia Dal·ma'tia 2 Timothy 4:10 (g1149) (¶) dal-MAY-shee-uh, dal-MAY-shuh*
daman rock badger
see coney
Leviticus 11:5 JPS (h8227); Leviticus 11:5 ftn. NW DAM-uhn
Damaris Dam'a·ris Acts 17:34 (g1152) DAM-uh-ris*
Damascene, Damascenes Dam·a·scene'; Dam·a·scenes' Amos 3:12 (h1833); 2 Corinthians 11:32 (g1153) (¶) dam'uh-SEEN*, DAM-uh-seen'
Damascus Damascus (Da·mas'cus) Genesis 14:15 (h1834); 2 Corinthians 11:32 (g1154) (¶) duh-MAS-kuhs*
person; tribe; city
Genesis 25:35 (person); Numbers 26:42 (tribe); Joshua 19:47 (city, aka Laish, Leshem) (h1835) (¶) DAN
Daniel Daniel
persons; Bible book
Ezekiel 14:14 (h1840) (¶) DAN-yuhl*
formerly the Hellespont
dp 155 (¶) dahr'duh-NELZ
daric* it DARIC DAR-ik
Darius Da·ri'us Ezra 4:5 (h1867) (¶) duh-RI-uhs* [not DAIR-ee-uhs]
darnel weeds
in some Bibles: cockle, darnel weeds, tares, weed seeds
Matthew 13:25 Da, Yg (g2215) (¶) DAHR-nuhl [not dahr-NEL]
Dathan Da'than Numbers 16:1 (h1885) DAY-thuhn*
David David Ruth 4:17 (h1732); Matthew 1:1 (g1138) DAY-vid
Davidic* w89 2/1 14 duh-VID-ik
debauchery debauchery 1 Peter 4:4 (g810) (¶) dih-BO-chuh-ree, -chree, -BAH-
Debir De'bir Joshua 21:15 (h1688) DEE-buhr*
Deborah Deb'o·rah Genesis 35:8 (h1683) (¶) DEB-uh-ruh*, also DEB-uhr-uh, DEB-ruh, DEH-b(uh) ruh
debris debris Amos 6:11 (h1233) (¶) duh-BREE, day-BREE, DAY-bree', esp. Brit. DE-bree'
when capitalized, aka Ten Commandments
Deuteronomy 4:13 ftn. (¶) DEK-uh-log
Decapolis De·cap'o·lis Matthew 4:25 (g1179) (¶) dee-KAP-uh-lis*, dih-
deicide* w56 6/1 326 (¶) DEE-uh-sid', DAY-
deify* it UNKNOWN GOD (¶) DEE-uh-fi', DAY-
deism*, deist* w65 2/1 69 (¶) DEE-ih'zuhm, DAY-; DEE-ist, DAY-ist
deity* it OBEISANCE (¶) DEE-uh-tee, DAY-uh-tee
Delilah De·li'lah Judges 16:4 (h1807) (¶) dih-LI-luh, duh-LI-luh*
delinquent delinquent
in some Bibles: remiss, slack, slow, waste time
Joshua 18:3 (h7503) (¶) dih-LI[NG]-kwuhnt, -LIN-
Demas De'mas 2 Timothy 4:10 (g1214) DEE-muhs*
Demeter* w91 7/1 4 (¶) duh-MEE-tuhr, dih-
Demetrius De·me'tri·us Acts 19:24 (g1216) duh-MEE-tree-uhs*, dih-
Demetrius Phalereus* dp 163 duh-MEE-tree-uhs*, dih-, fuh-LEER-oos, -ee-uhs
demigod* w00 4/15 27 (¶) DEM-ee-gahd', DEH-mee-gahd'
Demiurge* g76 (¶) DEM-ee-uhrj, DEH-mee-uhrj'
demon demon
also daemon*; in some Bibles: devil, evil spirit[s], satyr, wild goat
Isaiah 34:14 (h8163); Matthew 9:33 (g1140) (¶) DEE-muhn
demoniac demon-possessed Mark 5:18 LITV (g1139) (¶) dih-MOH-nee-ak'
demotic* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (¶) dih-MOT-ik, -MAH-tik
denarii de·nar'i·i
in some Bibles: denaries, dollars, pence, shillings, silver coins
Matthew 18:28 (g1220) (¶) dih-NAIR-ee-i', -ee-ee', dih-NAIR-i*
denarius de·nar'i·us
in some Bibles: denary, penny, shilling, silver coin
Matthew 20:2 (g1220) (¶) dih-NER-ee-uhs*, -NAIR-
Deo volente* (D.V.)
“God being willing”, “God willing”
w91 2/1 12 (¶) day'oh(')-voh-LEN-tee, dee'-
Derbe Der'be Acts 14:6 (g1191) (¶) DUHR-bee(')*
Desiderius Erasmus* w97 9/15 26 (¶) des-ih-DEER-ee-uhs ir-AZ-muhs, ih-RAZ-muhs
despot despot
in some Bibles: foreign ruler, god, leader, mighty one, mighty ruler, ruler
Ezekiel 31:11 (h410) (¶) (¶) DES-puht
deuterocanonical* g89 3/22 12 (¶) doo'tuh-roh-kuh-NAH-nih-kuhl, also dyoo'-
Deutero-Isaiah* ip-2 8 dyoo'tuh-roh-i-ZAY-uh
Deuteronomic* w61 2/1 93 doo'tuh-ruh-NAH-mik, also dyoo'-
Deuteronomy Deuteronomy
Bible book
it DEUTERONOMY (¶) doo'tuh-RON-uh-mee* [not doo'tuh-ROM-uh-nee]
dharma* sh 110 (¶) DUHR-muh, DAHR-
diabolic*, diabolical* w98 8/1 3; 06 12/1 9 (¶) (¶) di'uh-BAH-lik; di'uh-BAH-lih-kuhl
diachronic* ip-2 9 (¶) di'uh-KRAH-nik, -KRON-ik
diadem diadem 2 Chronicles 23:11 (h5145) (¶) DI-uh-dem', -duhm
Diádochi* w59 8/1 474 di-AD-uh-ki
Diana Artemis Acts 19:24 KJ AS, DRB (g735) (¶) (¶) di-AN-uh
Diaspora*, diaspora* it CAPTIVITY; w98 8/15 28 (¶) di-AS-puh-ruh
Diatessaron* it VERSIONS (¶) (¶) di'uh-TES-uh-ron, -uhr-uhn
Didache* w92 2/1 19 DID-uh-kee [not DID-uh-chee), DID-uh-kay, DEE-duh-kay, di-dah-KAY, dee-dah-HEE*
didactic* w96 3/15 30 (¶) di-DAK-tik, duh-, did-AK-tik
didrachma* it DIDRACHMA di-DRAK-muh
Didymos, Didymous, Didymus The Twin John 11:16 KJ (Didymus) (g1324) DID-uh-muhs
Dinah Di'nah Genesis 30:21 (h1783) DI-nuh*
diocesan* g95 4/8 28 (¶) di-AH-suh-suhn
diocese* w97 12/1 32 (¶) DI-uh-suhs, -sees', -seez'
Diocletian* it ROMAN EMPIRE (p. 533) (¶) di'uh-KLEE-shuhn
Diodorus* it CHRONOLOGY (Persian Chronology) di'oh-DAWR-uhs, -DOHR-
Diodorus Siculus* dp 197 di'oh-DAWR-uhs, -DOHR-, SIK-yuh- luhs
Dionysius Di·o·nys'i·us
compare Dionysus
Acts 17:34 (g1354) (¶) di'uh-NIS-ee-uhs*, -NI-see-uhs, di'uh-NI-shee-uhs
aka Bacchus; compare Dionysius
it GODS AND GODDESSES (Grecian Deities) (¶) di'uh-NI-suhs, -NEE-
Dioscuri Sons of Zeus
in some Bibles: Castor and Pollux, the Heavenly Twins, [The] Twin Brothers
Acts 28:11 Analytical-Literal Trans., BE, Da, Yg (g1359) (¶) (¶) di'uhs-KYU(UH)R-i, di-AHS-kyuh-ri'
Diotrephes Di·ot're·phes 3 John 9 (g1361) di-OT-ruh-feez*
dipsas thirsty ground
in most Bibles: drought, thirsty ground
Deuteronomy 8:15 DRB (h6774) DIP-sas, DIP-suhs
dirge dirge 2 Samuel 1:17 (h7015) (¶) DUHRJ
disannul invalidate Job 40:8 KJ (h6565); Galatians 3:17 (g208) (¶) dis'uh-NUHL
discomfit rout Deuteronomy 7:23 AS (h1949) (¶) dis-KUHM(P)-fuht
discomfiture rout Deuteronomy 7:23 AS (h4103) (¶) dis-KUHM(P)-fuh-chur', -chuhr
Dishon (proper name), dishon (antelope) Di'shon; antelope Genesis 36:21 (h1787); Deuteronomy 14:5 Da (h1788) DI-shon*
dithyramb* g96 6/8 15 (¶) DIH-thih-ram(b)'
dittography* Isaiah 9:7 ftn. dih-TOG-ruh-fee
divan divan Psalm 41:3 (h6210) (¶) (¶) dih-VAN, DI-van(')*, dih-VAHN
Dives* it LAZARUS 2.; w67 8/15 511 (¶) DI-veez
divination divination Numbers 22:7 (h7081) (¶) dih'vuh-NAY-shuhn
also Zoser
it MEMPHIS ZOH-zuhr; also ZOH-suhr
Docetism* w90 7/15 23 (¶) doh-SEE-tih'zuhm, DOH-suh-tiz'uhm
Dodanim Do'da·nim Genesis 10:4 (h1721) DOH-duh-nihm*
Dodecanese* g00 8/8 25 (¶) doh-DE-kuh-neez', -neez', doh'dih-kuh-NEES
Doeg Do'eg 1 Samuel 21:7 (h1673) DOH-ig, DOH-ehg*
Domitian* it CAESAR (¶) duh-MISH-uhn, -ee-uhn
Doukhobor* w75 5/1 275 (¶) DOO-kuh-bawr', DOO-koh-bor
Dorcas Dor'cas
aka Tabitha
Acts 9:36 (g1393) (¶) DOR-kuhs*
Dothan Do'than Genesis 37:17 (h1886) DOH-thuhn, DOH-than*
Douay*, Douay-Rheims* g04 1/22 7; w52 10/15 621 (¶) (¶) (¶) DOO-ay, doo-AY, doo-WAY [not DOO-ah-way); REEMZ
doxology* Psalm 41:13 ftn.; it JAH (¶) dok-SOL-uh-jee, dahk-SAH-luh-jee
drachma drachma Luke 15:8 (g1406) (¶) DRAK-muh*
dragoman* (¶) DRA-guh-muhn
dromedary young she-camel Jeremiah 2:23 KJ (h1072) (¶) DRAH-muh-der'ee
drought drought Jeremiah 17:8 (h1226) (¶) (¶) DROUT, DRAUT, also DROUTH
Druid* g92 9/8 19 (¶) DROO-id
Drusilla Dru·sil'la Acts 24:24 (g1409) droo-SIL-uh*
dugong (skins) sealskins
in some Bibles: badgers’ [skins], sea cow [hides], sealskins
Exodus 25:5 LITV, MKJV (h8476) (¶) (¶) (definition) DOO-gah[ng]', -go[ng]', DOO-gohng'
Dumah Du'mah Isaiah 21:11 (h1746) DOO-muh, DOO-mah* [not DYOO-]
dungy (idols) dungy Leviticus 26:30 (h1544) (¶) DUNG-ee, DUH[NG]-ee [not DUN-jee]
Dura Du'ra Daniel 3:1 (h1753) DUR-uh*
Dura-Europos*, Dura-Europus* g03 2/8 27; w99 1/15 29 DUR-uh-yu-ROH-puhs
durst afraid; dare
in most Bibles: fear, feared; dare, dared
Job 32:6 AS, KJ (h3372); Matthew 22:46 AS, DRB, KJ (g5111) (¶) DUHRST
DV see Deo volente* (D.V.*)
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aka Enki
dp 71; it BEL (¶) (definition) AY-ah
Easter passover
in some Bibles: festival, passover, Passover, Passover Feast/Festival, Pesach, pasch
Acts 12:4 (g3957) KJ (¶) EE-stuhr
Ebal E'bal Deuteronomy 11:29 (h5858) EE-buhl, EE-bawl*, EE-bal*
Ebed E'bed Judges 9:26 (h5651) EE-bid, EE-behd*
Ebed-melech E'bed-mel'ech Jeremiah 38:7 (h5663) EE-bid-MEL-ik, EE-behd-MEL-uhk* [not ee-BED-mee-lek']
Ebenezer Eb·en·e'zer 1 Samuel 4:1 (h72) eb'uh-NEE-zuhr*
Eber E'ber Genesis 10:21 (h5677) EE-buhr*
Ebla*, Eblaite* w06 12/15 12–14 (¶) (¶) EB-luh, EE-bluh; EB-luh-ite, EE-bluh-
Ecbatana Ec·bat'a·na
modern Hamadan; in some Bibles: Achmetha
Ezra 6:2 (h307) (¶) ek-BAT-uh-nuh*
Ecce Homo*
art representation
ip-2 207 (¶) ECH-ay HOH-moh, EK-ay, EK-see HOH-moh, EK-eh
Ecce Homo*
Pilate’s words
John 19:5 ftn. (¶) EK-see HOH-moh, EK-ay
ecclesia*, ekklesia* Ecclesiastes 1:1 ftn.; Ezra 2:64 ftn. (¶) ih-KLEE-zhee-uh, -zee-uh
Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes
Bible book
Ecclesiastes 1:1 ftn. (¶) ih-klee'zee-AS-teez'
ecclesiastic* w89 9/1 4 (¶) ih-klee'zee-AS-tik
aka The Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach
it APOCRYPHA (Ecclesiasticus) (¶) ih-klee'zee-AS-tih-kuhs
ecumenical* w86 5/15 24 (¶) ek'yoo-MEN-ih-kuhl, e'kyuh-MEH-nih-kuhl, kyoo-
Eden, Edenic* E'den; — Genesis 2:8 (h5731); it EDEN (¶) (¶) EE-duhn*, EE-duhn; ih-DEH-nik
Edessa* g89 8/8 24 (¶) ih-DEH-suh
’edh* mist
Heb., “mist,” “vapor”
Genesis 2:6 ftn. (h108) ade
Edom, Edommite E'dom; E'dom·ite Genesis 36:8 (h123); Deuteronomy 23:7 (h130) (¶) (¶) EE-duhm*; EE-duh-mit*
Edrei Ed're·i Numbers 21:33 (h154) ED-ree-i*
Eglaim Eg·la'im Isaiah 15:8 (h97) eg-LAY-im*, eeg-
Eglath-shelishiyah Eg'lath-she·li'shi·yah
in some Bibles: as a heifer of three years old
Jeremiah 48:34 (h5697 + h7992) EG-lath-shee-LI-shee-uh*, eg'lath-shih-LISH-uh-yuh
Eglon Eg'lon Judges 3:12 (h5700) EG-lon*
Egypt, Egyptian Egypt; Egyptian
modern Misr*
Genesis 39:1 (h4714; h376 + h4713) (¶) (¶) EE-jipt*; ih-JIP-shuhn*
Ehud E'hud Judges 3:15 EE-huhd* (rhymes with “bud,” “mud”)
compare exegesis*
(¶) i'suh-JEE-suhs
Ekron, Ekronites Ek'ron; Ek'ron·ites Joshua 13:3 (h6138) EK-ruhn, EK-ron*; EK-ruh-nits*
Elam E'lam Genesis 10:22 (h5867) (¶) EE-luhm*
Elamites E'lam·ites Ezra 4:9 (h5962); Acts 2:9 (g1639) (¶) EE-luh-mits*
Eleazar El·e·a'zar
compare Eliezer
Exodus 6:23 (h499) el'ee-AY-zuhr* [not ee'lee-]
electrum electrum Ezekiel 1:27 (h2830) (¶) ih-LEK-truhm
El-elohe-Israel God the God of Israel
in some Bibles: Elelohe-Israel; El, the God of Israel; God—the God of Israel
Genesis 33:20, KJ (h415) el-el'oh-heh-IS-ray-uhl
Egyptian island
it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (¶) eh'luh-fan'TI-nee, -fuhn-, -TEE-
Eleusinian* w97 2/15 27 (¶) (¶) el'yoo-SIN-ee-uhn
Eleusis* w97 2/15 27 (¶) ih-LOO-suhs, -sis
Eli E'li 1 Samuel 1:9 (h5941) (¶) EE-li*
Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani E'li, E'li, la'ma sa·bach·tha'ni Matthew 27:46 (g2241 + g2982 + g4518) AY-lee AY-lee LAH-muh sah-bahk-TAHN-ee*, -THAHN-, EE-li-EE-li-lah'muh-suh-BAHK-thuh-nee, -lah'muh-say-BAK-thuh-ni
Eliezer E·li·e'zer
compare Eleazar
Genesis 15:2 (h461) el'ee-EE-zuhr*
Elihu E·li'hu Job 32:2 (h453) ih-LI-hyoo, ee-LI-hyoo*, uh-LI-hoo*
Elijah E·li'jah 1 Kings 17:1 (h452) (¶) ih-LI-juh*
Elimelech E·lim'e·lech Ruth 1:2 (h458) ih-LIM-uh-lek*, ee-LIM-ee-lek
Eliphaz El'i·phaz Job 2:11 (h464) EL-ih-faz, EL-uh-faz*('), ee-LI-faz
Eliphelet E·liph'e·let
in some Bibles: Eliphalath, Eliphalet, Eliphaleth
2 Samuel 5:16 (h467) ih-LIF-uh-let*, ee-
Eliseus Elijah Luke 4:27 DRB (g1666) el'uh-SEE-uhs
Elisha E·li'sha 1 Kings 19:16 (h477) (¶) ih-LI-shuh*
Elishama E·lish'a·ma Jeremiah 36:12 (h476) eh-LISH-ah-muh*, ih-LISH-uh-muh, ee-
Elisheba E·li'she·ba Exodus 6:23 (h472) ih-LISH-uh-buh, ee-, ih-LI-shuh-buh*
Elizabeth Elizabeth [E·liz'a·beth] Luke 1:5 (g1665) (¶) ih-LIH-zuh-buhth*
Elkanah El·ka'nah 1 Samuel 1:1 (h511) el-KAY-nah*, -nuh, EL-kay-nuh
Elkosh, Elkoshite — El'kosh·ite
in some Bibles: from Elkosh
(Elkosh) Nahum 1:1 NAB, RSV, TEV (h512); (Elkoshite) Nahum 1:1 EL-kosh; EL-kosh-it*
Ellasar El·la'sar Genesis 14:1 (h495) uh-LAY-sahr*, EL-uh-sahr, ee-LAY-sahr*
Elmadam, Elmodam El·ma'dam; — Luke 3:29 (g1678); (Elmodam) Luke 3:29 Da, KJ, Yg, others el-MAY-dam*, el-MAY-duhm; el-MOH-duhm
Elnathan El·na'than Jeremiah 26:22 (h494) el-NAY-thuhn*, -than
Elohim* Heb., ’Elo·him' Genesis 1:1 ftn. (h430) (¶) (¶) el'oh-HEEM*, EL-oh-him, eh-LOH-him'
El Shaddai, El Shadday Heb., ’El Shad·dai'; ’El Shad·da'y Exodus 6:3 HNV, JPS (h410 + h7706) el shah-DI
Elul E'lul Nehemiah 6:15 (h435) (¶) (¶) EE-luhl*, EL-ool, eh-LOOL
Elymais*, Elymaïs*
it ELAM el'uh-MAY-uhs
Elymas El'y·mas
aka Bar-Jesus
Acts 13:8 (g1681) EL-uh-muhs*
Elysian*, Elysium* ie 5; w90 9/1 3 (¶) (¶) ih-LIH-zhuhn; ih-LIH-zhee-uhm, -zee-
emaciate emaciate
in some Bibles: consume, famish, make feeble, make lean, shrink to nothing
Zephaniah 2:11 (h7329) ih-MAY-shee-ayt'*
emancipate emancipate
in some Bibles: deliver, liberate, release, set free
Hebrews 2:15 (g525) (¶) ih-MAN(T)-suh-payt'
embalm embalm Genesis 50:2 (h2590) ihm-BAH(L)M, em- [not in-BAH(L)M]
embryo embryo
in some Bibles: imperfect being; substance, yet being unperfect; unformed substance
Psalm 139:16 (h1564) (¶) EM-bree-oh'
emendation* w01 5/1 29 (¶) ee'men'DAY-shuhn, eh'muhn-, eh-men'-
emerod piles
in some Bibles: hemorrhoids, tumors
1 Samuel 5:12 KJ (h6076) EM-uh-rod
modern Homs
dp 241 (¶) EM-uh-suh
Emmanuel Im·man'u·el
Lat. Em·ma'nu·elalso spelled Immanuel
Isaiah 7:14 ftn. (h6005); Matthew 1:23 KJ (g1694) (¶) ih-MAN-yoo-uhl, ih-MAN-yuh-wuhl, ih-MAN-yuhl
Emmaus Em·ma'us Luke 24:13 (g1695) ih-MAY-uh*, eh-, uh-
Enaim E·na'im Genesis 38:14 (h5879) ih-NAY-im*
Encratite* w03 5/15 29 EN-kruh-tit, NG-kruh-tit'
Endor, En-dor En-dor 1 Samuel 28:7 (h5874) EN-dor*
Eneas see Aeneas
En-eglaim En-eg'la·im Ezekiel 47:10 (h5882) en-EG-lay-im*
Engedi, En-gedi, En Gedi, Ein-Gedi En-ge'di Canticles 1:14 (h5872) en-GEE-di*, EN-gee-di, AHN-gee-di, en-GED-ee*
aka Ea
it BEL ENG-kee, EN-kee
also Bel
dp 71 (¶) EN-lil, en-LIL
En-mishpat En-mish'pat
aka Kadesh, Kadesh-barnea
Genesis 14:7 (h5880) en-MISH-pat*
enmity enmity Genesis 3:15 (h342) (¶) EN-muh-tee [not EM-nuh-tee, EM-uh-tee]
Enoch E'noch Genesis 5:18 (h2585); Jude 14 (g1802) (¶) EE-nahk*, -nuhk, -nik
Enosh E'nosh
in some Bibles: Enos
Genesis 4:26 (h583) EE-nosh*
Enrogel, En-rogel En-ro'gel 2 Samuel 17:17 (h5883) en-ROH-guhl, en-ROH-gehl*
En-shemesh En-she'mesh Joshua 15:7 (h5885) en-SHEM-ish*
En-Tappuah En-Tap'pu-·ah Joshua 17:7 (h5887) en-TAP-oo-uh*, -yoo-uh
entente cordiale* dp 260 (¶)AHN-TAHNT kawr'DYAHL
Enuma ElishF w80 10/1 5; g80 12/22 22 eh-NOO-ma eh-LEESH, source: babylon-baghdad.pdf
envoi, envoy envoy
in some Bibles: ambassador
Proverbs 13:17 (h6735); Philippians 2:25 (g652) (¶) EN-voi', AHN-voi'
Epaenetus E·pae'ne·tus Romans 16:5 (g1866) ih-PEE-nuh-tuhs*
Epaphras Ep'a·phras Philemon 23 (g1889) EP-uh-fras, EP-uh-fruhs*
Epaphroditus E·paph·ro·di'tus Philippians 2:25 (g1891) ih-paf'ruh-DI-tuhs*, ee-paf-roh-DI-tuhs
Epeiph* w98 12/15 29 EE-fif
ephah e'phah Exodus 16:36 (h374) EE-fuh, EE-fah*, EF-uh
Ephes-dammim E'phes-dam'mim 1 Samuel 17:1 (h658) ee'fiz-DAM-im, EE-fiz-, ee'fihs-DAM-im*
Ephesians E·phe'sians
people of Ephesus; Bible book
Acts 19:28 (g2180) (¶) ih-FEE-zhuhnz*
Ephesus Eph'e·sus Acts 18:19 (g2181) (¶) EF-uh-suhs*, EH-fuh-suhs
ephod eph'od Exodus 28:4 (h646) (¶) EH-fahd'*, EE-fahd', EF-uhd*, EE-fod
Ephphatha Eph'pha·tha
“be opened”
Mark 7:34 (g2188) EF-uh-thuh*
Ephraemi rescriptus*
Greek uncial Bible palimpsest manuscript
it GALATIANS, LETTER TO ee'fruh-mee rih-SKRIP-tuhs
Ephraim E'phra·im Genesis 41:52 (h669) (¶) EE-free-uhm*, -fruhm [not EF-ree-im, EF-fruhm]
Ephrath Eph'rath
in some Bibles: Efrat, Ephrata
Genesis 35:19 (h672) (definition) EF-rath
Ephrathah Eph'ra·thah Micah 5:2 (h672) EF-ruh-thuh* [not ef-RAH-thuh]
Ephrathite EF-ruh-thit
in some Bibles: Ephrath clan, from the region Efrati, from the region of Ephrath
1 Samuel 13:12 (h673) (definition) EF-ruh-thit*
Ephron E'phron Genesis 25:9 (h6085) EE-fron* [not EF-ron]
Epictetus*, Epictetian* it STOICS (¶) (¶) eh'pik-TEE-tuhs, eh'pik-TEE-shuhn
Epicurean Ep·i·cu·re'an Acts 17:18 (g1946) (¶) ep'ih-kyuh-REE-uhn, -kyoo-, eh'pih-kyoo-REE-uhn*, -KYOOR-ee-uhn
Epicurus* g05 8/22 26 (¶) eh'pih-KYUR-uhs [not eh'pih-KYUR-ee-uhs]
epigraphic* w02 12/15 22 (¶) eh'puh-GRA-fik
epigraphist* g90 5/8 14 (¶) ih-PIH-gruh-fist, eh-
epigraphy* w02 12/15 22 (¶) ih-PIH-gruh-fee, eh-
Epimenides* Titus 1:12 ftn. ep-ih-MEN-ih-deez
Epiphanes* dp 13 ih-PIF-uh-neez
when capitalized: church festival
g95 12/8 31 (¶) ih-PIF-uh-nee
Epirus* w99 7/15 4 (¶) ih-PI-ruhs
episcopacy* w98 11/15 28 (¶) (¶) ih-PIS-kuh-puh-see
episcopal* sh 269 (¶) ih-PIS-kuh-puhl, -buhl
Episcopalian* g97 6/8 29 (¶) ih-pas'kuh-PAYL-yuhn
epistle letter
in many Bibles: letter
Romans 16:22 KJ (g1992) (¶) ih-PIH-suhl (silent “t”)
epoch* g03 9/22 (¶) EH-puhk, EE-pahk', EH-pahk
see also limmu*
it CHRONOLOGY (Assyrian Chronology) (¶) EP-uh-nim, EH-puh-nim'
eponymic* (¶) eh'puh-NIH-mik
eponymous* (¶) (¶) ih-PON-uh-muhs, ih-PAH-nuh-muhs, eh-, uh-
eponymy* it CHRONOLOGY (Eponym (limmu) lists) (¶) (¶) ih-PON-uh-mee, uh-
equitable equitable Daniel 11:6 (h4339) (¶) EH-kwuh-tuh-buhl
Er Er
Her in DRB, DRC
Genesis 38:3 (h6147) UHR* (rhymes with “her”)
Erasmus*, Desiderius* w97 9/15 26 (¶) ih-RAZ-muhs, ir-AZ-muhs, des-ih-DEER-ee-uhs
Erastus E·ras'tus Romans 16:23 (g2037) ih-RAS-tuhs*
compare Caesaropapism*
(¶) ih-RAS-tee-uhn-nih'zuhm
Erech E'rech Genesis 10:10 (h751) EE-rek*
Eretria* it DARIUS 2. (¶) (¶) eh-REE-tree-uh, er'uh-TREE-uh, -TRAY-
Eros* g95 2/8 27 (¶) (¶) ER-os', IR-, ER-ahs', EER-os, AIR-ohs, IHR-ahs
err wander; mistaken; misled Micah 3:5 KJ (h8582); James 5:19 KJ (g4105) (¶) EHR, UHR
Esar-haddon E'sar-had'don 2 Kings 19:37 (h634) ee'sahr-HAD-uhn*, -suhr-
Esau E'sau Genesis 25:25 (h6215) (¶) EE-saw*
eschatological* w84 12/1 7 (¶) es'kuh-tuh-LOJ-ih-kuhl, ih-skat'l-OJ-ih-kuhl, es(')ka(')-tuh-LAH-jih-kuhl
eschatology* jv 38 (¶) es'kuh-TOL-uh-jee, es'kuh-TAH-luh-jee
eschew turn away from
in many Bibles: avoid, decline from, shun, snub, turn aside from, turn away from
1 Peter 3:11 KJ (g1578); w02 10/1 21 (¶) eh-SHOO, ih-SHOO, es-SHOO, es-CHOO, is-CHOO, eh-SKYOO
escheweth turning aside from
avoiding, hating, nothing to do with, shunneth, shuns, stays/turns away from
Job 1:7 KJ (h5493) perhaps? eh-SHOO-eth, es-CHOO-eth (no pronunciation sources found; see eschew)
Esdras Ezra Ezra 7:1 DRB (h5830) (¶) EZ-druhs
Eshcol Esh'col Genesis 14:13 (h812) ESH-kol, ESH-kawl*
Greek for Jezreel
it JEZREEL (¶) ez'druh-EE-luhn, es'dray-EE-lon, es'druh-
Essene* w94 3/15 28 ES-een, eh-SEEN
Esther Esther [Es'ther]
person, aka Hadassah; Bible book
Esther 2:7 (h635) (¶) ES-tuhr*
Estienne*, Etienne* w95 4/15 10 ay-TYEN
Ethanim Eth'a·nim
aka Tishri
1 Kings 8:2 (h388) ETH-uh-nim*
Ethbaal Eth·ba'al 1 Kings 16:31 (h856) eth-BAY-uhl*, ETH-bay-uhl
Ethiopia E·thi·o'pi·a 2 Kings 19:9 (h3568) (¶) ee'thee-OH-pee-uh*
Ethiopian E·thi·o'pi·an Jeremiah 38:7 (h3569), Acts 8:27 (g128) (¶) ee'thee-OH-pee-uhn*
compare Amharic, Geez, Meroitic
it ETHIOPIA (Ethiopian Language) (¶) ee'thee-AH-pik, -OH-pik
Etruria* g97 11/8 24 (¶) ih-TRUR-ee-uh
Etruscan* g97 11/8 24 (¶) ih-TRUHS-kuhn
Eubulus Eu·bu'lus 2 Timothy 4:21 (g2103) yoo-BYOO-luhs*
Eucharist* w03 2/15 29 (¶) (¶) YOO-k(uh-)ruhst, YOO-kuhr-ist*
eucharistic* it ALTAR (¶) yoo'kuh-RIS-tik*
eulogy cases of being puffed up
in some Bibles: arrogance, boastings, conceit(s), undue eulogy, proud thoughts, puffings up, swellings
2 Corinthians 12:20, We (g5450) (¶) YOO-luh-jee
Eumenes* dp 227 yoo-MEN-eez
Eunice Eu'nice 2 Timothy 1:5 (g2131) YOO-nis*
eunuch eunuch Isaiah 56:3 (h5631); Acts 8:27 (g2135) (¶) (¶) YOO-nuhk, -nik*
Euodia Eu·o'di·a Philippians 4:2 (g2136) yoo-OH-dee-uh*
Euphrates Eu·phra'tes Genesis 2:14 (h6578) (¶) yoo-FRAY-teez*
Eusebius Pamphili*
of Caesarea
w59 10/1 605 (¶) yoo-SEE-bee-uhs, PAM-fil-ee, PAM-fi-li (of sez-uh-REE-uh)
Euraquilo Euroaquilo
variant of Euroaquilo
Acts 27:14 AS (g2148) yoo-RAHK-wih-loh, yuh-RAK-
Euroaquilo Eu·ro·aq'ui·lo
in some Bibles: Euraquilo, Euroclydon, Northeaster, powerful wind, tempestuous wind, The Northeaster, violent wind
Acts 27:14 (g2148) yoo'ruh-AK-wuh-loh*, yoo'roh-
Euroclydon Euroaquilo
aka grégal; gregale
Acts 27:14 KJ (g2148) yoo-ROK-lih-don, yuh-RAHK-luh-dahn', yur'uh-KLi-don
Eutychus Eu'ty·chus Acts 20:9 (g2169) YOO-tuh-kuhs*, -tih-kuhs
“good news”
g92 7/8 27 (¶) ih-VAN-juhl
evangelist evangelizer Acts 21:8 AS, Da, DRB, KJ, TEV, Yg (h2099) (¶) ih-VAN-juh-list
evangelizer evangelizer
in some Bibles: evangelist, missionary, preacher
Acts 21:8 (g2099) ih-VAN-juh-liz'uhr
Evil-merodach E'vil-mer'o·dach (I)
in some Bibles: Evilmerodach, Evil Merodach; aka Awil-Marduk, Amel-Marduk, Amil-Marduk
Jeremiah 52:31 (h192) ee'vuhl-MER-uh-dak*, EE-vuhl-MER-uh-dahk'
exalt, exaltation exalt; exaltation
compare exult; exultation
1 Peter 5:6 (g5312); James 1:9 (g5311) (¶) (¶) ig-ZOLT; eg'zol'TAY-shuhn, ek'sol'-
execrate execrate Numbers 22:11 (h6895) (¶) EK-suh-krayt', -sih-
compare eisegesis
it LORD (¶) ek'suh-JEE-suhs, EK-suh-jee'suhs
exegete* w95 3/1 30 (¶) EK-suh-jeet', -sih-
exegetical* ip-2 8 (¶) ek'suh-JEH-tih-kuhl, -sih-
exhort exhort Romans 16:17 (g3870) (¶) ig-ZORT
Exiguus (Dionysius)* it CHRONOLOGY (Eras) (¶) eg-ZIH-gyuh-wuhs, eg-ZIG-yoo-uhs, ek-SIG-
exilic* it CAPTIVITY (¶) eg-ZIL-ik, ek-SIL-, eg-ZIH-lik
existentialism* w95 4/15 5 (¶) eg'zis(')-TEN(T)-shuh-lih'zuhm, ek'sis(')-
Exodus Exodus
Bible book
Hebrews 11:22 (g1841) (¶) EK-suh-duhs*, EG-zuh-duhs
exorcise*, exorcize* it DEMON POSSESSION (¶) EK-sor(')-siz('), -suhr-
exorcism* g89 1/22 23 (¶) EK-sor-sih'zuhm
exorcist practiced the casting out of demons Acts 19:13 Yg (g1845) (¶) EK-sor-sist', -suhst
expiation make atonement Deuteronomy 32:43 AS, JPS (h3722) (¶) ek'spee-AY-shuhn
expiatory* w92 12/15 4 (¶) EK-spee-uh-tor'ee, -tawr'ee
expository* w98 7/15 11 par. 8 (¶) ek-SPOS-uh-tor-ee, ik-SPAH-zuh-tor'ee
exquisite exquisite Psalm 37:11 (h6026) (¶) ek-SKWIH-zuht, EK-skwi(')-zuht
exult, exultation exult; exultation
compare exalt; exaltation
Isaiah 62:5 (h7797; h4885) (¶) (¶) ig-ZUHLT; ek'suhl(')-TAY-shuhn, eg'zuhl(')-
Ezekiel Ezekiel (E·ze'ki·el) Ezekiel 1:3 (h3168) (¶) ih-ZEE-kee-uhl*, -kyuhl
Ezion-geber, Ezion-gaber E'zi·on-ge'ber
in some Bibles: Asiongaber, Eziongaber, Ezion Geber
1 Kings 9:26 (h6100); Numbers 33:35, 36 KJ, Yg ee'zee-uhn-GEE-buhr* [not -JEE-buhr); ee'zee-uhn-GAY-buhr
Ezra Ez'ra
persons; Bible book
Ezra 7:1 (h5830) (¶) EZ-ruh*
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— F —

