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Using a table chart, label 5 columns in order, left to right (west to east): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Add rows for the Province, the Letter Writer, the Person Written, the Relationship, and the Port. Then fill in the chart using the following steps:

  1. The Father lives in the middle [clue 8], Province 3. Julius wrote the letter to the Province on the left [clue  9], Province 1, thus Opatria, which is next to Julius [clue 14], is Province 2.

  2. Moratoria is to the left of Kratoria [clue 4 ], and a Cousin lives in Moratoria [clue 5], so Moratoria cannot be Province 1 (because Province 2 is Opatria [clue 14]), nor can it be Province 3 (which has the Father [clue 8]), so Moratoria is Province 4 and Kratoria is Province 5. The Cousin lives in Province 4, Moratoria.

  3. Gaius sent his letter to Nutria [clue 1], and the two provinces left unnamed are 1 and 3. He didn't send his letter to Province 1, Julius did [clue 9], so Gaius sent his letter to Province 3, Nutria. Province 1 is thus Lyturia, the only Province left, and the letter to Lyturia was mailed from Fair Havens [clue 7]. Adrus lives in the Province next to Fair Havens [clue 11], Province 2.

  4. Aristarchus wrote to his Brother [clue 3] either in Province 2 or 5, and someone sent a letter to a Friend from Puteoli [clue 12] to either Province 2 or 5, so Provinces 2 and 5 have a Brother and a Friend in some order, and Provinces 3 and 4 already have a Father and a Cousin. The only place left for the Son [Intro.], who is next to the port of Sidon [clue 15] is Province 1, so Sidon is Province 2. Puteoli and Friend are in Province 5, and Aristarchus and his Brother are in Province 2. By elimination, Luke sent his letter from Syracuse to Province 4 [clue 13].

  5. Paul wrote his letter to Ephras [clue 2] in Province 5. The letter from Myra was sent to Demos [clue 6] in Province 3.

  6. Claudus, who was next to Sidon [clue 10], which is in Province 2, is not in Province 3, Demos is, so Claudus received his letter in Province 1. This leaves only Province 4 with someone to be written to, who is Brutus [Intro.]. Therefore, Luke wrote the letter to Brutus.

In summary:

1 2 3 4 5
Lyturia Opatria Nutria Moratoria Kratoria
Julius Aristarchus Gaius Luke Paul
Claudus Adrus Demos Brutus Ephras
Son Brother Father Cousin Friend
Fair Havens Sidon Myra Syracuse Puteoli