fa- fe- fi- fo- fr-

fain Job 27:22 AS, Da, KJ (h1272); Luke 15:16 AS, DRB, KJ (g1937) (¶) FAYN
fallacious fallacious Jeremiah 7:4 (h8267) (¶) fuh-LAY-shuhs
farthing coin of small value
in some Bibles: assar, assarion, copper coin, halfpenny, penny
Matthew 10:29 DRB, KJ (g787) (¶) FAHR-thing
Fascism*, Fascist* g90 10/22 24; dp 176 (¶) (¶) FASH-iz'uhm, FA-shist, also FA-sist
Faunus* g82 1/22 12 (¶) FAW-nuhs, FAH-nuhs, FO-nuhs
fecundity* it SERPENT, SNAKE (¶) fih-KUHN-duh-tee, fe-
feign 1 Kings 14:5 KJ (h5234); Luke 20:20, KJ (g5271) (¶) FAYN
Felix Felix [Fe'lix] Acts 24:24 (g5344) FEE-liks*
felloe felloes 1 Kings 7:33 (h2839) (¶) FEL-oh(')
Festus, Porcius Porcius Festus [Fes'tus] Acts 24:27 (g4201 + g5347) (¶), FES-tuhs*, POR-shuhs
feudal*, feudalism* w03 9/15 29; g90 8/22 18 (¶) (¶) FYUH-duhl, FYUH-duh-lih'zuhm
fillet joints
in some Bibles: bands, connecting-rods, filets
Exodus 38:10, AS, KJ, Yg (h2838) (¶) FIH-luht
finale finale Isaiah 46:10 (¶) fuh-NA-lee, fih-NAH-lee
firkin liquid measures
in some Bibles: gallons, measures
John 2:6 AS, KJ (g3355) (¶) FUHR-kuhn
flagon cake
in most Bibles: cake
1 Chronicles 16:3 KJ (h809) (¶) FLAG-uhn
Flavius* it CHRISTIAN (Non-Christian Testimony) FLAY-vee-uhs
flea flea 1 Samuel 24:14 (h6550) (¶) FLEE
fledgling fledglings
in most Bibles: young
Deuteronomy 32:11 (h1469) (¶) FLEJ-ling
fleshly fleshly
compare fleshy
Galatians 5:16 (g4561) (¶) FLESH-lee
fleshy fleshy
compare fleshly
Revelation 17:16 (g4561) (¶) FLESH-ee
forehead forehead Ezekiel 3:8, 9 (h4696) (¶) (usage) FAHR-uhd, FOR-; FOR-hed'*, -ed', -id
foreordain foreordained
in some Bibles: decreed, determined, planned, predestined, predetermined
Acts 4:28 (g4309) (¶) (¶) fawr'or-DAYN, fohr'-
foreordination* it FOREKNOWLEDGE, FOREORDINATION (¶) fawr'awr'duh-NAY-shuhn , fawr'awr-dn-AY-shuhn, fohr'-
fornication fornication Matthew 5:32 (g4202) (¶) for'nuh-KAY-shuhn [not for'nuh-fuh-KAY-shuhn]
forswear swear without performing
in some Bibles: make false vows, swear falsely, take false oaths
Matthew 5:33 AS, DRB, KJ (g1964) (¶) for-SWER
Fortunatus For·tu·na'tus 1 Corinthians 16:17 (g5415) for'chuh-NAY-tuhs*, for'tyoo-, for'chuh-NAH-tuhs*
Forum marketplace
in some Bibles: market, market place, market-place, marketplace, market square, public square
Acts 16:19 ftn. (g58 “agora”); Acts 28:15 KJ (g5410) (¶) FOR-uhm
frankincense frankincense Exodus 30:34 (h3828); Matthew 2:11 (g3030) (¶) FRANG-kin-sen(t)s', FRANG-kuhn- sen(t)s'
fraudulent fraudulent Proverbs 28:16 (h4642) (¶) FRO-juh-luhnt, FRAW-
Frey*, Freya* g00 12/8 27 (¶) (¶) FRAY, FRAY-uh
friar* g97 5/8 18 (¶) FRI(-UH)R
frieze* ip-2 124 (¶) FREEZ
Frigg*, Frigga* g00 12/8 27 (¶) (¶) FRIHG, FRIH-guh
froward tortuous; hard to please Psalm 18:26 AS, KJ (h6141); 1 Peter 2:18 AS (g4646) (¶) FROH-uhrd, -wuhrd
fundamentalist* w97 3/1 3 ftn. (¶) fuhn'duh-MEN-tuhl-ist, -tuh-list
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Gaash Ga'ash Joshua 24:30 (h1608) GAY-ash*
Gabbatha Gab'ba·tha
“The Stone Pavement”
John 19:13 (g1042) GAB-uh-thah*, -thuh, GAHB-uh-thuh*
Gabriel Ga'bri·el Daniel 8:16 (h1403); Luke 1:19 (g1043) (¶) GAY-bree-uhl* [not GAB-ree-el']
Gad, Gadite Gad; Gadites Genesis 30:11 (h1410); Joshua 22:1 (h1425) (¶) GAD*; GA-dit'*
Gadara Gadarenes Matthew 8:28 CEV, TEV (g1086) (¶) GAD-uh-ruh, GA-duh-ruh
Gadarenes Gad·a·renes'
in some Bibles: Gadara, Gerasenes, Gerasens, Gergesenes
Matthew 8:28 (g1086) (¶) gad'uh-REENS* in NW, also GAD-uh-reen'
gainsay, gainsaid dispute Luke 21:15 KJ (g471); Numbers 30:5, 12 DRB (h5106)  (¶) (¶) gayn'SAY; gayn'SAYD, -SED
Gaius Ga'ius Acts 19:29 (g1050) (¶) GAY-uhs(')*, -yuhs, GI-uhs
Galatia Ga·la'ti·a
Roman province
Galatians 1:2 (g1053) (¶) guh-LAY-shuh, guh-LAY-shee-uh*
Galatians Ga·la'tians
people of Galatia; Bible book
Galatians 3:1 (g1052) (¶) guh-LAY-shuhnz
galbanum galbanum (gal'ba·num) Exodus 30:34 (h2464) (¶) GAL-buh-nuhm*, GOL-
Galeed Gal'e·ed
aka Jegar-sahadutha
Genesis 31:47 (h1567) GAL-ee-ed*
Galilean Gal·i·le'an Matthew 26:69 (g1057) (¶) (¶) gal'uh-LEE-uhn*, -LAY-
Galilee Gal'i·lee Isaiah 9:1 (h1551) (¶) GAL-uh-lee*
Gallic* of "Gaul" g92 9/8 18 (¶) GA-lik
Gallienus* dp 252 (¶) gal'ee-EE-nuhs, -AY-, gal'i-EE- nuhs
Gallio Gal'li·o Acts 18:12 (g1058) GAL-ee(')-oh*
Cestius Gallus
it ISRAEL (Israel After the Babylonian Exile) GAL-uhs
Gamaliel Ga·ma'li·el Acts 5:34 (g1059) guh-MAY-lee-uhl* [not gam'uh-LI-uhl]
Gammad, Gammadim valorous men
“valorous men” AS, HNV, NW; “Pygmeans” DRB
Ezekiel 27:11 (h1575) GAM-uhd; GAM-uh-dim
aka “Greek cross”
g05 7/8 15 guh-MAY-dee'ahn, ga-, -MA-dee-, -ee-uhn
Ganymede* it ART (¶) (¶) GAN-uh-meed', GA-nih-meed'
Gath Gath 1 Samuel 6:17 (h1661) (¶) gath
Gaugamela* it ALEXANDER (¶) gaw'guh-MEE-luh
Gaul Ga·la'ti·a (I)
modern-day France and Belgium
2 Timothy 4:10, Moffatt; w90 7/15 22 (¶) (¶) GAWL
Gautama*, Siddhartha sh 130 (¶) GAW-tuh-muh, GOU-, GOH-, sih-DAHR-tuh
Gaza (ancient), Gaza (modern) Ga'za Genesis 10:19 (h5804) (¶) (¶) (ancient) GAY-zuh*; (modern) GAZ-uh, GAH-zuh
Geba Ge'ba 2 Chronicles 16:6 (h1387) GEE-buh* [not JEE-]
Gebal Ge'bal
aka Byblos
Ezekiel 27:9 (h1380) GEE-buhl* [not JEE-]
Geber Ge'ber 1 Kings 4:13 (h1127) GEE-buhr* [not JEE-}
gecko gecko
in some Bibles: ferret, groaning lizard, shrew
Leviticus 11:30 (h604) (¶) GEK-oh, GEH-koh(')*
Gedaliah Ged·a·li'ah 2 Kings 25:22 (h1436) ged'uh-LI-uh*, GEH-dah-li-uh
River, ancient Hermus
w03 5/15 15 (¶) guh-DEEZ
Geez*, Ge'ez*, Ge‘ez*
compare Ethiopic
yb92 95; w53 6/1 332 (¶) gee-EZ, GEE-ez('), GAY-
Ge-harashim Ge-har'a·shim
in some Bibles: valley of Charashim, Valley of Craftsmen
1 Chronicles 4:14 (h1516 + h2798) gih-HAIR-uh-shim, gee-*
Gehazi Ge·ha'zi (I) 2 Kings 5:25 (h1522) gih-HAY-zi* [not guh-HAH-zee]
Gehenna Ge·hen'na Matthew 5:22 (g1067) (¶) gih-HEN-uh*
Gehinnom Ge·hen'na
in most Bibles: Gehenna, hell
Matthew 10:28 HNV (g1067) gih-HIN-uhm
Gemalli Ge·mal'i Numbers 13:12 (h1582) gih-MAL-i, gih-MAHL-i*
Gemara* sh 221 (¶) guh-MAHR-uh, -MOR-uh, -MAWR-
Gemariah Gem·a·ri'ah Jeremiah 36:10 (h1587) gem'uh-RI-uh*
genealogical genealogical (I) Ezra 8:1 (h3187) (¶) jee-nee-uh-LAH-jih-kuhl, jee'nee-a-LAH-, -nee-uh-
genealogy genealogy (I) Ezra 2:62 (h3187) (¶) jee'nee-OL-uh-jee, -AL-, jen'ee-
Genesis Genesis
Bible book
Genesis 1:1 ftn. (¶) JEN-uh-sis, JEH-nuh-suhs [not JEN-uh-see]
genizah* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Manuscripts of Hebrew Scriptures) guh-NEET-suh, guh'NEE-zah, -NEE-zuh
Gennesaret Gen·nes'a·ret Matthew 14:34 (g1082) (¶) gih-NES-uh-ret*, geh-, guh-NEH-suh-ret', gen-ES-a-ret', juh-NES-uh-ret*, jee-
Gentile Greek
in many Bibles: Grecian, Greek[s]
Romans 2:9, 10, KJ (g1672) (¶) JEN-ti(-uh)l
genuflect*, genuflection* —; w97 12/15 27 (¶) JEN-yuh-flekt'; jen'yuh-FLEK-shuhn
Gerar Ge'rar Genesis 20:1 (h1642) GEE-rahr* [not JEE-]
Gerasenes Ger'a·senes
in some Bibles: gadarenes, Gerasa
Mark 5:1 (g1046) GER-uh-seens*, GE-ruh-, sometimes JE-ruh-
Gergesite Gir'ga·shite (I)
in most Bibles: Girgashite, Girgasite
Genesis 10:16 DRB (h1622) GER-guh-sit
Gerizim (Mount) Ger'i·zim Deuteronomy 11:29 (h1630) GER-uh-zim*
Germanicus* (Caesar) dp 236 (¶) juhr-MAN-ih-kuhs
Gershom Ger'shom
aka Gershon
1 Chronicles 6:16 (h1648) GUHR-shahm*, -shuhm
Gershon Ger'shon
aka Gershom
Exodus 6:16 (h1648) GUHR-shahn*, -shuhn
Gesenius, Wilhelm* w97 3/15 12 gay-ZAY-nyus, VIL-helm
Geshem Geshem Nehemiah 2:19 (h1624) GEE-shem*, GESH-uhm
Geshur, Geshurites Gesh·ur; Gesh'ur·ites Joshua 13:13 (h1650; h1651) GESH-uhr*, GEE-shuhr; GESH-uhr-its*
Gethsemane Geth·sem'a·ne Matthew 26:36 (g1068) (¶) geth-SEM-uh-nee*, -SEH-muh-
Geuel Geu'el
in some Bibles: Gevel, Guel
Numbers 13:15 (h1345) GYOO-uhl, GYOO-el(')*
Gezer Ge'zer 1 Kings 9:15 (h1507) (¶) GEE-zuhr*, not JEE-
Gibeah Gib'e·ah Judges 20:29 (h1390) GIB-ee-uh*, -ah*
Gibeon Gib'e·on Joshua 9:3 (h1391) (¶) GIB-ee-uhn*
Gideon Gid'e·on
aka Jerubbaal
Judges 7:5 (h1439) (¶) GID-ee-uhn*
gier-eagle vulture (I) Deuteronomy 14:17 KJ, Yg (h7360) JEER-ee'guhl, JI(UH)R-, GI(UH)R-, GI(UH)R-
Giezi Ge·ha'zi (I)
in most Bibles: Gehazi
2 Kings 4:12 DRB (h1522) gi-EE-zi
Gihon Gi'hon Genesis 2:13 (h1521) GI-hon*
Gilboa Gil·bo'a 1 Samuel 28:4 (h1533) gil-BOH-uh*
Gilead Gil'e·ad Genesis 31:21 (h1568) (¶) (¶) GIL-ee-uhd*
Gilgal Gil'gal Joshua 5:9 (h1537) GIL-gal*
Gilgamesh* sh 47–49 (¶) GIL-guh-mesh('), gil-GAH-mesh'
gimel Gi'mel
Hebrew letter, English “G”
Psalm 119:17 (verse heading) (¶) GIM-uhl, GIH-muhl, GEE-mel*
Girgashite Gir'ga·shite (I)
in some Bibles: Gergesite, Girgasite
Genesis 10:16 (h1622) GUHR-guh-shit*
Girgasite Gir'ga·shite (I) Genesis 10:16 KJ, Webster's (h1622) GUHR-guh-sit
Gittith Git'tith Psalm 8 superscription (h1665) GIT-ith, GIH-tith*
glede glede
in some Bibles: buzzard, falcon, hawk, kite(s), red kite, ringtail, vulture
Deuteronomy 14:13 (h7201) (¶) GLEED
glossolalia* w92 8/15 3 (¶) glah'suh-LAY-lee-uh, glos'uh-
also Cnaeus, Cneius
dp 216 NI-uhs (silent“g”)
gnash gnash Acts 7:54 (g1031) (¶) NASH (silent “g”)
gnat gnat Isaiah 51:6 (h3644 + h3651); Matthew 23:24 (g2971) (¶) NAT (silent “g”)
Gnosis* w90 7/15 21 (¶) NOH-sis (silent “g”)
Gnostic* w93 9/15 8 (¶) NAHS-tik (silent “g”), NOS-
Gnosticism* w97 9/1 14 (¶) NAHS-tuh-sih'zuhm (silent “g”), NOS-tuh- siz'uhm
goad goad Judges 3:31 (h4451) (¶) GOHD
God God Genesis 1:1 (h430) (¶) GOD, GAHD
Goy*, Goiim —; Goi'im
in some Bibles: Gei, Goim, Goyim, nations
it NATIONS; Joshua 12:23 (h1471) (¶) GOI; GOI-im*
Golan Go'lan Joshua 20:8 (h1474) (¶) GOH-luhn*, modern-day: GOH-lahn'
Golgotha Gol'go·tha Matthew 27:33 (g1115) (¶) (¶) (¶) GOL-guh-thuh*, gol-GOTH-uh
Gomorrah, Gomorrha Go·mor'rah Genesis 13:10 (h6017) (¶) guh-MOR-uh*, -MAHR-
Gonatas* dp 215 goh-NAY-tuhs
Goshen Go'shen Genesis 45:10 (h1657) (¶) GOH-shuhn*
Goth*, Gothic* w94 5/15 8 (¶) (¶) GAHTH; GAH-thik
in some Bibles: countries, foreign nations, Gentiles, nations
Genesis 14:1 (h1471); Acts 14:5 (g1484) HNV; Luke 21:24 ftn. NW (g1484) (¶) GOI-im
grandees grandees
in some Bibles: great men, important people, lords, magistrates, noblemen, nobles, officers, officials, princes
Daniel 4:36 (h7261) (¶) gran-DEES
grandeur grandeur
in some Bibles: glorious reputation, greatness, majesty, power
Daniel 4:22 (h7238 (¶) GRAN-juhr, -jur-, -d(y)ur-, -d(y)uhr
Granicus* (River)
aka Kocabas
dp 157 (¶) gruh-NI-kuhs
Gratian* w83 9/15 8 (¶) GRAY-sh(ee-)uhn
greaves greaves
in some Bibles: plates, shin armor, shin guards
1 Samuel 17:6 (h4697) (¶) GREEVZ
Grecian Grecian Mark 7:26 (g1674) (¶) GREE-shuhn
Greco-Roman* dp 172 (¶) GREK-oh-, GREE-koh-, ROH-muhn
grégal*, gregale*
aka Euroclydon
it EUROAQUILO GREE-guhl, GREG-uhl; GRAY-gah(')-lay
Gregorian* it CALENDAR (Julian and Gregorian Calendars) (¶) grih-GOR-ee-uhn, -GOHR-, -GAWR-
grievous grievous Hebrews 12:11 (g3077) (¶) GREE-vuhs [not GREE-vee-uhs, -yuhs]
griffin*, griffon, gryphon* osprey "griffon" at Leviticus 11:13 DRB, DRC, JB (h6538) (¶) GRIF-ihn, GRIH-fuhn
Gudgodah Gud'go·dah
aka Hor-haggidgad
Deuteronomy 10:7 (h1412) GUD-goh-dah*, gud-GOH-duh
guile craftiness (Exodus 21:14), deception (Psalm 34:13), deceit (John 1:47)
in some Bibles: deceit, deceitful [things], craft, false, falsehood, lies, subtilty
Exodus 21:14 KJ (h6195); Psalm 34:13 KJ (h4820); John 1:47 KJ (g1388) (¶) GI(uh)L, GI(-uh)l
guillotine* g93 3/8 23 (¶) GIH-luh-teen'; gee'(y)uh-TEEN, GEE-(y)uh-teen'
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Habakkuk Ha·bak'kuk
person; Bible book
Habakkuk 1:1 (h2265) (¶) huh-BAK-uhk*, -BA-kuhk, HA-buh-kuhk' [not huh-BAK-uh]
Habaziniah, Habazziniah Hab·az·zi·ni'ah Jeremiah 35:3 (h2262) hab'uh-zih-NI-uh, hab-az'uh-NI-uh*
habergeon coat of mail Exodus 28:32 KJ (h8473) (¶) HA-buhr-juhn, huh-BUHR-jee-uhn, -juhn
Habiru*, Hapiru* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Israel’s slavery); HEBREW I (The ‘Habiru’) hah-BEE-roo', huh-; hah-PEE-roo
Hacaliah Hac·a·li'ah Nehemiah 1:1 (h2446) hak'uh-LI-uh*
Hachaliah Hac·a·li'ah Nehemiah 1:1 Da, KJ, Yg (h2446) hak'uh-LI-uh
Hadad Ha'dad
in some Bibles: Adad
1 Kings 11:14 (h1908) HAY-dad*
Hadadezer Had·ad·e'zer 2 Samuel 8:3 (h1909) had'ad-EE-zuhr* [not hay'dad-]
Hadadrimmon Ha·dad·rim'mon Zechariah 12:11 (h1910) hay'dad-RIM-mon*, -uhn
Hadassah Ha·das'sah
aka Esther
Esther 2:7 (h1919) huh-DAS-uh*
Hades Ha'des
in some Bibles: Hell, death, realm of the dead, She'ol, world of the dead
Revelation 1:18 (g86) (¶) HAY-deez(')*
Hadhramaut*, Hadramaut*, Hadramawt* it HAZARMAVETH (¶) hahd-ruh-MOUT, -MAWT, hah'druh-MAUT
Hadrach Ha'drach Zechariah 9:1 (h2317) HAY-drak*, HAD-rak
Roman emperor, aka Adrian
it JERUSALEM (Later Periods) (¶) HAY-dree-uhn
Hagar Ha'gar Genesis 16:1 (h1904) HAY-gahr*
Haggadah* w98 5/15 29 (¶) huh-GAH-duh, hah-, -GAW- [not HAG-uh-dah]
Haggai Hag'gai
person; Bible book
Haggai 1:1 (h2292) (¶) HAG-i*, HA-gee-i [not HAY-gi]
Hagiographa* it HEBREW SCRIPTURES (¶) hag'ee-OG-ruh-fuh, ha'gee-AH-gruh-fuh, hay'-, -jee-
Hagrite Hag'rite 1 Chronicles 27:31 HAG-rit*
Hai A'i Genesis 12:8 KJ, Douay (h5857) HI
also hadj*, haj*
g94 3/8 24 (¶) (¶) HADJ, HAHJ, HAJ
also hadji*
g94 3/8 24 (¶) (¶) HAJ-ee, HA-jee
Halacha*, Halakah* g91 6/8 29; w82 3/1 9 (¶) hah'lah-KAH, hah-LAH-khuh, hah'luh-KHAH
Halicarnassus* g97 11/8 25 (¶) hal'uh-kahr-NAS-uhs, ha'luh-kahr-NA-suhs
Hallelujah Praise Jah, you people!
also Alleluia
Revelation 19:1 AS (g239) (¶) ha'luh-LOO-yuh* [not -jah]
River, modern Kizil Irmak
sh 82 (¶) HAY-luhs
ancient Ecbatana
it ECBATANA (¶) ham'uh-DAN, -DAHN, HAM-uh-dan'
Haman Ha'man Esther 3:1 (h2001) (¶) HAY-muhn*
Hamath Ha'math
modern Hama
Isaiah 36:19 (h2574) (¶) HAY-math, HAY-muth*
Hamitic* it HAM 1. (¶) ha-MIT-ik, ha-MIH-tik, huh- [not ha-MET-ik]
Hammurabi* it CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Was Hammurabi’s code an “ancestor” of the Mosaic Law?) (¶) ham'uh-RAH-bee, hah(')-moo-, ham'oo-
Hamor Ha'mor Genesis 33:19 (h2544); Acts 7:16 (g1697) HAY-mor*
Hanani Ha·na'ni 1 Kings 16:1 (h2607) huh-NAY-ni*, hay- (HAN-uh-ni)
Hanamel Han'a·mel
in some Bibles: Hanameel
Jeremiah 32:7 (h2601) HAN-uh-mehl* (in some Bibles: hay-NAM-ee-uhl, huh-, HAN-uh-meel)
Hananiah Han·a·ni'ah Daniel 1:6 (h2608) han'uh-NI-uh*
ha-Nasi, Judah* w99 1/15 27 JOO-duh hah-NAH-see
Hanes Ha'nes Isaiah 30:4 (h2609) HAY-nuhs*, HAY-neez
Hannah Han'nah 1 Samuel 1:2 (h2584) HAN-uh*
Hanukkah festival of dedication
also spelled Chanukah, Chanukkah
John 10:22 ALT, ISV (¶) HAH-nuh-kuh, Ashk. Heb., KHAH-nuh-kuh, Seph. Heb., khah-noo-KAH
Hapi* it GODS AND GODDESSES (The Ten Plagues) HAH-pee, KHAH-pee
haply perhaps Acts 5:39 AS, KJ (g3379) (¶) HA-plee
Hapsburg* dp 244 (¶) HAPS-buhrg', HAHPS-boorg, Ger. HAHPS-boork'
Haran, Harran* Ha'ran (man’s name) Genesis 11:26 (h2039); (city/area) Genesis 11:31 (h2771) (¶) HAY-ran*, -ruhn, HAIR-uhn, huh-RAHN (city)
Harar, Hararite —; Har'a·rite
in some Bibles: from Harar
2 Samuel 23:11 (h2043) HAIR-uhr, HAH-ruhr; HAHR-uh-rit*, HAIR-uh-rit
Hare Krishna* g89 4/8 25 (¶) HAHR-ee KRISH-nuh, HER-, HA-ree
Harhaiah Har·hai'ah Nehemiah 3:8 (h2736) hahr-HI-uh*, hahr-HAY-yuh
Har-Magedon Har-Ma·ged'on
in some Bibles: Armageddon, Har Megiddo, Megiddo
Revelation 16:16 (g717) hahr'muh-GED-uhn*
Harod Ha'rod Judges 7:1 (h5878) HAY-rod*, HAIR-uhd
Hasidic*, Hassidic* w98 7/1 30 (¶) hah-SID-ik, ha-SIH-dik, hah-, khah-
aka Chasidim*, Chassidim
w98 11/15 22 (¶) HA-suh-duhm, khah-SEE-duhm
Hasidism* sh 226 (¶) HA-suh-dih'zuhm, HAH-, KHA-, KHAH-
Haskala*, Haskalah* sh 217 has'kuh-LAH, HAHS-ku-luh, hah'skuh-LAH
Hasmonaean*, Hasmonean* w01 6/15 27 (¶) haz'muh-NEE-uhn [not haz-MOH-nee-uhn}
Havilah Hav'i·lah Genesis 2:11 (h2341) HAV-uh-luh'*, huh-VIL-uh
Havvoth-jair Hav'voth-ja'ir
in some Bibles: Havothjair, villages of Jair
Numbers 32:41 (h2334) hav'oth-JAY-uhr*
Hazael Haz'a·el 1 Kings 19:15 (h2371) HAZ-uh-el*, -ay-el, -zay-uhl, huh-ZAY-uhl
Hazar-addar Ha'zar-ad'dar (I)
in some Bibles: Hazaraddar, Hazar-Addar, Hazar Addar
Numbers 34:4 (h2692) hay'zuhr-AD-uhr
Hazarmaveth Ha·zar·ma'veth Genesis 10:26 (h2700) hay'zahr-MAY-veth*, hay'zuhr-MAY-vith
he He’
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:33 (verse heading) HAY*
heathen nations
in most Bibles: Gentiles, nations
Psalm 2:1 KJ (h1471); Acts 4:25 KJ (g1484) (¶) HEE-thuhn [not HEE-thern]
Heber He'ber Judges 4:11 (h2268) HEE-buhr*
Hebrew, Hebrews Hebrew; Hebrews
a Hebrew/Jewish person; Bible book
Genesis 14:13 (h5680); Genesis 40:15 (h5680) (¶) (¶) HEE-broo*; HEE-brooz
Hebron He'bron
aka Kiriath-arba
Genesis 13:18 (h2275) (¶) HEE-bruhn, HEE-bron*
also Hejira*
it CHRONOLOGY (Eras) (¶) hih-JI-ruh, HEH-juh-ruh, HEJ-uhr-uh
Helem He'lem Zechariah 6:14 (h2494) HEE-lim*
Heliopolis On
“City of the Sun”
Genesis 41:45 CEV, DRB, TEV (h204) (¶) hee'lee-OP-uh-lis
Helios* g98 12/8 4  (¶) (¶) HEE-lee-uhs, HEE-lee-os(')
Hellenic* it GREECE, GREEKS (¶) heh-LEH-nik, huh-
Hellenize* it FOREIGNER (¶) HEL-uh-niz'
Hellenism* it GREECE, GREEKS (¶) HEL-uh-niz'uhm
Hellenist* w92 6/15 28 (¶) HEL-uh-nist
Hellenistic* it GREECE, GREEKS (¶) hel'uh-NIS-tik
Hellenization* it GREECE, GREEKS (¶) hel'uh-ni-ZAY-shuhn, he'luh-nuh-ZAY-shuhn
present-day Dardanelles
dp 155 (¶) HEH-luh-spahnt', HEL-uh-spont'
Heman He'man 1 Chronicles 25:1 (h1968) HEE-muhn*, HEM-uhn
Hena He'na 2 Kings 18:34 (h2012) HEE-nuh*
hendiadys* Genesis 3:16 ftn. (¶) (¶) hen-DI-uh-duhs, -dis
henotheism* (¶) HE-nuh-thee-ih'zuhm, HEN-uh-thee-iz'uhm
Hephaestus* w98 7/15 26 (¶) hih-FES-tuhs, -FEES-
Hephzibah Heph'zi·bah 2 Kings 21:1 (h2657) HEF-zih-buh*
Heptateuch* (¶) HEP-tuh-took, -tyook
compare Hercules
it ALEXANDER (¶) HER-uh-kleez'
compare Heracles
it GODS AND GODDESSES (¶) HUHR-kyuh-leez'
heretic, heretical [a man that] promotes a sect
in some Bibles: divisive, factious, man of heresy, quarrelsome person, sectarian [man], troublemakers
“heretic” in Titus 3:10, KJ; “heretical” Da (g141) (¶) (¶) HER-uh-tik'; huh-RE-tih-kuhl
her·me·neu'o, Biblical Greek word: “translate”
it INTREPRETATION (Translation) (¶) her-mayn-YOO-oh
“interpretive; explanatory”
(¶) huhr'muh-NOO-tik, -NYOO-
Hermes Her'mes
in some Bibles: Mercurius, Mercury
Acts 14:12 (g2060) (¶) HUHR-meez*
Hermogenes Her·mog'e·nes 2 Timothy 1:15 (g2061) huhr-MOJ-uh-neez*
Hermon (Mount) Her'mon
aka Senir, Sirion
Deuteronomy 3:9 (h2768) (¶) HUHR-muhn*
Herod Herod Matthew 2:1 (g2264) (¶) HER-uhd*
Herodian* it HEROD hih-ROH-dee-uhn, heh-
Herodias He·ro'di·as Matthew 14:3 (g2266) (¶) hih-ROH-dee-uhs
Herodium* w78 11/1 6 hih-ROH-dee-uhm
Herodotus* it CHRONOLOGY (Historians of the Classical Period) (¶) hih-RAH-duh-tuhs, huh-ROD-uh-tuhs [not hih-ROH-duh-tuhs]
Heshbon Hesh'bon Numbers 21:26 (h2809) HESH-bon*, khesh-BON
aka Bul, Marheshvan
it BUL (¶) HESH-vuhn, -vahn, KHESH-vuhn
Hesiod* sh 37, 42, 44 (¶) HEE-see-uhd, HEH-see-, HES-ee-
Hesperus Ke'sil
in most Bibles: Kesil, Orion
Job 9:9 ftn.; AB, LXX-E (h3685) (¶) HES-p(uh-)ruhs
Hebrew letter
see chehth
Hexapla* it VERSIONS HEK-suh-pluh
Hexateuch* w59 7/15 437 (¶) HEK-suh-took', -tyook'
Hezekiah Hez·e·ki'ah 2 Kings 18:1 (h2396) (¶) hez'uh-KI-uh*, he'zuh-KI-uh
Hezron Hez'ron Ruth 4:19 (h2696) HEZ-ruhn, HEZ-rahn*
Hiddai Hid'dai
aka Hurai
2 Samuel 23:30 (h1914) HID-i*
Hiddekel Hid'de·kel
aka Tigris
Daniel 10:4 (h2313) HID-uh-kel*
Hiel Hi'el 1 Kings 16:34 (h2419) HI-el*, -uhl
Hierapolis Hi·e·rap'o·lis Colossians 4:13 (g2404) (¶) hi'uh-RAHP-uh-luhs*, -RAP-uh-lis*
hierarch* w7 9/15 554 (¶) (¶) (¶) HI-uh-rahrk, HI-rahrk
hierarchy* w98 5/15 29 (¶) HI-(uh-)rahr'kee
hieratic* it WRITING (¶) hi'(uh-)RA-tik
hieroglyph* g91 1/22 7 (¶) HI-(uh-)ruh-glif'
hieroglyphic* it WRITING hi'(uh-)ruh-GLIH-fik
Hieronymus* it VERSIONS (Latin ‘Vulgate’) (¶) hi'uh-RAH-nuh-muhs, hih-
Higgaion Hig·ga'ion Psalm 9:16 (h1902) hih-GAY-uhn*, -yon
hijra*, hijrah*
see Hegira*
sh 292 HIJ-ruh
Hilkiah Hil·ki'ah Jeremiah 1:1 (h2518) hil-KI-uh*
Hillel Hil'lel Judges 12:15 (h1985) (¶) HIL-el*, -uhl
Hinnom Hin'nom Joshua 15:8 (h2011) HIN-uhm, hee-NOHM
hippodrome it JERUSALEM (Under Herod the Great) (¶) HIP-uh-drohm', HIH-puh-drohm'
Hippolytus* w06 2/15 14, “Early Confirmation of the Bible Canon” (¶) hih-POL-luh-tuhs
historicity* w05 3/15 29, “A ‘Pim’ Testifies to the Bible’s Historicity (¶) his'tuh-RIS-ih-tee
Hittite Hit'tite Genesis 23:10 (h2850) (¶) HI-tit'*, HIT-tit
Hivite Hi'vite Genesis 10:17 (h2340) HI-vit(')*, HIV-it
hoary gray Leviticus 19:32 AS, Da, DRB, KJ (h7872) (¶) HOR-ee, HOHR-ee
Hobab Ho'bab Numbers 10:29 (h2246) HOH-bab*
Hoglah Hog'lah Numbers 27:1 (h2295) HOG-luh*
holocaust burnt sacrifice, whole burnt offerings Job 42:8 DRB (h5930); Hebrews 10:6 DRB (g3646) (¶) HOH-luh-kawst', HAH-, also -kahst', HAW-luh-kawst
homer ho'mer Leviticus 27:16 (h2563) (¶) HOH-muhr*
homily*, homiletic* w06 4/15 19; g74 7/8 11 (¶) (¶) HAH-muh-lee; hah'muh-LE-tik
as distinguished from the Antilegomena*
(¶) hoh'moh-loh-GOU-meh-nah, hoh'moh-luh-GOO-muh-nuh, -GYOO-, hah'muh-luh-GOO-muh-nuh, hoh-MAHL-
homoousian* (¶) (¶) (¶) hoh-moh'OO-zee-uhn, hah-, -OO-see-, hoh'moh-OO-see-uhn, -zee-
homoousios* w92 8/1 19 (ho·mo·ou'si·os) (definition) (no pronunciation available)
formerly Emesa*
dp 241 (¶) hawms, hawmz
Honorius* dp 243 (¶) (¶) huh-NOR-ee-uhs, hoh-, -NOHR-
hoopoe hoopoe [hoo'poe]
in some Bibles: hoopoes, houp, lapwing
Leviticus 11:19 (h1744) (¶) (¶) HOO-poo(')*, HOO-poh(')
Hophni Hoph'ni
in some Bibles: Ophni
1 Samuel 1:3 (h2652) HOF-ni*
Hophra (Pharaoh) Hoph'ra
aka Apries*
Jeremiah 44:30 (h6548) HOF-ruh*
Horeb Ho'reb
aka Sinai
Exodus 3:1 (h2722) HOR-uhb*, HAWR-eb', HOH-reb
Horesh Ho'resh
in some Bibles: forest, wood
1 Samuel 23:15 (h2793) HOH-rehsh*, HOR-esh
Hor-haggidgad Hor-hag·gid'gad
aka Gudgodah
Numbers 33:32 (h2735) hor'huh-GID-gad, hor'hag-GID-gad*
Hori Ho'ri Numbers 13:5 (h2753) HOR-i*, HOH-ri*
Horonaim Hor·o·na'im Isaiah 15:5 (h2773) hor'uh-NAY-im*
Horonite Hor'o·nite Nehemiah 2:10 (2772) HOR-oh-nit*, -uh-, HAWR-oh-
Horus* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Religion) (¶) HOHR-uhs, HOR-, HAWR-
Hosanna, Hosannah Save, we pray you! John 12:13 AS, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (g5614) (¶) hoh-ZA-nuh, -ZAHN-, hoh-ZAN-uh
Hosea Ho·se'a
person; Bible book; in some Bibles: Osee
Hosea 1:1 (h1954); w62 12/15 767 (¶) hoh-SEE-uh*, -ZEE-, -ZAY-
Hoshea Ho·she'a 2 Kings 17:1 (h1954) hoh-SHEE-uh*
hough hamstring
in some Bibles: hamstring, hock
Joshua 11:6 Da, KJ, Yg (h6131) HOK, HAHKH, HO-, HOH-
Huguenot* w98 8/15 26 (¶) HYOO-guh-naht'
Hula*, Huleh*
ancient Lake, now Basin
w90 7/1 16 HOO-lay
Huldah Hul'dah 2 Kings 22:14 (h2468) HUL-duh*
humble humble Proverbs 29:23 (h8217) (¶) HUHM-buhl, HUM-, chiefly Southern US UHM-buhl
humility humility Proverbs 18:12 (h6038) (¶) (¶) hyoo-MIL-uh-tee, -ih-, hyoo-MI-lih-tee, often yoo-
Hur Hur Exodus 17:10 (h2354) HUHR*
Hurai Hu'rai
aka Haddai
1 Chronicles 11:32 (h2360) HOO-ri*, HYOOR-
Huram Hu'ram; Hiram 1 Chronicles 8:5 (h2361); 2 Chronicles 2:3 AS, Da, KJ, JPS (h2361) HOO-ram*, HYOOR-uhm, HYOO-ruhm
hurly-burly ruin
in some Bibles: iniquity, overturn, overturned, ruin, ruins
Ezekiel 21:27 By (h5754) (¶) huhr'lee-BUHR-lee
Hurrian* w85 3/1 31 (¶) HOOR-ee-uhn
Hushai Hu'shai 2 Samuel 15:32 (h2365) HOO-shi*
Husham Hu'sham
in some Bibles: Husam
Genesis 36:34 (h2367) HOO-sham*, HOOSH-uhm
hyacinth hyacinth [hy'a·cinth]
in some Bibles: carbuncle, garnet, jacinth, turquoise
Revelation 21:20 (g5192) (¶) HI-uh-sinth*
Hyades Ki'mah
in most Bibles:Pleiades, Kimah
Job 9:9 DRB (h3598) (¶) HI-uh-deez'
Hydaspes* (River)
modern-day Jhelum*
(¶) hi-DAS-peez(')
Hyksos* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (‘Hyksos Period’) (¶) (¶) HIK-sahs , HIK-sohs, -sos
Hymen* it HYMENAEUS (¶) HI-muhn
Hymenaeus Hy·me·nae'us 1 Timothy 1:20 (g5211) hi'muh-NEE-uhs* [not hi-MIN-ee-uhs]
hymn praises
in a few Bibles: song of praise, the Hallel
Matthew 26:30, KJ (g5214) (¶) HIM
Hypnos* sh 43 (¶) HIP-nuhs, HIP-nohs'
hypocrisy hypocrisy Matthew 23:28 (g5272) (¶) hih-PAH-kruh-see, hi-
hypocrite hypocrite Luke 6:42 (g5273) (¶) HIP-uh-krit'
hyrax rock badger
see coney
Leviticus 11:5 JB (h8227) (¶) HI-raks
Hyrcania* w96 1/15 27 (¶) huhr-KAY-nee-uh
Hyrcanus* w02 1/1 11 hihr-KAY-nuhs
hyssop hyssop Exodus 12:22 (h231) (¶) HIS-uhp*
also Hystaspis*
it DARIUS his-TAS-peez, his-TAS-puhs
Darius I; also Hystaspes*
Esther 1:1 ftn. his-TAS-pis
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ib- ic- id- ie- im- in- ir- is- it-

Ibleam Ib'le·am Joshua 17:11 (h2991) IB-lee-uhm*
Islamic Satan the Devil, “Shaitan”
w94 2/1 3 IB-lis, -lis
Ibsam Ib'sam
in some Bibles: Jebsam, Jibsam
1 Chronicles 7:2 (h3005) IB-sam*
Ibzan Ib'zan Judges 12:8 (h78) IB-zan*
Ichabod Ich'a·bod 1 Samuel 4:21 (h350) IK-uh-bod'* [not EENG-kuh-bod]
I Ching* sh 83 (¶) YEE-JING, EE-JING
icon* w02 7/1 4 (¶) I-kon, I-kahn'
Iconium I·co'ni·um
modern Konya*
Acts 14:1 (g2430) (¶) i-KOH-nee-uhm*
iconoclasm* g80 3/8 19 (¶) i-KON-uh-klaz'uhm, i-KAH-nuh-kla'zuhm
iconoclast*, iconoclastic* w92 2/15 4 (¶) (¶) i-KAH-nuh-klast'; i(')-kah'nuh-KLAS-tik
ichor* it GODS AND GODDESSES (Grecian Deities) (¶) I-kawr', -kuhr
Iddo Id'do Ezra 5:1 (h5714) ID-oh*
ideology*; idealogy* w97 8/15 32 (¶) i'dee-AH-luh-jee, ih'-; i-dee-AH-luh-jee, -AL-, ih'dee-AH-luh-jee, -AL-uh-jee
ideological* w93 2/1 5 (¶) i'dee-uh-LAH-jih-kuhl, ih'-
idolater, idolator idolater Ephesians 5:5 (g1496) (¶) i-DAH-luh-tuhr
idolatrous foreign-god [priests] 2 Kings 23:5 KJ (h3649) (¶) i-DAH-luh-truhs
idolatry idolatry
in some Bibles: idol worship, image-worship, service of idols, worship of idols/false gods
1 Corinthians 10:14 (g1495) (¶) i-DAH-luh-tree
Idumaea, Idumea Id·u·me'a Mark 3:8 (g2401) (¶) id'oo-MEE-uh*, id'yoo-
Idumaean*, Idumean* w02 1/1 11 (¶) id'yoo-MEE-uhn, ih-dyoo-MEE-uhn
Iezer, Iezerites Ie'zer; Ie'zer·ites
in some Bibles: Jeezer; Jeezerites
Numbers 26:30 (h372); (h373) i-EE-zuhr*; i-EE-zuh-rits*
Ignatius* it CANON (¶) ig-NAY-sh(ee-)uhs
ignominy dishonor
in some Bibles: shame
Proverbs 18:3 AS, DRB, KJ (h7036) (¶) IG-nuh-min'ee, -muh-nee, ig-NAH-muh-nee
Iim I'im
in some Bibles: Ijim, Iyim, Jim
Joshua 15:29 (h5864) I-im*
also Ije Abarim; compare Iye-abarim
Numbers 21:11 KJ, MKJV (h5863) i'juh-AB-uh-rim, -jee-
Ijim I'im
in some Bibles: Iim, Iyim
Joshua 15:29 Da, others (h5864) I-jim
also Akhenaton*
(¶) ihk-NAH-tuhn
Iliad* dp 155 (¶) IL-ee-uhd, -ad'
Illyria* it GREECE, GREEKS (The Land and Its Features) (¶) ih-LIR-ee-uh
Illyricum Il·lyr'i·cum Romans 15:19 (g2457) (¶) ih-LIHR-ih-kuhm*, -LEER-
Imam*, imam* g00 3/8 11 (¶) ih-MAHM, ee-MAHM, ee-MAM, ih-MAM
Immanuel Im·man'u·el
compare Emmanuel
Isaiah 7:14 (h6005) (¶) ih-MAN-yoo-uhl*, ih-MAN-yuh-wuhl, -MAN-yuhl
impious apostate; ungodly men
in some Bibles: evildoers, godless, hypocrite, profane, ungodly
Job 8:13 JPS (h2611); Romans 5:6 Analytical-Literal Trans., Yg (g765) (¶) IM-pee-uhs, im(')-PI-uhs
impotent impotent Job 26:5 (h7496) (¶) IM-puh-tuhnt, -poh- [not im-POH-tuhnt]
impugn* jv 645 (¶)im-PYOON
incense incense Psalm 141:2 (h7004); Luke 1:9 (g2370) (¶) IN-sen(t)s
India In'di·a Esther 1:1 (h1012) (¶) IN-dee-uh*
Indus* (River) it INDIA (¶) IN-duhs
compare inimitable
it ENEMY (¶) ih-NIH-mih-kuhl
compare inimical
w88 11/1 15 (¶) ih(')-NIH-muh-tuh-buhl
iniquity iniquity Daniel 4:27 (h5758) (¶) ih-NIH-kwuh-tee
innocency innocency
in some Bibles: innocent, innocence
Psalm 26:6 (h5356) (¶) IN-uh-suhn-see
inquisition search Deuteronomy 19:18 AS, DRB, KJ (h1875) (¶) in'kwuh-ZIH-shuhn, ing'kwuh-
inshallah* (¶) in'shah-LAH
internecine* w03 1/1 8 (¶) (¶) (¶) in'tuhr-NEH-seen', in'tuhr-NES-een', in'tuhr-NEE-suhn, -NEE-sin', -NEE-seen, -nuh-SEEN, in-TUHR-nuh-seen'
interpolate*, interpolation* w64 3/15 184 (¶) (¶) in-TUHR-puh-layt'; in-tuhr'puh-LAY-shuhn
Ionian* it GREECE, GREEKS (¶) i-OH-nee-uhn
Ionic* it ARCHITECTURE (Grecian and Roman Styles and Methods) (¶) i-AH-nik
iota smallest letter
in some Bibles: jot; compare tittle
Matthew 5:18 Da, KJ, Yg (g2503) (¶) i-OH-tuh
Ipsus* dp 215 IP-suhs
formerly Persia
Iranian* ip-2 73 (¶) ih-RAY-nee-uhn, -RA-, -RAH-, i-RAY-
Iraq* it BABYLON (¶) (¶) ih-RAHK, ih-RAK, ee-RAHK
Irenaeus* it CANON i'ruh-NEE-uhs
irreprehensible irreprehensible
in some Bibles: above reproach, blameless, good reputation, irreproachable, of good name, without fault, without reproach
1 Timothy 3:2 (g423) ih-rep'rih-HEN(T)-suh-buhl
Isaac Isaac [I'saac] Genesis 17:19 (h3327) (¶) I-zik*
Isaiah Isaiah [I·sa'iah]
person; Bible book
Isaiah 1:1 (h3470) (¶) i-ZAY-uh*, -yuh, chiefly Brit. -ZI-
Iscariot Is·car'i·ot Matthew 10:4 (g2469) (¶) (¶) is-KAR-ee-uht*, ih-SKAR-ee-uht
Ish-bosheth Ish-bo'sheth 2 Samuel 2:8 (h378) (¶) ish-BOH-sheth*, -shith, -BOSH-eth
Ishmael Ish'ma·el Genesis 16:11 (h3458) (¶) ISH-may(')-uhl, -mee-, ISH-may-el*
Ishtar* it GODS AND GODDESSES (¶) ISH-tahr
Isis* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (¶) (¶) I-sis, -suhs
Islam*, Islamic* g01 12/22 29 (¶) (¶) is-LAHM, iz-, -LAM, IS-lahm', -lam', IZ-lahm', -lam'; is-LAH-mik, iz-, -LAM-ik
Israel Israel (Is'ra·el) Genesis 32:28 (h3478); Matthew 2:6 (g2474) (¶) IZ-ree-uhl, -ray(')-, IS-, IZ-ruhl, IZ-ray-el*
Issachar Is'sa·char Genesis 30:18 (h3485) (¶) IS-uh-kahr*, IH-suh-kahr'
Issus* dp 157 (¶) IS-uhs, IH-suhs
“Istanbul is Constantinople. Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople.”
g03 3/8 25 (¶) (¶) is'tahn-BOOL, -tan-, ih-STAHN-bool, IS-tahn-bool', -tan-, is'tuhn-BUHL, IS-tuhn-bul'
Italy Italy Acts 18:2 (h2482) (¶) IH-tuh-lee*
Italian Italian Acts 10:1 (g2483) (¶) (¶) ih-TAL-yuhn, uh-, i'-
Ithamar Ith'a·mar Exodus 6:23 (h385) ITH-uh-mahr*
Ithiel Ith'i·el Proverbs 30:1 (h384) ITH-ee-el*, -uhl
Ituraea, Iturea It·u·rae'a Luke 3:1 (g2484) (¶) it'yoo-REE-uh, -yoor-EE-uh, ih'tyoo-REE-uh, ih-too-*
Ivah Iv'vah
in some Bibles: Ava, Avva, Ivvah
2 Kings 18:34 CJB, KJ, others (h5755) I-vuh
Ivvah Iv'vah
in some Bibles: Ava, Avva, Ivah
2 Kings 18:34 (h5755) IV-uh*
Iyar*, Iyyar*
Hebrew month, aka Ziv
it ZIV (¶) EE-yahr('), ee-YAHR
Iye-abarim I'ye-ab'a·rim
in some Bibles: Ijeabarim, Ije-abarim, Ije Abarim, Ijim-Abarim, Iyeabarim, Iye Abarim, Jeabarim, ruins of Abarim
Numbers 21:11 (h5863) i'yuh-AB-uh-rim*
in some Bibles: Iim, Ijim, Jim
Joshua 15:29 Leeser, others (h5864) I-yim
Izhar Iz'har
in some Bibles: Ishaar, Jizhar, Yizhar
Exodus 6:18, 21 (h3324) IZ-hahr*
ancient Smyrna
it SMYRNA (¶) (¶) iz-MIHR, IZ-meer
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Jaalam Ja'lam
in most Bibles: Jalam
Genesis 36:5 Da, KJ, LITV (h3281) JAY-uh-lam
Jaazaniah Ja·az·a·ni'ah Ezekiel 8:10 (h2970) jay-az'uh-NI-uh*
Jabal Ja'bal Genesis 4:20 (h2989) JAY-buhl, JAY-bawl*, -bal*
Jabbok Jab'bok
modern Wadi Zarqa
Genesis 32:22 (h2999) JAB-uhk, JAB-ok*
Jabesh Ja'besh
person; place
2 Kings 15:10; 1 Samuel 31:12 (h3003) JAY-besh*, -bish
Jabesh-gilead Ja'bish-gil'e·ad 2 Samuel 2:4 (h3003 + H1568) jay'besh-GIL-ee-uhd*, -ad, jay'bish-
Jabin Ja'bin Judges 4:17 (h2985) JAY-bin*
jacinth hyacinth-blue; hyacinth [hy'a·cinth] Revelation 9:17; 21:20, KJ (g5191) (¶) (¶) JAY-sinth, -suhn(t)th, JA-sinth, JAS-inth
Jacob Jacob [Ja'cob] Genesis 25:26 (h3290) (¶) JAY-kuhb*
Jael Ja'el Judges 4:17 (h3278) JAY-uhl*, JAYL
Jah Jah
in some Bibles: Lord, Lord, Jehovah; compare Yah
Exodus 15:2 (h3050) (¶) (¶) JAH*, Heb., YAW or YAH
Jahaziel Ja·ha·zi'el 2 Chronicles 20:14 (h3166) jay'huh-ZI-uhl*, juh-*, jay'hay-, jay-HAZ-ee-el, juh-HAY-zee-el, -uhl
compare Jahweh, Yahveh, Yahweh
w80 2/1 6 (¶) YAH-veh, -vay [not JAH-veh]
compare Jahveh, Yahveh, Yahweh
w87 2/15 21 (¶) YAH-weh, -way not JAH-
Jain* sh 104 (¶) JIN
Jainism* sh 104 (¶) JI-niz(')-uhm
Jair Ja'ir Judges 10:3 (h2971) JAY-uhr*
Jairus Ja'i·rus Mark 5:22 (g2383) JAY-uh-ruhs*, jay-I-ruhs
Jakeh Ja'keh Proverbs 30:1 (h3348) JAY-kuh*, JAY-keh
Jalam Ja'lam
in some Bibles: Ihelon, Jaalam
Genesis 36:5 (h3281) JAY-lam*, -luhm
Jambres Jam'bres 2 Timothy 3:8 (g2387) JAM-breez*, -briz
James James
persons; Bible book
James 1:1 (g2385) (¶) JAYMZ*
Janna Ja'na·i
in some Bibles: Jannai, Janne
Luke 3:24 Da, EMTV, KJ, Yg, others (g2388) JAN-uh
Jannai Jan'na·i
in some Bibles: Janna, Janne
Luke 3:24 (g2388) JAN-uh-i*, JAN-i
Jannes Jan'nes 2 Timothy 3:8 (g2389) JAN-eez*, -iz [not JAY-]
Janus* rs 180  (¶) JAY-nuhs [not JAN-uhs]
Japheth Ja'pheth Genesis 5:32 (h3315) (¶) (¶) JAY-feth*, -fith, -futh, JAF-ith [not JAY-pith]
Japhia Ja·phi'a Joshua 10:3 (h3309) juh-FI-uh*
Jared Ja'red Genesis 5:15 (h3382) JAY-red*, JAIR-id*
Jason Ja'son Acts 17:5 (g2394) (¶) JAY-suhn*, -suhn
Javan Ja'van Genesis 10:2 (h3120) JAY-vuhn, JAY-van*
javelin javelin
in some Bibles: shield, spear, sword
Joshua 8:18 (h3591) (¶) (¶) JAV-uh-lin, -luhn, JAV-lin, -luhn
Jebus Je'bus
aka Jerusalem
Judges 19:10 (h2982) (¶) JEE-buhs*
Jebusite Jeb'u·site Genesis 10:16 (h2983) JEB-yoo-sit(')*, -yuh-, -zit, JEE-buh-sit'
Jeconiah Jec·o·ni'ah
aka Coniah, Jehoiachin
Esther 2:6 (h3204) jek'uh-NI-uh*, jee-koh-
Jedaiah Je·da'iah 1 Chronicles 4:37 (h3042); Zechariah 6:14 (h3048) jih-DAY-yuh, juh-DAY-uh*, jed'ay-I-uh
Jediael Je·di'a·el
in some Bibles: Jadihel, Jedihel
1 Chronicles 12:20 (h3043) jih-DI-uh-el, -ay-uhl
Jedidah Je·di'dah 2 Kings 22:1 (h3040) juh-DI-duh*, jih-, jee-
Jedidiah Jed·i·di'ah
aka Solomon
2 Samuel 12:25 (h3041) jed'uh-DI-uh*, jeh-dih-DI-uh
Jeduthun Je·du'thun 2 Chronicles 5:12 (h3038) juh-DOO-thuhn*, jih-DYOO-, jee-DYOO-
Jeezer, Jeezerite Ie'zer; Ie'zer·ites
in some Bibles: Abiezer, Abiezerites; Iezer, Iezerites
Numbers 26:30, Da, KJ, others (h372); (h373) jih-EE-zuhr; jih-EE-zuh-rit
Jegar-sahadutha Je'gar-sa·ha·du'tha
aka Galeed
Genesis 31:47 (h3026) JEE-guhr-say-huh-DOO-thuh*, jee'guhr-, JEE-gahr-say'huh-DYOO-thuh
Jehoahaz Je·ho'a·haz
one king of Judah, aka Ahaziah; Azariah
(two kings of Judah) 2 Chronicles 21:17; 2 Kings 23:31; (king of Israel) 2 Kings 10:35 (h3059) juh-HOH-uh-haz*, jee-, jih-
Jehoash Je·ho'ash
in some Bibles: Joas, Joash
2 Kings 11:2 (h3101) juh-HOH-ash*, jee-, jih-
Jehohanan Je·ho·ha'nan
in some Bibles: Johanan
2 Chronicles 17:15 (h3076) juh-hoh-HAY-nuhn, jee'-
Jehoiachin Je·hoi'a·chin
aka Coniah, Jeconiah
2 Kings 24:6 (h3078) juh-HOI-uh-kin*, jee-, jih- [not -HOH-uh-kin, -chin]
Jehoiada Je·hoi'a·da 2 Chronicles 22:11 (h3077) juh-HOI-uh-duh*, jee-, jih- [not -HOH-uh-]
Jehoiakim Je·hoi'a·kim 2 Kings 23:34 (h3079) juh-HOI-uh-kim*, jee-, jih- [not -HOH-uh-]
Jehonadab Je·hon'a·dab
in many Bibles: Jonadab
Jeremiah 35:8 (h3082) juh-HON-uh-dab*, jee-, jih- [not -HOH-nuh-]
Jehonathan Je·hon'a·than
in many Bibles: Jonathan
Jeremiah 37:15 (h3083) juh-HON-uh-thuhn*, jih-
Jehoram Je·ho'ram 1 Kings 22:50 (h3088) juh-HOR-uhm*, jih- jee-
Jehoshabeath Je·ho·shab'e·ath
aka Jehosheba
2 Chronicles 22:11 (h3090) juh-hoh-SHAB-ee-ath*, jee'-
Jehoshaphat Je·hosh'a·phat
in some Bibles: Josaphat
1 Kings 15:24 (h3092) (¶) (¶) juh-HOSH-uh-fat(')*, jih-, jih-HAH-suh-fat', -shuh- [not jeh-HOH-shuh-fat, jeh-HOH-suh-fat]
Jehosheba Je·hosh'e·ba
aka Jehoshabeath
2 Kings 11:2 (h3089) juh-HOSH-uh-buh*, jih-, -ih-buh, jee-HOSH-ee-buh
Jehoshua Je·hosh'u·a
aka Joshua
Numbers 13:16 (h3091) juh-HOSH-yoo-uh*, -oo-uh*
Jehovah Jehovah [Je·ho'vah] Genesis 2:4 (h3068) (¶) (¶) jih-HOH-vuh*
Jehovah-jireh Je·ho'vah-ji'reh Genesis 22:14 (h3070) juh-HOH-vuh-JI-ruh*, -ree
Jehovah-nissi Je·ho'vah-nis'si
in some Bibles: Adonai-nissi, Lord-nissi, Jehovahnissi, The Lord is my Banner/Refuge, The Lord my exaltation
Exodus 17:15 (h3071) juh-HOH-vuh-NIS-i*, jih- [not -NIS-ee]
Jehovah-shalom Je·ho'vah-sha'lom Judges 6:24 (h3073) juh-HOH-vuh-SHAY-lom*, jih- [not -shah-LOHM]
Jehovah-Shammah* Jehovah Himself Is There
in some Bibles: The Lord is there, Jehovah is there
Ezekiel 48:35 NW ftn. (h3074) jih-HOH-vuh-SHAM-uh
Jehozabad Je·hoz'a·bad 2 Chronicles 24:26 (h3075) juh-HOZ-uh-bad*, jee-, jih-HOH-zuh-bad
Jehozadak Je·hoz'a·dak
aka Jozadak
Ezra 3:2 (h3136) juh-HOZ-uh-dak*, jih-HOH-zuh-dak
Jehu Je'hu 1 Kings 16:1 (h3058) (¶) JEE-hoo(')*, JEE-hyoo(') [not JAY-hoo, JAY-hyoo]
Jehudi Je·hu'di Jeremiah 36:21 (h3065) juh-HOO-di*, jih-HYOO-, jee-
Jemima, Jemimah Je·mi'mah Job 42:14 (h3224) juh-MI-muh*, jih-, jee-
Jephte Jeph'thah
in most Bibles: Jephthah; sometimes Jephthae
Judges 11:1 DRB, DRC (h3316) JEF-tee
Jephthae Jeph'thah
in most Bibles: Jephthah, sometimes Jephte
Judges 11:1 LXX-E (h3316 JEF-thee
Jephthah Jeph'thah
in some Bibles: Jephte, Jephthae, Yiftach, Yiphthach
Judges 11:1 (h3316) (¶) JEF-thuh* [not JEP-]
Jephunneh Je·phun'neh Numbers 13:6 (h3312) juh-FUHN-uh*, jih- [not -FOON-]
jerboa jerboa
in some Bibles: field-mouse, mice, mouse, rat, rats
Leviticus 11:29 (h5909) (¶) juhr-BOH-uh, jer-
jeremiad* jr 5; w76 4/1 205 (¶) jer'uh-MI-uhd , -ad'
Jeremiah Jeremiah [Jer·e·mi'ah] Jeremiah 1:1 (h3414) (¶) jer'uh-MI-uh*
Jericho Jer'i·cho Joshua 2:1 (h3405) (¶) JER-uh-koh, -ih-
Jeroboam Jer·o·bo'am 1 Kings 11:31; 2 Kings 14:16 (h3379) (¶) jer'uh-BOH-uhm*
Jerome* it VERSIONS (¶) juh-ROHM, also JER-uhm
Jerubbaal Jer·ub·ba'al
aka Gideon
Judges 6:32 (h3378) jih'ruhb-BAY-uhl, jee-RUB-ay-uhl, jer'uh-BAY-uhl, -BAYL, jer'uhb-BAYL*
Jerusalem Jerusalem [Je·ru'sa·lem]
formerly, Salem
Joshua 10:1 (h3389) juh-ROO-suh-luhm* (¶), -sluhm, jih-, juh-ROO-z(uh-)luhm
Jerusa, Jerusha, Jerushah Je·ru'sha; Je·ru'shah “Jerusa” DRB, DRC; “Jerusha” 2 Kings 15:33; “Jerushah” 2 Chronicles 27:1 (h3388) jih-ROO-suh; juh-ROO-shah*, jee-, jih-
Jeshimon Je·shi'mon Numbers 23:28 (h3452) juh-SHI-mon*, jih-, JESH-ih-mon
Jeshua Jesh'u·a
in some Bibles: Joshua, Josue, Yeshua
Ezra 2:2 (h3442) (¶) JESH-yoo·uh*
Jeshurun Jesh'u·run Deuteronomy 32:15 (h3484) JESH-yoo-ruhn*, JESH-uh-ruhn*, jesh-YOO-run
Jesse Jes'se Ruth 4:17 (h3448) (¶) JES-ee*, JEH-see
Jesus Jesus (Je'sus) Matthew 1:1 (g2424) (¶) JEE-zuhs(')*, -zuhz(')
Jesus ben-Sira*, ben-Sirach* it APOCRYPHA (Ecclesiasticus) (¶) jee'zuhs ben-SI-ruh; ben-SI-rak, -suh-RAHK, -SI-ruhk
Jether Je'ther Judges 8:20 (h3500) JEE-thuhr*
Jethro Jeth'ro
aka Reuel
Exodus 3:1 (h3503) JETH-roh*
Jew Jew Esther 2:5 (h3064) (¶) JOO
Jewess Jewess Acts 24:24 (g2453) (¶) (sometimes offensive) JOO-es, -is, -uhs
Jewish Jewish Nehemiah 5:1 (h3064) (¶) JOO-ish
Jewry Judah [Ju'dah] (Daniel 5:13); Judea [Ju·de'a] (Luke 23:5)
in most Bibles: Judah or Judea
Daniel 5:13 KJ (h3061); Luke 23:5 KJ (g2449) (¶) JOO(-UH)R-ree, JOO-ree
Jezebel Jez'e·bel 1 Kings 16:31 (h348) (¶) JEH-zuh-bel', JEZ-uh-bel*, -bel'
Jezreel Jez're·el
see also Esdraelon
Hosea 1:4 (h3157) (¶) JEZ-ree-uhl*, -el', -reel
Jhelum* (River)
ancient Hydaspes*
g00 7/8 16 (¶) JAY-luhm
Jibsam Ib'sam
in most Bibles: Ibsam
1 Chronicles 7:2 KJ, Da, others (h3005) JIB-sam
also djin or djinn
also djinni
w52 5/1 278 (¶) JEE-nee, JIH-nee, juh-NEE
Joab Jo'ab 2 Samuel 3:29 (h3097) (¶) JOH-ab*
Joah Jo'ah Isaiah 36:3 (h3098) JOH-uh*, -ah
Joahaz Jo'a·haz 2 Chronicles 34:8 (h3099) JOH-uh-haz*
Joakim Je·hoi'a·kim Daniel 1:1 DRB, DRC (h3079) JOH-uh-kim
Joanna Jo·an'na Luke 8:3 (g2489) joh-AN-uh*
Joash Jo'ash Hosea 1:1 (h3101) JOH-ash*
Job Job
person; Bible book
Job 1:1 (h347) (¶) JOHB* [not JAHB]
Jobab Jo'bab Genesis 10:29 (h3103) JOH-bab*
Jochebed Joch'e·bed Exodus 6:20 (h3115) JOK-uh-bed*, -ee-bed(')
Joel Joel [Jo'el]
persons; Bible book
Joel 1:1 (h3100) (¶) JOH-uhl*, JOHL
Johanan Jo·ha'nan
in some Bibles: Jehohanan
Jeremiah 43:2 (h3110) joh-HAY-nuhn*, -nan
Johannine* Comma
aka Comma Johanneum
w93 10/15 28 (¶) joh-HAN-in, -uhn, -in
John John
persons; Bible books
Matthew 4:21 (g2491) (¶) (choice 2 of 33) JAHN*, JON
Joiada Joi'a·da Nehemiah 13:28 (h3111) JOI-uh-duh* [not JOH-]
Joktan Jok'tan Genesis 10:25 (h3355) JOK-tan*
Jonadab Jon'a·dab
compare Jehonadab
Jeremiah 35:6 (h3122) JON-uh-dab*, JOH-nuh-dab
Jonah Jo'nah
persons; Bible book; in some Bibles: Barjona, Bar-Jonah, Jonas, Yonah
Jonah 1:1 (h3124); Matthew 16:17 (g920) (¶) JOH-nuh*
Jonam, Jonan Jo'nam
in most Bibles: Jonam
Luke 3:30 (g2494); “Jonan” Da, KJ, Lamsa, others JOH-nam*, JOH-nuhm; JOH-nuhn
Jonas Jonah
in most Bibles: Jonah
Jonah 1:1 DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h3124) (¶) JOH-nuhs
Jonathan Jon'a·than 2 Samuel 1:4 (h3083) (¶) JON-uh-thuhn* or JAH-nuh-thuhn*
Jonath-elem-rechokim Silent Dove among those far away
in some Bibles: A Silent Dove in the Distance; Concerning the silent dove; On the Dumb Dove far off, Silent Dove in Distant Lands
Psalm 56 superscription, KJ (h3128) joh'nuth-ee'luhm-rih-KOH-kim
Joppa Jop'pa Ezra 3:7 (h3305); Acts 9:36 (g2445) (¶) JOP-uh*
Jordan Jordan [Jor'dan] Genesis 13:10 (h3383); Matthew 3:5 (g2446) (¶) (¶) JOR-duhn, JAWR-duhn*, JAWR-dn [not JER-duhn
Jordanian* it PALESTINE (Geographic Features) (¶) jawr-DAY-nee-uhn
Josaphat Je·hosh'a·phat
in most Bibles: Jehoshaphat
1 Kings 15:24 DRB, DRC (h3092) JOS-uh-fat
Joseph Joseph [Jo'seph] Genesis 30:24 (h3130); Matthew 1:16 (g2501) (¶) JOH-sif, -suhf*, -zuhf
Josephus* it CHRONOLOGY (Problems of Egyptian chronology) (¶) joh-SEE-fuhs
Joshua Joshua [Josh'u·a]
aka Jehoshua
Joshua 1:1 (h3091) (¶) (¶) JOSH-yoo-uh*, -oo-wuh, JAH-sh(uh-)wuh
Josiah Jo·si'ah 1 Kings 13:2 (h2977) (¶) joh-SI-uh*, -ZI-
Josue Joshua Joshua 1:1 DRB (h3091) (¶) JOS-yoo-ee, jos-OO-ee, JAH-shoo-ee(')
Jotham Jo'tham 2 Kings 15:32 (h3147) JOH-thuhm*
Jovian* g92 9/8 6 (¶) JOH-vee-uhn
Jozadak Jo'za·dak
shortened form of Jehozadak
Nehemiah 12:26 (h3136) JOH-zuh-dak*
Jubal Ju'bal Genesis 4:21 (h3106) (¶) JOO-buhl, JOO-bal*
Jubilee Jubilee Leviticus 25:10 (h3104) (¶) JOO-buh-lee('), joo(')-buh-LEE
Judah Judah [Ju'dah]
iin some Bibles: Iudah, Juda, Yehudah, Yehudah, Y'hudah
Genesis 29:35 (h3061) (¶) (¶) JOO-duh*
Judaic* w95 3/1 23 (¶) joo-DAY-ik
Judaism Ju'da·ism Galatians 1:13 (g2454) (¶) JOO-duh-iz'uhm*, JOO-dee-ih'zuhm, JOO-day(')-
Judaize* w93 2/15 28 (¶) JOO-dee-iz('), JOO-duh-, JOO-day(')-
Judas Judas [Ju'das] Matthew 13:55 (g2455) (¶) JOO-duhs*
Jude Jude
person; Bible book
Jude 1 (g2455) (¶) JOOD*
Judea Ju·de'a
also Judaea
Matthew 2:1 (g2449) (¶) (¶) joo-DEE-uh*, -DAY-uh, ju-DEE-uh, -DAY-uh
Judean Ju·de'an
also Judaean
John 3:22 (g2449) (¶) joo-DEE-uhn*, ju-DEE-uhn
judge, Judges judge, judges; Judges
a person who judges or delivers; Bible book
Genesis 16:5; Judges 2:18 (h8199) (¶) (¶) (¶) JUJ, JUHJ; JUHJ-iz, JUH-juhz
judgment judgment Leviticus 19:15 (h4941); Matthew 7:2 (g2917) (¶) JUHJ-ment, often -muhnt
judicial judicial Exodus 21:1 (h4941) (¶) joo-DISH-uhl, -DIH-shuhl
Judith Ju'dith Genesis 26:34 (h3067) (¶) (¶) JOO-dith*, -duhth
Julia Julia [Ju'li·a] Romans 16:15 (g2456) JOO-lee-uh*, often JUHL-yuh
Julian* it CALENDAR (Julian and Gregorian Calendars) (¶) JOOL-yuhn
Julius Julius [Ju'li·us] Acts 27:1 (g2457) JOO-lee-uhs*, often JOOL-yuhs
Junia, Junias Ju'ni·as Romans 16:7 (g2458) JOO-nee-uh; JOO-nee-uhs*
Juniper juniper
in some Bibles: cypress (trees), fir trees, pine
2 Chronicles 2:8 (h1265) (¶) JOO-nuh-puhr
Jupiter Zeus
in some Bibles: Zeus
Acts 14:12 KJ (g2203) (¶) JOO-puh-tuhr
jurisdictional jurisdictional Esther 1:1 (h4082) (¶) jur'uhs-DIK-shuh-nuhl, -shuh-nuhl, juhr'uhs-DIK-shnuhl
justification justification Romans 5:18 (g1347) (¶) juhs'tuh-fuh-KAY-shuhn, -fih-
Justinian* g94 5/15 8 (¶) (¶) juh-STIH-nee-uhn, juh-STIN-ee-uhn
Justin Martyr* w92 3/15 28 (¶) (¶) JUS-tin MAHR-tuhr, JUHS-tuhn, MAHR-tuhr
Justus Justus Acts 1:23 (g2459) JUHS-tuhs*
Juvenal* w96 12/15 6 (¶) JOO-vuh-nuhl, JOO-vuh-nl
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Kabbala*, Kabbalah*
also Cabbala, Kabala, and other spellings
sh 223; w95 3/1 22 (¶) (¶) kuh-BAH-luh, KA-buh-luh, KAB-uh-luh
Kaddish* w08 1/1 4; w61 10/1 581 (¶) KAH-dish
Kadesh Ka'desh
compare Kedesh; aka Kadesh-barnea, En-mishpat
Genesis 20:1 (h6946) KAY-desh*, -dish
Kadesh-barnea Ka'desh-bar'ne·a
aka Kadesh, En-mishpat
Numbers 32:8 (h6947) (¶) kay'desh(')-BAHR-nee-uh*, -bahr-NEE-uh, kay'dish-
kaiser* dp 244 (¶) KI-zuhr
Kaiwan Kai'wan
in some Bibles: Chiun, Kiyun, Kiyyun, Saturn
Amos 5:26 (h3594) KI-wuhn*
Hindu god of love
(¶) KAH-muh
kaph Kaph
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:80 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) KAF, KAHF*, KAWF
Karaism* (¶) KER-uh-ih'zuhm, KA-ruh-
Karaite* w95 7/15 28 (¶) KAR-uh-it
Karma* sh 111 (¶) KAHR-muh, KUHR-
Kebar Che'bar
in most Bibles: Chebar
Ezekiel 1:1 Lesser, Webster (h3529) KEE-bahr
Kedar Ke'dar Song of Solomon 1:5 (h6938) KEE-dahr*, -der, -duhr
Kedesh Ke'desh
compare Kadesh
Joshua 20:7 (h6943) KEE-desh*, -dish
Kedesh-naphtali Ke'desh-naph'ta·li Judges 4:6 (h6943 + h5320) kee'desh-NAF-tuh-li*, kee'dish-
Kehelatha, Kehelathah Ke·he·la'thah
in some Bibles: Ceelatha, Meeting Place
Numbers 33:22 (h6954) kee'uh-LAY-thuh*, kee'huh-
Keilah Kei'lah 1 Samuel 23:1 (h7084) kee-I-luh, KI-luh*
Kemuel Kem·u'el Genesis 22:21 (h7055) kuhm-YOO-uhl*, kem-YOO-uhl*, KEM-yoo-uhl
Kenan Ke'nan
in some Bibles: Cainan
Genesis 5:9 (h7018) KEE-nuhn*
Kenaz Ke'naz 1 Chronicles 1:36 (h7073) KEE-naz*
Kenite Ken'ite Judges 1:16 (h7017) KEN-it*, KEE-nit
Kenizzite Ken'iz·zite
in some Bibles: Cenezite, Kenaz clan, Kenezite
Joshua 14:6 (h7074) KEN-uh-zit*
also spelled qere; qre, q're
it MALLUCHI KUH-ree, kuh-REE
Keren Happuch, Kerenhappuch, Keren-happuch Ker'en-hap'puch
in some Bibles: Cornustibii, Cornustibil, Darkeyes, Happuch, Mascara
Job 42:14 (h7163) ker'uhn-HAP-uhk*
keriah*, keriot*, kerioth*
Jewish act of rending a garment as a symbol of mourning
it RIPPING OF GARMENTS (description) kuh-REE-uh, pl. kuh-REE-oht(h)', -ohs
Kerioth Ke'ri·oth
city or cities
Amos 2:2 (h7152) KER-ee-oth, KIHR-ee-oth*, KEE-ree-oth*
Kesil Ke'sil
in some Bibles: Hesperus, Orion
Job 9:9 (h3685) KEE-sil*
kethib*, kethibh*
“written”; compare kere, qere; also spelled kethiv, ketib, k'thib, kthib, k'thibh, kthibh
Jeremiah 31:38 ftn. kuh-THEEV, -TEEV
Kethubim*, Ketubim*
also Kethuvim, Ketuvim
kih-THOO-bim, kih-TOO-bim
Kethuvim*, Ketuvim*
also Kethubim, Ketubim, Kethuvim'; “Writings”
sh 220 kih-THOO-vim, kuh-, kih-TOO-vim, kuh-, kuh-too-VEEM
Keturah Ke·tu'rah Genesis 25:1 (h6989) kih-TOO-rah*, -TYOOR-uh*, kee-TYOO-ruh
Keziah Ke·zi'ah
in some Bibles: Casia, Cassia, Cinnamon, Kezia
Job 42:14 (h7103) kih-ZI-uh*
aka Chalcis
(¶) kahl-KEES, khahl-
khedive* dp 247 (¶) kuh-DEEV
Khirbet* it AI (¶) (¶) KIHR-bet, kir-BAT
Khirbat Qumran*
also spelled Khirbet
si 118 “Isaiah” (¶) kir-BAT-kuhm-RAHN
Khorsabad* it ASSYRIA khawr-sah-BAHD
khronos* Revelation 10:6 ftn. Gr., khro'nos (g5550); re 157 (Greek Lexicon) KHRON-os
kibbutz*, kibbutzim* g 8/06 13; 77 10/8 16 (¶)  (¶) kih-BUTS, -BOOTS; pl. kih-but'SEEM, -boot-
Kibrothhattaavah, Kibroth-hattaavah, Kibroth Hattaavah Kib'roth-hat·ta'a·vah
in some Bibles: Graves for the Greedy, graves of craving, Graves of Lust
Numbers 11:34 (h6914) kib'roth-huh-TAY-uh-vuh*, -ha-TAY-ay-vuh
Kidron Kid'ron
in some Bibles: [Ravine of] Cedars; Cedron; Kedron
1 Kings 15:13 (h6939); John 18:1 (g2748) (¶) KID-ruhn*, KI-; KID-rahn*
kiln kiln
in some Bibles: chimney, fire, furnace, stove
Exodus 9:8 (h3533) (¶) KILN, KIL
Kimah Ki'mah
in some Bibles: Arcturus; Hyades; Pleiades
Job 9:9 (h3598) KI-mah*, -muh
kine cows
in most Bibles: cows
Genesis 41:2 AS, DRB, DRC, KJ (h6510) (¶) KIN
king, Kings king; Kings
a person who rules; Bible books
1 Kings 1:1 and ftn. (king: h4428) (¶) (¶) KING; KINGZ
Kir Kir
in some Bibles: Cyrene, out of the deep, Qir
Amos 9:7 (h7024) KUHR, KIHR* (rhymes with “ear,” “fear”)
Kiriath Kir'i·ath
in some Bibles: Cariath; Kirjath
Joshua 18:28 (h7157) KIHR-ee-ath*
Kiriath-arba, Kirjath-Arba Kir'i·ath-ar'ba
aka Hebron ; in some Bibles: city of Arbee; Hebron
Genesis 23:2 (h7153) (¶) kihr'ee-ath-AHR-buh, kihr'ee-ahth-AHR-bah*; kuhr'yuhth-AHR-buh, kir'-
Kiriath-jearim Kir'i·ath-je'a·rim 2 Chronicles 1:4 (h7157) kihr'ee-ath-JEE-uh-rim*
Kishon Ki'shon Judges 4:7 (h7028) KI-shon, KI-shahn*
Kislev Chis'lev
Hebrew month; see Chislev
Nehemiah 1:1 CJB, Leeser, NIV, TEV, a few others (h3691) (¶) (¶) KIS-luhf, KIS-luhv, kees-LEV
Kittim Kit'tim
in some Bibles: Chittim, Chithim, Cyprians, Cyprus, Romans, western coastlands
Daniel 11:30 (h3794) KIT-im, KIH-tim*
Kizil Irmak*
ancient Halys River
it GALATIA (¶) kuh-zil' ir-MAHK
knops knobs Exodus 25:31 AS, KJ, Yg (h3730) (¶) NOPS, NAHPS
variants: Cnossus, Gnossus
it CRETE, CRETANS (¶) NAH-suhs
Kohath; Kohathite(s) Ko'hath Genesis 46:11 (h6955); Numbers 4:18 (h6956) KOH-hath*; KOH-hath-it(s)*
Koheleth congregator
in some Bibles: Ecclesiastes, Kohelet, Philosopher, Preacher, Qoheleth, spokesman
Ecclesiastes 1:1 By, JPS (h6953) koh-HEL-ith; also Qoheleth
Koine* it GREEK (¶) koi-nay, koi-NAY , KOI-nay, -nee; modern Greek kee-NEE
Konia*, Konya*
ancient Iconium
w90 6/15 11 (Konya) (¶) kaw-NYAH
Hebrew letter
see qohph
kor cor measures
in some Bibles: bushels, cor, cors, kors, measures
1 Kings 4:22 (h3734) KOR
Korah Ko'rah
in some Bibles: Core, Korach
Exodus 6:24 (h7141) KOR-ah*, KOR-uh*
also Qur'an
w91 4/1 17 (¶) kuh-RAN, kuh-RAHN, koh-RAN, -RAHN, KAWR-an'
Kore Ko're 1 Chronicles 9:19 (h6981) KOH-ruh*, KOR-ee
kosher* g94 2/8 29 (¶) KOH-shuhr
kosmos* Gr., ko'smos
variant of cosmos
it WORLD (¶) KAHZ-muhs, -mohs', -mahs'
Kyrie Eleison* w72 1/15 63; re 236 (¶) KIR-ee-ay' uh-LAY-(uh-)sahn', -(uh-)suhn, also KIR-ee-uh-LAY-
kyrios*, kurios* Gr., ky'ri·os Romans 10:9 ftn. (g2962) (¶) KOO-ree-os, KIR-ee-ahs'*; KUR-ee-ahs'
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Laban La'ban Genesis 24:29 (h3837) LAY-ban*, -buhn
labdanum labdanum [lab'da·num]
variant, ladanum; in some Bibles: gum, resin, spicery, spices, tragacanth
Genesis 37:25 (h5219) (¶) (¶) LAB-duh-nuhm*, variant LAD-nuhm, LA-duh-nuhm, LAD-n-uhm
Lachish La'chish 2 Chronicles 25:27 (h3923) (¶) LAY-kish*
Laconia* (¶) luh-KOH-nee-uh, -KOH-nyuh
lacuna*, lacunae*, lacunas* g87 7/22 10 (¶) (¶) (¶) luh-KYOO-nuh, -KOO-; luh-KYOO-nee('), -KOO-ni', pl., luh-KOO-nuhz, -KYOO-
Laish La'ish
aka Leshem, Dan
Judges 18:27 (h3919) LAY-ish*
lamedh, lamed La'medh
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:89 (verse heading) (¶) LAH-mid, LAH-med'*
lamentation, Lamentations lamentation; Lamentations
a lament; Bible book; lamentation, in some Bibles: cries of sorrow, funeral song, wailing
Jeremiah 9:18 (h5092) (¶) (¶) la'muhn-TAY-shuhn, lam'en-; lam'en-la'muhn-TAY-shuhnz
lammergeier*, lammergeyer* g96 2/22 25; it VULTURE (¶) LA-muhr-gi'(-uh)r
a wife of Antiochus II and eponym for Laodicea
dp 219 lay-OD-uh-see
Laodicea, Laodicean La·o·di·ce'a; La·o·di·ce'ans Colossians 2:1 (g2993); 4:16 (g2993) (¶) (¶) (¶) lay-oh-duh-SEE-uh*, lay'uh-duh-, lay-od'ih-SEE-uh, lay(')-ah'duh-SEE-uh; lay-ah'duh-SEE-uhn, lay-oh-duh-SEE-uhn*
Lapidoth, Lappidoth Lap'pi·doth Judges 4:4 (h3041) LAP-ih-doth*
lapis lazuli sapphire
in most Bibles: sapphire
Lamentations 4:7, By, LITV, MKJV, NASB (h5601)  (¶) lap'uhs-LA-zuh-lee, -LA-zhuh-
Lar*, Lares*
see Lares and Penates
(¶) LAHR; pl. LAIR-eez('), LER-
Lares and Penates* w65 8/1 475 (¶) LAIR-eez('), LER-; puh-NAY-teez, -NAH-
lascivious, lasciviousness loose conduct
in some Bibles: flagrant sexual immorality, licentiousness, lustfulness, promiscuity
Ephesians 5:5, Diaglott, LONT (g4123); Galatians 5:19, AS, KJ, Yg (g766) (¶) luh-SI-vee-uhs, luh-SIV-ee-uhs-nuhs
Lasea, Lasaea La·se'a Acts 27:8 (g2996) luh-SEE-uh*, lay-
Lasha La'sha
perhaps, Callirrhoe*, or Laish; in some Bibles: Dasa, Lashah, Lesa, Lesha
Genesis 10:19 (h3962) LAY-shuh*
Lasharon, Lassharon Las·shar'on Joshua 12:18 (h8289) luh-SHAIR-uhn*, lah-SHAY-ron
Latin Latin John 19:20 (g4515) (¶) LAT-in, LA-tuhn
Latinism* it PRAETORIAN GUARD (¶) LA-tuh-nih'zuhm, LAT-uh-niz'uhm
laver basin
in some Bibles: basin, bowl, washing bowl
Exodus 30:18, AS, By, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (h3595) (¶) LAY-vuhr
Lazarus Laz'a·rus John 11:1 (g2976) (¶) LA-zuh-ruhs*, LAZ-uh-, LAZ-ruhs
Leah Le'ah Genesis 29:16 (h3812) (¶) LEE-uh*
leaven leaven Matthew 16:11 (g2219) (¶) LEV-uhn, LE-vuhn
Lebanon Leb'a·non Psalm 72:16 (h3844) (¶) (¶) LEB-uh-nuhn, LEB-uh-non'*
Lebbaeus, Lebbeus
name omitted from many Bibles
Matthew 10:3, Da, Diaglott, KJ, Moffatt, Yg (g3002) lih-BEE-uhs
lection* (¶) LEK-shuhn
lectionary* w84 1/15 24; g84 3/22 19 (¶) LEK-shuh-ner'ree, -ner'ee
Legion, legion Legion; legions Mark 5:9 (g3003); Matthew 26:53 (g3003) (¶) LEE-juhn, LEE-juhnz
Lemuel Lem'u·el Proverbs 31:1 (h3927) LEM-yoo-uhl*
leprosy leprosy 2 Chronicles 26:19 (h6883) (¶) LE-pruh-see [not LEP-er-see]
leprous leprous Numbers 5:2 (h6879); Luke 17:12 (g3015) (¶) LEP-ruhs, LEH-pruhs [not LEP-uh-ruhs]
lepta; lepton small coins; small coin
in some Bibles: little/small copper coins, mites; sing., lepton
Mark 12:42, ALT, EMTV (g3016); Luke 12:59, ALT (g3016) (¶) (¶) pl., lep-TAH*; sing., lep-TAHN
lèse-majesté*, lese majesty* dp 251 (¶) layz'MA-juh-stee, laz'-, leez'-
Leshem Le'shem
city, aka Dan, Laish; compare leshem
Joshua 19:47 (h3959) LEE-shuhm*
leshem (stone) lesh'em
in some Bibles: a stone, jacinth, ligure, ligurius, opal, turquoise; compare Leshem
Exodus 28:19 (h3958) LESH-uhm
Levant* g91 1/22 17 (¶) (¶) luh-VANT, lih- [not -VAHNT]
Levantine* it ARAMAIC (¶) LEH-vuhn-tin', -teen', lih-VAN-tin, luh-VAN-
Levi Le'vi Genesis 29:34 (h3878); Mark 2:14 (g3018) (¶) LEE-vi*
Leviathan Le·vi'a·than
in some Bibles: great sea[-]animal, sea dragon
Job 41:1 (h3882) (¶) lih-VI-uh-thuhn, lee-, luh-*
levirate brother-in-law marriage Deuteronomy 25:7, LITV, MKJV (h2992) (¶) LEH-vuh-ruht, LEE-, -rayt', LEV-uh-rit, LEE- vuhr-it, -vuh-rayt'
Levite Levite Exodus 4:14 (h3881) (¶) LEE-vit(')*, LEE-vits*
Levitical Levitical Ezekiel 43:19 (h3881); Hebrews 7:11 (g3020) (¶) lih-VI-tih-kuhl
Leviticus Leviticus
Bible book
it LEVITICUS (¶) lih-VI-tih-kuhs
lexical* g99 10/22 (¶) LEK-si-kuhl
lexicon* w99 2/1 31 (¶) (¶) LEK-suh-kahn', -kuhn, LEK-sih-kon(')
lexicographer* it LANGUAGE (¶) lek'suh-KAH-gruh-fuhr
lex talionis* g77 6/8 27 leks' tal-ee-OH-nis, lek'sta-LEE-oh-nuhs
libation libation
in some Bibles: agreement, alliances, covering, league[s], treaties
Isaiah 30:1 (h4541) (¶) li-BAY-shuhn
Libertine Freedmen
in some Bibles: Freedmen, Freed Slaves
“Libertines” in Acts 6:9, AS, DRB, KJ (g3032) (¶) LIB-uhr-teen', -tihn
Libnah Lib'nah Joshua 10:29 (h3841) LIB-nah*, -nuh
Libya Lib'y·a Acts 2:10 (g3033) (¶) LIB-ee-uh* [not LIB-yuh]
lightning lightning Matthew 24:27 (g796) (¶) LIT-ning [not LI-tuh-ning']
lign-aloes aloe plants Numbers 24:6, AS, KJ (h174) lin-AL-ohz', LI-na(')-lohz, LIG-
ligure lesh'em stone
in some Bibles: jacinth, leshem stone, ligurius, opal, turquoise
Exodus 28:19, KJ (h3958) (¶) LIH-gyur, -gyuhr
lilith nightjar
in some Bibles: lamia, night creature, night-demon Lilith, night monster, night owl, screech owls
Isaiah 34:14, Da (h3917) (¶) (¶) (¶) LIH-luhth, LIL-ith, Heb., lee-LEETH
Assyrian eponym lists
w68 12/15 757 LIH-moo(')
lingam* w02 8/1 21 (¶) LING-guhm
Linus Li'nus 2 Timothy 4:21 (g3044) LI-nuhs*
liturgical* w04 2/1 8 (¶) luh-TUHR-jih-kuhl, lih-
liturgy* w03 2/15 30 (¶) LIH-tuhr-jee
Lo-ammi Lo-am'mi Hosea 1:9 (h3818) loh-AM-i*
loathsome loathsome
in some Bibles: abominable
Ezekiel 8:10 (h8263) (¶) LOHTH-suhm, LOHTH-
locust locust Exodus 10:19 (h697) (¶) LOH-kust [not LOH-kus]
Lod Lod
aka Lydda
1 Chronicles 8:11 (h3850) (¶) LOD, LAHD*, LAWD*, LOHD
Lo-debar, Lodebar, Lo Debar Lo-de'bar 2 Samuel 9:5 (h3810) loh-DEE-bar*, -buhr
logion*, logia* it SACRED PRONOUNCEMENTS; (Gk., lo'gi·on); Romans 3:2 ftn., “sacred pronouncements” (Gr., lo'gi·a) (g3051) (¶) (¶) (¶) (¶) LOH-gee-on, -jee-, -jee-ahn', LOG-ee-on, LAHG-; pl. LOH-gee-uh, -jee-
in most Bibles, a title: Word; also, Greek for “word”
John 1:1 ftn. (g3056) (¶) (¶) LOH-gahs', LOH-gos
Lois Lo'is 2 Timothy 1:5 (g3090) LOH-is*
Loki* w52 12/15 741 (¶) LOH-kee
Longimanus* w06 1/15 19; 2/1 8; dp 53 lohn-jim-AY-nuhs, lawng-juh-MAH-nuhs
Longinus* (Cassius) dp 253 (¶) (¶) lahn-JI-nuhs, lon-, KASH-uhs, KA-sh(ee-)uhs, -s(ee-)uhs
loquacious boaster
in some Bibles: full of talk, great talk, loose-tongued, [man] of lips
Job 11:2, JPS (h8193) (¶) loh-KWAY-shuhs
Lo-ruhamah Lo-ru·ha'mah
compare Ruhamah
Hosea 1:6 (h3819) loh'roo-HAY-muh*
not in most Bibles
2 Corinthians 13:14, KJ (g3065) LOO-kuhs
Lucifer shining one
in some Bibles: bright morning star, day-star, morning star, shining one, shining star
Isaiah 14:12, Da, DRB, DRC, KJ (h1966) (¶) LOO-sih-fuhr, -suh-
Lucius Lucius (Lu'cius) Acts 13:1 (g3066) LOO-shee-uhs*, LOO-shuhs
Lud Lud Isaiah 66:19 (h3865) LUHD*
Ludim Lu'dim
in some Bibles: Lud, Lydians
Jeremiah 46:9 (h3866) LOO-dim*
Luke Luke
person; Bible book
Colossians 4:14 (g3065) (¶) LOOK*
lunisolar* it CALENDAR (¶) loo'nih-SOH-luhr, -lahr'
Lupercalia* g95 2/8 27 (¶) loo'puhr-KAY-lee-uh, -KAYL-yuh
lupus* dp 94 (¶) LOO-puhs
luxuriant luxuriant Psalm 52:8 (h7488) (¶) luhg(')-ZHUR-ee-uhnt, luhk(')-SHUR-
aka Bethel
Genesis 28:19 (h3870) LUHZ*
lycanthropy* dp 93 (¶) li-KAN(T)-thruh-pee
Lycaonia Lyc·a·o'ni·a Acts 14:6 (g3071) (¶) lik'ih-OH-nee-uh*, -uh-, lih'kay-OH-nee-uh, li'-, -nyuh
Lycaonian Lyc·a·o'ni·an Acts 14:11 (g3072) lik'uh-OH-nee-uhn, lik'ih-OH-nee-uhn*
Lycia Ly'ci·a Acts 27:5 (g3073) (¶) (¶) LIH-shee-uh*, LISH-uh
Lydda Lyd'da
aka Lod
Acts 9:38 (g3069) LIH-duh*, LID-uh
Lydia Lyd'i·a Acts 16:14 (g3070) (¶) LIH-dee-uh*, LID-ee-uh
Lysanias Ly·sa'ni·as Luke 3:1 (g3078) li-SAY-nee-uhs*, lih-
Lysias (Claudius) Lys'i·as Acts 23:26 (g3079) (¶) LIS-ee-uhs*
Lysimachus* it ALEXANDER (¶) li-SIH-muh-kuhs, -SIM-uh-
Lystra Lys'tra Acts 14:6 (g3082) LIS-truh* [not LI-struh]
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Maacah, Maachah Ma'a·cah 2 Samuel 3:3 (h4601) MAY-uh-kuh*
Maacathite, Maachathite Ma·ac'a·thite 1 Chronicles 4:19 (h4602) may-AK-uh-thit
Maadai Ma·a·da'i Ezra 10:34 (h4572) may-uh-DAY-i
Maaleh-acrabbim ascent of A·krab'bim
in some Bibles: Akrabbim Pass, ascent of Akrabbim, ascent of the Scorpion, Scorpion Pass
Numbers 34:4, KJ (h4608 + h4610) may'uh-leh-uh-KRAB-im, MAY-uh-lee-a-KRAB-ihm
Maaseiah Ma·a·sei'ah Nehemiah 8:4 (h4641) mah-uh-SI-uh*, may'uh-SEE-yah
Maasai, Maasiai Ma'a·sai; Maasiai [KJ, LITV] 1 Chronicles 9:12 (h4640) MAY-uh-si*; may-AS-ee-i
Maat*, Ma'at* sh 53 muh-AHT, MAY-uht
Maath Ma'ath Luke 3:26 (g3092) MAY-ath
Maccabean* dp 20 (¶) ma'kuh-BEE-uhn, mak'uh-
Maccabee*, Maccabees* w01 6/15 28; 06 9/15 11 (¶) MAK-uh-bee; MA-kuh-beez(')
Maccabaeus, Maccabeus* g90 12/8 12; 1 Maccabees 2:4 (¶) mak'uh-BEE-uhs
Macedon* it GREECE, GREEKS (Patriarchal Tradition and the City-States) (¶) MAS-uh-don, ma'suh-dahn', MAS-ih-duhn, -dohn
Macedonia, Macedonian Mac·e·do'ni·a; Mac·e·do'ni·an Acts 16:9 (g3109; g3010) (¶) ma'suh-DOH-nee-uh*, -nyuh; mas'uh-DOH-nee-uhn*
compare Maccabee*, Maccabees*
w61 10/1 582 (¶) MAK-uh-beez, MA-kuh-beez(')
compare Maccabeus
w61 10/1 582 mak'uh-BEE-uhs
Machaerus* w70 1/1 32 muh-KIHR-uhs, ma-KEE-ruhs
Machbanai, Machbannai Mach'ban·nai 1 Chronicles 12:13 (h4344) MAK-buh-ni; MAK-ban-i*
Machbena, Machbenah Mach·be'nah 1 Chronicles 2:49 (h4343) mak-BEE-nuh*
Machi Ma'chi Numbers 13:15 (h4352) MAY-ki*
machinations machinations
in some Bibles: artifices, deceits, deceptive tactics, stratagems, strategies, tricks, wiles
Ephesians 6:11 (g3180) (¶) ma'kuh-NAY-shuhn, ma'shuh-, pl. ma'kuh-NAY-shuhnz
Machir Ma'chir Genesis 50:23 (h4353) MAY-kihr*, -kuhr
Machpelah Mach·pe'lah Genesis 23:17 (h4375) mak-PEE-lah*, -luh
Madaba*, Madeba*
modern Medaba, Medeba
it MEDEBA MAD-uh-buh
Madai Ma'da·i Genesis 10:2 (h4074) MAY-di, MAY-day-i*
Madmen Mad'men Jeremiah 48:2 (h4086) MAD-men*, -muhn
Magadan Mag'a·dan
in some Bibles: Magdala
Matthew 15:39 (g3093) MAG-uh-dan*
Magdala Mag'a·dan
in most Bibles: Magadan
Matthew 15:39, Diaglott, EMTV, KJ, LITV (g3093) (¶) MAG-dul-luh
Magdalen, Magdalene Magdalen [DRB, DRC]; Mag'da·lene [NW]
in some Bibles: of Magdala
Matthew 28:1 (g3094) (¶) (¶) MAG-duh-luhn; MAG-duh-leen*
Magus*, Magi astrologers
in most Bibles: wise men
Matthew 2:1, Da, We, Catholic Confraternity (g3097) (¶) (¶) MAY-guhs, pl., MAY-ji , MA- [not MAG-i
in most Bibles: wise men
dp 52 (¶) MAY-jee-uhn
magistrate magistrates Ezra 7:25 (h8200); Acts 16:20 (g4755) (¶) MA-juh-strayt', -struht
Magnesia* dp 226 (¶) mag-NEE-shuh, -zhuh
Magog Ma'gog Ezekiel 38:2 (h4031); Revelation 20:4 (g3098) (¶) MAY-gog*
mahabharata* sh 103 (¶) muh-hah'BAHR-uh-tuh, mah'huh-BAH-ruh-tuh
Mahalaleel Ma·ha'la·le·el
in some Bibles: Maleleel; compare Mahalalel
Luke 3:37 (g3121) muh-hay'luh-LEE-uhl, ma-HAY-luh-lee'uhl*
Mahalalel Ma·hal'a·lel
compare Mahalaleel
Genesis 5:12 (h4111) muh-HAL-uh-luhl, ma-HAL-uh-lel*
Mahalath Ma'ha·lath Genesis 28:9 (h4258) MAY-huh-lath*
Mahalath Leannoth Ma'ha·lath for making responses Psalm 88 superscription, NW; Psalm 88:1, Da, KJ, JPS (h4257 + h6031) may'huh-lath-lee-AN-oth
Mahanaim Ma·ha·na'im Genesis 32:2 (h4266) may(')-huh-NAY-im*
Maher-shalal-hash-baz Ma'her-shal'al-hash-baz. Isaiah 8:1 (h4122) MAY-huhr-SHAL-al-hash(')-baz*, MAY-uhr-SHAL-uhl-
Mahlah Mah'lah Numbers 27:1 (h4244) MAH-luh*, MAY-
Mahli Mah'li
in some Bibles: Mahali, Moholi, Mooli
Exodus 6:19 (h4249) MAH-li*, MAY-
Mahlon Mah'lon Ruth 1:2 (h4248) MAH-luhn*, -lon, MAY-luhn
Mahseiah Mah·sei'ah
in some Bibles: Maaseiah, Maasias
Jeremiah 32:12 (h4271) muh-SI-uh*, mah-SEE-yah
Maia* it HERMES 2.; sj 20 (definition) MAY-uh, MI-uh
Maimonides*, Maimon* (Moses ben) w95 3/1 20-23– (¶) mi-MON-ih-deez', -MAH-nuh-deez'; MI-muhn
Makkedah Mak·ke'dah Joshua 10:10 (h4719) muh-KEE-duh*
Maktesh Mak'tesh
in some Bibles: Makhtesh, Maktesh, in Lower Hollow, in the hollow, in the market areas/market district/market places, of the lower city, lower part of the city, of the Pillar, on Market Street, the Hollow, the hollow place, the Mortor, the mortor-street
Zephaniah 1:11 (h4389) MAK-tesh*
Malachi Mal'a·chi
person; Bible book
Malachi 1:1 (h4401) (¶) MA-luh-ki'*, MAL-uh-ki
Malcam Mal'cam
in some Bibles: Malcham, Melchom, Milcom, Molech
Zephaniah 1:5 (h4445) MAL-kam*
Malchiah, Malchijah Mal·chi'jah
name of at least 13 persons
Jeremiah 38:6 (h4441) mal-KI-uh; mal-KI-juh*
Malchishua, Malchi-shua Mal'chi-shu'a
aka Malkishua, Malki-shua, Melchishua, Melchi-shua
1 Samuel 31:3 (h4444) mal'ki-SHOO-uh*
Malchus Mal'chus John 18:10 (g3124) MAL-kuhs*
malediction malediction
in some Bibles: curse, reviling
Deuteronomy 11:26 (h7045) (¶) (¶) mal'ih-DIK-shuhn , ma'luh-DIK-shuhn
malefactor wrongdoer
in some Bibles: criminal, evildoer, wrongdoer
John 18:30, DRB, KJ (g2555) (¶) MAL-uh-fak'tuhr, MA-luh-
malign puffs at; reviling Psalm 12:5, HNV, WEB (h6315); Acts 23:4, HNV, WEB (g3058) (¶) muh-LIN
Malkishua, Malki-shua Mal'chi-shu'a
aka Malchishua, Malchi-shua, Melchishua, Melchi-shua
1 Samuel 31:3, CJB, Leeser, MSG, NCV (h4444) mal'ki-SHOO-uh*
Malta Malta [Mal'ta]
in some Bibles: Melita
Acts 28:1 (g3194) (¶) MAWL-tuh*
Mammon Riches
in some Bibles: gold, mammon, money, riches, wealth, worldly wealth
Matthew 6:24, AMP, KJ, RSV, Yg (g3126) (¶) MAM-uhn
Mamre Mam're Genesis 13:18 (h4471) MAM-ree*
Manaen Man'a·en Acts 13:1 (g3127) MAN-ee-uhn*
Manasseh Ma·nas'seh Genesis 41:51 (h4519) (¶) muh-NA-suh* or muh-NAS-uh*, also muh-NAS-ee
mandala* g82 1/8 13 (¶) MUHN-duh-luh
Manes*, Mani*
founder of Manichaeism
g86 4/22 20 (¶) MAY-neez; MAH-nee
ma'nes, Roman ancestral gods
w54 6/15 361 (¶) MAH-nays', MAY-neez'
Manetho* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Hyksos Period) MAN-ih-thoh
manger manger
in some Bibles: crib(s), grain crib, feed(ing) trough, stall(s), trough
Proverbs 14:4 (h18); Luke 2:7 (g5336) (¶) MAYN-juhr
Mani* w03 11/15 5 see Manes
Manichaean*, Manichean* g86 4/22 20 (¶) man'uh-KEE-uhn
Manichaeism*, Manicheism*, Manichaeanism*, Manicheanism* w03 11/15 5 (¶) (¶) man'ih-KEE-iz'uhm, ma'nuh-KEE-uh-ni'zuhm
manna manna (man'na) Exodus 16:31 (h4478 + h1931) (¶) (¶) MAN-uh*, MA-nuh
Manoah Ma·no'ah Judges 13:2 (h4495) muh-NOH-uh*
mantra* g84 2/22 8 (¶) (¶) MAN-truh, MAHN-, MUHN-
Manu* w92 1/15 6; sh 120 (¶) (¶) MAH-noo, MA-noo(')
manumission* Isaiah 61:1 ftn. (¶) man'yuh-MISH-uhn, -MI-shuhn
Mara Ma'ra Ruth 1:20 (h4755) MAY-ruh*, MAIR-uh, MAHR-uh*
Marah Ma'rah Exodus 15:23 (h4785) MAY-rah*, -ruh, MAIR-uh
Maralah Mar'e·al
in some Bibles: Magelda, Mareal, Maraalah, Marealah, Merala
Joshua 19:11, AMP, KJ, Leeser (h4831) MAHR-uh-luh
Maranatha see Anathema Maranatha
marauder (bands) marauder bands
in some Bibles: bands, companies, raiding expeditions, raids, small bands
2 Kings 5:2 (h1416) muh-RAWD-uhr*
Marheshvan*, Marchesvan*, Marcheshvan*
aka Bul, Heshvan
it BUL Eng. mar-KHESH-vuhn, -HESH-, -van, Seph. Heb., mahr-khesh-VAHN, Ashk. Heb., mahr-KHESH-vahn
Marcion*, Marcionite* w07 9/1 3; w83 9/15 12 (¶) MAHR-shuhn, -see-uhn; MAHR-shuh-nit, -see-uh-, -shee-uh-
Marcionism* (¶) (¶) MAHR-shuh-niz'uhm, MAHR-shuh-ni'zuhm, -see-uh-, -shee-uh-
Marduk Merodach
aka Bel, Merodach
Jeremiah 50:2, By, CEV, NEB, TEV (h4781) (¶) MAHR-duk, -dyook, -dook
Mareal Mar'e·al
in some Bibles: Maralah
Joshua 19:11 (h4831) MAHR-ee-el*, MAY-ree-uhl
Mari* it AMORITE (The ‘Amurru“) (read about) MAH-ree
Mark Mark
person, aka John Mark; Bible book
Acts 12:12 (g3138) (¶) MAHRK*
Marrano*, Marranos* g97 5/8 18 (¶) muh-RAH-noh; pl., muh-RAH-nohs
Martha Martha [Mar'tha] Luke 10:38 (g3136) (¶) MAHR-thuh*
martyr witness
in most Bibles: witness
Revelation 2:13, KJ (g3144) (¶) MAHR-tuhr
Mary Mary [Ma'ry] Matthew 1:18 (g3137) (¶) (¶) MER-ee*, MAY-ree, MAIR-ee, MA-ree
Masada* g 6/06 5 (¶) muh-SAH-duh, Heb., muh-tsah-DAH
maskil Maskil [Mas'kil] Psalm 32 superscription (h4905) MAS-kil*, MAHS-keel, MAH-skeel'
Masora*, Masorah* it SCRIBE (¶) muh-SAW-uh, -SOR-, -SOH-
Masorete*, Massorete* it SCRIBE (¶) MAS-uh-reet, MA-suh-reet'
Masoretic* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Manuscripts of Hebrew Scriptures) (¶) mas'uh-RET-ik, ma'suh-RE-tik
Massah Mas'sah (I)
compare: Meribah
Exodus 17:7 (h4532) MAS-ah*, MAS-uh
Mattaniah Mat·ta·ni'ah 2 Kings 24:17 (h4983) mat'uh-NI-uh*
Mattathias Mat·ta·thi'as Luke 3:25, 26 (g3161) ma'tuh-THI-uhs*, mat'uh-
Mattenai Mat·te'nai Nehemiah 12:19 (h4982) MAT-uh-ni, muh-TEE-ni
Matthat Mat'that Luke 3:24 (g3158) MAT-that*, MATH-at
Matthew Matthew [Mat'thew] Matthew 9:9 (g3156) (¶) MA-thyoo(')*, MA-thoo(')
Matthias Mat·thi'as Acts 1:23 (g3159) muh-THI-uhs*
Mattithiah Mat·ti·thi'ah 1 Chronicles 9:31 (h4993) mat'uh-THI-uh*
Maundy Thursday
w76 2/1 72 (¶) MAWN-dee, MAHN-
mayest, mayst may various verses [AS, DRB, DRC, JPS, KJ, Leeser] (¶) MAY-uhst, MAYST
Mazzaroth Maz'za·roth
in some Bibles: constellations, Big Dipper
Job 38:32 (h4216) MAZ-uh-roth, MAZ-uh-ruhth*
Medaba, Medeba Med'e·ba
ancient Madaba, Madeba
Joshua 13:9 (g5311) MED-uh-bah*, -buh, -ih-, MEE-uh-buh
Mede Mede
see also Median
Daniel 5:31 (in some Bibles: 6:1) (h4077) (¶) MEED
Media Me'di·a Ezra 6:2 (h4076) (¶) MEE-dee-uh*
Median Mede Daniel 5:31, KJ (h4077) (¶) MEE-dee-uhn
mediaeval*, medieval*
aka Middle Ages
g89 3/8 3; g 1/08 26 (¶) mee-DEE-vuhl, mee-dee-EE-vuhl
Mediterranean western sea
in some Bibles: hinder sea, latter sea, western sea
Zechariah 14:8, AMP, CEV, CSB, TEV (h314 + h3220) (¶) med'ih-tuh-RAY-nee-uhn, meh'duh-tuh-RAY-nee-uhn, -nyuhn
Megiddo Me·gid'do Judges 5:19 (h4023) (¶) mih-GIH-doh(')*, mih-GID-oh, muh-*
Megillah*, Megillot*, Megilloth* it SYNAGOGUE; it HEBREW SCRIPTURES (¶) mih-GIL-uh; pl., mih-GIL-ot, -oth
Mehetabeel Me·het'a·bel
in most Bibles: Mehetabel
Nehemiah 6:10, Da, KJ, LITV, Yg (h4105) muh-HET-uh-bee'uhl
Mehetabel Me·het'a·bel
in some Bibles: Mehetabeel, Metabeel
Nehemiah 6:10 (h4105) muh-HET-uh-bel*, mih-, mee-
Melchior* w04 12/15 3 MEL-kee-or('), -awr, MEL-kyawr
Melchishua, Melchi-shua Mal'chi-shu'a
aka Malchishua, Malchi-shua, Malkishua, Malki-shua
1 Samuel 31:2, AKJV (h4444) mel'ki-SHOO-uh
Melchizedek Mel·chiz'e·dek Genesis 14:18 (h4442) (¶) mel-KIH-zuh-dek*, -KIZ-uh-
Melea Me'le·a Luke 3:31 (g3190) MEE-lee-uh*
Melech Mel'ech 1 Chronicles 9:41 (h4429); Isaiah 57:9 (ftn. “king”) (h4428) MEL-ik*, MEE-lek, -lik
Melita Malta Acts 28:1, AS, DRB, DRC, KJ (g3194) (¶) ME-luh-tuh, MEL-ih-tuh, muh-LEE-tuh
Melito* (of Sardis) w06 4/15 19 MEL-ih-toh
mem Mem
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:97 (verse heading) (¶) MEM, MAYM*
Memphis Mem'phis
aka Noph; in a few Bibles: Moph
Hosea 9:6 (h4644) (¶) MEM-fis*, MEM(P)-fuhs
Menahem Men'a·hem 2 Kings 15:14 (h4505) MEN-uh-hem*
ancient historian
it AHAB (¶) muh-NAN-duhr
often capitalized
w92 12/1 27 (¶) MEN-dih-kuhnt
Menelaus* w98 11/15 22 (¶) men'uh-LAY-uhs
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin ME'NE, ME'NE, TE'KEL and PAR'SIN, also PE'RES
in some Bibles: “Parsin” as Divided, divisions, Half Minas, Peres, Phares, Upharsin
Daniel 5:25–28 (h4484 + h8625 + h6537) MEE-nee*, TEE-kel*, -kuhl, PAHR-sin*, in some Bibles: yoo-FAHR-sin
Menorah lampstand Exodus 25:31, HNV (h4501); Hebrews 9:2, HNV (g3087) (¶) muh-NAWR-uh, -NOR-, -NOHR-
menstrual menstrual impurity
in some Bibles: impurity, monthly period, period, separation
Leviticus 15:19 (h5079) (¶) MEN(T)-stroo-uhl, -struhl
menstruation menstruation
in some Bibles: custom [manner, way] of women, monthly periods
Genesis 18:11 (¶) men(t)'stroo-WAY-shuhn, men-STRAY-
Meonenim Me·on'e·nim Judges 9:37 (h6048) mee-AHN-uh-nim*, -ON-
Mephibosheth Me·phib'o·sheth 2 Samuel 4:4 (h4648) mih-FIB-oh-sheth, -uh-, muh-FIB-uh-sheth*
Merab Me'rab 1 Samuel 14:49 (h4764) MEE-rab*, MIR-ab
Merari Me·rar'i Genesis 46:11 (h4847) mih-RAHR-i, muh-RAIR-i*, [not -ee]
Merarite(s) Me·rar'its Numbers 26:57 (h4848) mih-RAH-rit, muh-RAIR-it(s)*
Merathaim Mer·a·tha'im Jeremiah 50:21 (h4850) mer'uh-THAY-im*
Mered Me'red 1 Chronicles 4:18 (h4778) MEE-red*, -rid
Meribah Mer'i·bah (I)
compare: Massah
Exodus 17:7 (h4809) MER-ih-bah*, -buh
Merneptah* w06 7/15 24 MUHR-nep-tah', mer-NEP-tah
Merodach Mer'o·dach
in some Bibles: Marduk*
Jeremiah 50:2 (h4781) MER-oh-dak*, -uh-dahk', mee-ROH-dak, mih-
Merodach-baladan Mer'o·dach-bal'a·dan Isaiah 39:1 (h4757) MER-oh-dak-BAL-uh-dan*, mih-roh'dak-BAL-uh-duhn
compare Ethiopic
it ETHIOPIA (Ethiopian Language) (¶) mer'oh-IH-tik
Meroz Me'roz Judges 5:23 (h4789) MEE-roz*
Mesha Me'sha 2 Kings 3:4 (h4338) MEE-shuh* [not MESH-uh]
Meshach Me'shach
aka Mishael
Daniel 1:7 (h4335) (¶) MEE-shak*, MEE-shach
Meshech Me'shech
in some Bibles: Mosoch
Ezekiel 27:13 (h4902) MEE-shek*
Meshillemith Me·shil'le·mith 1 Chronicles 9:12 (h4921) muh-SHIL-uh-mith*, mih-, mee-SHIL-ee-mith
Meshillemoth Me·shil'le·moth Nehemiah 11:13 (h4919) muh-SHIL-uh-moth*, mih-, mee-SHIL-ee-moth
Meshullemeth Me·shul'le·meth 2 Kings 21:19 (h4922) muh-SHUHL-uh-meth*, mih-SHOOL-uh-mith, -meth
Mesopotamia Mes·o·po·ta'mi·a
in some Bibles: Aram-naharaim
Genesis 24:10 (h763) (¶) (¶) mes'oh-puh-TAY-mee-uh*, mes'uh-, meh's(uh-)puh-TAY-mee-uh, -myuh
Messiah Mes·si'ah Daniel 9:25 (h4899) (¶) muh-SI-uh*
Messianic* it KINGDOM OF GOD (¶) mes'ee-AN-ik, me'see-A-nik
messianism* sh 218 (¶) MEH-see-uh-nih'zuhm, muh-SI-uh-, mih-
compare simile
w84 6/1 18; 06 6/15 17 (¶) MET-uh-for' or -fawr', -fuhr
metaphysical* w95 4/15 3 (¶) met'uh-FIZ-ih-kuhl
metempsychosis* ie 6; w58 5/15 906 (¶) muh-tem(p)'si-KOH-suhs,me'tuhm-si'KOH-suhs
metathesis* (¶) muh-TA-thuh-suhs
mete variant of “measure” Exodus 16:18, KJ (h4058); Matthew 7:2, Da, DRB, DRC, KJ (g3354) (¶) MEET
meteyard measuring
in some Bibles: length, measure[s] of length
Leviticus 19:35, JPS, KJ, Yg (h4060) mee-TYAHRD, MEET-yahrd
Methegammah, Metheg-ammah, Metheg Ammah Meth'eg-am'mah
in some Bibles: bridle of bondage/tribute, bridle of the metropolis/mother city, power of the capital
2 Samuel 8:1 (h4965) meth'ig-AM-uh*, mee'thig-, -theg-
Methuselah Me·thu'se·lah Genesis 5:21 (h4968) (¶) mih-THOO-suh-luh, -zuh-, -THYOO-, -TH(Y)OOZ-luh, muh-THOO-zuh-luh*, -THOOZ-luh, meh-THYOO-zuh-luh*
Metonic* it CALENDAR (Hebrew Calendar) (¶) mih-TON-ik
metonymy* it BAAL 4. (Baal Worship) (¶) muh-TON-uh-mee, -TAH-nuh-
mezuza*, mezuzah*; mezuzot*, mezuzoth'* [me·zu'zah]; Exodus 12:6 ftn. for "doorposts", mezu·zoth' it MEZUZAH (¶) (¶) muh-ZOOZ-uh*, -zoo-ZAH, -ZU-zuh; muh-zoo-ZAWT
Micah Mi'cah
persons; Bible book
Micah 1:1 (h4318) (¶) MI-kuh*
Micaiah Mi·cai'ah 1 Kings 22:8 (h4321) muh-KI-uh*, mih-KAY-yuh, mi-KAY-yuh, mi'kay-I-uh
Michael Mi'cha·el Daniel 10:13 (h4317) (¶) MI-kay-uhl, MI-kuhl*
Michal Mi'chal 1 Samuel 14:49 (h4324) MI-kuhl*
Micheas Mi'cah Micah 1:1, DRB, DRC (h4318) (¶) MI-kee-uhs, mi-KEE-uhs, MIK-ee-uhs
Michmas, Michmash Mich'mash 1 Samuel 13:2 (h4363) MIK-mas; MIK-mash*
Michri Mich'ri 1 Chronicles 9:8 (h4381) MIK-ri*
michtam mik'tam see miktam
Midian, Midianite Mid'i·an; Mid'i·an·ite Numbers 25:15 (h4080; h4084) (¶) (¶) MID-ee-uhn*; MID-ee-uh-nit'*
Midianitish Mid'i·an·ite Numbers 25:6, AS, KJ (h4084) MID-ee-uh-nit-ish, -nid-ish
pl., midrashim
w99 3/15 27 (¶) MID-rash, -rahsh, MIH-drahsh, Seph. Heb., mee-DRAHSH, Ashk. Heb., mih-DRAHSH
sing., midrash
w99 3/15 27 (¶) mih-DRAH-shuhm, Seph. Heb., me-drah-SHEEM, Ashk. Heb., mih-DRO-shim
Migdol Mig'dol
in some Bibles: tower
Ezekiel 29:10 (h4024) MIG-dol, -dawl*
miktam mik'tam
in some Bibles: inscription of a title, michtam, prayer, precious Psalm, secret treasure, writing
Psalms 16 and 56–60 superscriptions (h4387) MIK-tam(')*
Milcah Mil'cah Genesis 11:29; Numbers 27:1 (h4435) MIL-kuh, MIL-kah*
milch giving suck
in many Bibles: milk
1 Samuel 6:7, AMP, AS, Da, JPS, KJ (h5763) (¶) MILCH, MILK, MILKS
Milcom Mil'com
aka Molech
1 Kings 11:5 (h4445) MIL-kuhm, MIL-kom*
mildew mildew
in some Bibles: blight
Amos 4:9 (h3420) (¶) MIL-doo, -dyoo
Miletum, Miletus Mi·le'tus Acts 20:15 (g3399) (¶) mi-LEE-tuhm; mi-LEE-tuhs*
millenarian*, millenarianism* g89 10/22 19; w99 12/1 6 (¶) (¶) (¶) mil'uh-NAIR-ee-uhn, mih'luh-NER-ee-uhn; mil'uh-NAIR-ee-uhn-iz'uhm, -uh-nih'zuhm
millennial* it KINGDOM OF GOD (¶) muh-LEN-ee-uhl, -LEH-nee-uhl
millennialism* w99 12/1 6 (¶) muh-LEN-ee-uhl-iz'uhm, -uh-LIH-zuhm
millennium*, millennia* w99 12/1 7; g04 7/8 29 (¶) (¶) muh-LEN-ee-uhm, -LEH-nee-uhm; muh-LEH-nee-uh
mina mi'na
in some Bibles: coin, money, pound
Luke 19:16 (g3414) (¶) MI-nuh*
Roman goddess of wisdom; compare Athena*
g97 11/8 27; 91 7/1 4 (¶) muh-NUHR-vuh
Miniscule*, Minuscule*
small cursive manuscript
si 310 (¶) (¶) (¶) (¶) MIN-ih-skyool, MIH-nuhs-kyool'; MIN-uh-skyool, mih-NUHS-kyool, MIH-nuhs-kyool'
Miriam Mir'i·am Exodus 15:20 (h4813) MIR-ee-uhm*
mischievous Psalm 21:11, KJ (h4209); Psalm 38:12, AS, Da, KJ (h1942); Ecclesiastes 10:13, AS, DRB, KJ (h7451) (¶) MIS-chuh-vuhs, MISH-; nonstandard spelling and pronunciation: mischievious: mis-CHEE-vee-uhs, mish-
Mishna*, Mishnah* w81 5/1 31; sh 221 (¶) MISH-nuh
Mishael Mish'a·el
aka Meshach
Daniel 1:6 (h4332) MISH-ay-el*, -uhl
modern Arabic for Egypt
Mitanni* (¶) mih-TAN-ee, -TAH-nee
miter turban
in some Bibles: diadem, mitre, turban
Ezekiel 21:26, ACV, AMP, Consv (h4701) MI-tuhr (¶)
Mithra*, Mithras* g02 12/8 17; g91 12/8 12; g88 12/8 18 (¶) MITH-ruh; MITH-ruhs
Mithraic* w94 12/15 5 (¶) mith-RAY-ik, mi-THRAY-ik
Mithraism* w79 12/15 3 (¶) MITH-ruh-iz'uhm, -ih'zuhm
Mithredath Mith're·dath
in some Bibles: Mith'redath, Mithridates, Mitr'dat
Ezra 1:8; 4:7 (h4990) (definition) MITH-ruh-dath
Mithridates Mith're·dath
in most Bibles: Mithredath
Ezra 1:8, 4:7 DRC, LXX-E (H4990) mith'ruh-DAY-teez [not mith'ruh-DAYTZ]
mitre turban
in some Bibles: diadem, miter, turban
Ezekiel 21:26, AS, Da, JPS, Leeser, Yg (h4701) (¶) MI-tuhr
Mitylene, Mytilene Mit·y·le'ne Acts 20:14 (g3412) (¶) mit'uh-LEE-nuh*, -nee, mih'tuh-LEE-nee, mee'tee-LEE-nee
Mizar little [mountain] Psalm 42:6, AS, KJ, Yg (h4706) MI-zahr
Mizpah Miz'pah
in some Bibles: Mizpeh
Judges 11:11 (h4709) MIZ-puh, MIZ-pah*
Mizpeh Miz'peh
see also Mizpah
1 Samuel 22:3 (h4708) MIZ-puh*
Mizraim Miz'ra·im Genesis 10:6 (h4714) (¶) miz-RAY-im, MIZ-ray-im*, -ree-uhm, Heb., mits-RI-yim
Mnason Mna'son Acts 21:16 (g3416) (¶) NAY-suhn, muh-NAY-suhn*, Gr., mNAH-sohn
Moab Mo'ab Genesis 19:37 (h4124) (¶) (¶) MOH-ab'*
Moabite Mo'ab·ite
in some Bibles: of Moab, of Mo'av
Ruth 1:4 (h4125) (¶) (¶) MOH-uh-bit*
Moabitess Mo'ab·i·tess Ruth 2:21 (h4125) (definition) MOH-uh-bit-es
compare Muhammad
g86 2/8 30 moh-HAM-uhd
Molech Mo'lech
aka Milcom, Moloch
Leviticus 18:21 (h4432) (¶) MOH-lek*, MOL-uhk
Moloch Mo'loch
aka Milcom, Molech
Acts 7:43 (g3434) (¶) (¶) MOH-lok, MAH-luhk, MOH-lahk', MOH-lok', MOL-uhk
monogamy* w06 6/15 28 (¶) muh-NAH-guh-mee
monogenes' mo·no·ge·nes' Luke 7:12 ftn. for “only-begotten” (g3439) (¶) mon-og-en-AYS
monolith* w94 8/1 8; w90 4/15 30 (¶) MON-uh-lith, MAH-nuh-lith'
monolithic* it ZOAN (¶) mon'uh-LITH-ik, mah'nuh-LIH-thik
monotheism* w03 7/15 29 (¶) MAH-nuh-thee(')ih'zuhm
compare polytheist*
w63 7/1 390 (¶) MAH-nuh-thee'ist
monotheistic* w98 12/1 12 mah'nuh-thee-IS-tik
Montanism* w83 9/15 12 (¶) MON-tuh-niz'uhm, MAHN'tuh-nih'zuhm
Montanus* w83 9/15 12 MON-tuh-nuhs
Moph Mem'phis
in most Bibles: Memphis; see Noph
Hosea 9:6, Da, Leeser, Yg (h4644) MOF
Mordecai Mor'de·cai Esther 2:5 (h4782) MOR-duh-ki*, -dee-, mor'dee-KAY-i, not mor'duh-KI-uh
Moreh Mo'reh Genesis 12:6 (h4176) MOH-ray*, -ree, MOR-eh
Moresheth Mo'resh·eth
in some Bibles: Morashtite, Morasthite
Micah 1:1 (h4183) MOR-uh-sheth*, -eh-
Moresheth-gath Mo'resh·eth-gath
in some Bibles: Moreshethgath, Moresheth Gath
Micah 1:14 (h4182) MOR-uh-sheth-gath'*, MOR-eh-sheth-gath
Moriah Mo·ri'ah Genesis 22:2 (h4179) (¶) muh-RI-uh*
moribund* ip-1 368 (¶) MAWR-uh-buhnd('), MAHR-
Morpheus* g76 6/22 14 (¶) MAWR-fee-uhs, -fyoos', -foos'
Mosaic* w80 8/15 26 (¶) moh-ZAY-ik
Moses Moses [Mo'ses] Exodus 2:10 (h4872); Jude 9 (g3475) (¶) (¶) MOH-zis, -ziz, MOH-zuhz*, -zuhs
variant of Muslim*
g89 8/8 22 (¶) (¶) MOZ-luhm, MOS-, MAHZ-luhm, MAHS-
Mosoch Me'shech
in most Bibles: Meshech
Ezekiel 27:13, DRB, DRC (h4902) MOH-sok
mosque* sh 295 (¶) MAHSK
moufflon, mouflon chamois Deuteronomy 14:5, LITV (h2169) (¶) (¶) moo-FLOHN, MOOF-lon'
compare Mohammad
g89 12/22 19 (¶) (¶) moh-HA-muhd, -HAH-, moo-, moo-HAM-id, -HAH-mid
mullah* yb92 92 (¶) MUH-luh, MOO-luh, MUL-uh
Muratorian* [Fragment] w06 2/15 13 myoor'uh-TOR-ee-uhn
murrain pestilence Exodus 9:3, AS, DRB, KJ (h1698) (¶) MUHR-uhn, -in, MUH-ruhn [not MYOOR-uhn]
Mushi Mu'shi Exodus 6:19 (h4187) MOO-shi*
compare Moslem*
g01 12/22 29 (¶) MUHZ-luhm, MUS-, MUZ-
Muth-labben Muth-lab'ben Psalm 9 superscription (h4192) myooth-LAB-uhn, muth-LAHB-ben*
Mycenae* g70 7/22 22 (¶) mi-SEE-nee(')
Mycenaean*, Mycenian* it KITTIM (¶) (¶) mi'suh-NEE-uhn; variant, Mycenian: mi-SEE-nee-uhn
myriad, myriads ten thousand; myriads 1 Corinthians 14:19, Diaglott, Murdock (g3463); Deuteronomy 33:2 (h7233); Revelation 5:11 (g3461) (¶) MIR-ee-uhd, MIHR-ee-uhdz
myrrh myrrh Exodus 30:23 (h4753); Matthew 2:11 (g4666) (¶) MUHR
Mysia Mys'i·a Acts 16:7 (g3465) (¶) MISH-ee-uh, MIS-ee-uh*, MIH-sh(ee-)uh
Mysian* it PERGAMUM (¶) MISH-ee-uhn, MIS-, MIH-sh(ee-)uhn
mysticism* w02 4/1 3 (¶) MIS-tuh-sih'zuhm
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Naamah Na'a·mah Genesis 4:22 (h5279) NAY-uh-muh, NAY-uh-mah*
Naaman Na'a·man 2 Kings 5:1 (h5283) NAY-uh-muhn* [not NAY-muhn]
Naamathite Na'a·ma·thite Job 2:11 (h5284) NAY-uh-muh-thit*
Naarah Na'a·rah
person; place, aka Naarath, Naaratha
(person) 1 Chronicles 4:5 (h5292); (place) Joshua 16:7 (h5292) NAY-uh-ruh*
Naaran Na'a·ran
possibly same as Naarah, in some Bibles: Naeram, Noran
1 Chronicles 7:28 (h5295) NAY-uh-ruhn*
Naarath Na'a·rah
in most Bibles: Naarah
Joshua 16:7, Da, KJ, LITV, Yg (h5292) NAY-uh-ruhth
Nabal Na'bal 1 Samuel 25:3 (h5037) NAY-buhl*
Nabataea*, Nabatea* w62 11/1 661 (¶) (¶) nab'uh-TEE-uh, na'buh-TEE-uh
Nabatean* w62 9/15 575 nab'uh-TEE-uhn
ancient Shechem
g98 5/8 20 (¶) NAB-luhs, NAH-bluhs, NA-
Nabonidus* —; [Nab·o·ni'dus] Daniel 5:1 ftn. nab'uh-NI-duhs [not na-BON-ih-duhs]
Nabopolassar* it CHALDEA nab'uh-puh-LAS-uhr, nab-oh-poh-LAS-er
Naboth Na'both 1 Kings 21:1 (h5022) NAY-bahth*, -both
Nachon, Nacon Na'con 2 Samuel 6:6 (h5225) NAY-kon*
Nadab Na'dab Exodus 6:23 (h5070) NAY-dab*
Naggai, Nagge Nag'ga·i Luke 3:25 (g3477) NAG-uh-i*, NAG-i; NAG-ee
Nag Hammadi* (definition) nahg' huh-MAH-dee, nahg HAH-mah-dih
Nahash Na'hash 2 Samuel 17:27 (h5176) NAY-hash*
Nahbi Nah'bi Numbers 13:14 (h5147) NAH-bi*
Nahor Na'hor Genesis 11:26 (h5152) NAY-hor*, -hawr
Nahshon Nah'shon Ruth 4:20 (h5177) NAH-shon* [not NAY-shon]
Nahum Na'hum
persons; Bible book
Nahum 1:1 (h5151) (¶) (¶) NAY-huhm*, NAY-uhm*
Nain Na'in Luke 7:11 (g3484) NAY-in*, NAYN
Naioth Nai'oth 1 Samuel 19:18 (h5121) NI-oth*, NAY-yoth
Naomi Na'o·mi
in some Bibles: Noemi
Ruth 1:2 (h5281) (¶) NAY-oh-mee*, commonly nay-OH-mee
Naphish Na'phish Genesis 25:15 (h5305) NAY-fish*
Naphtali Naph'ta·li Genesis 30:8 (h5321) (¶) NAF-tuh-li*
Naphtuhim Naph·tu'him Genesis 10:13 (h5320) NAF-tuh-him, naf-TOO-him*
Narcissus Nar·cis'sus Romans 16:11 (g3488) (¶) nahr-SIH-suhs*, -SIS-uhs
nascent* g92 3/22 6 (¶) NAS-uhnt, NAY-suhnt
Nashim men; ftn., lay [it] desolate
in most Bibles: demolished, destroyed, laid waste, make desolate, ravaged
Numbers 21:30, TEV (h8074) NAY-shim
nasi chieftain
in most Bibles: chief, chieftain, leader, prince, ruler
Exodus 22:28, ftn. for “chieftain” (h5387) NAH-see(')
Nasi, Judah ha-* see Judah ha-Nasi*
Nathan Nathan [Na'than] 2 Chronicles 9:29 (h5416) (¶) NAY-thuhn*
Nathanael Na·than'a·el John 1:45 (g3482) nuh-THAN-yuhl*, -ay-uhl, -ee-
naught, nought In KJ, “naught” is used for many Hebrew and Greek words (¶) (¶) NAWT, NAHT
Nazarene Naz·a·rene' Matthew 2:23 (g3480) (¶) na'zuh-REEN*
Nazareth Naz'a·reth Matthew 2:23 (g3478) (¶) NA-zuh-ruhth*, NAZ-uh- [not NAZ-uh-rus]
Nazarite Naz'i·rite
in most Bibles: Nazirite
Numbers 6:2, Da, KJ, Leeser, LITV, Yg (h5139) (¶) NA-zuh-rit, NAZ-uh-
Nazi* jv 659 (¶) NAHT-see, NAT-
Nazirite Naz'i·rite
in some Bibles: Nazarite
Numbers 6:2 (h5139) (¶) NA-zuh-rit*, NAZ-uh-
Neapolis Ne·ap'o·lis Acts 16:11 (g3496) (¶) nee-A-puh-lis*
Nebaioth Ne·ba'ioth Isaiah 60:7 (h5032) nee-BAY-yoth, nih-, nuh-BAY-oth*
Nebo Ne'bo
compare Nego
Deuteronomy 32:49; Isaiah 46:1 (h5015) NEE-boh*
Nebuchadnezzar Neb·u·chad·nez'zar
compare Nebuchadrezzar
2 Kings 24:1 (h5019) (¶) (¶) neb'uh-kuhd-NEZ-uhr, ne'byuh-kuhd-NEH-zuhr*
Nebuchadrezzar Neb·u·chad·rez'zar
compare Nebuchadnezzar
Jeremiah 21:2 (h5019) (¶) neb'uh-kuh-DREZ-uhr, ne'byuh-kuh-DRE-zuhr*, -buh-
Nebuzaradan Neb·u'zar·ad'an Jeremiah 39:10 (h5018) neb-yoo-ZAIR-uh-dan, neb'uh-zuh-RAY-duhn, neb-yoo'zuhr-AD-uhn*
Necho, Nechoh, Neco Ne'cho 2 Chronicles 35:20 (h5224) NEE-koh*
necromancer anyone who inquires of the dead
in some Bibles: channeling with the dead, consult the dead, consult the spirits of the dead, one inquiring of the dead, that seeketh the truth from the dead
Deuteronomy 18:11, AS, KJ (h1875 + h413 + h4191) (¶) NEH-kruh-man(t)'-suhr, NEK-ruh-
necromancy* it DIVINATION (¶) NEH-kruh-man(t)'see , NEK-ruh-
Negeb Neg'eb
in some Bibles: Negev, South, Southern Desert
Genesis 12:9 (h5045) (¶) NEG-eb, NEH-geb'* [not NEE-geb]
Negev Neg'eb
also Negeb
Psalm 126:4, GW, HNV, WEB (h5045) (¶) NEG-ev, NEH-gev' [not NEE-gev]
compare Nebo
dp 36; it ABEDNEGO NEE-goh
Nehemiah Ne·he·mi'ah
persons; Bible book
Nehemiah 1:1 (h5166) (¶) nee'(h)uh-MI-uh*
Nehemias Ne·he·mi'ah
in most Bibles: Nehemiah
Nehemiah 1:1, DRB, DRC (h5166) (¶) nee'(h)uh-MI-uhs
Nehiloth Ne'hi·loth
in some Bibles: concerning the inheritances, concerning her that inherits, on/with/accompanied by wind instruments, to be accompanied by the flute(s), use flutes
Psalm 5 superscription (h5155) (¶) NEE-huh-loth, NEE-uh-luhth*, Heb., nekh-ee-LAW
Nehushta Ne·hush'ta 2 Kings 24:8 (h5179) nee-HUSH-tuh, nih-HOOSH-, nuh-HUSH-tuh*
Nehushtan copper serpent-idol
in some Bibles: a piece of brass, Nechushtan, Nohestan
2 Kings 18:4, AS, KJ (h5180) (¶) nee-HUSH-tan, nih-HOOSH-tuhn, Heb., nekh-oosh-TAWN
Nepheg Ne'pheg 2 Samuel 5:15 (h5298) NEE-fehg*, -fig
nephesh* Heb., ne'phesh Genesis 1:30 ftn. for “soul”; it SOUL (h5315) (¶) (¶) NEH-fesh, NEF-ish
Nephilim Neph'i·lim
in some Bibles: giants
Genesis 6:4 (h5303) NEF-uh-lim*, -luhm
Roman god of the sea; compare Poseidon
sh 43 (¶) NEP-toon, -tyoon
Nereus Ne'reus Romans 16:15 (g3517) (¶) NEE-ruhs*, NIR-ee-uhs, NEE-rih-yoos
Nergal Ner'gal 2 Kings 17:30 (h5370) (¶) NUHR-gal*, -gahl, -guhl
Nergalsharezer, Nergal-sharezer Ner'gal-shar·e'zer
in some Bibles: Marganasar
Jeremiah 39:3 (h5371) nuhr'gal-shar-EE-zuhr*, -shuh-REE-zuhr
Neriah Ne·ri'ah
in some Bibles: Neri, Nerijah, Neriyah
Jeremiah 32:12 (h5374) nuh-RI-uh*, nih-, nee-
Neriglissar* it NERGAL-SHAREZER nuhr'ig-LIS-uhr
Nero* it CAESAR (¶) NEE-roh('), NIHR-oh(')
Nerva* dp 239; w88 5/1 29 NUHR-vuh
Nethanel, Nethaneel Ne·than'el Numbers 7:18 (h5417) nih-THAN-uhl*; nih-THAN-ee-uhl, NETH-uh-neel
Nethinim Neth'i·nim 1 Chronicles 9:2 (h5411) NETH-ih-nim*
Neviim*, Nevi'im*
in Jewish Bible Canon: "Prophets"
sh 220 nih-vih-EEM, Seph. Heb., nuh-vee-EEM, Ashk. Heb., nuh-VEE-im
Nibhaz Nib'haz 2 Kings 17:31 (h5026) NIB-haz*
Nicaea* w01 4/15 19; w98 3/15 28 (box) (¶) ni-SEE-uh
Nicene*, Nicaean* w98 3/15 27; g73 1/8 18 (¶) (¶) ni-SEEN, NI-seen'; ni-SEE-uhn
Nicanor Ni·ca'nor Acts 6:5 (g3527) ni-KAY-nuhr*
Nicator* dp 162, 211 (¶) ni-KAY-tuhr, NI-kay'tuhr
Nicodemus Nic·o·de'mus John 3:1 (g3530) nik'uh-DEE-muhs*
Nicolaitan Nicolaus Revelation 2:6, AS, By, TEV, Yg (h3531) nik'uh-LAY-uh-tuhn
Nicolaitane Nicolaus Revelation 2:6, Da, KJ (h3531) nik'uh-LAY-uh-tayn
Nicolaus Nic·o·la'us
in some Bibles: Nicolaitanes, Nicolaitans, Nicolaites
Revelation 2:6 (g3531) nik'uh-LAY-uhs*
Nicopolis Ni·cop'o·lis Titus 3:12 (g3533) nih-KOP-uh-lis*
Niger Ni'ger Acts 13:1 (g3526) NI-juhr*, -guhr
Nile Nile Exodus 2:3 (h2975) (¶) (¶) NIL, NI-uhl*
nimbus* rs 354 (¶) NIM-buhs
Nimrod Nim'rod Genesis 10:8 (h5248) (¶) NIM-rahd*, -rod
ancient Calah
it CALAH (¶) (¶) NIM-rood, nim-ROOD, nim-RUHD
Nimshi Nim'shi 2 Kings 9:2 (h5250) NIM-shi*
Nineveh Nin'e·veh Genesis 10:11 (h5210) (¶) NIN-uh-vuh*
Ninevites Nin'e·vites Luke 11:30 (g3536) NIN-uh-vits'*
Nippur* w92 1/15 21; it BABYLON (¶) nih-POOR
Nirvana* w99 4/1 12; sh 137 (¶) nir-VAH-nuh, nuhr(')-
Nisan Ni'san Nehemiah 2:1 (h5212) (¶) (¶) NI-san* in NW, also NIS-uhn , NEE-sahn, nee-SAHN, -SAWN
Nisroch Nis'roch 2 Kings 19:37 (h5268) (¶) NIS-rok*, nis-ROHK,
niter, nitre alkali
in some Bibles: soda
Proverbs 25:20, Da, DRB, KJ (5427) (¶) NI-tuhr
No, No-amon No; No-a'mon
city, aka Thebes
Jeremiah 46:25 (h4996); Nahum 3:8 (h528 + h4996) NOH*; noh-AY-mahn*, -muhn, -AH-muhn, -AM-uhn
Noach Noah Genesis 5:29, CJB, HNV, Leeser (h5146) (¶) NOH-akh, “NO-akh”
Noachian* w08 6/1 8 (¶) noh-AY-kee-uhn
Noah Noah [No'ah]
in some Bibles: Noach, Noa, Noe
Genesis 5:29 (h5146); Numbers 27:1 (h5270); Matthew 24:37 (g3574) (¶) NOH-uh*
Noe Noah
variant of Noah
Genesis 5:29, DRB, DRC (h5146); Matthew 24:37, Da, DRB, DRC, KJVA (g3575) NOH-ee
Noemi Na'o·mi
in most Bibles: Naomi
Ruth 1:2, DRB, DRC (h5281) NOH-uh-mi
noisome injurious; hurtful Ezekiel 14:15, KJ (h7451); Revelation 16:2, AS, KJ (g2556) (¶) NOI-suhm
Nomina Sacra, nomina sacra (¶) NAH-muh-nuh, NOH-; (¶) SA-kruh, SAY-kruh; (definition)
Noph Noph
Biblical Memphis; in some Bibles: Moph
Isaiah 19:13 (h5297) (¶) NOF, NAHF*, NOHF
Nubia E·thi·o'pi·a
in most Bibles: Cush, Ethiopia
Esther 1:1 (h3568) NOO-bee-uh, NYOO-bee-uh
Nubian* g83 8/8 27 (¶) NOO-bee-uhn, NYOO-
compare nucleus
g04 3/8 4 (¶) NOO-klee-uhr, NYOO-, by metathesis -kyuh-luhr
compare nuclear
w99 8/15 5 (¶) NOO-klee-uhs, NYOO-
Numbers Numbers
Bible book
Numbers 1:1 ftn. (¶) NUHM-buhrz
Nun Nun Exodus 33:11 (h5126) NUHN*
nun Nun
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:105 (verse heading) (¶) NOON*, NUHN, NUN
Nunc Dimittis* (¶) (¶) noonk'di-MIT-is, nuhngk'duh-MIH-tuhs, -nungk
nuncio* w80 7/1 25 (¶) NUHN(T)-see-oh', NOON(T)-
Nut* it GODS AND GODDESSES (Egyptian Deities) NUT, NOOT
Nuzi* it ARCHAEOLOGY (Mari and Nuzi) NOO-zee
Nympha, Nymphas Nym'pha Colossians 4:15 (g3564); Nymphas in ASV, DRB, KJ, others NIM-fuh*; NIM-fuhs
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Obadiah O·ba·di'ah
persons; Bible book
Obadiah 1:1 (h5662) (¶) oh'buh-DI-uh*
Obed O'bed Ruth 4:17 (h5744) OH-bid, OH-bed*
Obededom, Obed-edom O'bed-e'dom 2 Samuel 6:11 (h5654) oh'bed-EE-duhm*, -dom, oh'bid-
obeisance obeisance
in some Bibles: bow[ed] down, homage, worship, worshipping
Acts 10:25 (g4352) (¶) oh-BEE-suhn(t)s, uh-, -BAY-
obelisk sacred pillar Leviticus 26:1, AMP (h4676); dp 72 (¶) (¶) OB-uh-lisk, AH-buh-lisk', OH-
oblation gift offering
in some Bibles: meal offering, offering[s], present
Daniel 9:27, KJ (h4503) (¶) (¶) uh-BLAY-shuhn, oh-, uh-
obstacle obstacle
in some Bibles: stumbling block
Isaiah 57:14 (h4383) (¶) AHB-stih(')-kuhl [not ahb-STAK-uhl]
occult magical arts Acts 19:19, CJB, GW, ISV (g4021) (¶) (¶) uh-KUHLT, ah-, AH-kuhlt', uh-KULT, OK-ult'
Octateuch* w60 5/15 294 OK-tuh-took', -tyook, AHKT-uh-took', -tyook'
Octavian* dp 248 (¶) ok-TAY-vee-uh
Octavio Paz* dp 172 ok-TAH-vyoh PAHS
Odaenathus*, Odenathus* dp 252 od-ih-NAY-thuhs
Oded O'ded 2 Chronicles 15:1 (h5752) OH-ded*, -did
Odin* g00 12/8 27 (¶) (¶) OH-duhn, OH-din
Odoacer* dp 242 (¶) (¶) oh'doh-AY-suhr, OH-duh-way'suhr, -ah'suhr
odoriferous 2 Chronicles 16:14, DRB, DRC (h1315) (¶) oh'duh-RIH-f(uh-)ruhs
offertory* g80 11/8 5 (¶) AW-fuh(r)-tohr'ee, AH-, -tawr'-
Og Og 1 4:19 (h5747) (¶) OG*, OHG
Oholah O·ho'lah
in some Bibles: Aholah
Ezekiel 23:4 (h170) oh-HOH-lah*, -luh
Oholiab O·ho'li·ab
in some Bibles: Aholiab
Exodus 31:6 (h171) oh-HOH-lee-ab
Oholibah O·hol'i·bah
in some Bibles: Aholibah
Ezekiel 23:4 (h172) oh-HOH-lih-buh, oh-HOHL-uh-bah*
Oholibamah O·hol·i·ba'mah Genesis 36:2 (h173) oh-hohl'uh-BAY-muh*, oh-hoh'lih-BAH-muh
Ohrmazd* see Ormazd*
Olivet Olives; Mount of Olives 2 Samuel 15:30, DRB, KJ (h2132); Acts 1:12, DRB, KJ (g1638) (¶) OL-ih-vet, AH-luh-vet', ah'luh-VET
Olympas O·lym'pas Romans 16:15 (g3652) oh-LIM-puhs*
Olympia* it GAMES; g04 8/8 14, 16 (¶) uh-LIM-pee-uh, oh-
Olympian* it GAMES; g89 3/8 26 (¶) uh-LIM-pee-uhn, oh-
Olympias* dp 154 uh-LIM-pee-uhs, oh-
Olympus* it GREECE, GREEKS (Greek Religion) (¶) uh-LIM-puhs, oh-
Omega O·me'ga Revelation 1:8 (g5598) (¶) (¶) oh-MEE-guh*, -MAY-, -ME-, Gr., OH-meg-ah
omer omer [o'mer] Exodus 16:16 (h6016) (¶) (¶) OH-muhr*, -mer, aw-MER
omnificent* (¶) ahm-NIH-fuh-suhnt, om-NIF-uh-
omnipotence power Matthew 26:64, We (g1411) (¶) om-NIP-uh-tuhns, ahm-NIH-puh-tuhn(t)s
Omnipotent, omnipotent Almighty Revelation 19:6, AMP, KJ, Lamsa, Murdock (g3841) (¶) ahm-NIH-puh-tuhnt, om-NIP-uh-
omnipresence* (¶) ahm'nih-PREH-zuhn(t)s
omnipresent* g05 3/8 20 (¶) om'nuh-PREH-zuhnt, ahm'nih-PREH-zuhnt
omniscience* w86 5/15 4; g92 4/8 29 (¶) om-NISH-uhns, ahm-NIH-shuhn(t)s
omniscient* g05 3/8 20 (¶) om-NISH-uhnt, ahm-NIH-shuhnt
Omri Om'ri 1 Kings 16:16 (h6018) OM-ri* [not OM-ree]
Onan O'nan Genesis 38:4 (h209) OH-nan*, -nuhn
Onesimus O·nes'i·mus Colossians 4:9 (g3682) oh-NES-uh-muhs*
Onesiphorus On·e·siph'o·rus 2 Timothy 1:16 (g3683) on'uh-SIF-uh-ruhs*, on'ee-
Onias* w98 11/15 22 oh-NI-uhs
onomastica* on'uh-MAS-tuh-kuh
written by Eusebius
it EGLAIM on'uh-MAS-tuh-kon, ah'nuh-MAS-tuh-kahn', -kuhn
onomatopoeia* Genesis 17:19 ftn. (¶) ah'nuh-mah'tuh-PEE-uh, -ma'-
onomatopoeic* w71 1/15 59 (¶) ah'nuh-mah'tuh-PEE-ik
ontology* w63 1/15 56 (¶) ahn-TAH-luh-jee
onycha onycha [on'y·cha] Exodus 30:34 (h7827) ON-ih-kuh, AH-nu-kuh
onyx onyx Genesis 2:12 (h7718) (¶) AH-niks, ON-iks
Ophel O'phel
in some Bibles: fortresses, forts, hill, mounds
Isaiah 32:14 (h6076) OH-fel*, -fuhl
Ophir O'phir
person, place
Genesis 10:29; 1 Kings 10:11 (h211) (¶) OH-fuhr, OH-fihr*
Ophni Hoph'ni; Oph'ni
person, city; person, in most Bibles: Hophni
1 Samuel 1:3, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h2652); Joshua 18:24 (h6078) OF-ni*
Ophra, Ophrah Oph'rah
person, two cities; city, in some Bibles: Ephra, Ephrath, Ephratha, Ophera
1 Chronicles 4:14; Joshua 18:23; Judges 6:24 (h6084) OF-ruh*
oracle innermost room
in some Bibles: holiness, holy place, holy temple, inner room, inner sanctum, Most Holy Place, Temple
Psalms 28:2, AS, KJ (h1687) (¶) OR-uh-kuhl, AWR-
oracular* it CHRISTIAN (¶) (¶) aw-RA-kyuh-luhr, uh-, aw-RAK-yuh-luhr
Origen* it CANON (¶) (¶) OR-uh-juhn, AHR-, AWR-; AWR-ih-jen, -juhn, OR-
Orion Ke'sil
in some Bibles: Hesperus, Kesil, the Giant
Job 9:9, AS, DRB, KJ (h3685) (¶) (¶) oh-RI-uhn, uh-
Ormazd*, Ormuzd*
aka Ahura Mazda*, Ohrmazd*
w02 10/15 4 (¶) (¶) AWR-muhzd('), -mazd', awr-MUZD
Ornan Or'nan
aka Araunah
1 Chronicles 21:18 (h771) OR-nan*, -nuhn
Orontes* it LEBANON (¶) (¶) aw-RAHN-teez('), aw-RON-teez
Orpah Or'pah Ruth 1:4 (h6204) OR-puh*, AWR- [not OH-pruh]
Orpheus* g95 8/8 19 (¶) AWR-fyuhs', -fee-uhs
Orphic* w89 10/1 6; w78 5/15 25 (¶) AWR-fik
orthodox*, orthodoxy* w93 7/1 10 (¶) (¶) OR-thuh-doks, AWR-thuh-dahks'; AWR-thuh-dahk'see, OR-thuh-dok'see
oryx wild sheep
in some Bibles: antelope, wild goat, wild ox
Deuteronomy 14:5, CJB, Da, JB (h8377) (¶) OHR-iks, AWR-, AHR-
Osee Hosea Hosea 1:1, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h1954) (¶) OH-zee', oh-ZAY-uh, OH-see
Osiris* it GODS AND GODDESSES (¶) oh-SI-ruhs
ossifrage osprey
in some Bibles: black vulture, gier-eagle, griffon, vulture
Leviticus 11:13, KJ, Yg (h6538) (¶) OS-uh-frij, AH-suh-frij, AH-suh-frayj'
ossuary* w97 6/15 13 (¶) OSH-oo-er'ee, OS-yoo-ER-ee, AH-shuh-wer'ee, -syuh-, -suh-
Ostia* w06 10/15 14 (¶) AHS-tee-uh
ostracism ostracism
in some Bibles: trouble
Genesis 34:30 (h5916) (¶) OS-truh-siz'uhm, AHS-trh-si'zuhm
ostraca*, ostracon*, ostrakon* w87 5/15 24; it POTSHERD (¶) AHS-truh-kahn'; pl. AHS-truh-kuh
ostrich ostrich
in some Bibles: owl[s]
Job 30:29 (h3284) (¶) AHS-trich, AWS-, also -trij
Othniel Oth'ni·el Judges 3:9 (h6274) OTH-nee-el*, -uhl
Ottoman* dp 61 (¶) AH-tuh-muhn, OT-uh-
ox, oxen bull; cattle Ox: Exodus 20:17 (h7794); Luke 14:5; Oxen: Genesis 12:16 (h1241); John 2:14 (g1016) (in most Bibles: Ox, Oxen) (¶) AHKS, pl. AHK-suhn
Oxyrhynchus* w92 2/15 26-28 (¶) ahk'si-RING-kuhs, ok'sih-
Ozem O'zem 1 Chronicles 2:15 (h684) OH-zihm*, -zuhm
Ozni Oz'ni Numbers 26:16 (h244) OZ-ni*
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Paarai Pa'a·rai 2 Samuel 23:35 (h6474) PAY-uh-ri*
Padan, Paddan Pad'dan
in some Bibles: Mesopotamia
Genesis 48:7 (h6307) PAY-duhn; PAD-an*, PAD-uhn
Padan-aram, Paddan-aram Pad'dan-a'ram Genesis 25:20 (h6307) pay'duhn-AIR-uhm, -AY-ram; pad'an-AY-ram*, -uhn-
paean* w80 12/15 14 (¶) PEE-uhn
Pahathmoab, Pahath-moab, Pahath Moab Pa'hath-mo'ab Nehemiah 7:11 (h6355) pay'hath-MOH-ab*
Pahlavi* it TARTAK (¶) PA-luh-vee('), PAH-
palanquin litter Song of Solomon 3:9, AS, By, Da, JB, Ro (h668) (¶) pa'luhn-KEEN, -KWIN, PAL-uhn-keen', pa-LANG-kwuhn
paleography* g 2/08 19 (¶) pay'lee-AH-gruh-fee
Palestine Phi·lis'ti·a
in most Bibles: Philistia, Philistines
Joel 3:4, KJ, Ro, Webster (h6429) (¶) PA-luh-stin'
palimpsest* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (¶) PAL-im(p)-sest', PA-luhm(p)-sest', puh-LIM(P)-
palmerworm, palmer-worm caterpillar Joel 1:4, DRB, KJ (h1502) (¶) PAH-muhr-wuhrm', PAHL-, PAW-, PAWL-
Palmyra* it TADMOR (¶) (¶) pal-MI-ruh
Palmyrene* dp 211 (¶) pal'muh-REEN, -mi-
palsy, palsied paralyzed Matthew 4:24, AS, KJ, Webster (g3885) (¶) (¶) PAWL-zee; PAWL-zeed
Palti Pal'ti Numbers 13:9 (h6406) PAL-ti, PAWL-ti*
Paltiel Pal'ti·el
in some Bibles: Phaltiel
2 Samuel 3:15 (h6409) PAWL-tee-el*, PAL-tee-uhl, -ti-; in some Bibles: FAL-tee-uhl, -ti-
Pamphylia Pam·phyl'i·a Acts 2:10 (g3828) (¶) pam-FIL-ee-uh*, pam-FI-lee-
panoply complete suit of armor
in some Bibles: all the armor, complete armor, every piece of war equipment, full armor, whole armor
Ephesians 6:11, Da, ftn. in NW (g3833) (¶) PAN-uh-plee
pantheist*, pantheism* w63 7/1 390; w81 2/15 5 (¶) (¶) PAN(T)-the-ist; PAN(T)-thee-ih'zuhm
Pantheon*, pantheon* g 12/06 3; g01 7/8 15 (¶) PAN(T)-thee-ahn', -uhn
papacy* w94 7/1 15 (¶) PAY-puh-see
Paphlagonia*, Paphlagonian* it ORIGIN OF NATIONS; RIPHATH (¶) pa'fluh-GOH-nee-uh, -nyah; pa'fluh-GOH-nee-uhn, -nyuhn
Paphos Pa'phos Acts 13:6 (g3974) (¶) PAY-fos, PAY-fohs*, PAY-faws', PAH-fos [not PAF-uhs, -ohs]
Papias* of Hierapolis it CANON; w99 12/1 6 PAY-pee-uhs
papyrology* w98 12/15 29 (¶) (¶) pa'puh-RAH-luh-jee, pap'uh-ROL-uh-jee
papyrus, papyri* papyrus [pa·py'rus] Exodus 2:3 (h1573); it PAPYRUS (¶) (¶) puh-PI-ruhs; pl. puh-PI-ree, -ri
Papyrus Bodmer*
aka Bodmer Papyri*
it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Papyrus manuscripts); si 317 puh-PI-ruhs BOD-muhr
parable illustration
in some Bibles: allegory, figurative language, story, saying, simile, illustration
Matthew 13:18, AS, Da, DRB, KJ, We, others (g3850) (¶) PAIR-uh-buhl, PA-ruh-buhl
Paraclete helper
in some Bibles: Advocate, Comforter, Counselor, Friend, Helper, helper
John 14:16, DRB (g3875) (¶) PAIR-uh-kleet, PAR-uh-kleet', PA-ruh-
paradisaic* ip-1 378 (¶) par'uh-di'SAY-ik, -ZAY-, per'uh-di-SAY-ik, -ZAY-, pa'ruh-
paradise, Paradise paradise; Paradise Song of Solomon 4:13 (h6508); Luke 23:43 (g3857) (¶) PAIR-uh-dis, PER-uh-dis', diz', PA-ruh-
paragoge*, paragogic* —, w63 2/15 127 (definition) PA-ruh-goh'jee, -gah'jee, pa'ruh-GOH-jee; PA-ruh-gah-jik
parakletos* pa·ra'kle·tos
see Paraclete
John 14:26 ftn. (h3875) (¶) pair-AHK-lay-tos, par-AK-lay-tos
Paralipomenon Chronicles (Bible book), DRB, DRC (¶) pair'uh-li-POM-uh-non, pa'ruh-luh-PAH-muh-nahn', -li-
paralysis paralysis
in some Bibles: paralytic, paralyzed, sick with the palsy, stroke of paralysis
Matthew 8:6 (g3885) (¶) puh-RA-luh-suhs
paralytic paralytic
in some Bibles: crippled, paralyzed man, paraplegic, sick of the palsy
Matthew 9:2 (g3885) (¶) pa'ruh-LIH-tik
Paran Pa'ran Numbers 10:12 (h6290) PAY-ran*, -ruhn
Parmenas Par'me·nas Acts 6:5 (g3937) PAHR-mee-nuhs*, -muh-
Parmenio*, Parmenion* dp 158, 161 pahr-MEE-ni-oh; pahr-MEE-nee-uhn
Parousia* pa·rou·si'a it PRESENCE (g3952) (¶) (¶) (¶) pahr-oo-SEE-uh, puh-ROO-z(h)ee-uh, Gr., par-oo-SEE-ah
Parshandatha Par·shan·da'tha Esther 9:7 (h6577) pahr-shuhn-DAY-thuh*, pahr-SHAN-duh-thuh
Parthia, Parthian Par'thi·ans Acts 2:9, BBE, CEV, TEV (g3934); Acts 2:9 (g3934) PAHR-thee-uh; PAHR-thee-uhn(z)*
Parzites Per'e·zites
in most Bibles: Perezites
Numbers 26:20, Leeser, NKJV (h6558) PAHR-zits
Pasach Pa'sach 1 Chronicles 7:33 (h6457) PAY-sak*
Pasargadae* dp 151 (¶) puh-SAHR-guh-dee'
Pasch, Pascha* passover Ezekiel 45:21, DRB, DRC (h6453); Hebrews 11:28, DRB, DRC (g3957); w94 3/15 5 (¶) (¶) PASK; PAHS-kuh
paschal passover Mark 14:12, Diaglott, Mo (g3957) (¶) PAS-kuhl
Pas-dammim, Pasdammim, Pas Dammim Pas-dam'mim
aka Ephes-dammin; in some Bibles: Phesdomim
1 Chronicles 11:13 (h6450) pas-DAM-im*
Pashhur, Pashur Pash'hur Jeremiah 20:1 (h6583) PASH-huhr*; PASH-uhr, PAY-shuhr
Patara Pat'a·ra
seaport of Lycia)
Acts 21:1 (g3959) PAT-uh-rah*, -ruh
Pater Patriae* dp 249 (¶) PAH-ter' PAH-tree-i', Eng. PAY-tuhr PAY-tree-ee'
Pathros Path'ros Isaiah 11:11 (h6624) PATH-ros*
Pathrus, Pathrusites, Pathrushim Path·ru'sim
in some Bibles: Pathros, Patrusim, Pethrussim
Genesis 10:14 (h6625) PATH-ruhs; puh-THROO-sits; puh-THROO-sim, path-ROO-sihm*
Patmos Pat'mos Revelation 1:9 (g3963) (¶) PAT-mos*, -muhs, PAHT-maws'
patriarch family head Hebrews 7:4, AS, DRB, KJ, others (g3966) (¶) PAY-tree-ahrk'
patriarchal* w95 9/15 20 (¶) pay'tree-AHR-kuhl
patristic* Daniel 9:2 ftn. (¶) puh-TRIS-tik
patronymic* it NATHANAEL (¶) pa'truh-NIH-mik
Paul Paul Acts 13:9 (g3972) (¶) PAWL*
Pauline* it CANON (¶) PAW-lin'
Paulus Paulus [Pau'lus] Acts 13:7 (g3972) (¶) PAW-luhs*, see also Sergius Paulus
Pax Romana* dp 250 PAKS roh-MAH-nuh, PAHKS
pe, pe' Pe’
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:129 (verse heading) (¶) PAY
pedagogue*, pedagog* Galatians 3:24 ftn. (g3807); w02 6/1 15 (¶) PE-duh-gahg', -gog'
Pedaiah Pe·dai'ah 1 Chronicles 3:18 (h6305) pih-DAY-yuh, pee-, puh-DI-uh*, pee'duh-I-yuh
Pekah Pe'kah 2 Kings 15:25 (h6492) PEE-kah*, -kuh [not PEK-uh]
Pekahiah Pek·a·hi'ah 2 Kings 15:23 (h6494) pek'uh-HI-uh*, pee'-
Pelatiah Pel·a·ti'ah Ezekiel 11:1, 13 (h6410) pel'uh-TI-uh*
Peleg Pe'leg
in a few Bibles: Phalec, Phaleg
Genesis 10:25 PEE-leg*, -lig
cities in Perea and Macedonia
w98 9/15 4; it ALEXANDER (¶) (¶) PEL-uh, PE-luh
Peloponnese* g84 12/22 26 (¶) PEH-luh-puh-neez', -nees', peh'luh-puh-NEES
Peloponnesus* it GREECE, GREEKS (Maritime advantages) (¶) peh'luh-puh-NEE-suhs
Peloponnisos* g01 1/22 17 (¶) peh'luh-PAW-nee-saws'
Penates* pm 286 (¶) puh-NAY-teez, -NAH-
Peninnah Pe·nin'nah 1 Samuel 1:2 (h6444) pih-NIN-ah*, pee-, -uh
Pentateuch* —; [Pen'ta·teuch] it PENTATEUCH (¶) PEN-tuh-took'*, -tyook'
Pentecost Pentecost Acts 2:1 (g4005) (¶) PEN-tih-kost, -kawst'*, -kahst'
penury want Proverbs 14:23, KJ (h4270); Luke 21:4, KJ (g5303) (¶) PEN-yuh-ree
Peor Pe'or Numbers 23:28 (h6465) PEE-or*, PEE-awr
peradventure maybe; perhaps; suppose
in some Bibles: if, if by chance, perhaps, though, what if
Genesis 18:24, KJ (h194); Romans 5:7, KJ (g5029) (¶) puhr'uhd-VEN-chuhr, per'-, PUHR-uhd-ven'chuhr, PER-
also spelled Perea*
w06 6/1 32 (¶) puh-REE-uh
Perazim Pe·ra'zim
Mount, aka Baal-Perazim
Isaiah 28:21 (h6556) puh-RAY-zim*, pih-, PER-uh-zim
perchance —; perhaps 1 Samuel 20:10, AS, HNV, JPS (h?); Acts 5:29, Lamsa (g3379) (¶) puhr-CHAN(T)S
perdition destruction John 17:12, AS, DRB, KJ (g684) (¶) puhr-DIH-shuhn
also Peraea*
w06 6/1 32 (¶) puh-REE-uh
Peres PE'RES
see Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin
Daniel 5:28 (h6537) PEE-rez*, -res
Perez Pe'rez
in some Bibles: Phares, Pharez, Pherez
Genesis 38:29 (h6557); Matthew 1:3 (g5329) PEE-riz, PEE-rehz* [not PER-ez]
Perezites Per'e·zites
in some Bibles: Parzites, Pharzites; compare Perizzites
Numbers 26:20 (h6558) PER-uh-zits*
Perez-uzzah Pe'rez-uz'zah 2 Samuel 6:8 (h6560) pee'rez-UH-zuh*, -riz-, PEE-rez-
perfunctory* ip-2 121 (¶) puhr-FUHNG(K)-t(uh-)ree , FUHN(K)- [not puhr-FUHN(K)-tuh-tor'ee]
Pergamos, Pergamum, Pergamus Per'ga·mum Revelation 1:11 (g4010) (¶) (¶) (¶) PUHR-guh-muhs, -mahs'; PUHR-guh-muhm*; PUHR-guh-muhs
pericope (¶) (¶) puh-RIK-uh-pee
perineal perineal Genesis 38:29 (h6556) (¶) per'uh-NEE-uhl
Peripatetic* w92 3/15 28; it ATHENS (Cultural and Religious Center) (¶) per'uh-puh-TEH-tik
Perizzites Per'iz·zites
in some Bibles: Pherezites; compare Perezites
Exodus 3:8 (h6522) PER-uh-zits*, -ih-
pernicious [ways] [acts of] loose conduct 2 Peter 2:2, KJ (g684) (¶)puhr-NIH-shuhs
Persepolis* dp 54 (¶)puhr-SEP-uh-lis, puhr-SEH-puh-lis
Persia Persia Ezra 1:1 (h6539) (¶) (¶) PUHR-zhuh*, esp. Brit. PUHR-shuh*
Persian Persian Nehemiah 12:22 (h6542) (¶) (¶) PUHR-zhuhn*, esp. Brit. PUHR-shuhn*
Pesach passover
in some Bibles: Passover
Exodus 12:11,CJB, HNV (h6453) (¶) (¶) PAY-sakh', Seph. Heb., PEH-sakh; Ashk. Heb., PAY-sahkh
Peshitta* [Peshitta] it VERSIONS (Ancient Versions of the Hebrew Scriptures) (read about)puh-SHEE-tuh [not puh-SHIT-tuh]
pestle pestle Proverbs 26:22 (h5940) (¶)PEH-suhl, PES-tuhl
Peter Peter [Pe'ter] Mark 3:16 (g4074) (¶) PEE-tuhr*
Petra Sela
in some Bibles: Sela, Selah, the rock
Isaiah 16:1, DRB (h5554); g00 3/22 18 (¶)PEE-truh, PET-ruh
Petrine* g71 2/8 27 (¶)PEE-trin'
phalanx* it ALEXANDER (¶)FAY-lang(k)s
Phalec Peleg Luke 3:35, KJ (g5317) FAY-lik
Phalereus*, Demetrius* dp 163 fuh-LEER-oos, -ee-uhs, duh-MEE-tree-uhs*, dih-
phallic* w06 10/1 20 (¶) FAL-ik [not FAY-lik]
phallus* sh 99 (¶) FAL-uhs [not FAY-luhs]
Phanuel Phan'u·el Luke 2:36 (g5323) FAN-yoo-el*, fuh-NYOO-uhl
Pharaoh Phar'aoh Genesis 12:15 (h6547) (¶)  (¶) FER-oh*, FAIR-oh, FAY-roh [not FAY-roh in NW]
Pharaoh-Hophra Pharaoh Hophra
aka Apries
Jeremiah 44:30, Da, Yg (h6540) fer'oh* HAWF-ruh*, fair'oh-HOF-ruh
Pharathon Pirathon Judges 12:15, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h6552) FAIR-uh-thon
Phares (1) Pe'rez
in most Bibles: Perez; in some Bibles: Pharez
Numbers 26:20, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h6557) FAIR-is
Phares (2) PE'RES Daniel 5:25–28, DRB, DRC (h6537) FAIR-is
Pharez Pe'rez
in most Bibles: Perez; in some Bibles: Phares (1), Pherez
Numbers 26:20, KJ, LITV, Yg (h6557) FAIR-iz
Pharisee Pharisees [Phar'i·sees] Matthew 23:26, 27 (g5330) (¶) FAIR-uh-see(z)*, FA-ruh-see(')
Pharpar Phar'par 2 Kings 5:12 (h6554) FAHR-pahr*, -puhr
Pharsin Phar·sin'
Aramaic; see Parsin, Upharsin
Daniel 5:25 ftn., also NET (h6537) FAHR-sin
Pharzites Per'e·zites
in most Bibles: Perezites
Numbers 26:20, KJ, LITV (h6558) FAHR-zit(s)
Phenice, Phoenice Phoenix [Phoe'nix]
aka Phoenix, Phoenicia
Acts 27:12, AMP, Da, DRB, DRC, KJ (g5405) fih-NI-see, fee-
Phenicia Phoe·ni'cia
in some Bibles: Phenice, Phoenice, Phoenicia
Acts 21:2, KJ, Murdock, Yg (g5403) fih-NIH-shee-uh
Phichol, Phicol Phi'col Genesis 21:22 (h6369) FI-kol*
Philadelphia Philadelphia
modern Alasehir
Revelation 1:11 (g5359) (¶) fil'uh-DEL-fee-uh*, fih'luh-DEL-fyuh, -fee-uh
Philemon Phi·le'mon [Bible book] Philemon 1:1 (g5371) (¶) (¶) fih-LEE-muhn, fuh-, fi-LEE-muhn*
Philetus Phi·le'tus 2 Timothy 2:17 (g5372) fi-LEE-tuhs*, fih-
Philip Philip [Phil'ip] Matthew 10:3 (g5376) (¶) FIL-ip, FIL-uhp*
Philippi Phi·lip'pi Acts 16:12 (g5375) (¶) (¶) fuh-LIP-i*, fih-, FIH-luh-pi'
Philippians Phi·lip'pi·ans
people of Philippi, Bible book
Philippians 4:15 (g5374) (¶) fuh-LIP-ee-uhns*, fih-, fuh-LIH-pee-uhnz
Philistia Phi·lis'ti·a Exodus 15:14 (h6429) (¶) fuh-LIS-tee-uh*, fih-
Philistine Phi·lis'tine Judges 16:18 (h6430) (¶) fuh-LIS-teen*, -tuhn, -teen', fih-LIS-teen, -tin, FIH-luh-steen, FIL-ih-steen]
Philo Judaeus* w05 6/15 9–12 (¶) FI-loh(') joo-DEE-uhs, -DAY-
Philologus Phi·lol'o·gus Romans 16:15 (g5378) fil-OL-uh-guhs, fih-LOL-uh-guhs*
philologist*, philology* g86 5/22 15; w02 6/15 15 (¶) (¶) fuh-lah-luh-jist, fi-; fuh-LAH-luh-jee, fi-
philosophy philosophy Colossians 2:8 (g5385) (¶) fuh-LAH-suh-fee
Philotas* dp 161 fi-LAH-tas
Phinees Phin'e·has
in most Bibles: Phinehas
Exodus 6:25, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h6372) FIN-ee-uhs
Phinehas Phin'e·has
in some Bibles: Phinees
Exodus 6:25 (h6372) FIN-ee-uhs*, -huhs
Phlegon Phle'gon Romans 16:14 (g5393) FLEG-uhn, FLEE-gon*
Phoebe Phoe'be
in some Bibles: Phebe
Romans 16:1 (g5402) FEE-bee*
Phoenicia, Phoenician Phoe·ni'cia; Phoe·ni'cian
aka Phenice, Phenicia
Isaiah 23:11 (h3667); Acts 21:2 (g5403) (¶) (¶) fih-NISH-uh, fih-NIH-sh(ee-)uh, -NEE-, fuh-NEE-shee-uh*; fih-NEE-shuhn, -NI-shuhn, fuh-NEE-shun*
Phoenix Phoenix [Phoe'nix]
in some Bibles: Phenice
Acts 27:12 (g5405) (¶) FEE-niks*
Phogor Pe'or
in most Bibles: Peor
Numbers 23:28, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h6465) FOH-gor
Phrygia, Phrygian Phryg'i·a Acts 2:10 (g5435); Acts 18:23, EMTV, LITV (g5435) (¶) (¶) FRIH-jee-uh*, -juh; FRIH-jee-uhn, -juhn
Phurah Pu'rah
in most Bibles: Purah
Judges 7:10, Da, KJ, Yg (h6513) FYOO-ruh
Phygelus Phy·gel'us
also spelled Phigellus, Phygellus
2 Timothy 1:15 (g5436) fih-JEL-uhs, fi-JEL-uhs*, FI-juh-lus
phylactery, phylacteries [scripture-containing] cases
in some Bibles: headbands, Scripture verses, straps with Scripture verses
pl., Matthew 23:5, AS, DRB, KJ, Yg (g5440); it FRONTLET BAND; SCRIPTURE-CONTAINING CASE (¶) fih'LAK-tuh-ree, fuh-LAK-t(uh-)ree
piacular* (¶) pi-AK-yuh-luhr
Pibeseth, Pi-beseth, Pi Beseth Pi·be'seth
aka Bubastis
Ezekiel 30:17 (h6364) pi-BEE-seth*, -sith
Pietism* g89 9/22 16 (¶) PI-uh-tih'zuhm
Pihahiroth, Pi-hahiroth, Pi Hahiroth Pi·ha·hi'roth Exodus 14:2 (h6367) pi'huh-HI-roth*, -ruhth
Pilate, Pontius Pontius Pilate Luke 3:1 (g4194 + g4091) (¶) PON-chuhs* PI-luht*, PON-shuhs, -shih-uhs, -tee-uhs, PAHN-, PUHN-
-pileser, Tiglath; -pilneser, Tilgath -pil·e'ser; -pil·ne'ser 2 Kings 16:7 (h8407); 1 Chronicles 5:6 (¶) pi(')-LEE-zuhr, pih-, puh-; pil-NEE-suhr, pil-NEE-zuhr*
pillory pillory [pil'lo·ry] Jeremiah 29:26 (h6729) (¶) PIL-uh-ree
pinion pinions Psalm 91:4 (h84) (¶) PIN-yuhn
Pirathon, Pirathonite Pir'a·thon; Pir'a·thon·ite Judges 12:15 (h6552, h6553) PIHR-uh-thon*; PIHR-uh-thuh-nit*
Pisgah Pis'gah Deuteronomy 3:27 (h6449) PIZ-gah*, -guh
Pishon, Pison Pi'shon Genesis 2:11 (h6376) PI-shon*; PI-suhn
Pisidia Pi·sid'i·a Acts 13:14 (g4099) (¶) puh-SID-ee-uh* , pih-, pi-
pistachio pistachio Genesis 43:11 (h992) (¶) puh-STA-sh(ee-)oh('), -STAH-
Pithom Pi'thom Exodus 1:11 (h6619) PI-thom*
pitiable pitiable
in some Bibles: miserable, pitiful
Revelation 3:17 (g1652) (¶) PIH-tee-uh-buhl
Plataea* dp 213 (¶) pluh-TEE-uh
Plato* it GREECE, GREEKS (Grecian Culture and Arts) (¶) PLAY-toh(')
Pleiades Kimah
in some Bibles: Hyades, Kimah
Job 9:9, KJ (h3598) (¶) PLEE-uh-deez', PLAY-
plenary* sh 316 (¶) PLEE-nuh-ree, PLEN-uh-ree
plenipotentiary* w67 10/15 625 (¶) ple'nuh-puh-TEN(T)-sh(uh-)ree, -shee-er'ee
Pliny* it ROME; w03 6/15 5 (¶) (¶) PLIN-ee [not PLI-nee]
Pluto* sh 43 (¶) (¶) PLOO-toh(')
Pochereth-hazzebaim Po'che·reth-haz·ze·ba'im
in some Bibles: Pochereth of Zebaim
Ezra 2:57 (h6380) POH-kuh-reth-ha-zuh-BAY-ihm*, POK-uh-rith-haz-uh-BAY-ihm
polemic* w96 8/15 13 (¶) (¶) puh-LEM-ik, puh-LEH-mik
Polycarp* it VERSIONS (Christian Greek Scriptures) (¶) POL-ee-kahrp', -ih-, PAH-lih-kahrp'
polygamy* it MARRIAGE (Polygamy) (¶) (¶) puh-LIG-uh-mee, puh-LIH-guh-mee
polyglot* it LANGUAGE (From Abraham Onward) (¶) PAH-lee-glaht'
polygyny* w95 7/15 12 (¶) (¶) puh-LIJ-uh-nee, puh-LIH-juh-nee
Polyhistor* it CHRONOLOGY (Berossus) (¶) (¶) pah'lee-HIS-tuhr, pol'ee-
polytheism* w89 2/15 7 (¶) PAH-lee-thee(')-ih'zuhm
compare monotheist
w63 7/1 390 (¶) PAH-lee-thee'ist
polytheistic* dp 84 (¶) pah'lee-thee-IS-tik
pomegranate pomegranate Song of Solomon 7:12 (h7416) (¶) (¶) PAH-muh-gra'-nuht*, -gran'it*, PAHM-gra'nuht, PUHM-, POM-gran'it, PUM-, PUM-ih-
aka Pompey
re 175 ftn. pom-PAY-uhs
Pompey, Gnaeus*
also Pompeius; Cnaeus, Cneius
it JERUSALEM (Hellenic and Maccabean Control); dp 216 (¶) (¶) PAHM-pee, NI-uhs [not pahm-PAY]
Pontius Pilate Pontius Pilate Luke 3:1 (g4194 + g4091) (¶) (¶) PON-chuhs*, -shuhs, -shih-uhs, tee-uhs, PI-luht*
Pontus Pon'tus Acts 2:9 (g4195) (¶) (¶) PAHN-tuhs, PON-tuhs*
pope*, Pope* sh 270 (¶) POHP
Porcius Festus Porcius Acts 24:27 (g4201 + g 5347) (¶) POR-shuhs, PAWR-, FES-tuhs*
porcupine porcupine
in some Bibles: bittern, hedgehog
Isaiah 34:11 (h7090) (¶) PAWR-kyuh-pin'
porphyry porphyry [por'phy·ry] Esther 1:6 (h923) (¶) PAWR-f(uh-)ree
Indian monarch
dp 159 PAWR-uhs
Greek god of the sea; compare Neptune
sh 43 (¶) puh-SI-duhn
positivism* w95 4/15 5 (¶) PAH-zuh-tih-vih'zuhm, PAHZ-tih-
compare antediluvian
w51 9/15 558 (¶) pohs(t)'duh-LOO-vee-uhn, -di-
postexilic* dp 25 (¶) pohst'eg(')-ZI-lik, -ek-SIL-ik
posthumous* g99 6/8 28 (¶) PAHS-chuh-muhs, pahst-HYOO-muhs
Potentate Potentate 1 Timothy 6:15 (g1413) (¶) POH-tuhn-tayt'
Potiphar Pot'i·phar Genesis 37:36 (h6318) (¶) POT-uh-fahr*, -fuhr
Potiphera Pot·i'phe·ra Genesis 41:45 (h6319) pah-TIH-fuh-ruh*, puh-, pot-I-fuh-ruh*
potsherd fragment of earthenware
in some Bibles: broken piece of pottery, piece of broken pottery; also spelled potshard
Job 2:8, KJ (h2789) (¶) (¶) PAHT-shuhrd, POT-, POT-shuhrd', also POT-shahrd'
pottage stew
in some Bibles: dish, soup, stew
Genesis 25:29, AS, DRB, KJ (h5138) (¶) PAH-tij
ancient Puteoli
it PUTEOLI (¶) pawt-SWAW-lee
Praetorian, Pretorian Prae·to'ri·an Philippians 1:13 (g4232) (¶) (¶) pree-TAWR-ee-uhn*, -TOR-, -TOHR-, prih-
Praetorium, Pretorium governor’s palace
in some Bibles: common hall, Fortified Palace, hall, judgment hall, palace, Pilate’s headquarters
Matthew 27:27, AS, NIV, others (g4232) prih-TOR-ee-uhm, pree-TOH-ree-uhm
pragmatism* w95 4/15 5 (box) (¶) PRAG-muh-tih'zuhm
prefect prefects
in some Bibles: administrator; chief, governor(s), head, magistrates, satrap, superintendents
Daniel 2:48 (h5460) (¶) PREE-fekt'
prelate* g 8/06 19 (¶) (¶) PREH-luht, PREL-it
presbyter* jv 36 footnote (¶)  (¶) PREZ-bih-tuhr, PRES-, PREZ-buh-tuhr, PRES-
presbytery body of older men 1 Timothy 4:14, AS, KJ (g4244) (¶) (¶) PREZ-buh-ter'ee, PRES-, -buh-tree, PREZ-bih-ter'ee, PRES-
presumptuous presumptuous Psalm 19:13 (h2086) (¶) prih-ZUHM(P)-chuh-wuhs, -chuhs, -shuhs
Preterist* PRET-uhr-ist, PRED-uhr-ast, PREED-
Priapus* w59 3/15 166 (¶) pri-AY-puhs
Prisca Pris'ca
aka Priscilla
2 Timothy 4:19 (g4251) PRIS-kuh, PRIS-kah*
Priscilla Pris·cil'la
aka Prisca
Acts 18:2 (g4252) prih-SIL-uh*
Prochorus, Procorus Proch'o·rus Acts 6:5 (g4402) PROK-uh-ruhs*
proconsul, proconsular* proconsul Acts 13:7 (g446) (¶) (¶) proh(')-KAHN(T)-suhl; proh(')-KAHN(T)-s(uh-)luhr
proconsulship* it CHRONOLOGY (The later apostolic period) (¶) proh(')-KAHN(T)-suhl-ship'
procurator* w97 6/15 13 (¶) PRAH-kyuh-ray'tuhr, PROK-yuh-
prodigal debauched
in some Bibles: extravagant, foolish, loose, reckless, riotous, wild
Luke 15:13, AB, NKJV (g811) (¶) PRAH-dih-guhl
prognosticator Isaiah 47:13, AS, KJ (h3045) (¶) prahg-NAHS-tuh-kayt'tuhr
Promethean*, Prometheus* g90 9/22 27 (¶) (¶) pruh-MEE-the-uhn; pruh-MEE-the-uhs, -thyoos'
prophecy prophecy
noun; compare prophesy
2 Chronicles 15:8 (h5016); 2 Peter 1:20 (g4394) (¶) PRAH-fuh-see
prophesy prophesy
verb; compare prophecy
Joel 2:28 (h5012); Matthew 7:22 (g4395) (¶) PRAH-fuh-si'
prophet prophet Exodus 7:1 (h5030); Matthew 21:11 (g4396) (¶) (¶) PRAH-fuht, PROF-it
prophetess prophetess Exodus 15:20 (h5031); Luke 2:36 (g4398) (¶) (¶) PRAH-fuh-tuhs, PROF-ih-tis
propitiate* g89 12/22 7 (¶) (¶) proh-PISH-ee-ayt', proh-PIH-shee-ayt' [not proh-PITCH-]
propitiation propitiation Romans 3:25 (g2435) (¶) proh-pish'ee-AY-shuhn [not proh-pitch'-]
propitiatory propitiatory 1 Chronicles 28:11 (h3727) (¶) (¶) proh-PISH-ee-uh-tor'ee, -tohr'ee, -PISH-uh-, proh-PIH-she(ee-)uh-tawr'-ee [not -PITCH-]
proselyte proselyte Matthew 23:15 (g4339) (¶) PRAH-suh-lit
proselytize* w02 1/1 11 (¶) PRAH-s(uh-)luh-tiz' [not PRAH-suh-liz']
Proteus* g01 6/22 18 (¶) (¶) PROH-tyoos', -toos', -tee-uhs, -tuhs'
provender fodder Genesis 24:25, AS, Da, KJ, Yg (h4554) (¶) PRAH-vuhn-duhr
proverb, Proverbs proverb; Proverbs
a wise saying, Bible book
Proverbs 1:1 (h4912) (¶) (¶) PRAH-vuhrb'; PRAH-vuhrbz', PROV-uhrbz, -urbz
psalm psalm
see also Psalms
Acts 13:33 (g5568) (¶) (¶) SAHM, SAHLM, SAWM, SAWLM
psalmody instrument of a stringed sort
in some Bibles: harp, lute, lyre, psaltery, stringed instrument
Psalms 71:22, AB, LXX-E (h3627) (¶) (¶) SAH-muh-dee, SAL-muh-dee, SAw-, SAWL-
Psalms Psalms
Bible book; see also psalm
Luke 20:42 (g5568) (¶) SAHMZ, SAHLMZ, SAWMZ
Psalter* it VERSIONS (Latin “Vulgate”) (¶) SAHL-tuhr, SAWL-tuhr
psaltery stringed instrument
in some Bibles: corded instruments, lute, lyres
Psalm 150:3, AS, DRB, KJ, others (h5035) (¶) SAHL-t(uh-)ree, SAWL-
Pseudepigrapha* w01 2/15 4 (¶) (¶) soo'dih-PIH-gruh-fuh, soo'duh-PIG-ruh-fuh
psyche* (Gr., psy·che') it SOUL (g5590) (¶) SI-kee, Gr., psoo-KHAY
Ptolemaic* it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (Under Greek and Roman rule) (¶) tol'uh-MAY-ik
Ptolemais Ptol·e·ma'is
aka Acco
Acts 21:7 (g4424) (¶) tah'luh-MAY-uhs, tawl'uh-MAY-uhs*, tol-, -is
Ptolemy* dp 134 (¶) TOL-uh-mee, TAH-luh-mee
Ptolemy Lagus* dp 211 (¶) TOL-uh-mee, TAH-luh-mee, LAH-guhs
Puah Pu'ah Exodus 1:15 (h6326) PYOO-uh, POO-ah*
publican tax collector
in some Bibles: tax collector, tax-gatherer, tax-farmer
Matthew 18:17, AS, KJ (g5057) (¶) PUH-blih-kuhn
Publius Pub'li·us Acts 28:7 (g4196) PUHB-lee-uhs*
Pudens Pu'dens 2 Timothy 4:21 (g4227) PYOO-dinz, POO-dinz*
Punic* w97 7/15 14 (¶) PYOO-nik
Pur, Purim Pur; Pu'rim Esther 9:26 (h6332) (¶) PYOOR, POOR*; PYOO-rim, POOR-ihm*, -uhm, poor-RIM, -REEM
Purah Pu'rah
in some Bibles: Phurah, Phara
Judges 7:10 (h6513) PYOO-ruh, POOR-ah*
Put Put
in some Bibles: Libyans, Phut
Jeremiah 46:9 (h6316) PUT, PUHT* (rhymes with “cut,” King “Tut”)
Puteoli Pu·te'o·li
modern Pozzuoli*)
Acts 28:13 (g4223) (¶) pyoo-TEE-uh-li', poo-, pyoo-TEE-uh-lee, pyoo-TEE-oh-li*, poo-*
pygarg antelope
in some Bibles: dishon, ibex, mountain goat
Deuteronomy 14:5, AS, DRB, KJ, Yg (h1788) PI-gahrg
Pygmean valorous men Ezekiel 27:11, DRB, DRC (h1575) (¶) pig-MEE-uhn, PIG-mee-uhn
Pyrrhic* g74 7/8 3 (¶) PIR-ik
Pyrrhus Pyr'rhus Acts 20:4; g74 7/8 3 (¶) PIR-uhs, PIHR-uhs*
Pythagorean* w99 8/15 11 (¶) puh-tha'guh-REE-un, pi(')-
Python (spirit of) mediumistic spirit
in some Bibles: divining spirit, familiar spirit, medium, necromancer, pythonical spirit, spiritist, spirit medium
Leviticus 20:27, Da (h178) (¶) PI-thon', -thuhn
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— Q —

qe- qo- qua- que- qum-

qere*, qre* ftn., qere
“read”; also spelled kere, q're; compare kethib
Jeremiah 31:38 ftn. KUH-ree, kuh-REE, -RAY; KREE
qere perpetuum*
also kere perpetuum, q're perpetuum, standing q're
KUH-ree, kuh-RAY, puhr-PECH-uh-wuhm
Qoheleth* Heb., Qo·he'leth; congregator
in some Bibles: Koheleth, Philosopher, Preacher, spokesman
Ecclesiastes 1:1 ftn. (h6953) (¶) koh-HEL-ith, Heb., ko-HEH-leth
qohph, qoph Qohph
Hebrew letter; also koph
Psalm 119:145 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) KOHF*, KAWF
quadrans, quadrantes* quadrans
Roman coin equal to one sixty-fourth of a denarius; in some Bibles: farthing, half a cent, kodrantes, penny
Mark 12:42, AB, HNV, NKJV, others (g2835) KWAD-ruhns, KWAH-dranz'; pl., KWAH-dran-teez'
quadruped beast
in most Bibles: animal, animals, beast
Deuteronomy 14:6, By (h929) (¶) KWAH-druh-ped'
aka Fourteenther
w06 4/15 17 kwar'toh'DE-suh-muhn
Quartus Quar'tus Romans 16:23 (g2890) KWOR-tuhs*
quaternion four soldiers Acts 12:4, KJ (g5069) (¶) kwah-TUHR-nee-uhn, kwuh-
quench quench Psalm 104:11 (h7665); Ephesians 6:16 (g4570) (¶) (¶) KWENCH [not KWENS, KWENZ]
Quetzalcoatl* g99 5/8 18 (¶) (¶) kwet'suhl-kuh-WAH-tuhl, -suhl-KWAH-, ket'sahl'-, -sal'-, ket-sahl'koh-AHT-l
Quintus* g99 11/8 21 KWIN-tuhs
Quirinius Qui·rin'i·us
in some Bibles: Cyrenius
Luke 2:2 (g2958) kwih-RIN-ee-uhs, kwuh-RIN-ee-uhs*
also Khirbat or Khirbet Qumran
it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Manuscripts of Hebrew Scriptures) (¶) KOOM-rahn, koom-RAHN, koom-RAN; kir-BAT-kuhm-RAHN
also Quran, Koran
sh 290 (¶) kuh-RAN, -RAHN, koo-RAHN
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Ra* it GODS AND GODESSES (Egyptian Deities) (¶) (¶) RAH, RAY
Raamah Ra'a·mah
in a few Bibles: Ra'mah, Reema
Ezekiel 27:22 (h7484) RAY-uh-mah*, -muh
Raamses Ra·am'ses
compare Rameses, Ramses
Exodus 1:11 (h7486) ray-AM-seez, RAM-seez*
Rabbah Rab'bah Amos 1:14 (h7237) (¶) RAB-uh*, RA-buh
Rabbath Rabbah [Rab'bah] Deuteronomy 3:11, DRB, KJ, Yg (h7237) RAB-uhth
Rabbi Rabbi
in some Bibles: Teacher
Matthew 23:7 (g4461) (¶) RA-bi*, RAB-i
rabbin it DOVE’S DUNG (¶) RAB-in
rabbinic* sh 215 (¶) ruh-BIN-ik, ruh-BI-nik, ra-
Rabbith Rab'bith
in some Bibles: Dabiron; aka Daberath
Joshua 19:20 (h7245) RAB-ith*
Rabboni Rab·bo'ni
“My Teacher”
John 20:16 (g4462) ra-BOH-ni, ra-BOH-nee*
Rabmag Rab'mag Jeremiah 39:13 (h7248) RAB-mag*
Rabsaris Rab'sa·ris Jeremiah 39:3 (h7249) RAB-suh-ris* [not rab-SAIR-uhs]
Rabshakeh Rab'sha·keh 2 Kings 18:17 (h7262) RAB-shuh-kuh*
Racal Ra'cal 1 Samuel 30:29 (h7403) RAY-kal*, -kuhl
Heb. ra·cham'
it MERCY (What Is Compassion?) (h7356) (¶) rah-KHAHM [not ra-CHAM]
Rachel Rachel [Ra'chel] Genesis 29:6 (h7354) (¶) (¶) RAY-chuhl
Raddai Rad'dai 1 Chronicles 2:14 (h7288) RAD-i*
Ragau Re'u
variant of Reu
Luke 3:35, Da, DRB (g4466) RAY-gaw
Rahab Ra'hab Joshua 2:1 (h7343) RAY-hab*
raiment raiment
in some Bibles: apparel, clothes, clothing
Isaiah 59:17 (h8516); Acts 10:30 (g2066) (¶) RAY-muhnt
Ram, ram Ram, ram
proper name, male sheep, battering weapon
Ruth 4:19 (proper name) (h7410); Genesis 15:9 (male sheep) (h352); Ezekiel 4:1 ([battering] ram) (h3733) (¶) RAM
Rama, Ramah Ra'mah Judges 4:5 (h7414) RAY-muh, RAY-mah* [not RAH-muh]
Ramatm Zophim, Ramathaim-zophim, Ramathaimzophim Ra·math·a'im-zo'phim 1 Samuel 1:1 (h7436) ray'muhth-ay'im-ZOH-fim*, ram'uh-THAY-im-ZOH-fim
Ramath Lehi, Ramath-lehi, Ramathlehi Ra'math-le'hi
in some Bibles: Hill of the Jawbone, Jawbone Height, Lifting of the jaw-bone
Judges 15:17 (h7437) ray'muhth-LEE-hi*
Ramath Mizpeh, Ramath-mizpeh, Ramathmizpeh Ra'math-miz'peh
in some Bibles: Ramath by Mizpah
Joshua 13:26 (h7434) ray'muhth-MIZ-puh*
Rameses Ram'e·ses
compare Raamses, Ramses
Genesis 47:11 (h7486) (¶) RAM-uh-seez(')*
compare Raamses, Rameses
it RAAMSES (¶) RAM-seez(')
Ramoth Ra'moth
three cities
Joshua 20:8 (h) RAY-mahth*, -moth
Ramath Gilead, Ramoth-gilead, Ramothgilead Ra'moth-gil'e·ad 2 Kings 8:28 (h7433) ray'mahth-GIL-ee-uhd*, -muhth-, RAY-moth-GIL-ee-ad
rampart seige rampart
in some Bibles: dirt ramps, earthwork(s), mound, mount, ramp, seige ramp
Ezekiel 4:2 (h3550) (¶) RAM-pahrt', -puhrt
rapacious rapacious
in some Bibles: cruel, evil, fierce, mischievous, ravenous, violent
Isaiah 35:9 (h6530) (¶) ruh-PAY-shuhs
rapacity rapacity
in some Bibles: destruction, ravaging, ruin, spoil)
Habakkuk 2:17 (h7701) (¶) ruh-PAS-uh-tee, -ih-tee
Rapha, Raphah Ra'pha; Reph'a·im
in some Bibles: giant(s), Rephaim
Genesis 8:1 (h7498); 2 Samuel 21:16, Apostles, Da, JB, LITV, NIV, others (h7497/7498) RAY-fuh*
Raphael Reph'a·el 1 Chronicles 26:7, DRB, DRC (h7501) RAF-ay-uhl
Raphaim Reph'a·im
in some Bibles: giant(s), Rapha, Rephaim, Rephaites
1 Chronicles 20:4, NAB (h7497) RAF-ay-im
Raphia* dp 223 ruh-FI-uh, ra-FEE-ah, RA-fee-ah
Raphu Ra'phu Number 13:9 (h7505) RAY-foo*, -fyoo
Ras Shamra*
ancient Ugarit
it ARCHAEOLOGY (Palestine and Syria) rahs SHAHM-ruh, -SHAM-
Rastafarian*, Rastafarianism* g85 2/22 14 (¶) (¶) (¶) rahs'tuh-FAHR-ee-uhn, ras'tuh-FAR-ee-uhn; rahs'tuh-FAHR-ee-uh-nih'zuhm, ras'-, ruhs'-
ravenous ravenous
in some Bibles: cruel, ravening, savage, vicious
Matthew 7:15 (g727) (¶) RAV-uh-nuhs, RAV-nuhs
Reaia, Reaiah, Re'ayah Re·a'iah Ezra 2:47 (h7211) ree-AY-uh*, -yuh
Rebecca, Rebekah Re·bek'ah Genesis 22:23 (h7259); Romans 9:10 (g4479) (¶) rih-BEK-uh*, ree-, ruh-
Recab, Rechab, Recabite, Rechabite Re'chab; Re'cha·bites Jeremiah 35:2, 6 (h7394; h7397) REE-kab*; REE-kuh-bit(s)*
recension* w69 11/15 691 (¶) rih-SEN-shuhn, -SEN(T)-
reconcile reconcile Ephesians 2:16 (g604) (¶) REH-kuhn-si(-uh)l', REK-uhn-
reconciliation reconciliation
in some Bibles: restoring people to fellowship, restoring relationships
2 Corinthians 5:18 (g2643) (¶) reh-KUHN-sih-lee-AY-shuhn, rek'uhn-sil'ee-
refulgence reflection
in some Bibles: beam, brightness, effulgence, emanation, eradiated brightness, gleaming brightness, outshining, radiance, reflecting
Hebrews 1:3 NAB, Worsley (g541) (¶) rih-FUL-juh(t)s, -FUHL-
Regem-melech Re'gem-mel'ech Zechariah 7:2 (h7278) ree'gehm-MEL-ik*, ree'guhm-, ree-gem-MEE-lek
Rehabiah Re·ha·bi'ah 1 Chronicles 26:25 (h7345) ray-huh-BI-uh*, ree-
Rehoboam Re·ho·bo'am 1 Kings 11:43 (h7346) (¶) ree'uh-BOH-uhm*, ree'huh-, ray'uh-*
Rehoboth Re·ho'both Genesis 26:22 (h7344) rih-HOH-bohth*, -both, REE-uh-bohth', ra-HOH-buhth
Rehoboth-Ir, Rehoboth Ir Re·ho'both-Ir Genesis 10:11 (h7344 + h5892) rih-hoh'both-IHR, rih-HOH-both-ihr*, ray-HOH-bahth-ihr'*, reh-HOH-bahth-ihr
rehsh, resh Rehsh
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:153 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) RAYSH, RESH
relativism* w07 11/1 32 (¶) RE-luh-tih-vih'zuhm
Remaliah Rem·a·li'ah Isaiah 7:1 (h7425) rem'uh-LI-uh*
remembrancer remembrancer
in some Bibles: memorial, reminder
Leviticus 24:7 (h234) (¶) rih-MEM-bruhn(t)-suhr
remnant Isaiah 10:21 (h7605); Romans 9:27 (g2640); Revelation 12:17, Da, KJ (g3062) (¶) REM-nuhnt [not REM-uh-nuh(n)t}
Renaissance*, renaissance* w95 3/1 23; ip-1 187 (¶) re'nuh-SAHN(T)S, -ZAHN(T)S, -SAHnS-, ZAHnS, REH-nuh-zahns'
Rephael Reph'a·el
in a few Bibles: Raphael
1 Chronicles 26:7 (h7501) REF-ay-uhl, REF-uh-el*
Rephaim Reph'a·im
in some Bibles: Arapha, giant(s), Rapha, Raphaim
2 Samuel 21:15 (h7497); 1 Chronicles 20:4 (h7497) REF-ay-im*
Rephidim Reph'i·dim Exodus 17:1 (h7508) REF-ih-dim*, ree-FID-im
reprobate anyone contemptible; disapproved Psalm 15:4, AS (h3988); 1 Timothy 3:8, AS, KJ (g96) (¶) REH-pruh-bayt'
repudiate repudiate Titus 2:12 (g720) (¶) rih-PYOO-dee-ayt'
rereward rear guard
in some Bibles: bring up rear, gathers, gather together, guard/protect ... from behind/on every side, rear guard, rearward
Isaiah 52:12, KJ, Leeser (h622) RIR-wawrd', RIUHR-, RIUH-wawd', -wawuhd [not re-reward]
Reu Re'u
in some Bibles: Ragau
Genesis 11:18 (h7466) REE-oo*, REE-yoo
Reuben, Reubenite Reu'ben; Reu'ben·ites Numbers 26:5, 7 (h7205; h7206) ROO-bin*; ROO-bin-it*(s)*(')
Reuel Reu'el
several persons, one aka Jethro
Genesis 36:4; Exodus 2:18 (h7467) ROO-el*, ROO-uhl
Reumah Reu'mah Genesis 22:24 (h7208) ROO-muh, ROO-mah'*
revelation, Revelation revelation; Revelation
a disclosure; Bible book, aka Apocalypse
Romans 16:25; Revelation 1:1 (g602) (¶) (¶) rev'uh-LAY-shuhn, re'vuh- [not Revelations (plural, for Bible book)]
revere treat as holy; fear
in many Bibles: regard, sanctify; fear
Isaiah 8:13, By (h6942); Revelation 15:4, JB (g5399) (¶) rih-VIHR
reverance bowing down; object of reverence
in some Bibles: bowed/bowing down, made obeisance; reverenced, object of worship, that is worshipped
Genesis 37:9, AMP (h7812); 1 Thessalonians 2:4 (g4574) (¶) REV-ruhn(t)s, REH-vuh-, REH-vuhrn(t)s
reverend fear-inspiring
in some Bibles: awe-inspiring, awesome, fearful, terrible
Psalm 111:9, AS, KJ, Ro (h3372) (¶) REV-ruhnd, RE-vuh-ruhnd, RE-vuhrnd
Rezin Re'zin 2 Kings 15:37 (h7526) REE-zin*
Rezon Re'zon 1 Kings 11:23 (h7331) REE-zahn*, -zon, -zuhn
Rhegium Rhe'gi·um Acts 28:13 (g4484) (¶) REE-gee-ihm* (hard “g”), REE-jee-uhm*
Rheims*, Reims* g79 10/8 13 (¶) (¶) REEMZ
Rhoda Rhoda (Rho'da) Acts 12:13 (g4498) ROH-duh, ROH-dah*
Rhodes Rhodes Acts 21:1 (g4499) (¶) ROHDZ*
Riblah Rib'lah 2 Kings 25:6 (h7247) RIB-luh*
ridicule ridicule Luke 14:29 (g1702) (¶) RIH-duh-kyoo(uh)l'
righteous righteous Malachi 3:18 (h6662) (¶) RI-chuhs
Riphath Ri'phath Genesis 10:3 (h7384) RI-fath*
Rizpah Riz'pah 2 Samuel 3:7 (h7532) RIZ-pah*, -puh
Rodanim Ro'da·nim
in some Bibles: Dodanim, Rhodes
1 Chronicles 1:7 (h1721) ROH-duh-nim*, RO-
see En-rogel
it EN-ROGEL ROH-gehl
Romamti-ezer, Romamtiezer Ro·mam'ti-e'zer 1 Chronicles 25:4 (h7320) roh-mam'ti-EE-zuhr*, -ti-
Roman, Romans Roman; Romans
person/people of Rome, Bible book
Acts 22:25 (g4514) (¶) (¶) ROH-muhn; ROH-muhnz*
Rome Rome Romans 1:7 (g4516) (¶) ROHM*
Rosetta* (Stone) it ARCHAEOLOGY (¶) (¶) roh-ZET-uh, roh-ZEH-tuh
Rosh Rosh Genesis 46:21 (h7220) ROSH*
Rosh Hashanah*
“head of the year”
it CALENDAR (Hebrew Calendar) (¶) (¶) rahsh'(h)uh-SHAH-nuh, rosh'-, rohsh'-, -SHOH-, rawsh'huh-SHAW-nuh, -SHAH-, -hah-, -hah-shah-NAH
Roxana*, Roxane* dp 160 rok-SAN-uh; rok-SAN-ee
ruach* Heb., ru'ach
in some Bibles: breath, spirit, wind
Genesis 1:2 "active force" ftn. (h7307) (¶) ROO-akh*
Rufus Ru'fus Mark 15:21 (g4504) ROO-fuhs*
Ruhamah O woman shown mercy!
compare Lo-ruhamah
Hosea 2:1, KJ (h7355); w76 3/1 157 roo-HAY-mah*, -muh
ruinous ruinous
in some Bibles: destroying, destructive, ruined
Jeremiah 51:25 (h4889) (¶) ROO-uh-nuhs [not RUHRN-ee-uhs, not by metathesis, ROO-nee-uhs]
ruinously ruinously Deuteronomy 4:18 (h7843) (¶) ROO-uh-nuhs-lee [not ROO-nee-uhs-lee]
Rumah Ru'mah 2 Kings 23:36 (h7316) ROO-mah*, -muh
ruminant chewing the cud Deuteronomy 14:6, JB (h5927 + h1625) (¶) (¶) ROO-mu-nuhnt
Ruth Ruth
person, Bible book
Ruth 1:4 (h7327) (¶) ROOTH*
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Saba She'ba 1 Kings 10:1, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h7614) (¶) SAY-buh
sabachthani sa·bach·tha'ni
see Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani
Matthew 27:46 (g4518) suh-BAK-thuh-ni, say-, sah-bahk-TAHN-ee*
Sabaoth, sabaoth armies
in many Bibles: Almighty, Armies/armies, Hosts/hosts
Isaiah 1:9, AB, JB, LXX-E (h6635); James 5:4, AS, DRB, KJ, Yg (g4519) (¶) SAB-ay-oth', sa-BAY-oth, -ohth'
Sabbath, sabbath sabbath Exodus 16:23 (h7676); Matthew 12:1 (g4521) (¶) SAB-uhth, SA-buhth
Sabeans Sa·be'ans
in a few Bibles: Sheba
Job 1:15 (h7614) suh-BEE-uhnz*
sacerdotal* w94 2/1 11 (¶) sas'uhr-DOH-tuhl, sa'kuhr-
sacrament (sacred) secret
in some Bibles: [profound] mystery, secret, [deep] secret truth, symbol, truth
Ephesians 5:32, DRB, DRC (g3466) (¶) SA-kruh-muhnt
sacrilege rob temples
in some Bibles: plunder their temples, rob temples, robbing temples
Romans 2:22 [KJ] (g2416); w02 6/15 19 (¶) (¶) SAK-ruh-lij, SA-kruh-lij
sacrilegious lacking loving-kindness
in some Bibles: godless, impious, irreverent, not religious, unholy
1 Timothy 1:9, JB (g462) (¶) sa'kruh-LIH-juhs, -LEE-
sacristan* w96 10/15 27 (¶) SA-kruh-stuhn
sacristy* g79 4/22 29 (¶) SA-kruh-stee
Sadducee Sadducees (Sad'du·cees) Matthew 16:6 (g4523) (¶) SAD-joo-see, SA-juh-see', SA-dyuh-
sadhe* Tsa·dheh' (¶) SAH-duh, TSAH-, -dee
in most Bibles: Zadok
2 Samuel 15:24, DRB, DRC, LXX-E (h6659) SAY-dok
saffron saffron Song of Solomon 4:14 (h3750) (¶) SAF-ruhn*, SA-frahn', -fruhn
Sakkara*, Saqqara*, Saqqarah* it ARCHITECTURE (Early Post-Flood Construction) (¶) (¶) suh-KAHR-uh
Sakkuth Sak'kuth Amos 5:26 (h5522) SAK-uhth*, SAHK-uhth
variant of Shakti*
(¶) SAHK-tee
Salamis Sal'a·mis Acts 13:5 (g4529) (¶) SAL-uh-mis, SA-luh-muhs*
saliva saliva
in some Bibles: spit, spittle
1 Samuel 21:13 (¶) suh-LI-vuh [not suh-LAH-vuh]
Salem Sa'lem
an early name of Jerusalem
Genesis 14:18 (h8004); Hebrews 7:2 (g4532) SAY-luhm*
Sallai Sal·la'i Nehemiah 11:8; 12:20 (h5543) suh-LAY-i*, SAL-i
Salma Sal'ma
two persons, one aka Salmon
1 Chronicles 2:11 (h8007) SAHL-muh*, SAL-
Salmon Sal'mon
aka Salma
Ruth 4:20 (h8009) SAL-muhn*
Salome Sa·lo'me Mark 15:40 (g4539) (¶) suh-LOH-mee*, SA-luh-may(')
Samaria Sa·mar'i·a Ezra 4:10 (h8115) (¶) suh-MER-ee-uh*, -MAIR-
Samaritan Sa·mar'i·tan Luke 10:33 (g4541) (¶) suh-MER-uh-tuhn*, -MAIR-
samech, samekh Sa'mekh
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:113 (verse heading) (¶) SAH-mekh, SAH-mek'
Celtic festival meaning “Summer’s End”
g01 10/8 5 (#182;) SAH-win, SOW-in
Samos Sa'mos Acts 20:15 (g4544) (¶) (¶) SAY-mos'*, SAM-ohs, SAH-maws
Samothrace, Samothracia Sam'o·thrace Acts 16:11 (g4543); Samothracia in Da, DRB, DRC, KJ, others (¶) (¶) SA-muh-thrays', SAM-uh-thrays', SAM-oh-thrays*, -thrayz*; sam'uh-THRAY-shuh
Samson Samson [Sam'son] Judges 14:1 (h8123) (¶) SAM-suhn*, SAMP-
Samuel Samuel [Sam'u·el]
person, Bible books
1 Samuel 1:20 (h8050) (¶) SAM-yuh-wuhl, SAM-yuhl, SAM-yoo-uhl*
Sanballat San·bal'lat Nehemiah 2:10 (h2772) san-BAL-at*, -uht
sanctification sanctification
in some Bibles: clean life, holiness, holy life/lives, separation
Hebrews 12:14 (g38) (¶) sang(k)'tuh-fuh-KAY-shuhn
sanctuary sanctuary Daniel 11:31 (h4720) (¶) SANG(K)-chuh-wer'ee, SANGK-choo-er'ee
Sanhedrin San'he·drin Matthew 26:59 (g4892) (¶) (¶) SAN-heh-drihn*, SAN-huh-druhn*, SAN-ih-drihn, SA-nuh-druhn, san-HEH-druhn, san-HEE-druhn, -drin, san-HED-rin, sahn-, Gr., soon-ED-ree-on
Sanscrit*, Sanskrit* g82 11/22 22 (¶) SAN-skrit', SAN(T)-skruht
Sapphira Sap·phi'ra Acts 5:1 (g4551) suh-FI-ruh*
sapphire sapphire Job 28:16 (h5601); Revelation 21:19 (g4552) (¶) SA-fir'
Heb., “prince”
dp 176; w51 12/1 720 (¶) SAHR
Saracen* dp 243 (¶) SA-ruh-suhn
Sara, Sarah Sarah [Sar'ah] Genesis 17:15 (h8283); Sara in DRB, DRC, a few others (¶) SAR-uh, SER-uh*, SAY-ruh
Sarai Sar'ai Genesis 11:29 (h8297) SAIR-i, SER-i*, SAR-ay-i
sarcophagus*, sarcophagi* bier Deuteronomy 3:11 ftn. (h6210) (¶) (¶) sahr-KAH-fuh-guhs, -KOF-uh-; sahr-KAH-fuh-gi, -ji -gee
Sardis Sar'dis Revelation 1:11 (g4554) (¶) SAHR-dis*, SAHR-duhs
sardonyx sar'do·nyx Revelation 21:20 (g4557) (¶) SAHR-duh-niks*, sahr-DAH-niks
Sarepta Zarephath Luke 4:26, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (g4558) suh-REP-tuh
Sargon Sar'gon Isaiah 20:1 (h5623) (¶) SAHR-gahn*, -gon, -guhn
satiate saturate Jeremiah 31:14, AS, Da, KJ (h7301) (¶) (verb) SAY-shee-ayt'; (adjective) SAY-sh(ee)uht
satrap satraps
in some Bibles: captains, governors, lieutenants, lords, nobles, princes
Daniel 3:3 (h324) (¶) SAY-trap'*, SA-trap', -truhp
satrapy* it PERSIA, PERSIANS (Religion and Law) (¶) SAY-truh-pee, SA-, -tra'pee
satyr goat-shaped demon Isaiah 34:14, KJ (h8163) (¶) SAY-tuhr, chiefly British SA-tuhr
Saul Saul 1 Samuel 9:2 (h7586); Acts 13:9 (g4569) (¶) (¶) SAHL, SAWL*
scall abnormal falling off of hair
in some KJ versions: scurf; in some Bibles: itch, scab, scabs, scaldhead
Leviticus 14:54, KJ (h5424) (¶) SKAWL
scepter, sceptre scepter
in some Bibles: rod, sceptre
Genesis 49:10 (h7626); Hebrews 1:8 (g4464) (¶) SEP-tuhr [not SKEP-tuhr]
Sceva Sce'va Acts 19:14 (g4630) SEE-vuh*
schism division
in some Bibles: disharmony, disunion, divided, division
1 Corinthians 12:25, KJ (g4978) (¶) SIZ-uhm, SKIZ-uhm, also SHIZ-uhm
Scopas* dp 224 SKOH-puhs
scourge scourge Psalms 106:29 (h4046); Acts 22:25 (g3147) (¶) (¶) SKUHRJ, SKOHRJ, SKAWRJ, SKURJ
Scripture, scripture scripture, Scripture Luke 4:21; John 2:22 (g1124) (¶) (¶) SKRIP(T)-shuhr, SKRIP-chuhr
scurf abnormal falling off of hair
in some Bibles: scall; in some [KJ] versions: itch, scab, scabs, scaldhead, scall
Leviticus 14:54, KJ (h5424) (¶) SKUHRF
scurvy scabby; scabbiness Leviticus 21:20; 22:22, KJ (h1618) (¶) SKUHR-vee
scythe scythes Judges 4:3 (h1270) (¶) SITH*, sometimes SI [not SITH, SKITH]
Scythia*, Scythian —, Scyth'i·an w01 11/15 24; Colossians 3:11 (g4658) (¶) (¶) SIH-thee-uh, -THee-; SIH-thee-uhn, -THee-uhn*
formerly Beth-shean
it DECAPOLIS (Formation of the League) sith-OP-uh-lis
seah seah (se'ah) Genesis 18:6 (h5429) SEE-uh*
Seba Se'ba Psalm 72:10 SEE-buh*
Secundus Se·cun'dus Acts 20:4 (g4580) sih-KOON-duhs*
sedheq* SEH-dek
sedulous* lv 52 (¶) SEJ-uh-luhs
Seir Se'ir Genesis 32:3 (h8165) SEE-uhr*
Sejanus* dp 239 (¶) sih-JAY-nuhs
Sela, Selah Se'la
in some Bibles: Petra
Isaiah 16:2 (h5552) SEE-luh*
Selah Se'lah
possibly, “pause”
Psalm 3:2 (verse ending) (h5542) (¶) SEE-luh*, -lah'
Sela-hammahlekoth Crag of the Divisions
in some Bibles: Selahammahlekoth, Separation Hill, Slippery Rock, The Rock of Division[s]
1 Samuel 23:28, AS, KJ (h5555) see'luh-huh-MAH-luh-koth
Seleucia Se·leu'cia Acts 13:4 (g4581) (¶) suh-LOO-shee-uh*, -shuh, sih-LOO-shuh
Seleucid* dp 162 (¶) suh-LOO-suhd, -YOO-, sih-LOO-sid
Seleucus Nicator* dp 162 (¶) suh-loo'kuhs NI-kay'tuhr, sih-LOO-kuhs
Seljuk* g78 2/8 26 (¶) SEL-jook, sel-JOOK
selvage, selvedge end
in some Bibles: border, edge, end, extremity
Exodus 26:4, AS, KJ (h7098) (¶) SEL-vij
Semei Sem'e·in Luke 3:26, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (g4584) SEM-ee-i
Semein Sem'e·in Luke 3:26 (g4584) SEM-ee-uhn*
Semiramis* w81 1/15 30 seh-MIR-uh-mis
Semite* it HEBREW, II (¶) SEH-mit
Semitic* it LANGUAGE (Origin of Speech) (¶) sih-MIT-ik, also sih-MET-ik
Semitism* it GREEK (Koine used by inspired Christian writers) (¶) SEM-ih-tiz'uhm, SE-muh-tih'zuhm, Brit. SEE-mih-
Seneca* w95 10/1 32 (¶) SE-nih-kuh, SEN-uh-
Senir Se'nir
aka Mount Hermon, Sirion
Deuteronomy 3:9 (h8149) SEE-nuhr*
Sennacherib Sen·nach'er·ib 2 King 18:13 (h5576) suh-NAK-uh-rib*, -ruhb
Sepharad Se·phar'ad Obadiah 20 (h5614) suh-FAR-ad*, suh-FAHR-ad, some sources, SEF-uh-rad, suh-FAY-rad
Sephardi*, Sephardim* —; it ASHKENAZ 1. (¶) (¶) suh-FAHR-dee; pl., suh-FAHR-duhm, -dim
Sephardic* sh 216 (¶) suh-FAHR-dik [not shuh-]
Sepharvaim Seph·ar·va'im Isaiah 36:19 (h5617) sef'uhr-VAY-im*
Sepharvites Se'phar·vites 2 Kings 17:31 (h5617) SEE-fahr-vits*, SEF-uhr-vits
Sepphoris* it NAZARETH (Prominence of Nazareth) SEF-uh-ris
Septimia* dp 240 sep-TIM-ee-uh
Septuagint* it VERSIONS (Ancient Versions of the Hebrew Scriptures) (¶) (¶) SEP-too-uh-jint', -tyoo-, SEP-choo-jint', sep-TOO-uh-juhnt, -TYOO-, SEP-tuh-wuh-jint'
sepulcher, sepulchre burial place (Genesis 23:6); tomb (Acts 2:29)
in some Bibles: burying[-]place, grave, monument, resting place, tomb
Genesis 23:6, KJ (h6913); Acts 2:29, KJ (g3418) (¶) (¶) SEP-uhl-kuhr, SEH-puhl-kuhr
Seraiah Se·rai'ah Jeremiah 51:61 (h8304) see-RI-uh, sih-RAY-yuh, suh-RI-uh*, seh-, ser'uh-RI-uh, SER-uh-ri-uh
seraph, seraphim seraphs
in some Bibles: flaming creatures, heavenly creatures of fire, seraphims, seraphs
Isaiah 6:2 (h8314); seraphim in AB, AMP, AS, Da (¶) (¶) SER-uf, -af; pl., SER-uh-fim, -a-, SER-uhf-im
Serapis* it DREAMS (Natural Dreams) (¶) (¶) sih-RAH-pis, sah-, suh-RAY-puhs, -pis
Sergius Paulus Sergius Paulus [Pau'lus] Acts 13:7 (g4588 + g3972) (¶) SUHR-juhs, SUHR-jih-uhs PAW-luhs*
sergeant constables Acts 16:35, AS, DRB, KJ (g4465) (¶) SAHR-juhnt
Serug Se'rug Genesis 11:20 (h8286) SEE-ruhg*, SIHR-uhg
Seveneh Sy·e'ne
in most Bibles: Syene
Ezekiel 30:6, AS, WEB (h5482) suh-VEN-uh
Severus, Lucius Septimius*
Roman emperor, 193–211 C.E.
w94 7/1 20; w93 7/1 6 (¶) sep-TIM-ee-uhs see-VEE-ruhs, suh-VEER-uhs, suh-VIHR-uhs
Shaddai, El Heb., ’El Shad·dai', "God Almighty" Genesis 35:11, By, JPS (h410 + h7706) (¶) el shah-DI, also SHAD-i
Shadrach Sha'drach
in some Bibles: Sidrach
Daniel 1:7 (h7714) (¶) SHAD-rak, SHA-drak', SHAY-drak(')*
aka Iblis*
(¶) (¶) SHAY-tahn, SHI-tahn, shi-TAHN, shay-TAHN
see also Sakti*
sh 107, 116, 121 (¶) (¶) SHUK-tee, SHAHK-tee
Shallum Shal'lum— 2 Kings 15:10 (h7967) SHAL-uhm*
Shalman Shal'man Hosea 10:14 (h8020) SHAL-man*, -muhn
Shalmaneser Shal·man·e'ser 2 Kings 17:3 (h8022) shal'muh-NEE-zuhr*, -zer, shal'muhn-EE-zuhr
shalohm', shalom peace Genesis 15:15, HNV (h7965); Matthew 10:13, HNV (g1515) (¶) (¶) shah-LOHM, shuh-
Shalom aleichem*
Heb., “Peace be with you”; compare Assalam ‘alaikum*
w84 8/15 19 (¶) (¶) shaw'luhm uh-LAY-khuhm, -kuhm, shah-LOHM ah-lay-KHEM, Seph. Heb., shah-LAWM ah-le-KHEM; Ashk. Heb., SHAW-luhm ah-LAY-khem, ah-lay-KHEM, shah-LOHM
Shama Sha'ma 1 Chronicles 11:44 (h8091) SHAY-muh*
shaman* w94 12/15 20 (¶) SHAH-muhn, SHAY-muhn, also shuh-MAHN
Shamash* dp 71 (¶) SHAH-mahsh
Shamgar Sham'gar Judges 3:31 (h8044) SHAM-gahr*
shanah' sha·nah'
Hebrew: “year”
it YEAR (h8141) (¶) shah-NAH, shah-NEH
Shaphan Sha'phan 2 Kings 22:3 (h8227) SHAY-fuhn*, -fan
Shaphat Sha'phat 1 Kings 19:16 (h8202) (definition) SHAY-fat*
Shaphir Sha'phir
in some Bibles: Saphir
Micah 1:11 (h8208) SHAY-fihr*, -fuhr
Shāpūr* (Persian king) dp 252 shah-POOR
Sharezer Shar·e'zer 2 Kings 19:37 (h8272) shuh-REE-zuhr, shar-EE-zuhr*
Sharia*, Shariah* g79 7/8 7 shah-REE-uh
Sharon Shar'on Isaiah 33:9 (h8289); Acts 9:35 (g4565) SHAIR-uhn, SHER-uhn*
Shaveh-kiriathaim Sha'veh-kir·i·a·tha'im Genesis 14:5 (h7741) SHAY-vuh-kihr-ee-uh-THAY-im*
Shealtiel She·al'tiel Ezra 5:2 (h7598); Matthew 1:12 (g4528) shee-AL-tee-uhl, shee-AL-tee-el*
Shear-jashub She'ar-ja'shub Isaiah 7:3 (h7610) SHEE-uhr-JAY-shuhb*, SHEE-ahr-
Sheba She'ba
persons; kingdom, SW Arabia; see also Sabeans
Genesis 10:7, 28 (h7614) (¶) SHE-bah*, SHE-buh
Shebat She'bat
in some Bibles: Sabat, Sabath, Sebat
Zechariah 1:7 (h7627) SHEE-bat
Shebna Sheb'na Isaiah 22:15 (h7644) SHEB-nuh*
Shechem She'chem
modern Nablus
Genesis 33:18 (h7927) SHEE-kuhm, SHEE-kem'*
sheik sheik
chiefly Brit., sheikh
Genesis 36:15 (h4441) SHEEK, chiefly Brit.: SHAYK
shekel shekel (shek'el) Exodus 30:13 (h8255) SHEK-uhl* [not SHEE-kuhl]
also Shechinah, Shekhinah
w81 5/1 19 shuh-KI-nuh, -KEE-
Shelah She'lah
in some Bibles: Sala, Salah
Genesis 10:24 (h7974) She'lah*
Shema She'ma
person’s same
1 Chronicles 5:8 (h8087) SHEE-muh, SHEE-mah*
Jewish liturgical prayer
(see h8085); it SYNAGOGUE (Program of Worship) (¶) shuh-MAH, SHMAH
Sheminith Shem'i·nith 1 Chronicles 15:21 (h8067) SHEM-uh-nith*
Sheol She'ol
in some Bibles: grave, hell, place/world of the dead
Ecclesiastes 9:10 (h7585) (¶) SHEE-ohl, SHEE-awl*
Shephelah She·phe'lah
in some Bibles: low country, lowland[s], plain, vale
Deuteronomy 1:7 (h8219) shih-FEE-luh, shuh-FEE-luh*
shepherd shepherd Exodus 3:1 (h7462) SHEP-uhrd
Sheshach She'shach Jeremiah 25:26 (h8347) SHEE-shak*
Sheshai She'shai Judges 1:10 (h8344) SHEE-shi*
Sheshbazzar Shesh·baz'zar Ezra 5:16 (h8340) shesh(')-BAZ-uhr, shesh-BAZ-ahr*
Sheshonk* Shishak
it EGYPT, EGYPTIAN (After Israel’s conquest of Canaan) SHE-shongk
Shethar-bozenai She'thar-boz'e·nai
in some Bibles: Shetharboznai, Shethar-Bozenai, Shethar-boznai, Shethar Bozenai, Stharbuzanai
Ezra 5:3 (h8370) shee'thahr-BOZ-uh-ni*
shew show
variant of “show”
Genesis 12:1, Da, DRB, KJ (some versions), Yg (h7200) SHOH [not SHOO]
shewbread layer bread; display of the loaves
in some Bibles: bread of the presence, bread to be set in rows, setting forth of loaves, showbread, show(-)bread
Nehemiah 10:33, KJ (h3899 + h4635); Hebrews 9:2 (g4286 + g740) SHOH-bred' [not SHOO-bred]
Shibboleth Shib'bo·leth
compare Sibboleth
Judges 12:6 (h7641) SHIB-uh-lith, -leth', -luhth, SHIB-oh-leth*
Shiggaion dirge Psalm 7 superscription, Da, KJ (h7692) shuh-GAY-on
Shiloah Shi·lo'ah Isaiah 8:6 (7975) shi-LOH-ah*, -LOH-uh
Shiloh Shi'loh Genesis 49:10 (h7886) SHI-loh*
Shimei Shim'e·i 2 Samuel 16:5 (h8096) SHIM-ee-i*
Shimshai Shim'shai Ezra 4:8 (h8124) SHIM-shi*
shin Shin
Hebrew letter; see also sin
Psalm 119:161 (verse heading) SHIN, SHEEN
Shinar Shi'nar Genesis 10:10 (h8152) SHI-nahr*
Shiphrah Shiph'rah Exodus 1:15 (h8236) SHIF-rah*, -ruh
Shishak Shi'shak
Pharaoh Sheshonk
1 Kings 14:25 (h7895) SHI-shak* [not SHIH-shak]
shittah (acacia tree) acacia
pl., shittim
Isaiah 41:19, KJ (h7848) SHIH-tuh, SHIT-uh
Shittim (location), shittim (acacia trees) Shit'tim (location); acacia (tree) (location) Joshua 3:1 (7851); (tree) Deuteronomy 10:3, KJ (h7848) SHIH-tim*
See Siva
(See Siva)
shofar, shophar horn
in some Bibles: cornet, horn(s), ram’s/rams’/rams horn, trumpet(s)
Joshua 6:5 (ftn. in NW), CJB, HNV, VW (h7782) (¶) (¶) SHOH-fahr, -fuhr, Heb., sho-FAR
Shoham (person) Sho'ham 1 Chronicles 24:27 (h7719) SHOH-ham*
shoham (stone) onyx
in most Bibles: onyx
Exodus 28:9, HNV, Yg (h7718) SHOH-ham
Shoshannim The Lilies
in some Bibles: Concerning the Lilies, Lilies, On the Lilies
Psalms 45 and 69 superscriptions, Da, KJ (h7799) shoh-SHAN-im
Shoshannimeduth, Shoshannim-eduth, Shoshannim Eduth The Lilies. A Reminder Psalm 80 superscription or 80:12 in Da, KJ (h7802) shoh-shan'im-EE-duhth
Shuhite Shu'hite Job 2:11 (h7747) SHOO-hit*
Shulammite Shu'lam·mite The Song of Solomon 6:13 (h7759) SHOO-luh-mit, SHOO-lah-mit*
Shunem Shu'nem 2 Kings 4:8 (h7766) SHOO-nuhm*
Shur Shur Genesis 16:7 (h7793) SHOOR, SHUHR*
Shushan Shu'shan Esther 1:2 (h7800) SHOO-shan*
Shushan-eduth The Lily of Reminder
in some Bibles: Lily of the Covenant/Promise, Concerning/On the Lily of Testimony
Psalm 60 superscription, KJ (h7802) shoo'shan-EE-duhth
Sibboleth Sib'bo·leth
compare Shibboleth
Judges 12:6 (h5451) SIB-uh-lith, -leth', SIB-oh-leth*
Sibylline* g80 7/22 17 SIB-uh-leen
Sicarii; sicarii dagger men
in some Bibles: armed terrorists, Assassins, cut-throats, malefactors, murderers, terrorists, thugs
Acts 21:38, Diaglott (g4607) sih-KAHR-ee-i
sickle sickle Joel 3:13 (h4038); Revelation 14:18 (g1407) (¶) SIH-kuhl
Siddhartha Gautama* g00 7/8 15 (¶) sih-DAHR-tuh GAU-tuh-muh
Sidon Si'don Jeremiah 25:22 (h6721) SI-duhn*
Sidrach Sha'drach
in most Bibles: Shadrach
Daniel 1:7, DRB, DRC (h7714) SID-rak
siege siege
in some Bibles: attack, besiege, blockade
Ezekiel 4:2 (h4692) SEEJ, also SEEZH
siesta siesta
in some Bibles: lay on a bed, [afternoon/early afternoon/midday] nap, rest, resting, sleeping upon his bed, took his rest
2 Samuel 4:5 (h) (¶) see-ES-tuh
sieve sieve Amos 9:9 (h3531) (¶) SIV* (rhymes with “give”)
Sikh* g87 12/22 19 SEEK
Sikhism* sh 120 SEE-kih'zuhm
Siloam Si·lo'am Luke 13:4 (g4611) si-LOH-uhm, suh-LOH-uhm
Silvanus Sil·va'nus 1 Thessalonians 1:1 (g2331) sil-VAY-nuhs*
Simeon Sim'e·on Genesis 29:33 (h8095) SIM-ee-uhn*
similar similar
in some Bibles: likeness, looked like, similitude
Daniel 10:16 (h1823) SIM-uh-luhr, SIM-luhr [not SIM-yoo-luhr]
simile proverbial saying
compare metaphor
Psalm 44:14, Yg (h4912) SIM-uh-lee
similitude likeness Daniel 10:16, KJ (h1823); James 3:9, KJ (g3669) (other places h8403, h8544, g3665, g3667 in KJ) suh-MIL-uh-tood, -tyood
Simon Simon [Si'mon] Matthew 4:18 (g4613) SI-muhn*
sin Sin
Hebrew letter; see also shin
Psalm 119:161 (verse heading) SIN, SEEN
Sin* Sin
moon god; wilderness; Egyptian city; city, in some Bibles: Pelusium, Sais, Seen
Exodus 16:1 (wilderness); it MOON (Moon Worship)”; Ezekiel 30:15 (city) (h5512) SIN
Sinai Si'nai
aka Horeb
Exodus 19:1 (h5514) (¶) SI-ni* , also SI-nee-i'
Sinaitic* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Materials) si'nee-IT-ik [not -AT-ik]
Sinaiticus* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Materials) si'nee-IT-uh-kuhs [not -AT-uh-kuhs]
sinew sinew Isaiah 48:4 (h1517) SIN-yoo('), also SIH-noo(')
Sira*, Sirach* #8212;
aka Ecclesiasticus
it APOCRYPHA (Ecclesiasticus) (¶) SI-uh; SI-ruhk, -rak
Sira, Sirach, Jesus Ben* dp 24 (¶) (¶) jee'zuhs, ben-SI-ruh; ben-SI-rak, -suh-RAHK, -SI-ruhk
Sirion Sir'i·on
aka Mount Hermon, Senir
Deuteronomy 3:9 (h8303) SIHR-ee-uhn*
Sisera Sis'e·ra Judges 4:2 (h5516) SIS-uh-ruh*
sistrum sistrums
in some Bibles: castanets, cornets, rattles, sistra
2 Samuel 6:5 (h4517) SIS-truhm, -troom, pl. SIS-trums
also Shiva*
sh 97 SIH-vuh, SHIH-vuh, SEE-vuh, SHEE-vuh
skepticism* w95 4/15 5 SKEP-tuh-sih'zuhm
sledge sledge Isaiah 41:15 (h4173) SLEJ
Smerdis* w86 1/15 7 SMUHR-dis, SMAIR-dis
Smyrna Smyr'na
modern Izmir
Revelation 1:11 (g4667) SMUHR-nuh, SMUHR-nah*
Socinian* g88 11/22 20 suh-SIN-ee-uhn, soh-
Sodi So'di Numbers 13:10 (h5476) SOH-di
Sodom Sod'om Genesis 13:10 (h5467) SOD-uhm*
sojourn to reside; alien residents Genesis 12:10, AS, DRB, KJ, Yg (h1481); Acts 7:6, AS, KJ (g3941) SOH-juhrn, soh-JUHRN
Sol* w90 1/15 7 SAHL
soldering soldering Isaiah 41:7 (h1694) SAH-d(uh-)ring, SAW-; Brit., also SAHL-, SOHL-
solecism* w63 8/1 462 SAH-luh-sih'zuhm, SOH-
Solomon, Song of Solomon Sol'o·mon
person; Bible book, aka Canticles
The Song of Solomon 1:1 (h8010) (¶) SAH-luh-muhn*, SOL-uh-
solstice* w05 12/15 6 (¶) SAHL-stuhs, SOHL-, SOL-
Sopater Sop'a·ter Acts 20:4 (g4986) SOP-uh-tuhr*
Sopherim* it SCRIBE (Scripture Copyists) SOF-uh-rim
Sophist* it JUDAS 2. SAH-fist
sophistic* sah-FIS-tik
sophistry* g91 9/8 9 SAH-fuh-stree
sorcerer, sorcery sorcerer; sorcery
in some Bibles: witch, witchcraft
Deuteronomy 18:10 (h3784); 2 Chronicles 33:6 (h3784) SAWR-suh-ruhr, SAWRS-ruhr; SAWR-suh-ree, SAWRS-ree
sororate* (¶) suh-RAWR-uht
Sosipater So·sip'a·ter Romans 16:21 (g4989) soh'SIP-uh-tuhr*
Sosthenes Sos'the·nes Acts 18:17 (g4988) SOS-thuh-neez*
sottish unwise
in some Bibles: senseless, foolish, silly, slow-witted, stupid, thickheaded
Jeremiah 4:22, AS, Consrv, Da, KJ, Leeser, Webster (h5530) (¶) SAH-tish
sovereignty kingdom
in most Bibles: kingdom; sometimes reign, rule, sovereignty
Daniel 2:44, AS, AMP, Consrv, Da, HNV, WEB (h4437) SAH-vuh-ruhn-tee, SAH-vruhn-tee, -vuhrn-tee, SUH-, SOV-rin-tee, SUV-
Sparta* g99 8/8 25 SPAHR-tuh
specious empty
in some Bibles: empty, foolish, meaningless, vain, worthless
Ephesians 5:6, Moffatt (g2756) (¶) SPEE-shuhs
sphere, spherical* boundary “sphere” 2 Corinthians 10:13, ALT, EMTV, We (g2583) SFIHR; SFIHR-ih-kuhl, SFER-
sphinx*; sphinxes*, sphinges* it MEMPHIS (Royal burial sites) (¶) (¶) SFING(K)S; pl. SFIN-jeez
spikenard spikenard
also nard
Song of Solomon 4:13 (h5373) (¶) SPIK-nahrd('), -nuhrd
spurious foreign-god; disapproved
in some Bibles: Hebrew: false, idolatrous, pagan, pseudo-, soothsayers; Greek: counterfeit, disapproved, disqualified, reprobate, worthless
2 Kings 23:5 (h3649); 2 Timothy 3:8, JB (g96) SPYUR-ee-uhs
Stachys Sta'chys Romans 16:9 (g4720) STAY-kis, STAY-kuhs*
stacte stacte
in some Bibles: balsam resin, fragrant gum, gum resin, resin droplets
Exodus 30:34 (h5198) (¶) STAK-tee
stela*, stelae* g90 5/8 15, 17 STEE-luh; pl. STEE-lee, STEE(UH)L
stele*, stelai*, steles* it CANAAN (picture, page 403) (¶) STEE-lee, STEEL; pl. STE-li or STEH-leez, STEELZ
Stephen Stephen [Ste'phen] Acts 6:5 (g4736) (¶) STEE-vuhn*
Stephanas Steph'a·nas 1 Corinthians 1:16 (g4734) STEF-uh-nuhs*
aka Estienne
w95 4/15 10 STEF-uh-nuhs
Stephen Stephen (Ste'phen) Acts 6:5 (g4736) STE-vuhn*
Stoic Sto'ic Acts 17:18 (g4770) STOH-ik*
stoicism* w96 9/1 17 STOH-ih-siz'uhm
stomacher rich garment
in some Bibles: beautiful robe, expensive clothes, rich robe, robe
Jeremiah 3:23, KJ, Yg (h6614) STUH-mih-kuhr, -chuhr
storax storax Genesis 30:37 (h3839) STOR-aks, STOHR-
Strabo* it CHRONOLOGY (Historians of the Classical Period) STRAY-boh(')
strophe* ip-1 134 STROH-fee(')
subordinationism w92 4/1 24 (¶) suh-bawr'duh-NAY-shuh-niz'uhm
suborn secretly induced
in some Bibles: privately put forward, secretly bribed, secretly induced, secretly instigated
Acts 6:11 (g5260), “suborned” in AS, Da, DRB suh-BORN
subterfuge subterfuge Judges 9:31 (h8649) SUHB-tuhr-fyooj'
Succoth Suc'coth Genesis 33:17 (h5523) SUK-oth, SUHK-uhth, SUHK-ahth'*
Sudan E·thi·o'pi·a
in most Bibles: Ethiopia
Ezekiel 29:10, GW (h3568) SOO-dan, soo-DAN, -DAHN
Suetonius* g95 6/22 8 swih-TOH-nee-uhs, swee-
Sumer* it BABYLON 2. SOO-muhr
Sumeria* sh 207 soo-MEER-ee-uh, -MER-, -MIR-
Sumerian* it UR 2. soo-MEER-ee-uhn, -MER-, -MIR-
sumptuous gorgeous
in some Bibles: gaudy, goodly, splendid, splendor
Revelation 18:14, AS, HNV, WEB (g2986) SUHM(P)(T)-shuh-wuhs, -shuhs
superciliousness superciliousness Psalm 10:4 (h1363 + h639), ftn. lit. “according to the height of his nose” SOO-puhr-SIH-lee-uhs-nes, -SIL-yuhs-nes
superfluity superfluous James 1:21, KJ (h4050 soo'puhr-FLOO-uh-tee
superfluous superfluous James 1:21 (h4050) su-PUHR-floo-uhs [not su-PUHR-fil-uhs]
surfeit sufficiency
in some Bibles: satiated, tired, weary
Proverbs 25:17, JPS (h7646) SUHR-fuht
Susa Su'sa Ezra 4:9 (h7801) SOO-suh*
Susanna Su·san'na Luke 8:3 (g4677) soo-ZAN-uh*
suzerain* it KINGDOM SOO-zuh-ruhn
suzerainty* dp 149 SOO-zuh-ruhn-tee, -rayn'tee, SOOZ-ruhn-tee
sword sword Genesis 3:24 (h2719) SORD, SOHRD (sounds like “soared”)
sycamine black mulberry
in some Bibles: mulberry, sycamore
Luke 17:6, AS, KJ, LITV (g4807) SIK-uh-meen, -min', -muhn
sycamore, sycomore sycamore 1 Kings 10:27 (h8256) SIH-kuh-mohr', -mawr'
Sychar Sy'char John 4:5 (g4965) SI-kahr*
Syene Sy·e'ne
in some Bibles: Aswan, Seveneh
Ezekiel 29:10 (h5482) si-EE-nee
Symeon Sym'e·on
in some Bibles: Simon, Simeon
Acts 15:14 (g4826) SIM-ee-uhn*
Symmachus* it VERSIONS (Later Greek versions) SIM-uh-kuhs
synagogue synagogue Matthew 12:9 (g4864) SIN-uh-gog
synchronism* it KINGS, BOOKS OF (Writing of the Books) SIN(G)-kruh-nih'zuhm
syncretic* w78 1/15 27 sin(g)-KREH-tik
syncretism* w99 3/15 25 SIN(G)-krih-tiz'uhm, SIN-kruh
syncretistic* it MEMORIAL TOMB (Not Ornate) sin'kruh-TIS-tik
synecdoche* Deuteronomy 16:5 ftn. (¶) sin-EK-duh-kee
synod* w97 10/1 12 SIN-uhd, SIN-ahd'
synodal* w97 10/1 12 SIN-uh-duhl, SI-nah'-, suh- NAH-duhl
Literally, “like view”
it CHRISTIAN GREEK SCRIPTURES; si 176 par. 3 sin-OP-tik, suh-NAHP-tik
Syntyche Syn'ty·che Philippians 4:2 (g4941) SIN-tih-kee*
Syracuse Syracuse [Syr'a·cuse] Acts 28:12 (g4946) SIHR-uh-kyooz*, -kyoos
Syria Syria Judges 10:6 (h758) SIHR-ee-uh*
Syriac Aramaic
in some Bibles: Aramaean, Aramaic, Syrian
Daniel 2:4, DRB, KJ SIHR-ee-ak'
Syrophoenician Sy·ro·phoe·ni'cian
in some Bibles: Syrophenician, Syro-phoenician
Mark 7:26 (g4949) si'roh-fih-NISH-uhn, si'roh-fih-NEE-shuhn* [not sihr-oh-]
Syrtis Syr'tis
in some Bibles: quicksands, sandbank[s], sand bars
Acts 27:17 (g4950) SUHR-tuhs, SIHR-tuhs*
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Tabeel Tab'e·el
in some Bibles: Tabeal
Ezra 4:7 (h2870) TAB-ee-uhl, TAB-ee-el*
Taberah Tab'e·rah Numbers 11:3 (h8404) TAB-uh-ruh, TAB-uh-rah*
tabernacle tabernacle
as a verb: dwell, live; as a noun in some Bibles: tent
Exodus 25:8, 9 (verb h7931; noun h4908) TAB-uhr-nak'uhl
Tabitha Tab'i·tha
aka Dorcas
Acts 9:36 (g5000) TAB-ih-thuh*
Tabor Ta'bor Judges 4:6 (h8396) TAY-buhr, TAY-bor'*
tabret tambourine
in some Bibles: tambourine, timbrel
Isaiah 5:12, AS, KJ, Yg (h8596) TAB-rit
Tacitus* w03 6/15 5 TAS-uh-tuhs, -ih-
see Tirhakah
it TIRHAKAH tuh-HAHR-kuh
Tahpanes; Tahpanhes Tah'pan·es; Tah'pan·hes
see also Tehaphnehes
Jeremiah 2:16; 43:8 (h8471) TAH-puh-neez*; TAH-puhn-heez*
talion* it CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (God’s Law for Israel) TAL-ee-uhn
talitha cumi Tal'i·tha cu'mi Mark 5:41 (g5008 + g2891) tal'uh-thuh K(Y)OO-mi, tal'ih-thuh-KOO-mee*
Talmai Tal'mai Joshua 15:14 (h8526) TAL-mi*
Talmud* sh 221 TAL-mud
Tamar Ta'mar Genesis 38:6 (h8559) TAY-mahr
tamarisk tamarisk
in some Bibles: field, grove, holy tree
Genesis 21:33 (h815) TAM-uh-risk
Tammuz Tam'muz Ezekiel 8:14 (h8542) TAM-uhz*, TAH-muz', TAM-mooz
sometimes Tanach
sh 220 TAH-nahk, tah-NAHK, tah-NAHKH
tantamount* w05 8/1 27 (¶) TAN-tuh-mount [not -mahnt]
Tao* sh 163 DOU, TOU
Taoism* sh 163 DOU-ih'zuhm
Tao Te Ching* sh 166 dou deh JING
Tappuah Tap'pu·ah Joshua 16:8 (h8599) TAP-yoo-uh, TAP-oo-uh*
Targum* it VERSIONS (Targums) TAHR-guhm
Tarshish Tar'shish
in some Bibles: Tharshish, Tharsis
1 Kings 10:22 (h8659) TAHR-shish*
Tarsus Tarsus [Tar'sus] Acts 9:11 (g5018 TAHR-suhs*
Tartan Tar'tan 2 Kings 18:17 (h8661) TAHR-tan*
Tartarus Tar'ta·rus
in some Bibles: hell
2 Peter 2:4 (g5020) TAHR-tuh-ruhs*
Tatian* it VERSIONS (Christian Greek Scriptures) TAY-shuhn
Taurus* (Mountains) dp 226 (¶) TAWR-uhs
tautology* g90 1/8 27 (¶) taw-TOL-uh-jee
taw Taw
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:169 (verse heading) TAHF, TAWF, TAHV, TAWV
Taxila* dp 159 TAK-suh-luh, -sil-uh
Tebeth Te'beth Esther 2:16 (h2887) TEE-beth*
Te Deum* w64 2/15 106 tay'DAY-uhm, tee'DEE-uhm
Tehaphnehes Te·haph'ne·hes
also Tahpanes
Ezekiel 30:18 (h8471) tee-HAF-nih-heez, tuh-HAF-nuh-heez, tee-HAF-nee-eez*
tehth, teth Tehth
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:65 (verse heading) (¶) TAYT, TAYTH, TET, TETH
teil (tree) big tree
in some Bibles: terebinth, turpentine tree
Isaiah 6:13, KJ (h424) TEEL
Tekoa, Tekoah Te·ko'a Amos 1:1 (h8620) tuh-KOH-uh*, tee-
Temanite Te'man·ite Job 2:11 (h8489) TEE-muh-nit*, TEM-uh-nit
Terah Te'rah Genesis 11:24 (h8646); Luke 3:34 (g2291) TEER-uh, TER-uh, TEE-rah'*
teraphim teraphim
in some Bibles: household gods/idols, images
Genesis 31:19 (h8655) TER-uh-fim*
terebinth big tree Isaiah 6:13, AS, Da, LITV (h424) TER-uh-binth
Tertius Ter'tius Romans 16:22 (g5060) TUHR-shuhs*, also TUHR-shee-uhs
Tertullian* w02 5/15 29-31 tuhr'TUHL-ee-uhn
Tertullus Ter·tul'lus Acts 24:1 (g5061) tuhr-TUHL-uhs*
Tetragrammaton* Genesis 2:4 ftn. (¶) tet'ruh-GRAM-uh-ton
tetrarch district ruler
in some Bibles: king, regional ruler, ruler, ruler of the quadrant, Tetrarch, Tetrarche
Matthew 14:1, KJ (g5076) TET-rahrk
Teutonic* it ASHKENAZ 1. (¶) too-TAH-nik, tyoo-
Textus Receptus* si “Study Number 6—The Christian Greek Text of the Holy Scriptures (Textus Receptus)” (¶) tek'stuhs-rih-SEP-tuhs, teks'tuhs-
Thaddaeus Thad·dae'us
also spelled Thaddeus
Matthew 10:3 (g2280) tha-DEE-uhs*
Thapsus* w64 3/15 184 THAP-suhs
thaumaturgy* (definition) (¶) THAW-muh-tuhr'jee
aka No
Thebez The'bez Judges 9:54 (h8405) THEE-behz*, THEE-biz
thee you Luke 23:43, KJ (g4671) THEE
Themistocles* it PERSIA, PERSIANS (Evidence from Greek sources); dp 197 thuh-MIS-tuh-kleez(')
theocracy* it ISRAEL 2. thee-OK-ruh-see
theocratic* it ECCLESIASTES thee'uh-KRAT-ik
theodicy* g87 10/8 4 thee-OD-uh-see
Theodosius* dp 243 thee'uh-DOH-shuhs, -shee-uhs, thee-oh-DOHZ-ee-uhs
Theodotion* it VERSIONS (Later Greek versions) thee'uh-DOH-shuhn
Theodotus* it GREECE, GREEKS (Hellenists) thee-AH-duh-tuhs
Theogony* sh 42; it GREECE, GREEKS (Greek Religion) thee-AH-guh-nee
theological* w97 5/1 4 thee'uh-LOJ-ih-kuhl
theology sh 12 thee-OL-uh-jee
theophanic*, theophany* thee'uh-FA-nik; thee-AH-fuh-nee
Theophilus The·oph'i·lus Luke 1:3 (g2321) thee-OF-uh-luhs*
Theophrastus* g97 4/8 5 thee'uh-FRAS-tuhs
Thermopylae* dp 213 thur'MAH-puh-lee', thuhr-MOP-uh-lee'
Thessalian* it ROME (Religion) thuh-SAY-lee-uhn, thuh-SAYL-yuhn
Thessalonians Thes·sa·lo'ni·ans
people of Thessalonica, two Bible books
Acts 20:4 (g2331) thes'uh-LOH-nee-uhnz*
Thessalonica Thes·sa·lo·ni'ca Acts 17:1 (g2332) thes'uh-luh-NI-kuh, thes'uh-loh-NI-kah*
Theudas Theu'das Acts 5:36 (g2333) THOO-duhs, THYOO-duhs*
in some Bibles: yours
John 17:6, AS, KJ (g4674) THIN
thitherward in that direction Jeremiah 50:5, AS, Da, KJ (h2008) THIH-thuhr-wuhrd, THIH-
Thomas Thomas [Thom'as] Matthew 10:3 (g2381) TOM-uhs*
Thrace* dp 167 thrays
Thracian* dp 155 THRAY-shuhn
Thucydides* it CHRONOLOGY (Thucydides) th(y)oo-SIH-duh-deez'
Thummim Thum'mim
see Urim and Thummim
Exodus 28:30 (h8550) (¶) (¶) THUH-muhm, TOO-meem, THUM-ihm, TOOM-ihm, THUH-mihm'*
w79 4/15 11 (¶) (definition) THUHR-uh-buhl, THUR-, THYUR-
Thutmose* w96 10/15 8; it QUEEN (Egypt) (¶) THUT-mohz, THYOOT-mohs, thoot-MOH-suh
Thyatira Thy·a·ti'ra
modern Akhisar
Revelation 1:11 (g2363) thi'uh-TI-ruh*
thyine wood scented wood
in some Bibles: citron wood, scented wood, scented wood products, perfumed wood, sweet[-]smelling wood, wood aromatic, rare woods, expensive wood, odiferous wood, precious woods, fragrant wood
Revelation 18:12, NW (ftn.), AS, DRB, KJ, Yg (g2367 + 3586) THI-in
Tiamat* it GODS AND GODDESSES (Babylonian Deities) (¶) tee-AH-maht, TYAH-maht, TEE-ah-maht'
Tiberias Ti·be'ri·as
compare Tiberius
John 6:1 (g5085) ti-BIHR-ee-uhs*
Tiberius Ti·be'ri·us
compare Tiberias
Luke 3:1 (g5086) ti-BIHR-ee-uhs*
Tibni Tib'ni 1 Kings 16:21 (h8402) TIB-ni* [not TIB-nee]
Tidal Ti'dal Genesis 14:1 (h8413) TI-dawl*, -dal*, -duhl
Tiglath-pileser Tig'lath-pil·e'ser
compare Tilgath-pilneser
2 King 15:29 (h8407) (¶) tig'lath-puh-LEE-zuhr*, -pih-LEE-zuhr, TIH-glath'-pi(')-LEE-zuhr
Tigris Hid'de·kel
aka Hiddekel
Genesis 2:14, BE, DRB, GW, LITV, MKJV (h2313) (¶) TI-gris
tikkun* w99 7/1 28 TIK-un
Tilgath-pilneser Til'gath-pil·ne'ser
compare Tiglath-pileser
1 Chronicles 5:6 (h8407) til'gath-pil-NEE-zuhr*
Timaeus Mark 10:46 Ti·mae'us tuh-MEE-uhs*, ti-MEE-uhs
timbrel tambourine
in some Bibles: instruments of brass, tambour, tambourine, timbrell
Psalm 150:4, AS, DRB, KJ (h8596) TIM-bruhl
Timon Ti'mon Acts 6:5 (g5096) TI-muhn*
Timothy Timothy [Tim'o·thy]
person, Bible books
1 Timothy 1:2 (g5095) TIM-uh-thee*, -oh-
Tiphsah Tiph'sah 1 Kings 4:24 (h8607) TIF-suh*
Tirhakah Tir·ha'kah
see Taharqa
2 Kings 19:9 (h8640) (¶) tuhr-HAY-kuh, -kah, teer-HAY-kah*, Heb., teer-HAW-kaw
Tirshatha Tir·sha'tha
in some Bibles: Athersatha, governor
Nehemiah 8:9 (h8660) tihr-SHAY-thah*, tuhr-SHAY-thah,* -thuh
Tirzah Tir'zah Numbers 27:1 (h8656) TIHR-zah*, -zuh, TUHR-zuh
Tischendorf, Lobegott Friedrich Konstantin von* w97 10/15 11 TISH-uhn-dorf, -dawrf, LOH-buh-got FREE-drikh* KON-stahn-teen fuhn
aka Ethanim
it CALENDAR (Hebrew Calendar) (¶) TISH-ree, -ray
Titius Justus Titius Justus
Titius omitted in some Bibles
Acts 18:7 (Justus: g2459) tish'uhs JUHS-tuhs*, tish'ee-uhs
Titan* g98 10/22 18 (¶) TI-tuhn [not TI-tan']
tittle particle of a letter
in some Bibles: part/stroke of a letter; compare iota
Matthew 5:18, AS, Da, DRB, KJ, Yg (g2762) TIT-uhl
Titus Titus [Ti'tus] Titus 1:4 (g5103) TI-tuhs*
Tobijah To·bi'jah Zechariah 6:14 (h2900) toh-BI-juh*
Tobit* it APOCRYPHA; w94 4/1 29 TOH-bit
Tocqueville, Alexis de* dp 270 (¶) al-lek-sees duh tawk-VEEL, tohk-VEEL, TOHK-vil
tomb tomb Mark 6:29 (g3419) TOOM (silent “b”)
topaz topaz Job 28:19 (h6357) TOH-paz
Topheth To'pheth 2 Kings 23:10 (h8612) TOH-fith, TOH-feth*
Tosefta* wi 10 toh-SEF-tuh
Trachonitis Trach·o·ni'tis Luke 3:1 (g5139) trak'uh-NI-tis, trak'oh-NI-tis*
Trajan* it ROME (Rome’s Political Image) TRAY-juhn
transcendent* g92 3/22 10 (¶) tran(t)-SEN-duhnt
Transfiguration* it TRANSFIGURATION trans'FIG-yuh-RAY-shuhn
translation translation
in some Bibles: interpretation
Hebrews 7:2 (g2059) tran(t)s-LAY-shun, tranz- [not tran-suh-LAY-shun]
transliterate*, transliteration* g99 12/8 14; w01 5/15 11 tran(t)s-LIH-tuh-rayt', tranz-; tran(t)s(')-lih'tuh-RAY-shuhn, tranz(')-
compare consubstantiation*
it LORD’s EVENING MEAL (No Transubstantiation or Consubstantiation) ¶) tran(t)'suhb-stan(t)'shee-AY-shun
treatise account
in some Bibles: account, book, narrative, report
Acts 1:1, AS, DRB, KJ (g3056) TREE-tuhs, -tuhz
trenchant O not painful!
in some Bibles: convincing, forcible, powerful, telling
Job 6:25, JPS (h4834) TREN-chuhnt
Trito-Isaiah* ip-2 28 tree'toh-i-ZAY-uh, -yuh, chiefly Brit. -ZI-
triumvir*, triumvirate* —; it DARIUS 1. (¶) (¶) tri-UHM-vuhr; tri-UHM-vuh-ruht
Troas Tro'as Acts 16:8 (g5174) TROH-as*, TROH-az
Trophimus Troph'i·mus Acts 21:29 (g5161) TROF-uh-muhs*
think, believe
Luke 17:9, some versions of KJ (g1380) (¶) TROH (rhymes with “grow,” “know,”)
Trimurti* sh 115 trih-MUR-tee
trough trough Genesis 24:20 (h8268) TRAWF, TRAWTH
Tryphaena Try·phae'na Romans 16:12 (g5170) tri-FEE-nuh*
Tryphosa Try·pho'sa Romans 16:12 (g5173) tri-FOH-suh*
tsade, tsadheh Tsa·dheh'
Hebrew letter; also sadhe
Psalm 119:137 (verse heading) (¶) (¶) TSAH-duh, -dee; SAH-duh, -dee, tsah-DAY* (soft “D”)
Tsar* see Czar
tsohar tso'har
in some Bibles: light, roof, window
Genesis 6:16 (h6672) (¶) TSOH-hahr*, TSOH-ahr*
Tubal-cain Tu'bal-cain Genesis 4:22 (h8423) TOO-buhl-kayn', TOO-bal-kayn'*
tunic sleeveless coat Exodus 39:20, DRB (39:22 in most Bibles) (h4598) TOO-nik, TYOO-nik
aka tunic
TOO-nih-kuhl, TYOO-
turban turban
in some Bibles: diadem, miter, mitre
Ezekiel 21:26 (h4701) (¶) TUHR-buhn
turquoise turquoise [tur'quoise]
in some Bibles: carbuncle, emerald, ruby
Exodus 28:18 (h5306) TUR-kwoiz', -koiz', TUHR-kawiz, -kwawiz
Tutankhamen* w88 2/1 26 (¶) toot'ahng-KAH-muhn, too'tang'KAH-muhn
tutelary* g89 2/8 23 TOO-tuhl-er'ee, TYOO-
sometimes spelled Tindale
it BIBLE (Preservation) (¶) TIN-dl, -duhl, -duhl
Tychicus Tych'i·cus Ephesians 6:21 (g5190) TIK-uh-kus, TIK-ih-kuhs*
Tyne* dp 138 (¶) tine
Tyr* g00 12/8 27 TIHR
tyrannical tyrannical Psalm 86:14 (¶) tih-RAN-ih-kuhl, tuh-RA-nih-kuhl [not ti-]
Tyrannus Ty·ran'nus Acts 19:9 (g5181) ti-RAN-uhs, tuh-RAN-uhs*
Tyre Tyre Isaiah 23:1 (h6865) TIR* (rhymes with “dire,” “fire”)
Tyrian, Tyrians Tyr'i·an, Tyr'i·ans
a man of Tyre, a native of Tyre; men of/from Tyre
1 Kings 7:14; Nehemiah 13:16 (h6876) (¶) TIHR-ee-uhn*, TIHR-ee-uhns*
Tyropoeon* it DAVID, CITY OF ti-ROH-pee-uhn
Tyrus Tyre Jeremiah 25:22 (h6865) TI-ruhs
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— U —

uc- ul- un- ur- uz-

Ucal U'cal Proverbs 30:1 (h401) YOO-kuhl*
Ugarit*, Ugaritic*
Ras Shamra
w03 7/15 24–28 (¶) OO-guh-rit, oo-GAHR-it, yoo-, oo'guh-REET; oo'guh-RIT-ik, yoo'-
Ulai U'lai Daniel 8:2 (h195) YOO-li*
ulama*, ul-ama*, ulema* (¶) oo'luh-MAH
aka Wulfila*
w94 5/15 8 OOL-fuh-lahs', UHL-, -luhs, -las'
uncial* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Styles of Writing) UN-shuhl
unction anointing
in many Bibles: anointing
1 John 2:20, KJ (g5545) UHNK-shuhn
Upanishad* sh 102 (¶) oo-PAN-ih-shad, -shahd, yoo-PAH-nuh-shad'
Upharsin and Par'sin
in some Bibles: Divided, divisions, Half Minas, Peres, Phares (2)
Daniel 5:25 ftn. “u·Phar·sin',” [AS, Da, KJ, others] (h6537) (definition) yoo-FAHR-sin
Uphaz U'phaz Daniel 10:5 (h210) YOO-faz*
Ur Ur Genesis 11:31 (h218) (¶) UHR*, UR, ER
Uranus* sh 42 YOOR-uh-nuhs, yoo-RAY-nuhs
Uri U'ri Exodus 31:2 (h221) YOO-ri, YOOR-i*
Uriah U·ri'ah 2 Samuel 11:3 (h223) yoo-RI-uh*
Urijah U·ri'jah 2 Kings 16:10 (h223) yoo-RI-juh
Urim U'rim
and Thummim
Exodus 28:30 (h224) (¶) (¶) YOOR-im, OOR-ihm, YOO-ruhm, YOOR-uhm*, oor'-eem
usurer usurer Exodus 22:25 (h5383) YOO-zhuhr-uhr, YOOZH-ruhr
usurp to exercise authority over
in some Bibles: have dominion over, to have authority over
1 Timothy 2:12, KJ (g831) yoo-SUHRP, -ZUHRP
usury usury
in some Bibles: excessive profit, great profits, unjust gain, usurious increase
Nehemiah 5:7 (h4855); Proverbs 28:8 (h8636) YOO-zhuh-ree, YOOZH-ree
Uz Uz Job 1:1 (h5780) UHZ*
Uzzah Uz'zah 2 Samuel 6:7 (h5798) UHZ-uh [not YOO-zuh]
Uzziah Uz·zi'ah 2 Chronicles 26:1 (h5818) uhz-ZI-uh, uh-ZI-uh* [not yoo-ZI-uh
Uzziel Uz'zi·el Nehemiah 3:8 (h5816) UHZ-ee-el*, UHZ-ee-uhl, uh-ZI-el
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— V —

va- ve- vi- vo- vu-

Valentinian* bf 181 (¶) va'luhn-TIH-nee-uhn, -TIN-yuhn
valorous valorous
in some Bibles: Gammadims, valorous men [of Gamad], Pygmeans, men of Gamad, warriors, watchmen
Ezekiel 27:11 (h1575) (¶) VA-luh-ruhs [not vuh-LOHR-ee-uhs]
Variorum* (Bible) jv 605 var-ee-OR-um, ver'ee-OH-ruhm, va(a)ree'-, vay'ree-, -AWR-
Vashti Vash'ti Esther 2:1 (h2060) VASH-ti*
Vaticanus* (Codex) it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Materials) vat'ih-KAN-uhs
Hebrew letter, see waw
Veadar* it CALENDAR (Hebrew Calendar) VAY-ah-dahr, VEE-uh-dahr, -ah-
vehemently vehemently Judges 8:1 (h2394); Luke 23:10 (g2159) VEE-uh-muhnt-lee
vellum* it MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE (Materials) (¶) VEH-luhm
compare venial
venality* w95 9/1 27 vih-NAL-uh-tee
venerate, veneration venerated; veneration Romans 1:25 (g4573); Acts 17:23 (g4574) (¶) (¶) VEH-nuh-rayt'; veh'nuh-RAY-shuhn
vengeance vengeance
in some Bibles: punishment, revenge
Leviticus 19:18 (h5358); Hebrews 10:30 (g1557) VEN-juhn(t)s 
compare venal
g74 6/8 27 VEE-nee-uhl, VEE-nyuhl
verity truth Psalm 111:7, KJ (h571); 1 Timothy 2:7, KJ (g225) VER-uh-tee
vermilion vermilion Jeremiah 22:14 (h8350) vuhr-MIL-yuhn
Vespasian* it CAESAR ves-PAY-zhuhn, -zhee-uhn
Vesta* g89 3/8 26 VES-tuh
vestibule vestibule
in some Bibles: court, doorway, entrance, forecourt, outer court, porch
Mark 14:68 (g4259) VES-tuh-byool [not VES-tyoo-buhl]
Via Appia* it APPIUS, MARKETPLACE OF VI-uh AP-ee-uh, VEE-uh; wee'ah AH-pee-uh
Via Dolorosa* g92 9/22 29 vi'uh doh-luh-ROH-suh, vee'uh, doh-loh-ROH-zah, dol'uh-ROH-suh
Via Egnatia* it MACEDONIA, MACEDONIAN; vee'uh eg-NAH-tee-uh
viceroy* dp 247 (¶) VIS-roi'
victual provisions
in some Bibles: food, meat, provision, victuals
Exodus 12:39, KJ (h6720) (¶) VIH-tuhl, VIT-l
Vigilius* w64 3/15 184 vih-JIL-ee-uhs
villainy villainy
in some Bibles: craft, cunning, evil ways, mischief, trickery
Acts 13:10 (g4468) VIH-luh-nee
Virgil* w94 4/1 55 VUHR-juhl
visage Isaiah 52:14, KJ (h4758); Lamentations 4:8, KJ (h8389); Daniel 3:19, KJ (h600) VIZ-ij
Vishnu* sh 115 VISH-noo(')
vizier over all
in some Bibles: governor, in charge of, over, over all, ruler
Genesis 41:43, NAB (¶) vuh-ZIR, VIZ-yuhr
Vophsi Voph'si Numbers 13:14 (h2058) VOF-si, VAWF-si*
vox populi vox Dei* g90 9/22 14 wohks-PAW-pu-lee'wohks'DAY-ee
Vulcan* sh 43 VUHL-kuhn
Vulgate* it LATIN VUHL-gayt
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— W —

wa- wi- wr- wy-

wadi*, Wadi torrent valley
in some Bibles: brook, river, stream, torrent
Genesis 32:23 ftn. (h5158); Numbers 34:5, JPS (h5158) WAH-dee
wainscoting wainscoting
in some Bibles: cedar, cedar paneling, cedar wainscoting, cedar work,
Zephaniah 2:14 (¶) (¶) WAYN-skoh-ting,* -skuh-, -skah-
Walpurgis (Night)*
compare Beltane*
g05 4/22 13 (¶) (¶) (¶) vahl-PUR-guhs, vahl-PER-jis, vahl-POOR-gis
waw Waw
Hebrew letter; also vav
Psalm 119:40 (verse heading); it WAW (¶) WAW*, WOU, VAHV, VAWV, Mod. Heb., VAHV, VAWV
whelp cub Nahum 2:11, AS, Da, KJ, Yg (h1482) (¶) HWELP, WELP
whore harlot
in some Bibles: harlot, evil woman, prostitute
Deuteronomy 23:18, KJ (h2181); Revelation 17:1, KJ, Yg (g4204) (¶) (¶) HOHR, HAWR, HOOR
whoremonger fornicator Ephesians 5:5, KJ, Murdock (g4205) (¶) HOHR-muhng'guhr, HAWR-, HUR-, -mahng'-, -mong'-, often HOOR-
wilily with shrewdness
in some Bibles: slyly, with deceit, with subtilty
Joshua 9:4, AS, KJ (h6195) (¶) WI-luh-lee
wist know Exodus 16:15 (h3045); Mark 9:6 (g1492) (¶)WIST
withal various verses in DRB, DRC, KJ (¶) wi-THAWL, -THAWL
womb womb Genesis 30:22 (h7358) (¶) WOOM [silent “b”]
worldly worldly Titus 2:12 (g2886) WUHR(-uh)LD-lee, also WUHRL-lee
wot know; make known
verb, “know”
Acts 7:40, KJ (g1492); Philippians 1:22, KJ (g1107) (¶) WAHT
wrestling wrestling Ephesians 6:12 (g3823) (¶) RES-ling, RAS- [not RAS-uh-ling]
writhe writhe
in some Bibles: paineth, shakes, shaketh, shaking, tremble
Psalm 29:8 (h2342) RITH
wroth Genesis 4:5, KJ (h2734); Psalm 78:59, KJ (h5674); Jeremiah 37:15, KJ (h7107); Revelation 12:17, KJ (g3710) RAWTH, ROTH, esp. Brit. ROHTH
wrought wrought Ezekiel 27:19 (h6219) RAWT
aka Ulfilas*
w94 5/15 8 WOOL-fuh-luh
Wycliffe*, Wyclif* w97 9/15 25–26 (¶) WIK-lif
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— X —

xa- xe- xy-

Xanthicus* Exodus 12:40 ftn. ZAN-thih-kuhs
Xanthus* (River)
modern Koca
Xavier* w93 4/1 3 ZAYV-yuhr, ZAY-vee-uhr, ZAV-ee-, ig-ZAY-vee-uhr
xenophobia* w97 4/15 10 zeh'nuh-FOH-bee-uh, zee'-
Xenophon* it CHRONOLOGY (Historians of the Classical Period) ZEN-uh-fuhn, -fon'
Xerxes Ahasuerus
in some Bibles: Ahasuerus, Artaxerxes
Esther 1:1, By, CEV, TEV (h325) ZERK-seez
Xhosa* w87 6/15 3 KOH-sah, -suh, -zuh, KHOH-suh, HOH-
Gr., “tree”
1 Peter 2:24 ftn. (g3586) (¶) Gr., KSOO-lon
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— Y —

ya- ye- yea- yi- yo-

Yah Yah
compare Jah
Exodus 15:2, NW (footnote for Jah), WEB (h3050) YAH
compare Yahweh, Jahveh, Jahweh
w94 6/1 28 (¶) YAH-veh, -vay
compare Yahveh, Jahveh, Jahweh
Exodus 3:15, JB, WEB (h3068) (¶) YAH-weh, -way
Yahwist* it COVENANT; p. 520 YAH-wist
Yam Kinneret* it TIBERIAS YAHM KIH-nuh-ret'
Yam Suph* Yam Suph Deuteronomy 1:1 ftn. for “Suph” (h5489) yahm SOOF
yarmulke* sh 231 (¶) (¶) YAH(R)-muh(l)-kuh
ye You or you
Plural second person “you” (archaic); small caps in NW to indicate the plural pronoun
(Many occurrences in older translations) (¶) YEE
yea yes Matthew 5:37, AS, Da, DRB, KJ (g3483) (¶) (¶) YAY
Yehoshua Joshua [Josh'u·a] Exodus 17:9, HNV (h3091); sh 223 yuh-HOSH-yoo-uh
Yirmeyahu Yir·meya'hu Jeremiah 1:1, HNV, ftn. in NW (h3414) yihr'muh-YAH-hoo
yohdh, yodh Yohdh
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:73 section heading (¶) YOHD [not YAHD]
Yom Kippur* sh 230 yawm, yom('), yohm, KIP-uhr, Seph. Heb., yawm' kee-POOR, Ashk. Heb., yohm KIH-puhr
yonder yonder Ezekiel 36:35 (h1977); Psalm 104:25, AS, Da (h2088) YAHN-duhr
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— Z —

zaa- zap- ze- zi- zo- zu-

Zaanan Za'a·nan Micah 1:11 (h6630) ZAY-uh-nan'*
Zaanannim Za·a·nan'nim Joshua 19:33 (h6815) zay-uh-NA-nim, zah'uh-NAN-nuhm*
Zabbai Zab'bai Ezra 10:28 (h2140) ZAB-i*
Zabdi Zab'di Joshua 7:1 (h2067) ZAB-di* [not ZAB-dee]
Zacchaeus Zac·chae'us Luke 19:2 (g2195) za-KEE-uhs* [not -KAY-]
Zachariah Zechariah 2 Kings 14:29, KJ (h2148) zak'uh-RI-uh
Zadok Za'dok
in a few Bibles: Sadoc, Tsadoq, Tzadok
2 Samuel 15:24 (h6659) ZAY-dok*
it PERSIA, PERSIANS ZAG-ruhs, ZA-grohs
Zalmunna Zal·mun'na Judges 8:5 zal-MUHN-uh*
Zaphenath-paneah Zaph'e·nath-pa·ne'ah
aka Joseph; in some Bibles: Zaphnath-paaneah
Genesis 41:45 (h6847) zaf'uh-nath-puh-NEE-uh*
Zara Zerah Matthew 1:3, Da, DRB, KJ (g2196) ZAIR-uh
aka Zoroaster
(¶) zar'uh-THOO-struh
Zarephath Zar'e·phath 1 Kings 17:9 (h6886) ZAIR-uh-fath, ZER-uh-fath*
Zarethan Zar'e·than
in some Bibles: Zaretan
Joshua 3:16 (h6891) ZAIR-uh-than, ZER-uh-than*
Zarka*, Zerqa*
ancient Jabbok
zayin Za'yin
Hebrew letter
Psalm 119:49 (verse heading) (¶) ZI-in*, ZAH-yin, -yuhn, ZI(-UH)N
zealous zealous Joel 2:18 (h7065); Titus 2:14 (g2207) (¶) ZEL-uhs [not ZEL-ee-uhs, ZEL-yuhs]
Zebah Ze'bah Judges 8:5 ZEE-bah*, ZEE-buh
Zebedee Zeb'e·dee Matthew 4:21 (g2199) ZEB-uh-dee*, ZEB-ih-dee
Zeboim Ze·bo'im 1 Samuel 13:18 (h6650) zuh-BOH-im*
Zebulun Zeb'u·lun Genesis 30:20 (h2074) ZEB-yuh-luhn, ZEB-yoo-luhn*
Zechariah Zech·a·ri'ah Zechariah 1:1 (h2148); Luke 1:5 (g2197) zek'uh-RI-ah*, -uh
Zedekiah Zed·e·ki'ah 2 Kings 24:17 (h6667) zed'uh-KI-uh, zed'uh-KI-ah*
Zeeb Ze'eb Judges 8:3 ZEE-uhb*
Zelophehad Ze·lo'phe·had Numbers 26:33 (h6765) zuh-LOH-fuh-had* [not zuh-LAH-]
Zenas Ze'nas Titus 3:13 (g2211) ZEE-nuhs*
Zenobia* dp 252 zuh-NOH-bee-uh, zih-
Zephaniah Zeph·a·ni'ah Zephaniah 1:1 (h6846) zef'uh-NI-ah*, -uh
Zerah Ze'rah
in some Bibles: Zara
2 Chronicles 14:9 (h2226); Matthew 1:3 (g2196) ZEE-rah*, ZIHR-uh
Zereth-shahar Ze'reth-sha'har Joshua 13:19 (h6890) zee'rith-SHAY-hahr*
Zerubbabel Ze·rub'ba·bel Zechariah 4:6 (h2216) zee-RUB-uh-buhl, zuh-RUHB-uh-buhl*
Zeruiah Ze·ru'iah 2 Samuel 2:18 (h6870) zuh-ROO-yuh, zuh-ROO-i-ah*
zeugma* Exodus 20:18 ftn. ZOOG-muh
Zeus Zeus
in some Bibles: Jupiter
Acts 14:12 (g2203) (¶) ZOOS*
Ziba Zi'ba 2 Samuel 9:2 (h6717) ZI-buh*
Zibia Zib'i·a 1 Chronicles 8:9 (h6644) ZIB-ee-uh*
Zichri Zich'ri 2 Chronicles 17:16 (h2147) ZIK-ri* [not ZIK-ree]
ziggurat* it ARCHAEOLOGY (Babylonia) ZIG-oo-rat(')
Ziklag Zik'lag 1 Samuel 27:6 (h6860) ZIK-lag*
Zilpah Zil'pah Genesis 30:9 (h2153) ZIL-puh, ZIL-pah*
Zimri Zim'ri Numbers 25:14 (h2174) ZIM-ri* [not ZIM-ree]
Zion Zion (Zi'on) Psalm 2:6 (h6726) ZI-uhn*
Ziph Ziph 1 Samuel 23:15 (h2128) ZIF
Zipporah Zip·po'rah Exodus 2:21 (h6855) zih-POR-uh, zih-POH-rah*
zither zither
in some Bibles: harp, lute, lyres
Daniel 3:5 (h7030) (¶) ZITH-uhr, ZITH-uhr*
Ziv Ziv
aka Iyar; in some Bibles: Zif
1 Kings 6:1 (h2099) ZIV
Zoan Zo'an Numbers 13:22 (h6814) ZOH-uhn, ZOH-an* [not ZOHN]
Zoar Zo'ar Genesis 19:22 (h6820) ZOH-ahr* [not ZOHR]
Zophar Zo'phar Job 2:11 (h6691) ZOH-fahr*
aka Zarathustra
dp 151 (¶) zoh'roh-AS-tuhr, ZAWR-oh-as'tuhr, ZOHR-, zawr'oh-AS-tuhr, zohr'-
Zorobabel Ze·rub'ba·bel Matthew 1:12, Da, DRB, KJ (g2216) zoh-ROB-uh-buhl
Zuzim Zu'zim Genesis 14:5 (h2104) ZOO-zim*

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THIS PHONETIC PRONUNCIATION GUIDE is presented as simply that—a guide. It is not intended to be the last word about the only proper pronunciation for every word listed. The pronunciations included in this chart are those of American English, but some British variations are included. In some cases, the Hebrew or Greek pronunciations are included. The same English word may have acceptable pronunciations that vary from country to country, with regional variations often existing within the same country.

WORD column: The WORD heading in this chart includes a number of proper names, places, and other words found in various English Bible versions and translations. Words that are followed by an asterisk* are non-Biblical words found in Bible dictionaries and commentaries, Bible maps, Bible footnotes and marginal references, apocryphal books, historical and archaeological references, and religious literature. Examples:  acrostic*,  bas-relief*,  Coele-Syria*,  Epiphanes*,  exegesis*,  gregale*,  hieroglyphic*,  Koine*,  liturgy*,  Masada*,  Nero*,  ossuary*,  patriarch*,  sarcophagus*,  Tertullian*,  Tobit*,  Xerxes*.

NW & NOTES column: Bible words from the modern-language Bible, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures—With References, 1984 Edition (NW), are shown as they appear in the main text. The divisions of syllables are included. These divisions are the same as those designed for the Revised Standard Version of 1952, in which the proper names are divided into syllables that are separated by dots or by accent marks ('). The accent marks follow the syllables on which major emphasis should be put when pronouncing the words. Examples:  Ca'naan,  Ep·i·cu·re'an,  Re·bek'ah. When the NW does not include syllable divisions, those from the Insight on the Scriptures Bible encyclopedia are included in brackets when available. Examples:  Aaron [Aar'on],  Caesar [Cae'sar],  Joshua [Josh'u·a],  onycha [on'y·cha],  papyrus [pa·py'rus],  Sadducees [Sad'du·cees],  shekel [shek'el],  Zion [Zi'on]. Clicking on the symbol (I) will link to the online copy of Insight on the Scriptures where these syllable divisions can be viewed and additional information about the word can be found. In addition, the NW & NOTES column sometimes contains other notes, such as comparison words from various Bible translations, word definitions, and other information of interest.

REFERENCE column: The REFERENCE heading in this chart usually includes at least one reference to illustrate usage for each word, either from the Bible if it is a Bible word, or from another publication if it is not a Bible word. Unless otherwise indicated, the scriptures are from the NW Translation. When a word is not found in the NW, but in one or more other Bible versions, the abbreviation for those versions is included. (See References below.) The numbers enclosed within parentheses following a scriptural reference refer to the numbers from Strong’s Hebrew/Chaldee and Greek Lexicons. Those preceded by the letter “h” refer to Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon number and the letter “g” to the Strong’s Greek Lexicon number. Examples: Lucifer (h1966);  Golgotha (g1115). In addition to Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, these numbers can be used to look up words in other reference works such as The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon;   Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament;  Thayer’s A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament;   Vine's Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words; and the New Wilson's Old Testament Word Studies.

Strong’s numbers can be accessed online. Below are two Web sites I am aware of:

Hebrew Scriptures (“Old Testament”) lexicon numbers:

Christian Greek Scriptures (“New Testament”) lexicon numbers:

PHONETIC column: The phonetic pronunciations are derived from a number of sources (see Sources below). Sometimes the phonetic variations included are slight and are mainly a matter of how each particular reference divides the syllables or renders the vowel sounds. The resulting pronunciation is often the same or nearly the same. Examples:  Jezebel as JEH-zuh-bel', JEZ-uh-bel';  judicial as joo-DISH-uhl, -DIH-shuhl;  paraclete as PAIR-uh-kleet, PAR-uh-kleet'. When sources differ about the pronunciation or accent, I have included some or all variations. Examples:  Augustine as AW-guh-steen, aw-GUHS-tin;  cuneiform as kyoo-NEE-uh-form('), KYOO-n(ee-)uh-form;  Enlil as EN-lil, en-LIL;  Gaius as GAY-uhs('), -yuhs. The symbol (¶) links to a Web site where an audible pronunciation is available.

A word followed by an asterisk* indicates that the pronunciation is closest to the audio pronunciation in the Insight on the Scriptures on the Watchtower Library CD in English, and/or the audio pronunciation in the audio version of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, and/or the English audio versions of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Some variations in pronunciation may exist among these sources. (The non-audio text for the New World Translaton of the Holy Scriptures showing accented syllables and syllable divisions is available online at The audio version of the Bible and audio versions of The Watchtower and Awake! magazines can be downloaded from

Words that are commonly mispronounced are included along with the flag not and followed by a common mispronunciation. Examples of some commonly mispronounced words:   Ahasuerus,  apostatize,  Aquila,  covetous,  Darius,  Ebed-melech,  grievous,  Nabonidus,  propitiation,  translation,  Uzziah,  zealous. Mispronunciations can be traced to adding letters or syllables that are not there, to subtracting letters or syllables that are there, to pronouncing the vowel sounds incorrectly, and to putting stress on the wrong syllable or syllables.

The vowels, A, E, I, O, and U (and sometimes W and Y), and diphthongs have a wide range of sounds, which can vary slightly or greatly from country to country or even within a region or a city. Thus not all variations in vowel pronunciations are actual mispronunciations. Consonants are a little easier, but some consonants and consonant combinations (such as C, G, CH, and TH) have more than one sound in English, and the differences can lead to mispronouncing a word. Learning the basic rules of English phonics is a great help toward learning the proper pronunciation of many English words. (See NOTE about phonics in the References section below.) And don’t forget, a good dictionary is a great friend to cultivate!

Prepared by Carolyne J. Butler. Email:

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Some of the sounds listed in this KEY chart can be heard online at
a at, cat, mat, snap ihr ear, fear p pat, peer
ah father, bother j join, jeer r rain, run
ahr lard, yard k kick, cat, pique s less, so
ai air, care, fair, prayer, there kh, kh ch in Ger. Ich, Buch, Yid. challa sh sure, shy, machine
aw jaw, saw, all, caught ks vex t late, tie, toe
ay [long "a"] day, pay, obey, weigh kw quill th thin, thistle, ether, bath
b bug, cab l love, lily th thee, then, this, father, either, bathe
ch chew, chin, rich m mat, murmur ts tsetse
d did, do n no, not, own tw tweak, twin
e, eh bed, pet, peck ng finger, sing, ink u book, foot, put, pull, wood
ee [long "e"] beat, easy, seem, Eve o cot, hot, not uh [schwa] ago, alone, banana, linen
er error, ere oh [long “o”] bone, go, know, toe uhr bird, further, her
f cuff, fifty, fun oi boy, destroy v vivid, vow, eve
g big, gift, good oo boot, rule, youth, loot w away, weather
h ahead, hat, hot oor poor, ore, Moor y yard, young
hw when, whether, which or for, glory z raise, ease, zone, zipper
i [long “i”] tie, sky, side, buy, eye ou how, loud, now, out zh vision, azure, pleasure, rouge
i, ih it, tip, active xuh raised letters, barely pronounced xn raised n

 A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z - TOP


  • ALT: Analytical-LITV of the New Testament (Bible)
  • AB: The Apostles Bible (Bible)
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  • KJ: King James Version various editions, aka the Authorized Version. (Bible) Text available online and
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  • MSG: The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language (Bible)
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  • WEB: The World English Bible (Bible)
  • Yg: Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible (Bible)

The above references marked by an asterisk* are published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Many of them can be accessed online or downloaded in PDF, EPUB, and audio formats: (

Two downloadable programs with various Bible translation modules and also Hebrew and Greek lexicons are available at and

Read the Bible online:

New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. Many proper names are divided into syllables for easy pronunciation.

The Divine Name King James Bible

Links to various online Bibles can be found here:

Compare Bible verses in various Bibles at Xchg or at Biblos.

NOTE (25 July 2009): has dropped the American Heritage Dictionary reference work that had the audio pronunciations to which many links on this page pointed. Please excuse the expired links to those audio pronunciations until I replace them. (June 2010): Replacements have been made for the letters A–G.

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Phonics Note: For a synopsis of English phonic rules, see the following Web site: (opens in new window)

  • “All Scripture Is Inspired of God and Beneficial,” pages 325–6, paragraphs 27–28
  • Our Kingdom Ministry, March 1996, page 2, Week Starting March 11
  • w71 1/15 59, subheading, “Reading Proper Names”
  • w99 3/15 20, paragraph 19 and footnote
  • Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, “Correct Pronunciation,” pages 89–92

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  • The accent mark follows the syllable on which major emphasis should be put in pronouncing the word. Examples: Car'mel,  Mi·le'tus,  Phar'aoh.
  • If the accented syllable ends in a vowel, the vowel is long in its pronunciation. Examples:  De'mos,  O'bed,  Sy'char,  Ta'bor,  U'phaz.
  • If a syllable ends in a consonant, the vowel in that syllable is short in its pronunciation. Examples:  Der'be,  Om'ri,  Syr'tis,  Tam'muz,  Uz'zah.
  • When the two vowels a and i are combined, as in mor'de·cai and si'nai, the ai is pronounced simply as a long i.
  • The ch combination in names is pronounced hard, as k, except in Rachel, where c is soft, as in “cheer.” Examples: Chaldean is kal-DEE-uhn;  Melchizedek is mel-KIZ-uh-dek;  Antioch is AN-tee-ok.
  • Foreign words (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, etc.) included in the Bible text or footnotes do not necessarily follow the above pronunciation rules. Examples:  a·ga'pe; ’a'leph;  pe’.

 A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z - TOP


  • The syllable with the heaviest stress is CAPITALIZED. Examples:  Daniel = DAN-yuhl;  Pharaoh = FAIR-oh.
  • The syllable with the second heaviest stress is followed by an accent [ ' ] mark. Examples:  “Hananiah” = han'uh-NI-uh;  “Nicodemus” = nik'uh-DEE-muhs;  “xenophobia” = zeh'nuh-FOH-bee-uh.
  • Letters, syllables, or accent marks pronounced optionally are enclosed within (parentheses). Examples:  “Cassius” as KA-sh(ee-)uhs is either KA-shee-uhs or KA-shuhs;  “translation” as tran(t)s-LAY- shun is either trans-LAY-shun or trants-LAY-shun;  “Chinnereth” as KIN-uh-reth(') is either KIN-uh-reth' or KIN-uh-reth.

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All ONLINE references open in a new window.

  • New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures ONLINE
  • ONLINE: New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures audio. The (non-audio) text with accent marks and syllable divisions in proper names is available for reading online at The audio Bible is also available for downloading from
  • Insight on the Scriptures
  • New! ONLINE: Insight on the Scriptures includes accent marks and syllable divisions in most proper names. ONLINE
  • Academic American Encyclopedia (phonetic)
  • Harper’s Bible Pronunciation Guide (phonetic)
  • The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible
  • A Dictionary of the Bible, by William Smith, 1884, 1948
  • The Concise Bible Dictionary, published in AS, 1901
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition (computer edition has audio pronunciation)
  • NBC Handbook of Pronunciation, Third Edition, 1964
  • The Story of Civilization,Vols. 1, 2 (indexes), by Will Durant
  • 18,000 Words Often Mispronounced, by W.H.P. Phyfe, 1889, 1926
  • ONLINE: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (includes audio pronunciation for many words):
  • ONLINE: (An Service; includes audio pronunciation):
  • ONLINE: The Free Dictionary (includes audio pronunciation):
  • ONLINE: Merriam-Webster Collegiate (includes audio pronunciation):
  • ONLINE: Merriam-Webster Unabridged (by subscription)
  • ONLINE: Encarta World English Dictionary (includes some audio pronunciations):
  • ONLINE: Hebrew Lexicon:
  • ONLINE: Hebrew Lexicon:
  • ONLINE: Greek Lexicon:
  • ONLINE: Greek Lexicon:
  • CD: Watchtower Library (various years) — English (audio pronunciation)

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To those of you who use this chart with iSilo or similar programs, permission is granted to divide the document into smaller sections for faster loading.


Do you have a Bible word, a Bible-related word, or a religious history word to suggest? This pronunciation chart is an ongoing project and will be updated with new words from time to time. Thanks to all of you who have suggested words; I have added the ones for which I could find the pronunciations. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to find the pronunciations, so any help readers can lend in this area will be greatly appreciated. Please see the list of words below, which is a partial list consisting mostly of proper names for which I have not yet found any pronunciations available. If you find an expired link, typo, or other error, please email me to let me know. - Carolyne


Aku, Apion [AY-pee-ahn'?], Arrhidaeus, Bardiya, Cestius (Gallus), Comma Johanneum, Etemenanki, Ezida, Gangites  (River), Gaumata (Artaxerxes), Gobryas, Hecataeus, Labashi-Marduk, Paneas, Popilius, Ugbaru, Valerius (Gratus), (Lucius) Vitellius, Zabdas.

 A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z - TOP


29 June 2012 update: Abagtha, Abarim, Abda, Abdeel, Abdi, Abdiel, Abdon, Abel Beth Maacah/Abel-beth-maacah, Abel Keramim/Abel-keramim/Abelkeramim, Abel-maim, Abel Shittim/Abel-shittim/Abelshittim, Abi Albon/Abi-Albon/Abi-albon/Abialbon, Abiasaph, Abida/Abidah, Abidan, Abiel, Abijah, Abijam, Abihud, Abishur, Abital, abrogation*, Achbor, Amel-Marduk*, Amil-Marduk*, Amorite, Asahiah, Asaiah, Astarte, Azekah, collop(s), despot, Gath, Gergesite, Girgashite, Girgasite, Hazar-addar, Massah

1 February 2011 update: Amminadab, Ammonite, Benjamin, Benjaminite, Benjamite, booty, Cherethites, Ephrath, Ephrathite, Hezron, hierarch*, homoousian*, homoousios*, Jeshua, Judah, Maktesh, Mithredath, Mithridates, Moab, Moabite, Moabitess, Ram/ram

27 June 2010 update: Abel Meholah/Abel-Meholah/Abel-meholah/Abelmeholah, ablutions, Arphaxad, crumby, escheweth, Harod, Nomina Sacra/nomina sacra*, rabbin*, Shaphat, siesta, subordinationism*.

14 January 2010 update: agora* (Hebrew coin), Ashdod, Nahum, Noachian*, sedulous*, Tyrian, Tyrians, wainscoting.

2 May 2008 update: Assalam ‘alaikum*/as-salaam alaikum*, Beeri, Beltane*, Bethshan/Beth-shan/Beth Shan, Bethshean/Beth-shean/Beth Shean, consubstantiation*, eponymous*, Ethiopic*, eulogy, Geez*/Ge'ez*/Ge‘ez*, Marrano*/Marranos*, Meroitic*, paean*, Saba, sabachthani, sacrilegious, sadhe*, Sadoc, Sakti*, Salem, Salma, Sallai, Scythia*, Secundus, sedheq*, Lucius Septimius Severus*, Shama, Sheba, sickle, Sidrach, Walpurgis Night*. (Letter “S” partially updated.)

25 January 2008 update: cud, Daberath, glede, Rabbith, Racal, Raddai, Ramath Mizpeh/Ramath-mizpeh/Ramathmizpeh, Ramoth, Ramath Gilead/Ramoth-gilead/Ramothgilead, rampart, Rapha/Raphah, Raphaim, Raphael, Reaia/Reaiah/Re'ayah, Rehabiah, Rephael, Rephaim, revere, reverence, reverend, Rezon, Riphath, Romamti-ezer/Romamtiezer, ruminant. (Letter “R” updated.)

19 January 2008 update: Abiezer/Abi-ezer, Bekaa*/Beqa‘*, cavalry, Ch'in Shih Huang Ti*, Cyrenius, Italy, Khirbat Qumran*, quadrans, quadrantes*. (Letter “Q” updated.)

13 January 2008 update: Aholiab, Bast/Bastet, Bubastis, Cato*, Celt*, credo*, creed, Cybele*, Dodecanese*, feudal*, feudalism*, Haman, haply, Hoglah, lepta, lepton, Mahlah, marauder, Oholiab, Padan/Paddan, Padan-aram, Pahathmoab/Pahath-moab/Pahath  Moab, paleography*, palsy, palsied, pantheist*, papacy*, paragoge*, paragogic*, paralysis, paralytic, Parshandatha, Parzites, Pas-dammim/Pasdammim/Pas  Dammim, Pathrus/Pathrusites/Pathrushim, Paul, Paulus, Pedaiah, Pekah, Pekahiah, Peraea*, perchance, Perezites, Perizzites, Phanuel, Phares (1), Phares (2), Pharez, Pharzites, Phenicia, Phichol/Phicol, philologist*, philology*, Phinees, Phoenice, piacular*, Pirathonite, Pochereth-hazzebaim, polytheist*, pope*/Pope*, proconsulship*, Promethean*, Prometheus*, prophetess, psalmody, Tirzah, venerate, veneration. (Letter “P” updated.)

25 December 2007 update: metempsychosis*, Og, odoriferous, onomatopoeic*, Ohrmazd*, Ormazd*, Ormuzd*, Orpheus*, Orphic*, Ostia*, ox, oxen. (Letter “O” updated.)

22 December 2007 update: antinomian*, antinomianism*, Cush, Gemariah, Judah ha-Nasi, Merarite(s), metathesis*, Naarah, Naaran, Naarath, Nachon/Nacon, Nag Hammadi*, Nahor, Naphish, Naphtuhim, nasi, Nepheg, Nicene*, Nirvana*, Nubian*, Nun, Nunc Dimittis*. (Letter “N” updated.)

15 December 2007 update: Akrabbim, Antiochene*, Antiochian*, Aquinas* (Thomas), Er, kine, Maacathite/Maachathite, Maadai, Maaleh-acrabbim, Maasai/Maasiai, Maath, Machbena/Machbenah, Machir, Madaba*/Madeba*, Madmen, Magdala, Magus*, Maia*, Makkedah, Malchiah, Malchijah, Malchishua/Malchi-shua, Malchus, Malkishua/Malki-shua, manger, Manichaeism*/Manicheism*/Manichaeanism*, Marcionism*, Maralah, Mareal, Mattenai, Mattithiah, mayest/mayst, Medaba/Medeba, mediaeval*/medieval*, Mehetabeel, Melchishua/Melchi-shua, Melita, Melito*, Meonenim, Meroz, Meshillemith, Meshillemoth, Meshullemeth, mete, mildew, Miletum, millenarian*, millennia*, Mitanni*, miter, monogamy*, monotheist*, Moslem*, Mosoch, Mycenae*, Mycenian*, Quartodeciman*, Scripture/scripture, turban, withal. (Letter “M” updated.)

03 December 2007 update: Agrapha*, Callirrhoe*, Ctesias*, Dan, Erastianism*, Izhar, Lapidoth/Lappidoth, Lar*, lascivious, Lasea/Lasaea, Lasharon/Lassharon, Latin, Latinism*, lection*, lectionary*, lexical*, Libnah, Lod, logion*/logia*, Lois, Lucas, Lycia, sororate*, thaumaturgy*, thurible*. (Letter “L” updated.)

28 November 2007 update: Casleu, Catholic*, Catholicism*, Chisleu, Cneius*, cor, Cyrenian, Hesperus, Hula*/Huleh*, Kaddish*, Kehelatha/Kehelathah, Kemuel, Kenizzite, kere*, keriah*/keriot*/kerioth*, Kethubim*/Ketubim*, khronos*, kibbutz*/kibbutzim*, Kir, Kohathite(s), kor, Kore, Pompeius*, qere perpetuum*, rereward, sieve, tikkun*. (Letter “K” updated.)

15 November 2007 update: Aijeleth-Shahar, Hadhramaut*/Hadramaut*, Hazarmaveth, Jaalam, Jaazaniah, Jakeh, Jalam, Janna, Jannai, Japhia, Jediael, Jehohanan, Jehovah-Shammah*, Jehozabad, Jephte, Jephthae, Jonam/Jonan, Jordanian*, Josaphat, Juniper, Sira*/Sirach*, wist, Zarka*/Zerqa*. (Letter “J” updated.)

1 November 2007 update: Ava, Avva, idolatry, Ibsam, Iezer; Iezerites, Iim, Ijim, Illyria*, Iyim, Jeezer/Jeezerites, Jibsam, Konya*/Konia*, posthumous*, Shaitan*. (Letter “I” updated.)

25 October 2007 update: Amanah, Chasidim*, Gudgodah, guillotine*, Habaziniah/Habazziniah, Harar, Hararite, Harran*, Haskala*/Haskalah*, Havvoth-jair, hermeneuo*, Hiddai, hijra*/hijrah*, Hurai, Husham, Jhelum*, Ophni (person)/Ophni (city). (Letter “H” updated.)

19 October 2007 update: abyss, anxiety, artificer, catamite*, Charashim, Druid*, Fascism*, fecundity*, forehead, foreordain*, Gad, Gadite, gainsaid, Gallic*, gammadion*, Ge-harashim, Goy*, Gratian*, Manetho*, Stephen. (Letters “F” and “G” updated.)

4 October 2007 update: basanizo*, Bible*, Biblical*, biblically*, camphire, Dura-Europos*/Dura-Europus*, durst, Easter, Ebenezer, Eber, Ebla*, Eblaite*, Eden, Edenic*, Edessa*, ’edh*, Edom, Edomite, Eglath-shelishiyah, Ekronite, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, Elnathan, Elohim*, Elysian*, Elysium*, emancipate, embalm, embryo, emendation*, Encratite*, En-mishpat, En-shemesh, En-Tappuah, Epicurus*, episcopal*, Episcopalian*, epoch*, eponym*, eponymic*, eponymy*, evangel*, exorcism*, limmu*, jeremiad*, Python, prodigal, sacrament, Samhain*, solstice*, tautology*, triumvir*, triumvirate*. (Letter “E” updated.)

26 September 2007 update: Aceldama, Adam, Adamic*, Adria, Akiba ben Joseph*, Anna, apostasy, apostate, archenemy*, Athenian, Athens, Ayurveda*, Baal-meon, baptistery*, baptize, Beth-aven, Beth-baal-meon, Bethelite, Beth-meon, Bethlehemite, bier, bulla*, bullae*, Canaan, Canaanite, Caria*; Carian*, Carolingian*, Chaldaic*, chronicler*, chronology*, chronos*, Cinneroth, Jiménez de Cisneros*, clairvoyance*; clairvoyant*, Cleophas, Codomannus*, coliseum*, Coniah, cosmogony*, cosmology*, counselor, cubit, Cynic*/Cynicism*, Cyrillic*, Czar*, David, Davidic*, deism*/deist*, Demeter*, diabolic*/diabolical*, Geshem, Geshur, Geshurites, Hai, Hiel, innocency, Kislev, Levi, Misr*, panoply, Paphlagonia*, Paphlagonian*, Paralipomenon, pericope*, prelate*, relativism*, Senir, Sirion, Thessalian*, Tosefta*, transcendent*, Tsar*, tyrannical.

NOTE: In addition to the new words added, this update includes updates in the format. Where available, links to audio pronunciations on the Internet are being added (letters “A” through “D” completed). Bible pronunciations are again being compared to the pronunciations on the latest Watchtower Library CD-ROM, and in some cases, to the pronunciation on the audio version of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, and some revisions have been made. (Letters “A” through “D” completed. Updates for letters “E” through “Z” coming soon.)

26 June 2005 update: Alexandroúpolis*, Alwand*, Attalus*, Bosporus*, Demetrius Phalereus*, Diodorus Siculus*, Emesa*, entente cordiale*, Fascist*, finale, Gallienus*, Germanicus*, Gonatas*, grandees, grandeur, Granicus*, Greco-Roman*, Hamitic*, Hapsburg*, Hellespont*, Homs*, Honorius*, Indus*, Ipsus*, Issus*, Istanbul*, kaiser*, khedive*, Laodice*, lèse-majesté*, Longinus*, lupus*, lycanthropy*, Maccabean*, Magian, Magnesia*, Nazi*, Nerva*, Nicator*, Octavian*, Octavio Paz*, Odenathus*, Odoacer*, Olympias*, Ottoman*, Palmyrene*, Parmenio*; Parmenion*, Pater Patriae*, Pax Romana*, Pharsin; uPharsin, Philotas*, Plataea*, polytheistic*, Porus, postexilic*, prefect(s), Ptolemy Lagus*, Racham, Raphia*, Roxana*, sar*, Saracen*, Scopas*, Sejanus*, Septimia*, Shamash*, Shapur*, Sidon, Theodosius*, Tyne*, Variorum*, viceroy*, Zabbai.

11 October 2003 update: Arabia, Asia, Balak, Behistun*, carnelian, Carpus, Claudia, Clement, coccus, Cretan*, Epaenetus, Epimenides*, Gehinnom, Gemalli, Geuel, Ije-abarim, Iye-abarim, Mari*, Moresheth-gath, Nahbi, Palti, Semiramis*, Sheshai, Shethar-bozenai, Shoham (person), shoham (stone), Sodi, Talmai, Vophsi, Zenas.

16 September 2003 update: Achaicus, ambidextrous, Ahriman*, Assos, Basil*, Biblicist*, Chrysostom*, Cnossos*, Cyril*, daemon*, eisegesis*, fain, Gammad, Gammadim, Hesiod*, Jedidah, Knossos*, Maaseiah, manumission*, Minuscule*, Octateuch*, Petrine*, Pietism*, Preterist*, Pygmean, remnant, Theodotus*, Tiphsah, valorous.

23 June 2003 update: Abdias, Adaminekeb, Aggeus, Ahiah, Ahijah, Ahimaaz, Alexandrinus*, allegory, anagoge*/anagogy*, anaphora*, Anat*, Anatolia*, antilegomena*, aorist*, aoristic*, Apollos, apologetics*, apologia*, apotheosis*, asunder, Avesta*, Baal-hamon, Bezae*, Bezae Cantabrigiensis*, bishopric, breeches, bustard, Caesarean*, Caesaropapism*, calumny, camelopardalus, Caphira, Caphtor, Caphtorim, caravan, caravansary*, casuistry*, Cedron, censer, chapiter, charism*, charisma*, charismata*, charismatic*, Chephirah, chiliarch, chiliastic*, Chi-Rho*, churl, Cicero*, Claromontanus*, concision, coney, convocation, Core, countervail, Cretian, Cushi, daman, Debir, diadem, Dioscuri, dipsas, disannul, discomfit, discomfiture, Dishon/dishon, dugong, Eleusinian*, Eleusis*, Eliseus, Ephraemi  rescriptus*, Erasmus (Desiderius)*, Esdras, Estienne/Etienne*, exorcist, fledgling, froward, gier-eagle, Giezi, glossolalia*, Goth*, Gothic*, Hachaliah, Halys*, Hamor, Heliopolis, hoary, holocaust, homily*, homiletic*, homologoumena*, Hosanna/Hosannah, Huram, hurly-burly, hyrax, Joakim, Jonas, Josue, Keilah, Kiriath-jearim, Kizil Irmak*, knop, Koheleth, laver, lign-aloes, loquacious, Mahalath Leannoth, malefactor, Manaen, messianism*, meteyard, metonymy, Micheas, mischievous, mitre, moufflon/mouflon, murrain, Nehemias, Nicolaitan, Nicolaitane, Noemi, Nubia, oryx, Osee, palanquin, Papyrus Bodmer*, parakletos*, Peor, Perez-uzzah, Phogor, pinion, postdiluvian*, pottage, Praetorium, prognosticator, provender, Puah, pygarg, Pythagorean*, quadruped, Ramathaim-zophim, reprobate, repudiate, satiate, satyr, Sela-hammahlekoth, sergeant, Seveneh, shewbread, Shiphrah, Shoshannim Eduth, sojourn, sottish, Stephanus*, stomacher, suborn, superfluity, superfluous, surfeit, Syene, synod*, synodal*, tabret, Textus Receptus*, thitherward, tittle, trenchant, trow, Ulfilas*, vermilion, wilily, wot, Wulfila*, yea, yonder, Zaanannim, Zara, Zerah.

1 June 2003 update: Adrammelech, Aeneas, Aholah, Aholibah, albeit, algum, almug, amerce, amicus curiae*, Anammelech, apothecary, Araunah, Aristobulus, assuage, avatar*, Bahai*, basilisk, Beth-pelet, Blastus, brigandine, brimstone, calamus, carbuncle, cartouch*/cartouche*, chamberlain, Chittim, cockatrice, colter/coulter, cracknel, Cuth, Cuthah, darnel, dharma*, diocesan*, diocese*, Doukhobor*, dromedary, El-elohe-Israel, emerod, Exiguus (Dionysius)*, feign, fillet, firkin, flagon, forswear, friar*, gainsay, Gershom, Gershon, gnat, griffin/griffon, habergeon, Hadadezer, Hanamel, Heber, hough, ignominy, iniquity, inquisition, jacinth, Kittim, lasciviousness, Lebbaeus/Lebbeus, ligure, lunisolar*, Lydda, Mahseiah, mandala*, mantra*, Manu*, Mattathias, mendicant*, Metheg-ammah, Metonic, Midianitish, milch, Mizar, mullah*, Naioth, nascent*, naught/nought, necromancer, Neriah, Nethanel, Nibhaz, Nicopolis, Nimshi, nitre, Noe, noisome, Olivet, Onias*, Ornan, ossifrage, Ozem, Ozni, Paarai, Pahlavi*, palmerworm, Pasch/Pascha*, paschal, Pashur, Patara, Pathros, penury, pernicious, pestle, Phalec, Pharaoh-Hophra, Pharathon, Phenice, Philologus, Phlegon, Phurah, Pirathon, presbytery, Purah, quaternion, Rabbath, Ragau, Rhegium, Sarepta, scall, scourge, scurf, scurvy, Seleucid*, selvage/selvedge, Semei, Semein, Sepharvites, shanah', Sharia*, Sheminith, shew, Shiggaion, Shiloah, Shimshai, shittah/Shittim/shittim, Sikh*, Sikhism*, similitude, sinew, Sophist*, sophistic*, sophistry*, specious*, sycamine, sycamore, Tabeel, Taberah, teil, terebinth, thyine, Tirshatha, trough, tunic, tunicle*, Tyrus, ulama*, usurer, usurp, verity, victual, visage, whelp, Zachariah, Zorobabel.

20 May 2003 update: Abi-ezrite, Aleppo*, Al-taschith, antithesis*, Apphia, Appii, Aram-naharaim, Aram-Zobah, Asherah, Athanasian*, Athanasius*, ayatollah*, Baalath-beer, Baale-judah, balustrade, Beerothite, buckler, cab, cultus*, deuterocanonical*, dragoman*, Elishama, Elmadam, envoy, Etruria*, Etruscan*, hajj (hadj)*, hajji (hadji)*, Halicarnassus*, Hegira (Hejira)*, Heman, heretic, heretical, Iblis*, idolatrous, jinn (djinn)*, jinni (djinni)*, Jonath-elem-rechokim, Karaism*, Karaite*, Koran*, Libertine, Matthat, Minerva*, mosque*, Naggai, Nehiloth, Nicaea*, Nicaean*, Ophrah, pantheism*, plenipotentiary*, psaltery, Put, Qur'an*, ruinously, Sephardi*, Sephardim *, Shoshannim, Shushan-eduth, Smerdis*, Thebez, transliterate*/transliteration*, treatise, wrought.

8 May 2003 update: Adoptianism*/Adoptionism*, Adramyttium, Aesop*, Allah*, Anubis*, Ares*, Asgard*, Atlas*, atone/atonement, Balder*, Behemoth, Bogomil*, Boreas*, Brahma*, Cabala*/Cabalistic*, Calvinism*, Capitoline*, Christ, consecrate, creationism*, Creator, Crete, Cupid*, deicide*, deify*, deity*, demigod*, demon, Eros*, Faunus*, Frey*/Freya*, Frigga*, Ganymede*, Hare Krishna*, heathen, Helios*, henotheism*, Hephaestus*, Hymen*, hymn*, Hypnos*, ichor*, Islam*/Islamic*, Janus*, Jovian*, Lares*, lares and penates*, lingam*, Loki*, Lupercalia*, Maat*, Morpheus*, Muslim*, Naamathite, Neptune*, Nereus, Nicanor, nimbus*, oblation, Odin*, offertory*, Parmenas, Penates*, Phallic*, Phallus*, Pluto*, polytheism*, Priapus*, Prochorus, Proteus*, Quetzalcoatl*, Rastafarian*/Rastafarianism*, sacerdotal*, Shakti*, shaman*, Siva*, Shuhite, Sol*, spurious*, Te Deum*, Temanite, theogony*, Timon, Titan*, Trimurti*, Troas, Tyr*, Uranus*, Vesta*, Vishnu*, vox populi vox Dei*, Vulcan*.

5 May 2003 update: Cana, Elizabeth, existentialism*, incense, India, Khirbet*, kosher*, Maundy*, Menander*, ontology*, Pentecost, perdition*, Perea*, Philip, positivism*, pragmatism*, prophecy, prophesy, prophet, skepticism*, theophanic*, theophany*, Zebedee.

28 April 2003 update: aeon*, Amraphel, aposiopesis*, Ashurnasirpal*, Baalbek*, Baris*, bema*, Benedictus*, Boniface*, catachresis*, cataclysm*, catechism*, dittography*, Elam, Elamite, Ellasar, imam*, Rheims*, Seljuk*, Seneca*, Sepphoris*, Serapis*, Socinian*, Theophrastus*, Tidal.

23 April 2003 update: Abihud, Abimael, Abinadab, Abinoam, Abiram, Abishai, Abishalom, Abishua, Abiud, abrogate*, beatify*, beatitude*.

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